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I am scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Dennis Dass on...

I am scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Dennis Dass on October 27th, 2016 and with my pre-op appointment this following Thursday, October 13th, 2016 I'm excited yet nervous. Dr. Dennis Dass performed a BBL on my sis Submitted08 and did a fantastic job, I would not trust such an important decision with no one else. He is a little pricey but you get what you pay for. Every time I see my sister I am more motivated to go through with this decision. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you and can't wait to see the turn out. I would appreciate prayers along with your support!

Can't wait!

Pre-op photos

The Day is Finally Here!!!

So I've been extremely busy trying to prep for sugery I haven't been able to post anything......Between stocking the fridge....running errands.....cleaning the house....and everything else.....this is the result......Thanks to my sister I kinda know what to expect!.....I want to make a shout out to Submitted for being supportive and accompanying me on this journey!.....I will keep you all updated on how it turns out!

Today is the day!

OK Dass Dolls it's time!....No make up....no filter....5:50 a.m.!

Surgery day!

After surgery
After surgery
After surgery
After surgery

The Hubby

When your husband is excited and tells you he is going to brag to his friends about the result.....it makes the pain worth it.....He absolutely loves it and can't wait for me to heal!

More befores

Here are some before pics .......so that you guys can judge for yourselfs........I think he did an amazing job so far from what I've been able to see.......as I heal I with be posting pictures with the same outfits.........

After surgery....

After surgery!
So I found another video for you guys....this one is funny!.....But just to give you an update....I'm approaching say three and other than feeling soar....it's not bad while you are walking around our laying.....It does hurt to lay down and get up because it requires b muscle strength and your stomach is sore.....On another note.....I didn't get to see Dr. Dass after the surgery.....I do have a post-op appointment on Thursday....which I am looking forward to....I want to thank him for doing such an amazing job!

First shower!

Me showering!
I absolutely love my results!

I can't seem to get comfy!

Message table
So laying on my stomach is not the issue....for a while it was getting up and on the bed because your sore....now that I'm starting to feel better.....my neck is bothering me... so I'm about to try out this message table that will allow my neck to stay straight!

Day four

Today I woke up with my face swollen....it's normal I guess but just wiered... the hardest part is still getting used to laying on my stomach and not being able to sit... .The message bed helps a little because you can give your neck a break but it's still very uncomfortable .....But I finally went #2 today....that was a workout but when it finally came out I felt so relieved lol!

Love you sissy!

Honestly I'm just laying on my tummy thinking how I couldn't have done this without my sisters support.....Realizing what I'm going through and how she did it with three little kids.....ages 1-5....returning to work at day 11....and she hosted a bday party on day 2.....Girl you are nuts!.....But if there is anyone I fined encouragement and strength from is you sis......Wow you think I'm strong?.....There's a reason Jesus made you my big sister....So this shout out is to Submitted....just because I love her!

Day 6

So my mother flew in from visiting my sis and my sis-in-law and I went to pick her up.....of course I was laying down in the back.....Surprisingly I did well all day....on the way down we stopped at the mall to eat.....my sis-in-law ate while sitting on a stool and I stood next to her.....We walked for a bit and I even bought a dress.....At this stage it feels good to walk.....When we got to the airport we stretched our legs again....the same on our way back.....we got off to eat.....I thought this would be difficult for me but honestly I am happy to get out of the house.....as long as I drink water, eat healthy options and not sit......I am good!....This is for my RS girls that are looking into this.....it gets better!

Per is the answer!

So I totally arrived home with a gift waiting for me at my door step.....My sister had ordered this online for me as a surprise because I told her I was having problems peeing on myself.....I don't know if it's the garmet or because I don't squat far enough or that I just don't know how to aim lol.....but yes this is an issue for me.....Now thanks to her I can try this cool thing out that may resolve my issues......It even comes with a carry along pouch!.....Thank you sis so much.....for this and the dress you bought me..... the one my hubby loved on you.....now we can be twinzies.....Dass Ass with Class!......Your awesome!.....Muah I love you!

1 week post op!

So my sissy brought me down for my first week post op.....which Dr. Dass told me I was healing nicely.....Meanwhile we were waiting for him.....it was nice to visit with the girls.....We love Dr. Dass and his staff they are awesome!

One week post op

Sorry ladies I didnt take any one week post op phobos when I went to visit Dr. Dass but I do have these that my sis took as I was walking :-).....Check out the garmet in that dress ;-)

Booty Butt Cheeks

Me trying to move it move it!
The hubsterm and I having fun.....I love moments like these.....makes everything worth it :-)

Movie Date

So the hubby wanted to go watch Dr. Strange (which I highly recommend).....Of course he put the ball in my court and made sure I was ok with it......I was like why not I want to watch the movie and it beats stating home......Plus I stand watching my novelas at home why can't I do the same in the theater and if I do need to rest I can on the chair......So we we went to the very back row.....I was able to move around freely......I stopped taking Norcos day 3 in the morning and only popped one when I went to go see Dr. Dass just in case lol.....and today so I can hang out with the hubbs.....It was worth it.....I share this for my girls that are looking forward to getting this done.....You can still live your life without having to compromise your BBL :-)

Election Day

So not even a BBL will stop me from exercisingetting my God given American right.....I took this picture in a tight dress for my RS girls.....I'm two days away from my 2 week post......As you can tell....the consequence of being out and about.....my legs are so swollen!

Two weeks post!

So today has been two weeks since my BBL surgery......As promised to some of my RS girls here are some photos......I'm am so happy I get to take off the foam today.......those things hurt.....I'm suppose to put on the new garmet but I think I will wait another week.....Even though it's the same size it will be tighter because it's new.....I'm still swollen and I don't want to put too much pressure on my cells.....So since the other one is a little broken in I'll wear that a little longer......As for how I'm doing.....well other than feeling itchy and still tight and numb in my lipo area....I feel great.....I do swell a lot but that doesn't hurt......But I can't complain.....two weeks have gone by fast.....The fact that I have done so much in these two weeks has helped me focus on other things versus recovery .....while still making sure I never sat on my booty......I hope this update helps some of you girls out....love you chicas!

I'm half way there!

Today marks the end of my three weeks..... I will not be posting pics until my 6 week post....But to know that I am half way past my 6 week hurdle makes me happy.....For my RS girls that are looking forward to a BBL let me give you a quick recap on my experience so far.....The first week was really trying to adjust and get over the soarness....The hardest part for me was mentally and physically adjusting myself to the fact that I can't sit, drive and I have to sleep on my stomach all night.....I was not use to that so it was very difficult for me to accept at first.....I was really sore for the first three days and then it started to get better......It felt as if I didn't workout for a year and all of a sudden I did a Crossfit W.O.D.....Another challenge was peeing on myself.....but that was solved with the PEZ my wonderful sister bought me....I take that thing everywhere with me.....During my second week I experienced a lot of swelling.....My whole body would swell including my face....I had kankles....That I could deal with but that's also when the itching kicked it.....Omgdness.....I can take pain but the itchy part of healing kills me.....I could not sleep because I felt it all over my body......By the third week....I still experience itching....not as bad as the second week but yes it carries over.....But what also starts is what they call the burning sensation....My sister described it as and Indian burn feeling and she was right.....It feels as if your skin is tearing when you move ....They say this feeling may last up to 6 - 12 weeks or even longer as your nerves repair themselves.....It's tolerable....It all is and it sure is worth it.....But as my weeks go by I will be sharing my journey with my RS chicas!

6 week post!

Hello girls....I've missed you all....between recovery and getting ready for our vacation I've been bussy....But as promised I wanted to share with you my recovery photos and share my results with you.....So at pre- op I weighed 191 lbs and at 6 weeks post I now weigh 185lbs....pre my chest measured at 38.5 inches and now measure at 35 in.....Waist was 39.5 and now 34.....the bottom of my belly was 44 and now 38.....my hips were at 47 and now at 49.5.....with both measuring individually at 27.5 inches.....Doc says that everything looks great and I am now able to resume my normal lifestyle......I was finally able to sit on my bottom for the first time in six weeks.....Let me tell you its a little difficult psychologically to accept that after six weeks and it is a tender but not uncomfortable..... For those of you wondering how my recovery stage was the last three weeks....It was a lot easier than the first three....still a little of the burning sensation and itching that carries over but not much......Overall I am extremely satisfied with my results and hope to encourage some of you ladies looking into getting it done!

4 months post..

Getting it....
Let's party.....
Curves curves curves.......So I am guilty for leaving you girls abandoned for a while.....Although I did keep in contact with some of you through private messaging....It is so easy to get caught up in life especially when you have been enjoying yourself with your new body......So in a few days will be 4 months since my surgery and I wanted to update the girls looking forward to a BBL......Let me just say......I absolutely love my results......I feel so curvaceous no matter what I wear these curves stand out......I'm a thicker girl but now all in the right areas........I'm so comfortable in my own skin it's unbelievable.....Of course it's not perfect but nothing that a gym sess can't fix.....But the confidence to be bold in my style and wear things I've never would before and feel sexy in your own skin.....that makes everything worth it.....At this point feel no discomfort.....my scars are diminishing and I feel normal as if this has been my body all along......I hope this review helps out those of you looking forward to the percedure.....or the girls thicker like myself wondering how it would turn out.....For those of you recovering....don't worry it gets better....your struggle pays off ????
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