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Im a gym rat mixed with a church girl. LOL~ I ...

Im a gym rat mixed with a church girl. LOL~ I been tryna build a booty & I failed. lol .. Anyhow, I had a consultation w/ Dr Hazani last month in July and he was super sweet & Michelle and Sarah (his assistants) are awesome. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift in 2010 so Dr Hazani agreed to fix my "dog ears" and quoted about 1000 ccs for transfer. Theyre also gonna lipo my thighs which Im hoping for that incredible thigh gap I cant get thru working out. lol - My journey is finally starting & the rest of me is the best of me!

Making my second payment for SX...

I emailed Sarah & Michelle to request an invoice to make a payment of $2k tomorrow. I need to get this money out my hands!! They were so cool about everything too. I'm super excited because that was my goal to pay out this month for the surgery. Okay so I'm going to upload a few pics of my current situation. #DontJudgeMe ~ LOL ( Perfect candidate for this surgery)

Paid my Dues 2-day...I used 2 Weigh 265lbs... lost 100lbs - Time 2 Re-Invent myself!!

So I just paid $2k for my surgery. Got a receipt and they emailed me an invoice for confirmation. I feel good. I plan to try to pay the balance next month... As a single mom, and on one income, Working only commission, Im definitely blessed. I used to weigh 265lbs... shed the weight and I feel like this surgery will help me to re-invent myself and Im definitely both committed and excited about it.

Obsessing my the shape and my desired outcome...

Im definitely realistic in my pursuit of happiness... lol- I definitely want to see how small Doc Hazani can snatch my waist and increase/ lift my backside. These are wish pics and Im hoping its not too far fetched. But a girl can dream, cant she? I am 3 months pre surgery and anticipating the day I can say "I made it to the flip side"...


Ive been in prep mode for surgery because Im scheduled in 2 months exactly. Ive been following all the girls journies and I want to lose about 5-10 lbs prior to surgery. Whats the best pre surgery vitamins I can take ?

Getting Excited~ Almost there

It's always nerve wrecking to do sum thing u have never done. I guess I'm hoping for Amazon results but no great expectations yet. I been in the gym once a day... Lifting or cardio I want to be slim and have the fat distributed in the right places. Black barb status. I've worked so hard & wanted this for sooooo long. As a single mom, I'm deciding to reward myself this time. In always trying to save the world one person at a time... But now it's my turn to make myself smile. I'm at 176lbs 5'8" as of today. 10 pounds shed will have me at 15 lbs over my goal weight. They take out 6-8 lbs and re inject 1-2 from what I understand. I purchased off amazon vitamin c , multi vitamins & iron tablets today. I want to be on the best possible health for my surgery. So now it's time to pre game ...

Wish pic~ my favorite

Making payment through invoice...

Tomorrow tomorrow, I wanted to pay towards my surgery and I emailed Sarah requesting and invoice and I'm able to make payment. I've always gotten a response from the Hazani team & im pleased because I cannot hold on to that much cash. It's impossible. There's either a bill or a sale calling my name. Lol so I'm already paid off. I'm committed now... Nerves kicking in... I'm ready to re invent & re introduce myself... Thank u Lord

4.5 weeks to go... The Count down begins

Okay so yea... It's getting close and I'm getting obsessed. I've been basically stalking everyone's journey and seeing what I need to do and buy to make recovery the easiest. So excited not to look lie sponge bob from the back. Butts aren't hereditary so this is a first for me. Hope it doesn't go to my head and praying God keeps me humble. I have $1000 worth of items on my Amazon wish list I'll purchase next week. Pillows, make me heal, garnets, an binders, Lipo boards... Etc... I'm set excited and everyone has their calendars set for 12/15- Mu family is working as a team on this for me & its such a blessing to have the good support system. I have been to the gym daily lifting weights and doin cardio. I'm determined and focused to look like a black Barbie.

Amazon orders- $300 // Half Order

I'm usually obsessive compulsive when I set my mind to something. My Amazon wish list is like $700- lol I order $300 worth of items today and I'll order the remaining items next week. I'm super excited an wanted to share it. Soooo close... Soooo ready for my transformation. I was on the treadmill & looked in the mirror at my butt... I just shook my head- soon and very soon

Found site for lower back triangle board

I ordered this today. It's $14.99 and shipping is like $12- but it's necessary.

Question 4 the Vets...

Possibly a matter of opinion, but what's better in your opinion : booty buddy or BBL pillow? It's getting close & I don't know which to purchase. Can u run down which pillow is your choose and why??

My Current Stats...

Got him and had some packages awaiting. They came early, lol. Next week it will come at a more ridiculous rate. But I'm definitely anxious at this point & preparing.

21 day countdown ...

I'm up... Thinking, praying... Contemplating. So I calculated 21 days till operation "Black Barb" is in effect. No ones really aware of my transformation except a chosen few. 21 days & I'll be able to relate to the posts I've seen, pain endured and changes in body type and confidence. I got more deliveries today. They have shown down. I get paid on Wednesday and will pay my last $1550 I owe and the balance is complete. I'll also purchase the rest of my items. I want to try to squeeze in my labs tomorrow. Hope they take walk ins ... I'll keep u posted

Labs completed today!!!

Okay I emailed Sarah for a invoice for $1550 (my remaining balance for the Procedure) and she sent it. Tomorrow I'll be paid off! Thank u Lord. Ten I set an spot at Quest Diagnostics. Sarah emailed me the documents to take labs , which had a bar code on it. I walked in, the girl was nice, drew my blood and I as out in literally like 5 minutes. Honestly, this is the most easiest process and I'm pumped about it all. Now I just want to get in the gym 15 out of the 22 days I have left before surgery. Every dang day is my goal. To tone and shred a lil before I get the rest Lipozene suctioned out. I can't wait

Got an email from Sarah today...

The labs from yesterday are already in. She said if I don't hear from their office it's safe to assume we're good to go. So tomorrow morning the funds will clear the bank to pay my balance. Sarah already emailed me the invoice for payment yesterday. She's dope. Always been a huge assist in anything I've asked or needed. So it's real. 20 days counting down... I'm lifted at the gym today & I'll skip thanksgiving but jump back on it Friday. Everyday I'll be at the gym to tone and lift so I have the best possible surgery results. Here's pics of the final amazon orders I placed today.

Final order... ~Info for Inner Thigh Lipo~

... A necessity for Inner thigh lipo is thigh high compression stockings. Apparently super important. I also heard there's possible bleeding as well. This us gonna be a wild ride but I'm ready. I received my milk thistle And CoQ10 today. Taking extra measures for quickest possible recovery.

Early Christmas/SX present from my mom

My mom made this for me. Painted it and put new fabric on this still. She said it will help me during recover. Hope the pictures of my bathroom post so u can see it. I'm so blessed for my support system.

SX date is Dec 15- "Prep-Mode"...

I might have over prepared... But I am definitely ready!

~4 Days 2 Go~

Nervous, anxious & excited... Obsessing & OverThinking everything! Omg~ so my moms coming tomorrow to my house & prepared to stay with me until January. My BFF is playing hokey from work to take me to surgery on Tuesday & my brother and "Ex" will meet me once we make it back to riverside after surgery to help me up 3 flights of stairs since I live on the 3rd floor. Takin no chances with the butt!! I've been takin my make me heal pills, vitamin C, iron, coq10, milk thistle, blood builder, b12, and probiotics everyday for about 3 weeks no. I do about 45 mins of cardio 4 times a week and Weight train slightly about 3 times. I been taking it easy because I gained weight for this and am 5'9" and 186 lbs. I swear my boobs are like 15 of those pounds. And I'm a lot of muscle. Very thick legs but still a boyish athletic shape. I'm praying Doctor Hazani mold me into the princess that I believe I am... 4 Days2Go

Quick commercial break...

Okay so I got updates today from Sarah advising there was changes in scheduling for the other surgeries on my day so my time keeps changing. She keeps constant communication with me so I'm never worried or unaware. I'm currently waiting on a call from Debbie with the time and location of Tuesday's surgery.
Also... Soooooo, tonight was my Office Christmas party ... They rented out a bowling alley in Anaheim. Lotsa unlimited free alcohol and great food. I'm so proud that I actually stuck to virgin margaritas all night because half my co workers kept trying to make me take shots with them... I have a goal and that one shot wasn't worth messing up $8k- I just had maybe like 5 Virgin margaritas thru the night. Smh!! lol The sugar content was probably terrible but I certainly didn't have alcohol. Small victory for myself because normally I would've thrown back a Long Island or 2... Don't judge me... Lol ~but When I wake up tomorrow... 3 Day #CountDown begins... The rest of me is the best of me

Dec 15th is almost here!!! SX Date

Tomorrows my big date for destiny. Do I got a call from Debbie this morning (whose super sweet) and she gave me my arrival time 8:30am- my BFF can't take me that early so... Big sister has a request for the little brother who thinks he's the big brother lol and he agreed to drive me. He has a lifted truck so I requested he bring a stool. lol waiting for the email of the location and I'm so anxious checking every email that comes thru. My moms at my choose shampooing my carpets out of sheer desire to get "mom of the year award" but my family and this whole preparation period has been a huge lesson and a blessing at the same time. My boss cake and handed me my check early today since I'll be out tomorrow and wished me luck. My co workers are cheering me on and offering to come make me soup and help out. I couldn't be more grateful and blessed for my team. Also to the girls on here who reached out, encouraged and offered up advice, I pray Gods blessings over you 10 X's what u offered to me. So... You are all amazing and beautiful women inside and out & im so thankful to have met you all!!! Oh and I measure myself yesterday. 33.5 waist and hips were 41- also had them check my bmi (body fat percentage) at the gym and its 30%- I know I have more then enough fat for the doctor to work with!! Lol

Purpose to the process...

Just waking up. Kindah stuffy this morning and a little cough. Ain't no stopping me now tho. Moms just walked in and asked if I want lemon tea. Lol I said silly I can't eat or drink. Anyhow, the journey is definitely real now. My ex texted me this beautiful prayer and we both agreed on a successful surgery and quick recovery. Says he's within BET and K Michellle is getting the same surgery lol. I'm blessed and my brother texted me last night he will be here at 6am just so he can get me to my surgery at 8:30- just in case of traffic. We live about 1.5 hr away tho. I'm up girls... Let's do this already!!! Lol

My collage... My morning starts

I live on the 3rd floor struggle. lol
My bed full of chux pads, the back seat of my brothers truck, and my last "fat back" shot... Let's get this party started! Anything worth having is never easy.

Made it girls

I only got 820 cc's... I hope that's enough to change my body structure still. Kindah bummed about that amount but I'm more worried about final results

Here's a pic

Not as big as I hoped for...

I called the doctor...

Well, initially I butt dialed him lol but He said he was about to call me anyways. Lol he says that he was about to snatch my waist and I have drains on because he fixed my tummy tuck scars and had to cut my sides. Says I had lots of muscle but he does expect nice results. So my ex & brother just left after gettin me situated & my mom Bs daughter and laying with me next to me in my bed while watching transformers. Long day today

Time for meds

Quick pic cuz my alarm went off to take meds. Day 1-

Grew over night?

I know it's just swelling but it grew overnight. Lol I'm up today going to make me a shake spinach, chia flax seeds blueberries strawberries kale protein shake banana etc. also starting bromelain and make me heal pills and papaya enzymes. I drank a lot of water and had to pee like 5 times duri the night. Thank God for the pee EZ thing!! I'm super swollen and will drink my candula tea too. Here's some pics.

Meal prep, walking, vitamins & water

I'm sore but up and waking about more than u thought I would. In a good mood & just want to heal appropriately. That's most important.

Some graphics pics...

I'm skeptical to post these because I'm swollen and it's only day 2- but hopefully you girls understand. Don't be harsh with comments because I'm still quite sensitive but feel okay to share with you today...


Has anyone felt any itching sensations?? It woke me and I'm not sure why my legs are itching so I took off the wraps put on some arnica gel and re wrapped then. Then my back under the binder itches bad too and woke me up. So Is it the swelling causing this? Everythings wrapped so tight... Has anyone else experienced this? I don't like it! Hoping you girls can offer me some advice?

Day 3- swellings going Down

Maybe that's why I was itching so badly last night. I took some tea and stool softeners and had a 2 BM yesterday. One in the evening and late last night. It want pretty and hard to use a towel to squat and hold on to the vanity stool my mom made my to prop myself. Made a little mess?!?! But felt like my butt graduated last night. Today my moms helping me with a good wash up. She says the swelling went down a lot and I'm not bleeding anymore just bruised. Now I have washed up and she's massaging me with coconut oil. I'm ready for a massage already!! Feels so good!! Here's some pics

Last night ...

Extra pics when I took off puddings to show my tummy tuck scare revised

Pain or the Itchies: Pick one

I texted Dr Hazani yesterday about the itchies or possible allergies to pain meds. I didn't expect an answer immediately but I haven't got a response yet. So I decided to stop my pain meds yesterday and only take my antibiotics with Benadryl. I had the worst night, worst sleep and worst pain so far last night. I had to pee every 30 minutes. So this morning I'm groggy but not itching and just a little sore. I'm doin walking around the house for the most part. I have my post op appt tomorrow at 1:15- but I'm not sure where? Is it at the surgery site? Debbie wasn't specific on the location. I still have drains in so I'm assuming the surgery site would be appropriate. I'm actually liking. My body and see a little booty bump but hope it stays. Fingers crossed!! lol

Post op location??

So my Post Op appt is tomorrow at 1- I have no idea where I'm supposed to go? Do we go to the surgery center considering I have drains still in? Can anyone confirm this for me?? Or help or direct me?

Headed to post op appt

I was taking pics before I left ... All my panties are too small!! And my thong actually fits now. I'm getting all the selfies in that I can! Lol hahaha today's actually a good day !

Post Op Appt

These 2 women helped make this process easy and amazing... Michelle & Devbie thank you for your patience and kindness!!

Day 7~ Get into the Routine

Hey dolls... So here's another update and the roller coaster has stopped for a second. Now it's a daily routine. Morning meds, gallons of water, eating healthy every few hours to neither lose your butt or gain any extra weight unnecessarily. Lots of calls, I prefer text messages lol. Called off work Monday Tuesday and prolly tomorrow. Not super sore or so very swollen. Just got used to being home relaxing and recovering. I'm enjoying my moment! Today I took off the garmet, binder & pads and this is what I found. Very happy so far for the sculpting and artistry of dr hazani- my tummy scars are healing well but the pads made marks along my tummy. I'll use the foam tonight to smooth it out again and update u. I'm still really bruised on my legs, back, under arm & hips... But I feel really good except occasional back pain from laying in my stomach so much. No more pain pills since about day 4- period started Monday and u can assume how much that sucks. But manageable... Any questions or comments are happily accepted.

Is it just me??

I'm dying of boredom currently. 8 days PO and ready to re introduce myself to the world but I'm in the house watching TV. Lol better to fully recover then chance anything.

Day 12~ Update

Day 12- gained about 1.5 pounds from not eating good over Christmas and of course I'm less active than usual. So, I'm drinking some skinny girl tea and get back on eating 100%~ I changed my hair and took some pics today from behind to show you the difference. Gettin. About 4 hours of sleep before I wake up to pre or back pain. Garmet and binder still going. I have my 2nd post op In a week on next Sunday. Excited for Doctor Hazani to take the yodated pics to compare but here's mine.

We all do it~ Played Dress Up Today!!!

New pics... Just tried on some outfits... All I have to say is "BlaqBarb Deserves Curves" thank u Lord!!

First Day Out...

So last night, as for every New Years Eve , I decided to finally bust out of the house and go to church. I paid in the back seat as my Mom drove me. I stood for 2.5 hours straight and was in the very back. I had on sweats, a jacket and my UGG boots. I was low key because I'm very shy and conservative when it comes to church. Good device and glad I went. A friend came by to visit this morning and she kept asking to touch my booty and kept staring at it. Lol says it's perfect for me and she was excited for me.( I could tell by the way she was staring at it) tomorrow I will attempt to drive. Got the pillow from Dr H and my memory foam boppy pillow for my back. I'll load pics tomorrow. Sunday's my 2nd pre op art with the doctor and my BFF will drive me and my last time back seat riding. I'll be 3 weeks come Monday and life goes back to normal... I have enjoyed my break immeasurably.

Day 18 Update

2nd Post Op appt W/ Doct. H~

Today my BFF volunteered to take me to my 2nd PO appt. I still have about 6 stitches on my body... 4 stomache, back and butt. I haven't sat at all yet or driven. We found a parking spot and headed inside. Office was crowded today. Debbie greeted me with a smile as usual. The doctor called me in and was impressed with the work he did on my body. Cool that he impressed himself becaus I been wanting to give him a high-5 on the job he did. He removed my stitches, I bled just a little. He took my Post Op comparison pics and said he would send them to me. I also asked for a Breast lift quote and he said to heal from the bbl and he would happily do it for me in a few months. Excited about the way he showed me he could contour my boobs how I always wanted. Small and high. Yes!!! I want to never wear a bra again!! So I have a follow up appt in a month. Came home and did some shopping withy mom and daughter. Over spent More then expected at the mall but I can tell I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping this year! Lol ~ haven't positioned myself to drive yet. I'm going back to do that In The morning on the way to work. Just jump in and fix my pillows and go. I'll post pics tomorrow!
One more thing... Best experience is I ran into CaliAsianBooty one of the coolest RS chicks and she was super adorable and awesome. I met her boyfriend & we all smiled and laughed in excitement about her up coming procedure. He was super supportive!! She complimented me and made me blush and that was one of the coolest experiences of today as well. Love dope chicks!! Today was a good day...

Driving sux!!

Whoever said driving is easy lied! I'm all uncomfortable... Up too high, heads hitting the ceiling... Feeli like my butts still touching my seat. My left legs stretched to angle it and my right arm hurts from propping up on the middle counsel. Praying I don't lose my butt. Standing al day at works sux and my co workers walk by and smack my butt.. Smh gently but it hurts. Everyone asks daily how's that butt doin... Am I proud of the butt or is the butt treats me good and I can't help but grimace but low key I wish they would stop. I wear sweats and sweaters daily to cover up. lol all in all, I don't like the aftermath of returning to regular life. But I didn't come his far to lose. So hey girls, I started my period again. It came 12/15 and it started today 1/5... Has this happened to anyone or Is my body just getting revenge on me? Lol

Post op 6 Weeks Update

Hi dolls. I got my before an after pics back from Dr hazani and wanted to share. I was impressed.

Round 2- Revision lift and Impants

Hi dolls!
Im back and decided I needed the girls revised so I scheduled a revision lift and implant exchnage with Hazani for tomorrow at 7am!
Im so excited and have so many ideas for the expected outcome. I missed RS!!

wish pics

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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