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So I'm schedule to get surgery on Dec 20. Im...

So I'm schedule to get surgery on Dec 20. Im getting the lab done this Saturday. I'm really excited and scared. I've always worked out all my life but due to school I had to give up my 3hr gym sessions, which resulted in some weight gain :'(. I figured I can get rid of some of the fat cells in my belly and place them in my butt and hips. I'll post my pics as I get closer to the procedure and keep you dolls posted. I'm thinking about getting my arms lipo as well but I'm iffy about it. I'm for sure getting my thighs lipo. Anyways we'll c how it goes. :D

20 more days

Omg I went to the get the lab work done today. I'm so excited I just want to get it done already I feel so fat. I manage to gain even more weight :( I think it's time to stop. I'm at 180 :'(.

Last year

To all my sexy bbl vets....

Any must have items needed prior sx?
My sx date is almost here and I'm not prepared plus I'm freaking out. I would really appreciate any recommendations. Thank you :)
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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