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So I'm schedule to get surgery on Dec 20. Im...

So I'm schedule to get surgery on Dec 20. Im getting the lab done this Saturday. I'm really excited and scared. I've always worked out all my life but due to school I had to give up my 3hr gym sessions, which resulted in some weight gain :'(. I figured I can get rid of some of the fat cells in my belly and place them in my butt and hips. I'll post my pics as I get closer to the procedure and keep you dolls posted. I'm thinking about getting my arms lipo as well but I'm iffy about it. I'm for sure getting my thighs lipo. Anyways we'll c how it goes. :D

20 more days

Omg I went to the get the lab work done today. I'm so excited I just want to get it done already I feel so fat. I manage to gain even more weight :( I think it's time to stop. I'm at 180 :'(.

Last year

To all my sexy bbl vets....

Any must have items needed prior sx?
My sx date is almost here and I'm not prepared plus I'm freaking out. I would really appreciate any recommendations. Thank you :)

Can't wait

Can't wait to wear something like this. Wish pic with wish sexy lingerie
Big booty wishes

Told my bf

I finally tools my bf he wasn't really supportive but in the end is my body and my money. He said that I'm gonna look out proportion blah blah. I'm not gonna lie Im scared that it might look to big butt I know that I will lose a percentage of it becuase not all the fat survives. But I know I'm in good hands. I finally got an email from Nayely for my prep op I'm excited.

Pre op appoinment today

So today was my pre op everythin was fast. He.said the max he can lipo is 5000cc. I saw some of his other patients but they were there for other reasons.

Question question questions

1. How bad is the pain?
2. How soon can I start using the lipo foam and ab board?
3. How long does it take for the booty to go down?


For butt 43
Waist 37
Bust 36
Kinda square right now. I'm shy to post my pre op photos lol such a piggy right now. I'm 5'5" and weight exactly 180. My natural weight is 150 because I have a lot of muscle becuase I worked out my while life.

Only 900 ccs

He only put 900ccs :(


Measurements right now

Waist 33
Butt 46

Hopefully when the swelling goes down my waist is back to 28 fingers crossed. I wished he would've added more ccs but I'm pretty happy with my result I'm now 5 days post op.

A week post op

It gets easier day by day. Here's my update. I'm wearing a American apparel dress I bought that I never wore becuase I couldn't fill it in the right places. But now I love how it looks. Hazani is the best. Excuse the garment needs to be worn 24/7

No volume loss yet

I measured myself today a day I haven't lost any volume still at 46". My belly still very swollen and I have some hard lumps in my pelvic area, I already started massaging using coconut oil. I increased my omega 3 intake and I try to walk or do step ups for 10mins to get some blood flow in my legs. Lipo areas are still sensitive.. I only sit when I drive using the bbl pillow provided by hazani. I don't know how I'm going to do it when school starts, I'm going to have to use ,your bbl pillow it's going to be embarrassing but oh well can't compromise the bootype.

4 weeks po

Tuesday I hit my 4 week po. I feel much better. Lipo areas are still sensitive. My measurements are between 45 and 45 1/2. I'm going to wait til I hit the 3 month mark and I'll decide if I go for round 2. Im definitely getting my stomach lipo becuase I still have a lot of fat left over but I'm going to Dr. Hasan for the aggressive lipo. Cheaper prices and he does an amazing job. I shouldn't have added my arms becuase there's a 5000cc limit. I think that if I wouldn't added it I wouldve my stomach lipo even more. But o well, I was told that last min and didn't even think about it. Hazani did an amazing job I'm happy with my results I just need a smaller waist. I don't know how much more the swelling would go down.

Week 6

Finally hit week 6 today. No changes in measurement I'm at 45 1/2 inches. Waist still at 33in. I'm almost back to normal I can't wait till I hit two month i need to workout. At least weight train. I'm thinking about round 2 but I'm gonna wait I can get my butt bigger just by lifting weights the issue is that so does my waist.

People are noticing

So people had told me my butt looks bigger. And here I am thinking that it's small. Booty greed I guess. No one else knows except my bf and and two friends. I'm really thinking about round two but I don't know. Stats are the same 45 1/2.

Glute activation

Sexy vets plase check this YouTube video it pretty much explains gluten activation exercise. I've done this in the past and I was able to grow a booty naturally. I decided to get the procedure becuase I gained weight and it was hard to keep up with being a full time student and work full time and maintain a nice physique. Anyways please check it out.

Almost three months

Time flies. Anyways I'm almost three months I've been trying to lose some weight because I'm still 180. My measurements are now 33in 45 1/2. I'm pretty much back to normal. I email today Nayely regarding a.revision. hopefully it's not as expensive or else I'm going to have to get it done in Miami.

Weight loss

So I'm officially 3 months now. I started to lose weight and the booty still at 45 1/2. I'm working out with weights again and a 15 min cardio sesh. I'm going to order some amino acids to aid with muscle recovery hopefully I can bring my weight to at least 30 in while maintaining my butt at 45 1/2. I don't think I'll do round at least not for now. I'm going to try to work with what I have and go from there.


Ok so I'm going to see hazani for a revision. Booty greed over powered me lol
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