BBL Revision Round 2 - Feb 8 2016. Beverly Hills, CA

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My first BBL with Dr. Hughes did not go as planned...

My first BBL with Dr. Hughes did not go as planned. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he's a bad doctor or anything it just didn't work out for me.
-with clothes on my shape overall is good
-I have more projection/nice side view
- stomach looks good lying down
- lower back & abdomen flat while top bulges over
-right hip dent
-wavy flanks/bulge
-square buttocks frontal view
-lump on each side on lower back
At 6 months I inquired about a revision with him and showed him my areas of concern. He told me:
1. Everyone has high hopes after surgery
2. I look dramatically better
3. I need a tummy tuck
4. Lipo will make it all worse
5. Fat transfer may not work
6. The bumps/dents/bulges are not the result of anything he did
At this point I was super disappointed bc I already felt deformed but now my hope of fixing it was crushed. I went for a second opinion with Dr Hazani however and he restored my hope! He was confident he could fix it all:) not just that but he was going to do even more than just fix it(which had me ecstatic bc after talking to Dr Hughes I felt these things were impossible and at best I may only be able to smooth out the bumps & dents). He said he could even curve my back, add lower triangle cleavage, add as much more projection as he is able too, round out my buttocks & give me a smooth hourglass shape with a small waist. Yayyy!! Now I'm just hoping Round 2 recovery isn't as bad as Round 1 lol


Please excuse the brown lines everywhere I have a lot of tattoos:(

Question for Hazani BBL vets

Last time I was naked and wiped down with a sponge that had cold iodine looking fluid on it in the operating room prior to surgery. After I had to get on the operating table without touching it with my arms and then anesthesia was administered. Am I going to have to do this again it was scary and uncomfortable lol Actually this was the worst part of the whole process for me! Not sure if this is standard protocol or if it depends on the Dr.

Prepping Time!! Ordered a Some Items Online

I ordered a few items in preparation for surgery. Got pretty good deals too:)
-Lower Back Triangle (Didn't use one last time. Previous doctor said they use foams but I decided this time it's worth a try)
-Abdomnial Board (Also didn't use last time but worth a try)
-Scar Sheet- (Didn't use last time-can't see my scars except the one on my back so I plan on using it this time around)
-Abdominal Pads (Closed incision sites last time but will definitely need these this time)
-Medical Tape (To secure my lower back triangle)

Still need a few more things I will update once I get those!

FYI For Those Dolls Who Get Severe Nausea (Post-operative Nausea & Vomiting PONV)

Last time I had my BBL I had severe PONV. Vomited literally the second I first stood up, then before I got in the car, then when I got out of the car, then when I got in the house, etc. Ya I know gross! Had persistent nausea as well. It lasted for about 2 days and was not pleasant. personally I would've taken the pain over this any day. Everyone is different so some may not experience it at all however it affects about 1/3 of those undergoing anesthesia. You are at higher risk if you get motion sickness (like me) :/

But have no fear as I emailed Dr. Hazani and told him I have a history of this. He said I will be getting a Rx for it yay! Not sure if it is always given to patients or if it is upon request so check with your Dr.

My List Continued...

Things I still have from last time I plan on using:
-half foam roller (to put under my BBL pillow when driving and when I start sitting)
-arnica gel
-vaseline (for massages)
-female urinal

Things I still need:
-shower curtain (to line the bed so I don't leak fluid on it)
-arnica pills
-laxative (was unable to have a bm without it last time)
-foam (can cause skin irritation on some people so wear a thin tank top underneath)
-anti bacterial bar of soap (for washing before & after surgery)
-baby wipes (helpful after bm as your body is super sore in the beginning & it's hard to reach & twist)
-neosporin (for once the incision is closed)


Before my last BBL I started taking vitamins. I asked Dr. Hazani if I should be taking pre-op vitamins (other than iron which I take on a regular basis anyway bc I am anemic) and he said no, if you live in the US you should be getting your vitamins from eating well. Just an FYI unless any dolls were wondering as well:)!

2 More Weeks...

My bloodwork has been completed just waiting on my results. Took some pre-op measurements to compare after sx:

Question for Hazani vets...

My last procedure did not have open drainage so I'm not sure what to expect. I believe I only drained the first day and since the incisions were closed it wasn't too much maybe 1 abdominal pads worth lol

Are all incisions left open or only the front bottom 2?

Will I be draining so much that even with pads it'll drip out?

Do the wounds look open after the first day or do they look like a regular scabbed cuts?

Can I shower the next day?

Any thing else I may need to know about drainage?

Thanks in advance:)

Plastic Surgery Simulator App

Just playing with the simulator app...this is what I'd love to look like though I don't think I'll come out like this lol...just hoping for something close to similar?!

Pics didn't load:/

Let's try this one more time lol really wish realself allowed post deletes/edits!

Some pics before my Sx tomorrow...

Just thought I'd post some pics before my Sx tomorrow morning. I'm including pre-round 1 pics as well post-round 1 and simulated wish pics (a girl can dream right ;b). Hard for me to post these (ewww) but hoping it'll help someone out there!!

Farewell lumpy bumpy...

Hoping to say goodbye to this lumpy bumpy dented bulging flank forever (one side only that I got after round 1 w/another dr.)!!

1320 ccs

Hey ladies just wanted to update! Dr Hazani was able to get 1320ccs. I'm feeling nauseas still so I'll update more later. The anesthesiologist worked wonders for my nausea but once I got home and took the pain meds I felt nauseas. Round 1 I had 1350 ccs so total I have had 2670 ccs however not all of it stays so it's not gonna be as humongous as it sounds lol

Sx Recap...

I wasn't feeling up to recapping my Sx yesterday but I'm feeling much better today so here it goes.

I arrived at the Sx center at 7am and filled out a good amount of paperwork. I actually was reading it so it was scarring me lol but I tried to just think positive. About 30 min later they called me in. I said my goodbyes & headed to the restroom where they weighed me, had me change into my cap gown & booties then had me give a urine sample. After that I entered a large room of about 6 hospital beds. There they had me lay down with a warmer while they asked questions and gave me an IV. About 10- 15 minutes later Dr. Hazani came in took my pre op pictures & reviewed my paperwork as well as one last Sx review. He left and the nurse took me to the operating room. There was the anesthesiologist and about 3 nurses. I layed down and the anesthesiologist asked me a few questions...I didn't even notice he was administering the anesthesia already and I remember trying to respond and lift my arms but I couldn't. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the post op room! Def helped with my nerves not being awake in there too long. When I woke at about 2:30 pm my booty was on fire and was hurting bad! Worst then the first time probably because of scar tissue and such. Thanks to the anesthesiologist I was not nauseas upon waking up...thank God last time it was so severe and lasted for days! I asked the nurse to flip me and she helped me get on my stomach. She gave me pain meds through my IV 3 times bc I kept telling here it didn't feel any different and still hurt. After a while I felt like I was probably able to get up so I told her and she helped me put my clothes on and get in my wheelchair. She also gave me apple juice & was so sweet! I managed to get in the car I put pillows down on the seat so I could lay on my side because I have a coupe so there was no way I'd make it in the back and the front doesn't fully recline since it's a small car it only goes about 90% down. The car ride home was painful because I could feel every bump and turn. Once I got home and took my meds I felt so relieved of the pain ...went from about a 9 to a 5. I drank Gatorade and ate some crackers because the meds made me nauseas. After that I just alternated between naps & going pee about every hour. I was still draining a lot at this point. I tried to eat hoping it would help with the nausea so I drank a few spoons of chicken soup and a few spoons of Greek yogurt. I couldn't shake the nausea so I layed down and closed my eyes. It was prob bc I didn't have much food in my stomach and took the meds. After about 8pm I couldn't sleep anymore I maybe slept a total of 3 hrs last night because I kept getting up to use the restroom, take medicine or just felt uncomfortable. Feeling better today though...still very swollen, sore, nauseas and have no appetite but I'm able to get up on my own any everything. Will shower and take pics later:)

After shower pics

Omg taking a shower felt so good! I feel like it def loosened me up! Here are some after shower pics before I put on my boards, foam & binder. You can see how everywhere the binder does not cover is super swollen! Can't wait to get my garment so I can compress all over even though I know that thing is gonna hurt trying to get on lol

Post-Op Appt

Just went to my post-op appointment and got drained in my vaginal area! Dr says about 60 ccs of fluid. Looked like about a syringe & a half worth. Feeling relieved because it was kind of sore there & looked huge:/ hopefully it's gone now & won't come back! The needle looked about the size of the IV needle not too big not too small haha thankfully I didn't feel it at all!!

Garment pics

Just got my garment yesterday! I got a size large but it feels like a size xxs lol it's pretty comfortable just hard to get into. I am unable to do it by myself at the moment...once im not so sore, swollen and bruised I'm sure it'll be fine. Here's some pics:)

9 days post

I'm 9 days post op and though it gets better everyday I still feel very swollen. It looks like none of my swelling had gone down but then again maybe because I see myself everyday lol Here are some quick pics with my granny panties lol can't wait until I can wear regular pants, underwear, etc. these hips & this booty are swollen & larger than life!!

Few updated pics...

Here are a few updated pics. Still super swollen!!! Doesn't look like it much in the pics but trust me!!! It's really hard to take pics that reflect how I actually look...prob need to post a video maybe that will help. I'm getting my seroma drained Sunday I can't wait! You can clearly see it bulging in my pubic region ugh looks so weird & gross that my pubic area sticks out more than my stomach !!!! Will post more pics soon without the garment.

Updated pics without garment

Here are some updated pics without my garment on. You can totally see the swelling/seroma in my pubic area. I feel like I look like a centaur from Narnia with all my swelling & the seroma too! Can't wait til it goes down I think I may be overactive and that is contributing to it:/

Seroma drained

I got my seroma drained yesterday and it was amazing lol my pubic area looked like a loaf of bread prior and I was so happy to see it flatten. I had 3 syringes full of fluid removed. I'm wearing my binder low & tight over my garment with foam so I can compress the area to make sure fluid doesn't build up again. Dr Hazani said seroma sare normal & quite common so he doesn't consider them to usually be a big issue or complication. So far so good...last time I could see fluid still the next it's still flat yay:)

Swelling 3 wks post

Swelling has def gone down alot more. It felt like it wasn't going down at all the first 2 weeks! Hoping I don't lose too much more volume in my booty at this point.

Anyone get questioned about your booty?

Have any of you ladies gotten questioned about your booty? What do you say? Both last time & this time I have had questions from friends & family and am curious to hear what answers you have given as mine I'd always the same's my outfit & just that I've been working out differently lol

Booty shrinking & fat loss phobia...

I am paranoid that as I heal and swelling booty will disappear, my bumps & dents will uncover & I will lose my shape ahhhh!!! Last time I had my bbl my booty didn't shrink too much I just thought that it was an odd shape bc it was hard still but as it softened it pretty much stayed that shape:/ with my uneven lipo I was able to spot it immediately however as swelling went down thr unevenness was more apparent!! As far as my overall silhouette/shape it looked good at first but after about 3 months it went away little by little as my hips & swelling went down. My lumps bumps & dents were not visible until about 1.5 months however they continued to get worse until about 3 months post where they became very defined & obvious. I'm hoping this time I stay how I look now for the most part:/ I love my current results but am just afraid of things changing. Anyone else feel tiny bubbles popping in their booty sometimes? Kinda like carbonation? Lol I felt it last time & this time I wonder what it is?!? Haha

Seroma tips?

Anyone have any tips or ideas on how to keep the fluid from filling back up after you get drainer. I don't know how else to compress this area. The garment doesn't compress it enough so I still wear my binder but my hips are fighting the binder so it never stays tight there & constantly rolls up!!!:/

Scar Tip

After my first bbl I noticed that in my case the back cannula entrance sites appeared to scar the most. My front ones are undetectable, possibly because they have been hidden in my tattoos? But then again the one on my back tattoo is noticeable. At 10.5 months post op there was discoloration and it was very slightly raised. This time I did some research and found that silicone scar gel sheets appear to work the best. They recommend to start using them about 3 wks post op so I just started using them. They must be used for a few months however to get the best results. It looks like a bandaid with gel on one side & can be cut to fit your scar. I purchased ScarAway it's about $20 for a box. They advise to keep it on at least 12 hrs but up to 7days. One thing I noticed is after your first shower they are not as sticky and from getting in & out of your garment/bra/tops/etc it kind of peels it off. So what I do is put medical tape on top to keep it in place for 7 days since that tape will not budge. Try to keep it on 7 days straight and replace it immediately for optimal results.

Laying on tummy/BBL pillow

I will be 4wks post op in 2 days however I really hate sitting even with the foam or bbl pillow. I'm also getting annoyed of laying on my starts hurting my back after a while. Sitting on the foam/bbl pillow get really uncomfortable after a few minutes as well. So one thing I've been doing is laying in an inner tube lol I put the inner tube on my bed and put a ton of pillows behind it. My booty fits in the hole so I don't put pressure and it feels so much better to be able to lay on my back!!!

Massages and swelling

I was super swollen the other day...i think it was because I tried wearing jeans when I knew I was going to be sitting a lot(with the bbl pillow):/ I think that plus my garment cause my tummy to get strangled and I swelled up like crazy to the point where I could feel it! I did a bunch of massages & drank a ton of water & now I'm feeling way better my tummy got even smaller than before my super swell episode! Massages can do wonders for swelling!!

Lumpy Bumpy & Uneven Lipo

For those of you asking about the lumps/bumps/dents I had as a result of my first far they are all gone!! I put a comparison pic of the lump/bump I had and the dent which I took a day or two before Sx compared to today. I also included a comparison pic of my uneven lipo as a result of my first bbl where the bottom was lipoed a lot and above my belly button looked like it wasn't touched.

5 weeks post

Video so you can see better
So I am 5 weeks post op and just wanted to update. Swelling is still going on but not as much as before. I feel like weeks 3&4 my booty shrank the most however it seems to have not been shrinking much lately*fingers crossed* I have been wearing my garment with foams, ab board& binder still because I am hoping this seroma leaves once & for all. It has shrunk significantly however I still see a little bulge. Tried taking close up pics but it's super hard to see. If you look in the pics I took closely though you'll see the slight bulge. Current measurements compared to before:
Pre/2wk post/5wks post:

At 2 weeks I was very very swollen but I'm glad it has gone down a good amount. I'm thinking my measurements will not change too much from here.


Just wanted to clarify from my last post where exactly I took those measurements from....the first is right under my boobs/bra, the second I took an inch above my belly button and the last I took right at the center of my hips.

Pre/2wk post/5wks post:

Warning when shopping!!!

So idk about the rest of you dolls but I'm on week 6 and none of my jeans fit I've pretty much lived in leggings and dresses!!! a lot of my panties don't fit either only the really stretchy ones lol anyway I went bikini shopping and the bottoms barely fit even in a large (usually small or medium) I just felt like my booty was trying to escape!!!! I'm wondering since my size is so different now if I should still wait to go shopping for jeans & bikinis?? Or will it stay this size for the most part??

Almost 7weeks post

So my seroma has been gone for the past 2 weeks I just have firmness & swelling down there but dr hazani said its edema & will go away. It has been going down its not as noticeable now! I still get swollen so I wear my boards, binder & foam daily. I just ordered a waist trainer the other day so I'm switching to that soon I'm just scared it'll dent me but idk if im being crazy lol ill just wear it with my foam & boards too! Haven't measured since the last time I posted it but I feel like my stomach/waist/back is def shrinking & my booty seems to be dropping & softening. If I poke it, it's soft for a few cm then feels hard inside. Still can't sit normal if I try it feels sore inside but I can sit on hard chairs and lean forward so my butt isn't touching & I drive with 2 pillows then my bbl pillow on top. Still can't sleep on my back but I have been laying on my sides....feels sore so I can only do it for a bit. Here's some updated pics!!

Oops pics didn't attach to last post!


Okay so my period is coming to an end and I feel like this whole time I have been ridiculously swollen!!! Does anyone else have extreme swelling at your hip bones that are on the front of your body on the sides? I'm thinking it's the swelling but they look like they're protruding not sure if that area is more sensitive bc the cannula was rubbing against the bone? Just scaring me because it looks weird but I'm hoping it's just really swollen right now

Update 10 wks Post

So I've been mia because realself was bothering me when it kept repeating posts and putting the wrong people's names etc lol I don't feel my booty has shrunk lately and if it has it's not noticeable to me. It still hurts to try and sit on soft chairs or even in the car...only hard chairs work that way I can just lean forward. I try sleeping on my hips or back but after a minute or two it hurts so I move. I still have 2 hard spot on my stomach and 2 on my pubic area that I've been trying to massage...heard it can take months to resolve in some cases. I've been going through so many waist trainers trying to find the right one. First I bought one that was too small but once I saw it I didn't like it anyway, then I got one of those sport ones but I didn't feel they held me together enough especially while sitting and it got bigger after only wearing it a week, the one I just got is so far my favorite. I decided to try a more traditional lace up steel boned corset(the one I'm wearing in my pics). I feel very held together but it's still comfortable. Love that it's super adjustable so it fits perfect. It also helps with my posture & doesn't bend like the other sport waist trainer I had. I'm waiting on a few more in the mail. I hated wearing all of this crap but now I feel weird without it lol not sure if my waist has shrunk anymore or not I think I'll measure soon so I can see where my waist & booty are currently at.

Wish vs Actual Results

Here are some pics of my own wish pics of my edited body vs my pics now at almost 3 months post op (will be 3 mo post in 1.5 wks).

Forgot one pic

Wish you could add pics to your posts! I missed one


Hey ladies:) it's been a while so I thought I would update my review. The hardness where my seroma was is slowly but surely going away. You can't really see it but i can feel it. My booty seems to have retained the fat it looks about the same as it did at about 2 months but better!! As it softened it took on a nicer rounder more natural shape. I've been trying to workout now that I'm fully healed and I doubt my booty is gonna be going anywhere. That was my fear last time when I was working out after round 1. For some reason whenever I go in public places I hear people talking about my booty behind my back lol both men n women but I just pretend I can't hear them! It's weird bc to me it isn't that huge I think it still looks natural but maybe not?! Whenever friends or family talk about it directly to me I get uncomfortable bc I have no idea what to say!! I've only told like 6 people. As far as my stomach healing I feel like it's 90% healed it hurts when I stretch it really far but other than that it's fine. My booty feels sore if I sit too long without moving usually after about 30 min. I still wear my waist trainer I have one I wear while working out and one that I only wear mon-fri during work hours. So far so good no complaints except that I can't wait for the hardness above my pubic area to go away and to just lose a bit more belly fat:b

Oops pics didn't load

I meant to attach these but they didn't upload for some reason!!!


The main thing I wanted from a bbl was projection I wasn't ever interested in having a massive booty or anything. I wanted a bubbly projected booty and I feel very satisfied with my results at 4 month post. Just want to show you all my booty transition. The before and after round 1 look about the same as far as projection and shape goes however the 2nd round pic looks a lot more bubbly & projected! Dr Hazani is great:)

6 Months Post

In 6 days I'll be officially 6 months post. My lumps in my stomach are now healed & I can no longer see or feel them. My booty seems to have stayed the same size though I do have days of booty greed lol but then I try to remember when it was actually bigger in the beggining & I hated it & felt like a centaur or donkey literally! I do need to measure though however I think I may have accidentally thrown away my measuring tape!:/ I'll update my measurements soon though. Now that I'm pretty much at the point where this is probably my final result I can def say I'm super happy! I am in the process of losing about 10 lbs so I'll let you all know how that goes. I'm 95% sure my booty will look the same pretty much bc my body will shrink proportionately but we'll see *fingers crossed*. I waited a while because I didn't want to start losing weight while my fat was still healing & trying to grow into its new home lol Overall everything came out great no lumps, bumps, dimples, scar tissue, etc. I do have stretch marks but they were there before. My scars from the incision sites have lightened up and you can really only see the one on my back. I love my booty shape it seems to be fully "fluffed" now even though that's not real according to Drs. I think what actually happens is the fat doesn't grow but your skin stretches out & loosens up since it's so compacted/hard/stuff & that makes it rounder so it looks like it grew. Here are a few looks like I have a roll on one side in one of the pics but I don't it was just me trying to twist & take a pic of my booty lol
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Thus far Dr Hazani has been amazing! Very honest & exceeds my expectations! He is very compassionate and really puts his best effort into this. He is an artist!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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