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I imagined the technology of transferring unwanted...

I imagined the technology of transferring unwanted fat about 40 years ago. What's not to love? Isn't our world amazing? So, I'm a 60 yo nana (don't judge! haha) who wants to use her unwanted "spare tire" to perk up her kinda droopy (never very spectacular) butt. A couple years ago I discovered RS and then last year started looking into the bbl in earnest. Ya, I was hooked. Sent pics to a very competent doctor in April, had a consult pretty close by and another in LA (who I sent the pics to). Really didn't "click" with either of them , idk? Then I started reading about Dr Hazani. Wow. So I sent him some pics in August, and we chatted back and forth a bit. He said I had more than 5 l of fat (haha) so I decided to lose 15 lbs first. I am now 5'5.5" and 168 lbs, pretty much all in my torso. Last week we did the phone consult and he was VERY encouraging in his assessment of how I would look after. Prob need a tummy tuck if I want to wear a bikini in public (NOT) lol Anyways, he is super nice, didn't seem rushed at all, even called 10 mins earlier than I expected and I didn't feel the least bit rushed. I feel very confident and comfortable with him. Now I need to get medical clearance for general anesthesia and an EKG (due to my advanced age... heh). I am perfectly healthy or I wouldn't consider this so I'm not worried about that. I'm not sure about involving my primary care doc tho, it's a new relationship with her and I don't think it's going to be permanent iykwim. So thinking about going to an urgent care/walk in clinic for my exam. Anyone have any experience with this? My main concerns at this point are logistical, as it looks like I will be on my own, flying in from Tucson (90 mins). So I need to figure out transportation, caregiving (Michelle in Dr Hazani's office said they have someone they use who is great?), where to stay, all that. I trust the doctor and his procedure completely, and I've had natural childbirth so I think I can do the pain part lol. Any help and suggestions are very much appreciated ladies. That's all I can think of now, just wanted to jump in!

Just paid my deposit!

That ^^ Got my preferred date, Feb 5, flying in on the 4th. Yes!

Before pics

So this is what I'm working with. Def have plenty of fat :/

This Holiday Season..

Love this!

Healing prayer for all


Out of town Hazani dolls...where ya'll staying?

This part is stressing me out! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I completely trust Dr Hani and the process, but the logistics have me kinda worried... HALP!

Hazani dolls, where should I stay for about a week?

Any and all suggestions welcome! Thx ladies XO


If only...

Back on track after the holidays

Kinda got out of my routine, sooo ready to get back to the gym and eating properly. A little over 5 weeks!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all my RS friends! 2016 Is going to be the best yet!
This year I intend to:
• Spend more time with family and friends
• Live a healthier lifestyle
• Learn something new
• Focus on the positive
• Be true to myself
What are your intentions for this year?

Butt augmentation sizers

I thought of this yesterday and of course RS has a video on it haha! Anyone else try this? I'm going to, need to find some knee high stocking things first. What do you think? Here's the RS video link

Should I ask for more than 1000 cc's? What about hips?

After seeing my pics Hazani suggested 1000 cc (each side) for me but said I could go as big as I wanted. We didn't discuss hips. I have plenty of fat and my skin will likely stretch to accommodate prolly a HUGE donk. What I want is as much fat as he can get off my torso and enough fat/volume added to lift and shape my (saggy) butt. Seems like most ladies want as large as possible, and I only read regrets that it's too small, never that it's too big. When I was younger (after kids but a while back, 30's) my waist was 26", it's about 35 now :( Just saying that because of bone structure, not sure if anatomy changes after pregnancies? Hard to say what size my hips are because of the belly fat, but (combined) they measure about 44" now. Just wondering if with the bulky fat off my front and the love handles sculpted /shaped if 1000cc (- however much I lose) would be enough? And should I get hips? They look narrow to me. Any thoughts? Thanks ladies XO

Accomodations...airbnb or??

I have an airbnb account (never used, but it's verified, etc). Any input on hotel, caregiver, other would be super appreciated. Hoping to finish up all the details by the end of the week. Thanks so much!

Helichrysum Essential Oil for scars

I dabble a bit in essential oils, natural healing, all that. I love rosehip seed oil and have used it for years. It feels amazing on damp skin...

Recently found this for myself and thought it might be worth sharing. Who wants a nice booty with a bunch of scars?

Helichrysum is a great oil for scar care.

The following recipe will work with new scars and old. Quicker results will be seen with new scars.

For new Scars –
• Helichrysum - 15 drops
• Rose hip seed oil - 15 ml
• Hazelnut oil - 15 ml
Apply this mixture to the wounds two times a day for about 10 to 20 days.

For older Scars –
• Helichrysum - 15 drops
• Sage oil - 15 drops
• Rose hip seed oil - 15 ml
• Hazelnut oil - 15 ml
For old unsightly scars you will need to apply this mixture to the wounds two times a day for 3 to 6 months.

>>Do not apply essential oils to surgery sites that still have stitches or tape in place.

Pre op ekg, clearance appointment and labs all done!

All my labs were good, except I was .1 low on the MCH? Normal range is 27 - 34, mine was 26.9... Gary was confident that would be fine. Now just need for the Dr who did my clearance exam to sign off on it... Hate this kinda stuff :/

More cc's talk

How many cc's for me to get this look? This is pretty much exactly what I want (don't know what's possible...) I have lots of fat and actually have some (saggy) booty. Which I really want lifted. I have pics saved that show that is possible! Don't want to confuse the issue in this post tho :/ So how many cc's do I need for this look? I need waist snatched, hips filled in and rounded, and projection!


Found this (exactly what I’m after!)
Goal of a buttock lift is
• to decrease the irregularities in the skin surface,
• add volume and
• eliminate the appearance of drooping and dimpled skin.
Yes Please!

I want
• small waist with shapely hips is everything
• hip dents gone
• round curve (smile) under buttock (if possible, this may be genetic)
• smooth curves with a classic hourglass, “Monroe” type silhouette
• slim frame with a flattened stomach, small waist and nice full, lifted butt
• more projection and fullness, but I also wanted it rounded out
• to look like it “could be” natural (like if I hit the gym a lot harder than I ever will ;)
• a nice full curvy natural looking shape
• my shape improved as much as possible (this is subjective…) Hazani’s lipo results are excellent! He seems to have an artistic eye, how much should I trust him to shape me? I am afraid to trust anything to possible poor communication issues…

I do not want
• Lumpy, bumpy lipo results
• scars
• a big dimply fake looking, freak show diaper-looking booty,
• wide load or dumpy looking body

Also, I don’t understand all the butt shape lingo. i.e. “bubble”, “shelf”, “heart-shaped”? I think I like the heart shape?

20 Sleeps!

Somebody needs to hide my credit cards OMG :/

What did you wear for sx and recovery away from home?

I always read about maxi dresses, but in February? I don't know? Needs to be loose right? And dark/black (leakage). And warm (comfort) What about feet? Specifically what to wear day of SX? Any tips are much appreciated, maybe I won't need to stay awake all night doing my mental checklists...sigh. Yawn. lol Thanks!

Lipo foam, ab board, back triangle board?

Anyone use these? Opinions, tips? I spoke to Dr Hazani re the foam and he seemed to think it was a very good product, but the problem is that people don't realize the edges of the foam cause irritation? I have ordered 3 8x11 sheets of epifoam, an ab board and the back triangle thing is on a week delay back order. My thinking is I'll take them with me and since I am staying 8 days, hopefully he can instruct me on proper use before I come home. I like the idea of using it as you can get more specific with your compression while still letting the booty fat have it's space ;) Comments?
Here's the links (as they are)
Ab board ebay

Epi foam

back triangle compression pad

Descansa Breast Pillow

For sleeping on stomach after augmentation. Haven't purchased this, just saving it here...Just in case ;)

Fat transfer breast augmentation with bbl

I likely (per the dr) have more fat than will be used for my butt, and I'm not a waster lol. My boobs look "really good for 60" :/ but have some volume loss. I posted a question with mostly positive comments if you want to check it out. I'm thinking the pillow I posted above could be used? I also send Dr Hazani an email asking him about it. His answer: set up a virtual (which in my case is a phone call). Havent done that yet, too many people here today, maybe tomorrow. Be interesting to see what he says? I really hate to waste that fatty gold HAHAHA

Back pad substitute and nakey pics on the internet...

Just emailed the Dr a bunch of pics of my bewbs in anticipation of our (as yet unscheduled) phone consult. Why do I only notice how DIRTY the mirror the mirror is AFTER I take a pic :/ Gross. Anyways, I feel kinda pervy sending naked pics like that. Am I too old school?
Also the triangle pad I ordered is on backorder from ThePinkRoom and they didn't know if it would be here by Feb 4th, so I agreed to this one instead. It actually looks like it might work better, anatomically? Anyone familiar with this?
That's all. Just me being too invested in this whole process. I feel like everything but the gym and RS is on hold till I get a butt haha

(another) phone consult Wed Night

I think this is like Number 5? And they are still treating me so nicely. omg lol Anyway, he wrote back and said he got my pictures and looks forward to talking with me (on Wed). I'm going to be optimistic, at least he didn't say no way! hmm... Wouldn't it be the most amazing thing ever to get a booty and bigger boobs from this spare tire? Darn close to magical, the answer to post menopausal women every where :) Ready to be a HazaniNana lol

Breast Fat Transfer Consult

So he called to discuss, I had previously sent him pics of my breasts. He said he has done this a lot but doesn't have pics (I think that's what he said?) but said to find a video on yelp. Couldn't figure out where that was? He also told me things I already knew: it's unpredictable, the mammogram thing, the recovery, although he said I would sleep on my side even though we will be filling in hip dents. He said if I could sleep standing on my head would be best... lol! I like his sense of humor, can't wait to meet him in person :) He said the way it would be done is he would do all the lipo, then do the bbl, then flip me over and prep me again and do the breast, it takes about an additional 45 minutes. He also said my breasts are good candidates for the procedure (my words not his, can't remember his). He would give me a small discount, and I think he said it would be an additional $4200? Not sure, he said to talk to Debbie. Poor Debbie lol. Was hoping it would be less, but I think it's still less than most? But I don't want to waste my fat hahaha. My breasts need a lil volumizing (they put in work, with 3 babies and about 5 years of nonstop pregnancies and breastfeeding!) and I REALLY don't want implants at 60 years old. No parts in me that require maintenance, fine for whoever wants them, just I don't... I don't know what to do now lol.

Considerations for the perfect butt

I found this interesting, since I have (semi)agonized over this issue...

"Limiting Buttock enhancement surgery to discussing cc's is a useless endeavor. To get THE perfect butt a lot more needs to be considered than just how much fat should be placed in each cheek.

It needs to start by looking at the buttocks and taking stock of their location and symmetry.
- Are the buttocks sagging?
- Is there definition to the low back-buttock junction or does the area just look like a ski slope from back to the top of each butt cheek?
- Is there a V-zone like valley separating the diverging cheeks which ends in the vertical inter buttocks crease?
- are the buttock cheeks round and half dome like or is there a lateral flatness or depression which needs to be filled?
- What kinds of buttocks does the patient find attractive? Different ethnic groups view different buttock shapes very differently.
- Which buttocks she finds objectionable?
- are her cosmetic goals reasonable?
- If so which technique is best likely to result in the buttocks the patient wants?
- if it is through fat grafting, how much fat do you estimate needing? Does the patient have this amount of EXCESS fat in her body?

Another wish pic

Nice butt!

Paid in full, medically cleared, 13 days!

Flight paid (added early check in for the return), apt rented, caregiver arranged. Multiple lists ongoing lol. Just gonna work on being as healthy as possible. Hitting the gym harder than ever, maybe it will help me sleep? My mind won't stop. Just waiting for a couple things in the mail, making piles to pack, hard to believe this is finally happening, after all this time...Oh, added another 2 days a week strength training class, kicking my butt, sore as all get out. Good practice eh (the being sore I mean lmao)

Another scar treatment idea

Tried this today, works fabulously! Put your scar treatment oil (see recipe from Jan 7) in a glass ROLL ON bottle. Just roll on to your spots twice a day, easy peasy! :) You might want to use a brown or blue glass bottle or keep in a dark place.

One More Week...insomnia..

One week from today I fly into LA and meet my caregiver for the first time (picking me up at the airport), check out the apt I rented on airbnb (another first for me, I guess this will be my airbnbBBL experience?)

THEN I finally get to meet Dr Hazani in the flesh. And more importantly, he will get to meet MY flesh ahahah. Or, as I like to think of it, his “canvas” ;) I’m very modest and try not to think about people seeing my fat, old wrinkled self nekkid O_o Yea for anesthesia lol

Still going back and forth re adding lipo area. Just want to add one, really would like to do inner thighs, but I am worried that it will make my fat inner knees look worse? Maybe I should have him just do the knees, they have bothered me as long as I can remember? Or maybe he will do them as a unit, some doctors do.

He needs to meet my flesh and be honest with what result I could expect. I really appreciate that about him, he’s very upfront, doesn’t try to sell you anything, but wants each patient to have the best possible outcome. Those qualities seem to be rare these days, I feel so fortunate to have found Dr Hazani, and be able to make everything come together and do this! YES!

Thinking about taking some pre op pics in different styles of underwear/panties. And def pics of my tummy, it’s really jacked lol. It’s fat, old, deflated AND had a little lipo done (very poorly imo) for some facial fat transfer, so that has caused weird dents and irregularities. Would be nice if the skin retracted all good etc, but I’m not expecting it to. But who knows? He’s very good! Will be nice just to not have that bulky pooch that makes my clothes fit so poorly (and limits my clothing choices tremendously). And the back fat gone. And a waistline again. Not to mention a fuller, shapely, projected and lifted, perky Hazani A@@ !!

So it’s like 3:30 am and I finally gave up and got out of bed and made a cup of tea lol. And back on here…looking at BUTTS! Life is good….hahah

Wish I could sleep and have butt dreams or something lol

Sleeping after

This is my number one worry, sleeping on my stomach ugh! I've seen several posters using this, one of them is Timelessbeauty2015 Saw it again today and I found a great deal on this M.A.T. Medical and Therapy Body Positioning System, it's in my cart for $116 (yikes, I know!) and free shipping. Would be waiting for me when I get home to sleep beginning Night number 9. What did you use? Should I get this? I've spent a lot already, but sleep is SO important...

bbl Pillow

Is this the pillow he provides? (there's one on Amazon for $105 with shipping)

Scar Tissue Information

Lumps, ridges and scar tissue are a cause for concern. I found some info about massaging scars/scar tissue that I found useful and thought I would share.
Scars develop on the skin’s surface as the result of burns, deep lacerations or a variety of other injuries that penetrate or interrupt the skin’s integrity. Possessing an amazing capacity to heal and regenerate, the skin forms a scab over a wound within three to four days following an injury.

By day ten the scab typically shrinks and sloughs off as the body focuses on laying down collagen fibers to strengthen the former site of injury. The damaged tissue can be in recovery between three months to over a year before it returns to full strength…

… As a general rule, the earlier and more consistently scar tissue is exercised, massaged and warmed, the less possibility of developing any long-term concerns.

Scar Traits
While the degree of scar formation varies from person to person, there are some distinguishing characteristics:
• Becomes hard and non-pliable
• Bands of fibers on or below the surface
• Skin tightens or shortens….
• Becomes dry and reopens to form a wound if not managed properly…

Two Phases
A scar’s healing progression consists of two phases, immature and mature.
• Immature – Immediately after a wound heals, the scar is immature. During this period it may be painful, itchy or sensitive as nerve endings within the tissue heal. While it is typically red in appearance, most scars fade to normal flesh color with maturation. Exercise, massage and heat application will have the greatest positive effect on an immature scar.
• Mature – Depending on the size and depth of the wound, scar tissue will cease production 3 to 18 months following wound healing. When scar tissue is no longer produced, the scar is considered mature. While techniques to reduce scar tissue in a mature scar are effective, a more disciplined and vigorous approach is necessary.

Continued below..

Scar Management Techniques

(*I have seen several of these recommended by frequently reviewed doctors here)

As soon as the wound is knitted, massage can be performed. During the initial immature stages of wound recovery, it is imperative that a gentle approach be taken. The following six techniques are well-known ways to improve scar tissue:

• *Manual Lymph Drainage optimizes lymphatic circulation and drainage around the injured area. Gentle, circular, draining motions within the scar itself or a firm stretch to the skin above and below the scar, first in a straight line and then in a circular motion, are two drainage techniques. Placing the fingers above the scar, then making gentle circular pumping motions on the scar also helps drain congested lymph fluid. As the massage therapist gently works down the scar, the tissue will feel softer. Drainage techniques should not hurt or make the scar redden.

• Deep Transverse Friction can prevent adhesion formation and rupture unwanted adhesions. Applied directly to the lesion and transverse to the direction of the fibers, this deep tissue massage technique can yield desirable results in a mature or immature scar. Never progress beyond a client’s comfort level.

• Lubrication of the scar helps soften and increase its pliability. Mediums such as lotion, castor oil, vitamin E oil or other oil can prevent the scar from drying out and re-opening.

• *Stretching aids in increasing range of motion. This is most important when approaching scars that cross over a joint. Scar tissue will lengthen after being stretched, especially if the stretch is sustained for several seconds and is combined with massage.

• *Heat Application helps the pliability and flexibility of the scar. Common tools used to apply heat are paraffin wax, moist heat packs or ultrasound.

• Myofascial Release helps ease constriction of the affected tissue. To stretch the skin next to the scar, place two or three fingers at the beginning of the scar and stretch the skin above the scar in a parallel direction. Then move the fingers a quarter of an inch further along the scar and repeat the stretch of the adjacent tissue, working your way along the scar. An alternative method is to follow the same pattern of finger movements using a circular motion instead of straight stretches. Work your way along the scar in a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion.

From here

Scar Tissue Massage Oil Recipe

Here's another I found. A little more involved, looks amazing if you're into this type of thing? We deserve all the pampering we can get, and if it means doing it for ourselves, then so be it!

Scar and Stretch Mark Serum and Massage Oil

• 2 TBSP Jojoba Oil
• 2 TBSP Rosehip Oil
• 2 TBSP. Vitamin E Oil
• 10 drops of Neroli Essential Oil
• 7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
• 7 drops of Myrrh Essential Oil (contraindicated in pregnancy!)
• 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients in your glass container, shake and use
Roller Ball jar – roll on to scars, massage
Spray bottle – spray onto area, massage

Stages of wound healing and timeline

I found these interesting...

5 More Sleeps!

Just got this email from the airlines

Pack your bags
Your Los Angeles trip is just a few days away! You don't need this email in order to check in, but feel free to print it out and keep it on hand for your trip if you’d like. Happy travels and thanks for choosing Southwest!

Pretty sure I wasn't going to forget lol

Pre Op Instructions

Obtain these items prior to surgery:
1. Get your prescription and medications ready.
2. Get Abdominal pads and replace them 1-2 times during the first few days until the drainage
stops. (, or any similar brand)
3. Get dark-colored towels and sheets to avoid staining your mattress or furniture.
4. Obtain Chux for the car ride or for lying on the bed (Covidien Surecare Chux Disposable Blue Pad Underpad 23 x 36 Inch, or any similar brand)
5. Bottled water, Gatorade, or other brands for fluid replenishment in the first few days after surgery.
6. Prune juice to avoid constipation from the pain meds.
7. Extra strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) 500 mg tabs. Switch your narcotic pain meds to 2 tabs of extra strength tylenol (total of 1000 mg every 4 hrs) within 3-4 days after surgery. Do not exceed more than 8 tabs a day.

The night before surgery:
1. Do not eat after 10 PM and do not drink any fluids after 12 AM.
2. Relax and get a good night sleep.

On the morning of surgery:
1. Remember, do not drink or eat anything: no water, coffee, or tea.
2. Arrive to the surgery center on time and give yourself enough time for parking, or unexpected traffic.
3. Complete all the paperwork and consents in a timely fashion to avoid delays in your start time of surgery.
4. Make sure you have a ride home or to the hotel. We cannot send you out of the center in a taxi or Uber.
5. Your caregiver needs to be with you during the aftercare period for at least the first night.

Post Op Instructions

On the night after surgery:
1. Sleep on your front or sides, while alternating positions frequently.
2. Resume walking that very night. Do not stay in bed all the time.
3. Change the padding frequently. You are not bleeding. The blood-stained fluid is normal and needs to egress to the dressings (we are not using drains after surgery).
4. Resume shower as long as you have someone with you to watch over.
5. Do not stand up without assistance if you are dizzy.
6. Drink plenty of fluids and resume solids the next day. Your body will tell you if you are ready for a meal.
7. It is Okay to be on your bottom if it’s just for a few minutes.
8. Dr. Hazani will try to contact you by phone. Make sure the phone is close by to receive calls, or to make a call in case of a true emergency.

Doctor Follow Up Instructions

Follow up with the Doctor:
1. Dr. Hazani needs to see you within the first 3-5 days, or earlier as needed.
2. Continue wearing the binder at all times. Compression of the liposuctioned areas is imperative to avoid fluid collections. Small fluid collections are usually absorbed by the body. With proper compression they can be avoided.
3. Invest in a body garment or a girdle that conforms to your individual size and shape. You can wear it as soon as the fluid stops egressing via the incisions. Some of our patients recommend (called the “Rear Lift Shaper Short”). It can be worn in the long run for many weeks after surgery. Continue wearing the binder for a total of 2 weeks following surgery even if you have the garment on.
4. At two weeks, Dr. Hazani will show you how to massage the liposuctioned areas. These lymphatic massages need to be performed on a daily basis for 3-5 minutes each time. You are likely to experience a wavy or a “cobblestone” feeling to the skin during the massage.
The uneven skin texture is temporary and simply represents the fluid in the fat under the skin. With time and proper massaging, the fluid is absorbed and the skin returns to its normal contour.
You are going to be swollen for the first 1-2 months. Also, up to one third of the fat placed in the buttocks is going to be absorbed. Do not expect to see the “final” result prior to three months after surgery.
We hope that these basic instructions can help you in your journey to an improved and speedy recovery.
For any additional questions you might have, do not hesitate to contact us at 310-494-6875.

Calendula and Arnica Tea suggestions?

Of course I have both :/ I love tea. I've read great things about both of them, wondering what would be the best way to use them? Alternate? I thought about combining but not sure if that's a great idea. Not even sure if there's a kettle where I'm staying, but there's a kitchen so I can make tea.

What worked for you?

Doubts and fears, second guessing this

My body has served me well all these years, but it’s been through the wringer. Huge babies (10 lbs+ …yeah…) with the accompanying largish weight gains and losses. And a lotta years. It's been fun! At least I’ve never been a sun worshiper.

I’ve never seen a stomach (lower) as bad as mine get lipo (mine is the type that the doctor will recommend a tt). Actually it’s already been slightly lipo-ed (200 cc maybe? not sure) for some facial fat transfer, and that may be part of the problem, I don’t think lipo is that doctor’s strong suit :/ (unlike Hazani). It looks like the places that were previously lipo-ed are deflated and super wrinkly. Pics I posted don’t show it, I will def take some new befores in the next couple days, whether I post them or not.

What if my stomach looks WORSE after?

What if lots of areas look worse after?

What if Hazani decides I’m no longer a good candidate? He’s only seen pics…

As if I didn’t already have enough on my mind.

Another 2 hours sleep last night …But very soon I’ll have lots of resting time on my hands.. and tummy.

This worrying is irritating!

Belly button Marble?

I will return home 8 days post. I see people putting a marble in their navel early on for shaping (first few days). Anyone recommend? Meanwhile I'll look for one around here...

Pre op stomach with marble pic


I think you can kinda see the texture stuff I was talking about.

Put the marble in and it disappeared ugh lol

Packing supplies, do I need all these chux? lol

I get 2 checked bags free (Southwest air) so its not costing me anything to take them. The chux weigh less than 10 lbs so that's not an issue.

I got really good deals on the chux and the abd pads so I got them. Honestly the more I already have, the more it eases my mind. BUT this looks ridiculous!

have 100 chux/pads (10 pks of 10) and 50 abdominal bandage pad things. I've heard so many versions of how many I might need and would be very annoyed to have to purchase more when I have all these...but...geez louise is this too much?

Would be silly to pack this stuff up and bring back with me (LOL) if I wont need it. Would be cool if the doctor office could keep any leftovers there for others who might need it? Maybe I will mention to Debbie?

I'm taking 2 suitcases that will hardly have any clothes in them HAHAHA ugh lol

Whatchu think?

48 hours...

And it's my birthday ;) Nice present I'm giving to myself. The last birthday I will have this saggy old booty woohoo! Super exited, oh YEA! Had a nice long conversation with my caregiver yesterday, as she was parked outside the place I rented (airbnb, another first). Guess it looks great (I figured, but another Yay!) and she's so calm and comforting. Just what I needed. I'm only taking half the chux haha.
Coloring my hair today and getting it cut/trimmed.
Got a pedi yesterday, so my feet look fabulous, ready to match my soon-to-be-Hazanified body. Can't wait for a waist again!
Thanks for all of your support, my sistas in bootyland :) XO

Vets, I need info about the parking situation...

This. I will have a pre op and 3 post ops, so 4 appointments/parking. Last time I went to BevHills I ended up paying $30 to park for an hour :/ What is the situation, what did you do, what would you suggest?

Thanks for any tips!

Leaving for the airport

This is really happening! Pre op later today omg :D

Met Dr Hazani yesterday...Booty in an hour...

Can't get back to sleep lawd lawd what an adventure lol. He was running a couple hours late and seemed tired, I was his last appointment. He was still kind and thorough. Major topic was loose skin, with pictures haha. Unless I misunderstood, he's going to do the best he can with what my body wants to do, he has to fill it up lol. I just hope it's not huge. I am very relaxed about the actual surgery. I've done my due diligence and research and feel I have the very best Dr. I am considerably more concerned about recovery as I lie here on my back lol. It will be fine and maybe I will too (fingers crossed) Wish me luck dolls! I begin in 49 mins lol Xo

1860 ccs

Lord a mercy! Got pics don't know how to post Hurts bad but will be worth it. This but is huge tho...

Big booty problems

So I bought white cotton briefs for recovery. I usually wear a 6 or 7. Got a 9. I don't have big thighs (didn't). Had to cut the elastic in the legs lol. And I was bruised as heck by the time I got home from sx is that typical so soon? Been putting arnica where the binder doesn't cover... Taking lots of pics but can't post them yet... And the binder! It seems so lumpy and bunched up? I think it will hurt to bad to mess with it? Will it negatively impact my results if it stays buncwd and lumpy till I see the doctor on Monday?


Backwards on the toilet reminded me booty hangs off the edge fairly comfy!


Boom lol


The shower was pure bliss shaggy
I feel like I rejoined the human race lol. So here are pics, not the greatest but best I can do for now :/ Actually looks pretty good :). Dr Hazani called again he's so awesome! He did say that in patients over 40 the fat loss is greater and don't be surprised if I lose 50% that he overfilled for that reason and he thinks I will look fantastic :):). I have bruising around waist that I'm sure is from the binder, the foam under is a huge improvement in comfort:). So feeling much better than I thought I would at this point! The most painful thing is getting out of bed but it's just awkward and deep bruising type of feeling, not actual pain really. Very grateful that I have strong arms because I sure need that strength getting out of bed, turning over, ect

Getting comfortable lying down

I'm not completely on my side more tilted slightly toward front. Weight is basically on hip bone. Then the small pillow is under my top thigh. I feel like MacGyver getting creative to be comfy lol

Day 3 (?) Pics

Very swollen and puffy hope I get the garment that compressed an area at my appt today. I'm little itchy, kinda dote can't sit down and not sleeping that great. But I feel so much better than I expected! Butt actually feels a little softer. The left cheek is perfectly round ,) but the tight seems like it's got a flattened area that I don't remember,? Will ask the doctor later at my appt. I am huge BTW, wife load coming through lol. Waist is 34 (swelling I hope) and hips are a little shy of 48, lots of puffiness in and so that should go down. Anyway just sharing some pics since I know how now ;). Xo

More MacGuyver-ing..

So this bed is super high (very top of my thighs) and was a literal pain to climb in/on with this sore booty. And the chains for the ceiling fan and light are really short and required climbing in bed to turn on and off. Looked everywhere for some string or yarn to extend it but no luck. Then I had an A-ha moment. Yep that's my shoestring LOL

Post op sadness

Had my post op this afternoon and got my faja and pillow for sitting. As I'm sure you noticed, my butt isn't the only thing that's huge. So is my abdomen :( I never drained after I left recovery, just about half a pad worth. So I figured I had fluid in there and he stuck the needle in today and shifted it all around and there's no fluid. It really hurt, guess I'm not numb there (I know I'm not). Well, I was shocked, because it's not just skin there. So he said well you're getting a tummy tuck? Whatever. I never said that. :( Then he showed me on his camera the pics of the 5000 ccs of fat he took and how he sculpted my back and waist and how I would look so good in a tight dress. With a huge stomach? Seriously? So I was trying not to cry and just left without even putting the garment on. And waited till I got home to cry... What I mainly wanted was to be able to put on some spanx and have a flat stomach but I'm not sure he even took any out of there. I guess he underestimated how much fat I had? I don't understand how this happened, I thought I was clear? I knew the skin was bad, but so are others. I'm so bummed and sad. I hurt, I'm exhausted, I can't afford another procedure, I thought I was doing this so intelligently and I feel stupid now. Sorry to be so negative :( this is just the only place I can share this...

Dent in my donk

Lol couldn't resist. So I am obv very swollen overfilled etc. Left cheek is still almost perfectly round, right cheek is developing a flat spot right on the most projected curve area. Dr didn't seem to see what I was trying to show him but I can even feel the flatness. When I am on my tummy it seems to round out. Could it just be swelling going down weird? I'm super bruised etc and I prob shouldn't be so focused on it know lol. I didn't want such a huge butt and I really don't want a huge asymmetric, flat on one side butt. *ginormous booty problems* PS so painful getting in the garment with all the bruises and swelling..ouchie

Day 5 pics swelling and bruises and booty Oh My!

Just documemting, for myself as well as whoever else may be interested :). Had to get out of all the wrapping to use the restroom (at least that went right to normal, if standing up is normal? Lol) so figured I'd take a peek. I am obviously bruised and super swollen, so maybe a lot of the bulk in my abdomen is swelling? *crossing fingers* Looks much better like this than in the garments so really glad I did this :). I'm a little lumpy from the foams, but I don't think I'm doing any damage at this point and it feels better with them around waist, real bruised there. I like the curves, look forward to to not being quite so super-sized ha! My toy looks huge in the garment, but seeing today maybe will all settle down okay? I think what was most upsetting the other day is feeling like the decision to have more surgery (tt) was kinda made without my knowledge, if that makes sense? I want to feel better, and not have to prepare for another sx. I want to be able to enjoy my body after all this, and not feel like I'm still in a holding pattern, waiting for part 2... But maybe it will be fine? I'm going to trust that it will :) Xoxo

Skin texture

Haven't heard of this? On the most projected part of my butt cheeks, the skin texture feels different, kinda like sandpapery but not that extreme. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Also, this is right in the area that has the flat spot on the right cheek (prob not related?). Thanks!

Day 6 (I think?)

Just documenting with pics, not so great with the morning LA sun coming in the window? It's been in the high 80's this week, crazy Huh? The last 3 morning 's my body has told me to get out of that garment Now! Lol so TMI but I'm regular lol. And removing the garment is a bit painful still, the bruising I guess? So I get naked quick as I can and take care of business. Then after I clean up I massage app of my torso and swollen thighs with Aryan oil mixed with lavender and helichrysam. Feels so good! My skin seems kinda dry, definitely traumatized O_o I've been enjoying my alone time, caregiver returns today since I have another post on. I don't leave till Saturday but I think he is very busy and they reschedule d the appt from Friday to today? I'm going to try to remember to ask how much fat he took from each area and write it down. Bummed that my gut still looks so large :( but it's done so.. and I'm really hoping he took a significant amount and I'm just swollen :). Today I guess he'll show me how to massage and about flying on the plane? I feel fine to walk, don't see why I would need wheel chair service cuz then I'd have sit and that sounds so painful! I know I'll have to sit for take off and landing of course... Suggestions? So that's it. I don't feel 'quite' as sore and bruised, still not sleeping well, not particularly hungry but I'm eating. One day at a time...

Binder over garment

So uncomfortable, feels like it pushes everything down into my lower abs and looks even bigger :( The lower tight area is one painful to touch, that's where he tried to drain nut nothing came out :( See what he says today, hope he doesn't have to stick the needle in again it really hurt. I'm worried something will be wrong after I leave for home..the fluid is the thing I hoped to avoid

Binder lowered

If I adjust it every few mins I can keep it like this doesn't seem like it works any better but it's no big deal just bunches around the hips a bit? Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, I'm still figuring this out.

Time to start laying on my hipd

Dr Hazani asked me why I wasn't sleeping on my hips yet so I guess that means it's OK? He said the tummy is mainly swelling (crossing fingers) and seemed very proud of his work lol. Thinks my tummy is fine (butt the right is a little bit redder) but wrote me an rx for 5 more days of antibiotics,just in case. He's so nice and very kind, the whole staff is very nice. Showed me how to firmly massage, beginning at 2 weeks post. Now 2 more days to get ready to hit the ground running when I get home...

1 week

Picture quality is awful, but I didn't know if I would be able to post any so not bad considering. I like the waist to hip curve, I will love it on a smaller scale lol. That butt takes some getting used to .O_o sure I'm very swollen? Hate the tummy, it looks even bigger to me. Sure hope it's mostly swelling. That booty tho! SMH lol

Day 8 not looking forward to the flight homr

So, pics. Been out of the garment couple hours, more swollen than usual. Leaving today, should be an adventure. Cleaning up, more later...

Wide load!

My hips don't even fit in the airplane seat I kid you not. Ugh!

Day 9 pics

Slowly but surely seems like swelling and bruising are going down. So glad to be back home, start getting back into a routine. Not sleeping worth a darn yet, really kinda scared to sleep much an the hips, afraid they'll be asymmetric or even go down too much and then I'd be so annoyed with myself lol. So lots of tuning over. And getting up to pee ;). Bought a bunch of pineapple juice on the way home from the airport,hoping to give the swelling a jump start on leaving. That's about it. Be glad to get better quality pics later this week also. And maybe try on clothes, if anything fits? Lol

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a work in process, but I think I may have gotten a heart? :). Once again, apologies for picture quality (cringe). Happy VALENTINE'S Day ladies!

Booty pics

Lol, almost didn't get one today. Tummy's still big :( but booty looks better daily :). Still very firm. Hoping to maybe sleep better tonight, finger's crossed. The uncomfortable sleep and not being able to sit are the toughies, but it's just s tim and patience issue. Need to find a pair of pants or something to wear for an unavoidable event tomorrow. Wish me luck lol

A quickie

No not sex lol. I love the roundness at the bottom of my cheeks! I hope that stays? Thanks doctor ;)


..sure fit different... Before they were always saggy in the butt and tight in the waist. Lol


Yeah I'm ridiculous lol. Clothes never fit like this before looks much better in person tho... O_o

Swell hell...ugh

Sooo....had an unavoidable event tonight that ended up including 45 mins drive each way (traffic..ugh) and standing for almost 4 hours. It was worth it, but I've never had swollen ankles like this, even with pregnancies and after sx. My bed never felt so good! Ahh... Have se pineapple by the bed to nibble on when I get up, took a bromelain, and have Arnica dissolving in my mouth. The price of beauty, eh?

Day 12 pics

A little Better every day :). I feel less swollen today, even after my miserable night. My waist seems to be getting smaller, maybe the tummy a little also? Came up with a new sleeping configuration, I slept on top of (half hanging off lol) a big bolster cushion I had forgotten about. Only used that and. Head pillow, was a little cocked up on my hip but was pretty comfortable. Later dolls.. Xoxo to

Tummy :( and disolvable stitches in back

Tummy seems to be softening up :/ Tummy is the dark cloud in my otherwise beautiful sunny sky, raining on my big booty parade lol.. So tried to get pics of the skin, didn't see many loose tummy skin pics in my research, buy what I did didn't seem like mine is that much worse? There seems to be lots of volume still there, but there's also lots of edema (swelling). Recently reading atlantapyt review where she's getting the lower ab pooch revision lipo. Yes she's young with great skin, but still got my attention lol. I 'really' don't want the tt scar...
Other thing, I have 3 areas of disolvable stitches in my back. Any advice on these? My experience with sutures is the longer the stay in, the more tendency to scar? I've been rubbing neosporin ointment on them once or twice a day (itch sometimes). Kinda wish he would have used regular ones and removed before I left, I stayed nine days. Any advice or experience Re the stitches or the tummy is greatly appreciated! Everything is going good, feel better daily, but you know we're our own worst critics ;)

Have a fantastic day dolls!!

Tried on some clothes

Oh yeah this is gonna be fun :D

2 weeks post op review and reflections..

These are the areas/items that have taken over my mind more or less for the past min or two...

It’s a love/hate relationship. Been in the "stage 2" leonisa shorts one (I have a couple, wash one every morning) pretty much constantly since 3 days post op. This is what the doctor instructs and I’m hoping it helps with skin reattachment, etc, as I am older. It’s starting to get on my nerves. I think the dents in my shoulders are permanent. At week three I may stop sleeping in it, idk?

Sigh… I’ve gotten into a routine of being up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Back pain and general uncomfortableness wakes me up, after a couple hours I’m able to sleep again. I have every size, shape and level of firmness of pillows on and around my bed/casbah lol. Hate sleeping on my stomach, pretty much impossible for me honestly, so I kind of prop my sides up at weird angles trying to get comfortable. Don’t think I’ve gotten more than 3 hours sleep straight in 2 weeks, but I have a history of getting up at night to pee. lol

Still too early and mainly just for necessary driving, (which I had to start at 11 days post, you Occasionally (with the bbl pillow under thighs and pillow behind back) at the computer, just for some relief. I really used to sit a LOT. In the process of converting my desk computer to a stand up thing.

Not bad honestly. When I’m out of my garment for a few hours (not often but sometimes it just feels good to be FREE! Lol) I start getting firm lumpy areas, especially in the abdomen area. So I oil up and massage them, it’s just part of the body’s lymph system regenerating. Still using arnica tea, tablets and topical, bromelain, Vitamedica Recovery vitamins and my essential oil blends.

Looks back at it *smiles*
Big and oh-so-round :D but no longer ginormous and scary looking. “Very” shapely imo. Looks amazing in clothes, hope it doesn’t get a ‘lot’ smaller. My, my, I’m singing a different tune huh? I was horrified when I first saw it, was so different. So big, bruised and swollen, but I’ve gotten used to it I guess? Still have the small flat area on the fullest part of the right cheek that I first noticed about Day 3. For years I’ve been hitting the gym, lifting weights and squatting and lunging, but I was never gonna get a butt like this… Also, feels like it’s starting to soften up. Almost feeling frisky...I think I saw her jiggle yesterday… ;)

Lipo scars/dissolvable stitches.
3 of them (bra line, waist line, top of butt crack). Still there, not as red, don’t think about them unless I see them in the mirror, or touch them when I'm moisterizing/massaging. Putting antibiotic ointment on them once or twice a day. Prob gonna have to bite the bullet and try to remove them if I can figure out a way to see what I’m doing lol. Hope they don’t leave noticeable scars. This is something I could never really find info on pre op.

Probably 90%? Doing all the house stuff (very full house right now…) Realized I’m not quite 100% after standing for 4 hours at a function, swelling pretty bad and feeling almost like an invalid after. Also spent a few hours at the mall and needed a nap when I got home, my feet hurt lol.

Not yet, but I think my body is ready. Wondering if I should get an okay from the Dr? Stretching feels very good.

Didn’t get addressed to my satisfaction at this point. Still looks as big as pre op, was my primary concern. Still don't have a good grasp of why it wasn't lipoed and rightfully disappointed. Still want it gone, in due time. Everything happens for a reason. Thinking about options, looking for the silver lining here, one of which is that I still have that liquid gold to juicy up some other areas. Shout out to B4R ;)

Life continues to awe me on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis and I feel so privileged to live in these amazing times. Yes, life is SO GOOD!

So, that’s all I can think of ;)

Need to get to the gym...

...just to strut around lol. My leggings didn't know what they were missing. They'll be working hard to contain this booty Lil

Day 17

Just shopping in my closet. Had the leonisa on under in these.

I could do this all day lol...

Also, my measurements are the same? Huh? Hope my waist goes down more, 35" now :/

Day 1 cc's pics

Just found them on my phone, I was kinda out of it day 1 and couldn't figure out how to post them after I had taken them..

Liposuction complications info

A bit of uproar lately about some lipo/fat transfer/bbl patients (doctors) with serious complications. Bbl is a serious surgical procedure, with the associated risks. Be informed, knowledge is Power!

Liposuction : What are the Risks or Complications?

Most patients are pleased with the outcome of their liposuction surgery. However, like any other medical procedure, there are risks involved. That's why it is important for you to understand the limitations and possible complications of liposuction surgery. Before you have liposuction, you should be aware of these risks and should weigh the risks and benefits based on your own personal value system. Try to avoid being influenced by friends that have had the procedure or doctors encouraging you to do so. Decide for yourself whether you are willing to take the risks involved in liposuction.

Take your time deciding if you are willing to accept the risks inherent in liposuction. Because it is usually a cosmetic procedure, and not medically necessary, there is no reason to rush. Gather as much information as you can so that you make an informed decision about whether liposuction is right for you. Don't believe that complications "only happen to other people." It is important for you to understand what the risks are and decide if you are willing to accept the possibility that it might happen to you.

Infections may happen after any surgery and may occur after liposuction. Some physicians prescribe an antibiotic to all patients undergoing liposuction but other physicians do not. It is important to keep the wound(s) clean but even if you do, infections may sometimes occur from the surgery. Sometimes, infections may be serious or life threatening such as in cases of necrotizing fasciitis (bacteria eat away at the tissue) or with toxic shock syndrome, a serious, sometimes fatal infection caused by a bacteria, that is associated with surgery (you may have heard of toxic shock syndrome occurring in women using tampons, also).

Embolism may occur when fat is loosened and enters the blood through blood vessels ruptured (broken) during liposuction. Pieces of fat get trapped in the blood vessels, gather in the lungs, or travel to the brain. The signs of pulmonary emboli (fat clots in the lungs) may be shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you have the signs or symptoms of fat emboli after liposuction, it is important for you to seek emergency medical care at once. Fat emboli may cause permanent disability or, in some cases, be fatal.

Visceral Perforations (puncture wounds in the organs).
During liposuction, the physician is unable to see where the canula or probe is. It is possible to puncture or damage internal organs during liposuction. This may happen, for instance, if the intestines are punctured during abdominal liposuction. When organs are damaged, surgery may be required to repair them. Visceral perforations may also be fatal.

After liposuction, there may be a pooling of serum, the straw colored liquid from your blood, in areas where tissue has been removed.

Nerve Compression and Changes in Sensation.
You may experience "paresthesias" which is an altered sensation at the site of the liposuction. This may either be in the form of an increased sensitivity (pain) in the area, or the loss of any feeling (numbness) in the area. If these changes in sensation persist for a long period of time (weeks or months) you should inform your physician. In some cases, these changes in sensation may be permanent.

Swelling or edema may occur after liposuction. In some cases, swelling may persist for weeks or months after liposuction.

Skin Necrosis (skin death).
The skin above the liposuction site may become necrotic or "die." When this happens, skin may change color and be sloughed (fall) off. Large areas of skin necrosis may become infectedwith bacteria or microorganisms.

During ultrasound assisted liposuction, the ultrasound probe may become very hot and can cause burns.

Fluid Imbalance.
Fat tissue, which contains a lot of liquid, is removed during liposuction. Also, physicians may inject large amounts of fluids during liposuction. This may result in a fluid imbalance. While you are in the physician's office, surgical center or hospital, the staff will be watching you for signs of fluid imbalance. However, this may happen after you go home and can result in serious conditions such as heart problems, excess fluid collecting in the lungs, or kidney problems as your kidneys try to maintain fluid balance.

Toxicity from Anesthesia.
Lidocaine, a drug that numbs the skin, is frequently used as a local anesthetic during liposuction. You may have had a similar drug, novocaine, to numb your mouth at the dentist. Large volumes of liquid with lidocaine may be injected during liposuction. This may result in very high doses of lidocaine. The signs of this are lightheadedness, restlessness, drowsiness, tinnitis (a ringing in the ears), slurred speech, metallic taste in the mouth, numbness of the lips and tongue, shivering, muscle twitching and convulsions. Lidocaine toxicity may cause the heart to stop. Of course, this can be fatal. In general, any type of anesthesia may cause complications and is always considered a risk during any surgery.

Fatalities Related to Liposuction.
There are numerous reports of deaths related to the liposuction procedure. Although it is difficult to be sure how often death from liposuction happens, there are several studies that estimate how often patients undergoing liposuction die during the procedure or as a result of it. None of the studies is perfect so the results are just estimates.

Some of the studies indicate that the risk of death due to liposuction is as low as 3 deaths for every 100,000 liposuction operations performed. However, other studies indicate that the risk of death is between 20 and 100 deaths per 100,000 liposuction procedures. One study suggests that the death rate is higher in liposuction surgeries in which other surgical procedures are also performed at the same time. In order to understand the size of the risk, one paper compares the deaths from liposuction to that for deaths from car accidents (16 per 100,000). It is important to remember that liposuction is a surgical procedure and that there may be serious complications, including death.

Pain in ribs and sides of waist?

Under my ribs and the sides of my waist are so tender! Actually hurts to touch/massage my rib area and I frequently feel these painful pulling sensations around the sides of my waist when I move. I'm sure it's normal but what is it? Anything I should be doing besides massage, or massage tips?

I'm just massaging once or twice a day (depending on if the garment is off) how the dr told me, which is starting at the back waist and pulling firmly toward the front and down toward pubic area. Then firmly massaging the sides toward pubic and the front down towards pubic (lymph) area.


Looking forward to having this behind me...


Tried on one of those stretchy type dresses I've never worn before. Still swollen in the lower back/waist and my hips look a little lumpy, but this view is amazing! The side view is sad looking still, unfortunately... :(

Dress Side View

Not cute! I still have all that fat in there, ugh! Do you think a waist trainer would be worth trying? I'll do anything right now lol

More Comfortable Stage 2 Garment

At close to 4 weeks out, the leonisa garment is getting on my nerves. The straps are very narrow and dig into my shoulders, the hole in the crotch doesn’t really line up with my anatomy, and the mesh makes my butt itch. Plus, I have made a bunch of holes in the mesh on the butt, looks moth eaten, eww .. So, I saw this garment at Target and came home and found one on ebay, I like it a LOT. Straps are wider, more coverage for back smoothing (which I'm working on), it seems more compressive on my lower back and a tiny bit more compressive in the butt, but also in the hips, which I wanted. Target has these for $40, they seem to be more online, I found mine for less than $20 on ebay. It’s much more comfortable imo… ASSETS® by Sara Blakely a Spanx® Brand Women‘s Remarkable Results Open Bust Mid-Thigh

Do body shapers really work? Experts say YES!

Found this interesting, link at bottom.

What say you?

Do body shapers really work? Experts say YES!

The verdict is in: BODY SHAPERS WORK!
Some misconceptions of body shapers include:
“It’s old fashioned and out-dated”
“It rearranges your organs”
“It rolls and is uncomfortable”
“Body shapers are for people that need to lose weight”

It is time to set the record straight!

“Its old fashioned and out dated” – Fashion experts have altered the traditional aspects of waist trainers, making them more effective and stylish! With enhanced molding without the chunky wires and strings, waist trainers are as discreet as ever, and more importantly, waist trainers now come in sexy versions, giving the user more confidence than ever before! It can be worn under all types of clothing, allowing you to work on your goal while at the gym, in the office, or even while on a stroll!

“It rearranges your organs” – False! Some people may wonder what the compression does to our insides. When worn correctly, body shapers simply move the fat into spaces where muscle is compressed. Alternatively, the fat is smoothed into more desired areas for fat instead of simply sitting on your midsection. Body shapers do exactly what we have always wanted; it moves the fat into the places we want them! In addition, if worn correctly, it will help with posture correction, which will also naturally help achieve that hour glass look.

“It rolls and is uncomfortable” – This is untrue when used correctly. Often times, people will follow the belief that you must purchase a size down for the body shaper to be as effective as possible. .This is when clients find discomfort in body shapers and it will start to roll down, allowing fat to be smoothed into unwanted places. As in our products, it is better to use the designated chart to ensure the correct size is being used so you can achieve the best results! With the correct size, the body shaper will compress those unwanted rolls and stay in place.

“Body shapers are for people that need to lose weight” – No matter what type of health or fitness change you want to do, there is a body shaper for you! Whether you want to complete that New Years resolution, just had a baby, or want to shed those extra few pounds from your waist, we have something for everyone. We offer a huge selection of sizes. colors, material and desired look to help you achieve the curves you want! Men and women alike, in all shapes with all different goals will benefit from one of our strong, sturdy and lasting body shapers! Come in today to find the one perfect for you!

Cali Caliente Boutique
3149 Steinway Street
Astoria NY 11103

Almost 4 weeks...exercise?

Will be four weeks Friday.

Booty is softening up and has a little jiggle-wiggle ;) Still have lumps and bruising where the cannula did it’s thing, but getting better daily.

I’m feeling real close to normal at this point. Have done a couple of Tai Chi classes this week and went to my Dance class this morning. The stretching feels so good, almost feels like it’s smoothing out lumps honestly (don’t know if that’s even possible?) I had to back off on the hops and jumps tho, kinda hurt the butt lol.

How soon and to what extent did you resume exercising?

Four weeks today...

Four weeks today. Lower back swelling, ebbs and flows but slowly going away. Don't seem to have lost any projection in the last week to ten days, tho hips are smaller, but I'm fine with that lol, I think hips are 46 now? Don't laugh at the bikini bottom I'm not going to wear it lol just couldn't find anything skimpy. Took naked pics yesterday with my camera to show issues better but till I learn how to edit they're a little much.

So hip dents are smooth and rounded, hope that stays. Bottom of butt I'd definitely no longer deflated, tho it 'almost' rests on the back of my thighs so kinda worried about after it softens, I never wanted a big droopy ass. Just saying...

Also, under my tummy above pubic area, there's a hard purple crease, I assume it's deep bruising? Deep in my abs it feels very firm, hard, I guess there was 'some' lipo done in there, just super soft and jiggly at the surface fat pad. There's no sucking it in, it's like a layer of lard lol ugh. And the lower ab skin is different than before, it's like really big pores, kinda the cellulitis look. But it's not. Just weird?

Still have sutures above bra line and at butt crack, that don't seem to be dissolving. The ones at my waist I got out but feels like they left a good sized hole or dent, I hope it fails in, not a good look. Daughter is going to take the others out Sunday.

Still wearing stage 2 garment, sleeping on tummy, sitting mainly with cushion, but had a couple unavoidable situations where I sat without, but leaning slightly forward with weight on thighs, seemed fine. Feeling more normal daily...

Hazani's bbl price just doubled... Prob can't afford his tummy tuck price now either :/

5 weeks, perfect time for a 4 day week Mexico

Ah..I needed this ;). 4 hour drive was a little concerning but used my pillow arrangements so it's all good. So are the margaritas ;)

So grateful for this opportunity, this recovery really is no joke and some r & r was badly needed. Managed to keep weight forward and on thighs when not standing or tummy lying. Staying in beautiful Puerto Penasco in a friend's gorgeous beach house, enjoying the balmy sun, strolling on the beach, checking out the local nightlife , savoring the salty margaritas and spicy food. Only thing missing would have been a win by the Wildcats last night lol.

Even brought a swimsuit that I had that happens to look amazing on my rejuvenated body...Booty still big and shapely, starting to soften quite a bit, doesn't really hurt to sit on it but I don't. Wearing the garment as much as possible, slept great last night, didn't get up once. First time since sx so Yay! Amazing how energizing a n uninterrupted nights sleep is. Not sure if the credit goes to the margaritas or the fresh salt air but who cares lol.

Tried to share some pics lol

:) :) :)

Almost 6 weeks, waist trainer pics, suggestions appreciated

Got this waist trainer before sx, it's a non breathable material and hot but it's long enough in front to compress my abdomen, which was the objective.

I also like that it smoothed my upper hips as they are bigger than I like.

Anyway, not sure the pics show but it wrinkles in back some (front has stays) and even flips up on the bottom sometimes. Doesn't seem tight in the waist but real tight at the bottom.

Looking for a better fitting more breathable one. Any suggestions? Oh and my waist measures 35" in the trainer :( but those hips tho, so IDK about sizing, this one is an xxl

Waist trainer pics

In all these pics I am wearing a YIANNA waist trainer I got on Amazon for about $30. I like that it has 3 rows of hooks and compresses my lower abdomen since it's pretty long. I did get to the kuxtaly store in Phx last Friday and got an Ann Cherry, but I seriously can't get it to fasten lol. This one seems like the same material exactly, so... I'm hoping the waist trainer will compress the puffy areas remaining around my lower waist (right worse than left) and also the large upper hip area. Without the trainer my upper hip/flank area looks too big imo, almost larger than the lower hip area. Not a look I like honestly. To be fair, I do have a well developed muscle in the upper part of my butt, so maybe it couldn’t be contoured?

It's funny how we see ourselves. The last couple weeks I've felt like my booty had lost volume. Looking at these pics I’m pretty sure it's big enough, you think? lol Seems like some ladies have lose volume after 3 months, so who knows? Maybe I can lose some of that upper hip, would look better I think.

I know I have lost some volume because my hip dents are showing again (not in the garment). Also getting softer.

I’m not healed yet by a long shot. I have been having super intense itching all of a sudden in the lipo areas and still get very firm and slightly lumpy on the sides of the abdomen. Still using arnica, ect. I'm still wearing a garment almost all the time. Sometimes I don't sleep in one though. I’m still sleeping on tummy (and waking up with a sore back) and not really sitting. I was starting to sit more a couple weeks ago and began thinking I was causing the bottom of my butt to deflate so I stopped. If I drive I use the pillows and I sit maybe 3 hours a week to watch TV, with pillow under thighs.

I want to lose 10-15 lbs but not until I’m sure it won’t cause loss of newly transferred fat.

I also want to do a follow up with Dr H once I reach my final size and get before and afters. I want his input on what would be best for my body, flat tummy-wise. I do like him a lot and respect his skill. Plus he’s already worked on me…

Abdomen support while in binder to prevent seroma for Hazani BBL patients

Hazani BBL (brazilian butt lift, lipo and fat transfer to buttocks) patients are put in a binder ONLY for the first few days, which provides mid torso and waist compression but not lower abdomen compression. Some ladies have developed seromas in that area and there have been discussions on how to provide abdominal compression until you get in the full compression garment at your first post op (day 3-7).

Leonisa has a “Thong with Comfy Control” on their website (also a few others that might work). (see pic) Under this you could add extra ab pads or foam and/or the ab board to hopefully keep enough compression to prevent any fluid collection (seroma). Info here

You could also check out Leonisa’s “Super Comfy Control Shapewear Panty” and “Invisible Shaper with Thong” for abdominal compression without booty pressure.

After you get your garment at your post op appt the garment will provide abdomen compression. If it still fits after swelling and fat loss you could wear it instead of garment after you have healed more?

12 weeks almost 3 months post Hazani BBL

Hey ladies! Kept waiting to update thinking there would be more progress but basically still feels the same as I did at about 6 weeks, so here goes anyway... Still swollen on the sides of abdomen and lower back, still feels like my skin is ripping off when I get up first thing in the morning, still have swelling around lower waist. Still have purple bruising around my lipo (or drainage??) sites that gets raised and hard as the day progresses. Nowhere near healed there. Butt is fairly jiggly, but still have very firm round feeling area in each cheek that feels like I'm sitting on something hard. Just decided last night I'm going to go ahead and sit and lay on the butt whenever and see if it softens up more, maybe I've been babying it too much? I think hips are gone, and have a little bit of denting in the hip dip area, but so much better than before. Still driving with the bbl pillow thing, still sleeping on my tummy, not really wearing the garment lately. Otherwise I feel good, back to the gym, etc. Clothes look so much better, everyone comments how much weight I've lost but I weigh the same lol. Thinking I'll lose 10 to 15 lbs, I think it might help with the tummy and too large upper hip area? And I don't think this butt is going anywhere lol. Oh and I'm 5'6", 170 lbs, and 61 years old...And had 1860 cc per cheek put in, don't know about the hips and stuff. Booty looks way better than the pics (if you're post bbl and taking pics you prob know what I mean) still big and round, lots of projection, also lots of firm muscle from all my gym work over the years, I think that's why it's that weird bubble shape with the high hip thing (I wanted more of the heart look). Butt (and waist etc) looks amazing in clothes (and I've enjoyed shopping), jeans fit so different, I have that sliding down, crack showing thing happening if I'm not careful. Tummy looks okay in clothes, but ugh still. Maybe weight loss will help. Hoping to get to Cali to see Hazani for a follow up at some point, to see what he thinks, and to get post op pics at more than 3 mos out. I hope he puts them on his site, if he doesn't then I won't know what to think... I also hate to fly out and maybe not even get to see him, office isn't exactly on point with organization you know? Any questions?

4 Months Post Hazani BBL

Hey Ladies! Not to sound all full of myself, but I LOVE MY BUTT! Hahaha Not even sure if it’s the butt, but removing the fat from my waist and flanks made all the difference in the world. I have an attention getting hourglass figure now and my increased confidence is amazing! I’ve been out a few times, and get all kinds of looks (and comments and guys coming on to me ;) (and I love it!) My wardrobe is completely different now. I used to wear clothes to disguise my muffin top, now I favor fitted and short tops, body hugging dresses and skinny jeans. Oh, and FASHION NOVA jeans fit so nice, they’re the only ones that don’t gap in the waist. Leggings are almost indecent looking lol. Everything just fits and looks amazing now, and I’m down several sizes, can’t go as small as my waist because of the booty. I definitely sound full of myself lol Have the tiniest bit of lipo pain still, hardly even notice it. I do have some fat still around my waist, right worse than left, which makes a sort of crease line? I really don’t think it’s loose skin (as Dr H said), but we will see I guess? I have lost a few pounds and am working on losing a few more, to total about 15, bringing my BMI to about 25 prior to part 2. Yep, pretty sure I’m going for a Mommy Makeover with some more lipo and more fat to round out the hip dents again. I’ve sent my pics to a couple doctors out of town (one in MX even). I will see Dr H before, see what he says… Won’t be until the fall if it happens, as I want to make sure I’m completely healed. Hope to get some more pics up soon, when I can get a bit of privacy, still crazy here (another reason I’ve been going out more lol) This was so worth it. Pretty much life changing imo :)

4 month post BBL Hazani

Remember I am 61 years old, be nice lol Got some quick pics, hope they load..

Six months post Dr Hazani

Hey ladies!

For anyone new, keep in mind that I am a 61 year old grandmother ;)

So it's been a little over 6 months. Time flies when you're having fun haha.

Though these pics aren't the most flattering, I feel like nude pics are the most objective. Also there seems to be some shadowing in the after, on the right side? HUGE improvement! Looks much better in clothing, I think I look amazing and get guessed 20 years younger, I certainly dress differently now, but that's another post... As you can see I still have fat around my waist, and in my abdomen.

I am about 15 pounds lighter now, and hope to lose another 15 by October, when I have another sx scheduled, extended tt, breast lift with small implants and vaser lipo. I'm going to Tijuana MX. Will be staying at Angel Bay A New You Recovery house, Angel herself is amazing! And one of the main reasons I decided to go that route.

Was hard for me to come to acceptance of the MM scars, but at my age and with 3 huge babies it's neccessary. I've come this far, so why not? Would have loved to seen Dr H again, but not happening. So I'll post my before and afters for him haha. That again, is another review ;)

I work out a LOT, Tai Chi (lots of leg work!) hit the squats and lunges hard and my booty is very muscular and hard. I think I even have ab muscles but who can tell under that fat and loose skin. To be continued..

So, I am in training for another sx, eating clean, working out, taking tons of supplements. Short on time now, need to learn how to make the side by side collage thing, my brain just fights me learning new technology ugh haha.

Keep in touch and let me know if I can post other pics that would be helpful?

Have a great day!


Mommy makeover next week!!

Hey my girls!

Just wrote a review with new pictures, under mommy makeover (Granny makeover??) It hadn't posted last I looked but would love any of your support <3

Anyway, I fly to San Diego Monday morning, get picked up at the airport and driven to Tijuana. I go straight to get blood labs, cardiologist, then meet Dr Camacho at 1:30.

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 4 about 7:30 am. I am getting breast lift with small implants, extended tummy tuck and vaser lipo pretty much all over. Vaser is supposed to be the best for any skin tightening that might happen, so cross your fingers.

BBLl in Beverly Hills to Mommy Makeover in Tijuana...what a long strange trip it's been...haha

8.5 months post op.

3 weeks post tt and 10-15 pounds weight loss. Had more lipo around the waist, made a huge difference. Still in compression from mm Oct 4. I have a review on that started also. My body looks better ever say, I am very pleased :)
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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