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Hi Ladies, I was hesitant to post my review but...

Hi Ladies, I was hesitant to post my review but this site actually helped me and continues to help so the least I can do is to share my experience.
Getting the initial "virtual" consultation wasn't easy as I almost gave up after a few calls. Because I read so many wonderful reviews about Dr. Hazani I insisted and finally booked the date. A week or so before my surgery I started having second thoughts about getting my BBL done. Just because I also read about butt implants and reviews about how some girls end up getting implants after failed results with BBLs. You go through so much on these procedures that you want great results, you expect it to be worth it!! Right? I did. :)

One day prior to my surgery I met with Dr. for first time. He was very honest and because my skin on my butt is so so tight he told me that he would do his best but he really didn't know how much fat he would be able transfer into my butt due to the tightness:( I was such a short consultation and I didn't hear what I wanted to hear. He made me feel a little discouraged but we was just being honest.

I went home and felt worse. Should I go through it and hope for the best or cancel I thought....I got it done!! It was so fast. You check in, they get you to remove all your clothes, you put on what they give you, they take your weight, insert the IV and put me in a bed with really warm blankets. Dr. came in, took my pictures and delivered the bad news:( I had too much fat and would not be able to Lipo my arms as I had paid. I had too much fat in my stomach that he would Lipo my stomach and get to his max fat he's allowed to remove. Or he would do my arms and stop wherever he was once he reached his max. I had to choose and wanted my stomach well done, so now I was even more hesitant but it was too late. I was ready to go so we just had to get it done and no arms :( I was moved to operating room. It looks scary. Operating table looked like a cross. You lay down and extend your arms, almost like if you're going to be crucified! Lol Anesthesiologist and Dr.'s helpers come in. I didn't feel when they put me to sleep and all I remember is nurse telling me to open my eyes and getting me dressed! I made it!!

Post Surgery

Surgery done, went well. I came out feeling out of it. Shivering and with a big booty:) The ride home from Beverly Hills to Riverside County on a Friday evening was no fun! It was a complete nightmare. I should have used the restroom before leaving but with the anesthesia still on, I wasn't thinking right. There was traffic and here I was in the freeway and bumper to bumper. Plus I had lots of fluids and blood all over me because whatever they put on me before I left soaked quickly and went through my black garment they put on me after surgery. I was laying on my stomach in the backseat and I had put a sleeping back on the seat along with pillows for more comfort but it also protected the car from all that fluid/blood. I had to go back do something different, I would have gotten a hotel room near the surgery center for just one night. Surgery is not bad but the revovery is awful, at least it has been for me. The bleeding was just for the first day or two. I used gauze but then I used maxi pads as I had read on some reviews that maxi pads helped and it did for me. The worst part of recovery has been sleeping on my tummy. I'm not use to it, I enjoy it at all and my neck, lower back are in pain. It's been 9 days since surgery and I still wake up in the middle of the night due to the pain on my neck and lower back. The black garment Dr. gave me is also not comfortable to sleep with as it's a little too tick for me and maybe mostly that I wear it tight, so it gave me more pain in the treated areas. My post op was like 10 minute consultation. There Dr. gave me the Leonisa garment which I was told needed to wear staring that day along with the black garment I was given with the day of surgery.

Not being able to sit is another struggle. also have been waking up with swollen eyes for the past 3 days and have been really itchy..did any of you vets experience this or anyone currently going through this? It just doesn't make sense to me. Yes the day of surgery you come out with swollen eyes but that goes away but this is coming back to me...:(

The results: I definitely like my booty now. However it's still hard as a rock, still swollen and some of that fat is not going to survive so we'll see what I end up with...I'm hoping that it would stay that way but it won't :(

Arnica has helped with the bruises. The boopy pillow wasn't much help for me although some girls say it helped them.
I used the pain medicine the Dr. prescribed but only for the first two days or so and then I switched to Tylenol. I also started drinking the MiraLax powder right after sx day to avoid constipation and I haven't had an issues with that.
Dr. Hazani really did a nice job with my body. He also added fat to my hip area to create more curves and it looks good. After having kids I ended up having extra skin on my tummy so that's going to need a tummy tuck and the fat in my arms and back need to go ASAP. Do any of you recommend a particular type of exercise to help with those areas? I'm afraid to start working out and to lose that fat in my butt!

Trying on old dress

It's getting smaller day by day so I figured I better take a picture as a memory of the short period of when I had a nice butt! Lol

Here's a pic

2 1/2 weeks post

It's been 2 weeks and 4 days now and I continue to doubt my procedure. My butt is still hard in some areas and I think the swelling has came down a lot. I am able to walk more normal/faster and bruising is gone is most areas. I honestly don't feel a big difference on my butt. I don't feel much volume in it as I hoped. The only big difference I notice is that is much wider. That is not something I wanted as it only makes me feel more fat/big. I hope that I don't lose any more fat from my but because I'm going to end up right where I started and even worse due to the new width on my butt, NOT volume!! :( In addition to that my new butt looks flat in one area and that's on both butt cheeks instead of being round all the way to the bottom.

3 week update

It's been 3 weeks and two days since my bbl now. My butt is still hard in some areas but softer in others. Most of bruises gone, just have two left. What I'm dealing with now are the bumps in my lower/mid stomach and both of my sides which is where the Lipo was done. They hurt a LOT and I have gotten more of those since my last Dr.'s appointment. Dr. told me to start massaging myself but it's not helping. In fact I have more now and even the clothes I wear bother me because they are very sensitive. Anything that any of you used or helped you with this hard bumps?
I've lost volume in my butt and with clothes on, I can't tell that much that I got this bbl done, so that's very disappointing but I'll keep waiting. :( Maybe it's just my butt greed but I expected more noticeble results and that didn't happen:(
For now, I just want to feel better and go back to my normal life. Any advise/tips with driving? I'm going to start driving the kids around to school and other activities and I'm so scared about sitting down. I'm going to use that pillow but it seems too high!! The seat in my car doesn't lower much plus I'm worried about my butt touching the seat! I didn't want to start driving just yet but I have to. No more driver to help starting tomorrow so here I come. lol
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