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I am having a hard time choosing my surgeon for a...

I am having a hard time choosing my surgeon for a brazilian butt lift.
These 3 doctors are all amazing and I just need to choose. I am a petite girl 115pds 5'3 . I want a docter that is gentle on lipo and will NOT leave lumps. I also want a nice round booty with a smooth hour glass figure.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . Dr. Hughes, Dr. Dass or Dr. Bruno.

Also looking for feedback on these doctors prices with 3 area's of lipo?

Brazilian is schedualed for June 2016 w/ Dr. Hughes

Hi Dolls, Wanted to update everybody that I choose Dr. Hughes to do my Brazilian and my surgery date is June 15th. of this year. Im so excited. Kinda wondering what to expect the first week of recovery. Any tips girls?

Just a wish pic

Wanted to post a picture of my ideal wish pic, I hope I can look like this. Will 600cc on each cheek be enough? I'm petite, that's all the fat I have to transfer.

2 days post op Brazilian butt

I was in a little discomfort getting up from surgery and getting dressed. It was also a little painfull getting into the back seat of the car, but nothing I could not tolerate. I sleep on my stomach and rest my head on a Bobby pillow is most comfortable. I am up walking around, going to the bathroom and making all my food by myself, I feel good, I'm not in much of any discomfort, which amazes me ???? I am impressed with my results, at first Dr. Hughes said he could only get 500cc of fat on each side, but he accually got 840cc of fat on each cheek. Pics soon to come...

BBL 4 days post op Dr Hughes

4 days post op pic
840cc each cheek
Lipo to lower abs, flanks n lower back


20 day post op measurements

25" waist
35" hips
39 1/2 butt

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