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So today I had my pre op with Dr. Hughes and I am...

So today I had my pre op with Dr. Hughes and I am very nervous for my BBL tomorrow. He will be removing fat from the abdomen back and inner thighs. I am excited and nervous at the same time Dr. Hughes was very patient going through everything with me today I will update photos as I go along. I have been reviewing this site for a while now and have been wanting this procedure for the longest time! Please wish me luck.

post op day 1

So yesterday was post op day 1 and I was sooo sore I have been avoiding the pain medications that Dr Hughes provided me with just because I know that I get extremely constipated very easily but the night of post op day 1 I had to give in and take one before bedtime. Dr Hughes has been amazing and he really does respond to emails so quick he even called to check how I was doing. He said he got 600CC out and when I took a shower I did not expect to see results so quick. I mean I know my butt is still swollen and I am going to loose volume but my waist is so tiny I dont have those horrible stubborn love handles anymore or that lil rolls in the front now I am really flat!!I just hope I stay that way and dont have any complications. So far so good these are my post day 1 pics and I will keep you guys updated!

Post op day 2

On my last post I meant to say he got 600CC for each cheek and I am pretty small 116lbs 5'0 so I was definitely happy with this since I think I will be happy with a lil bigger size booty than I had before and a smaller waist and inner thighs to go with my flat tummy. Today I was able to walk around the mall for about an hour just to get some circulation. I try to walk like 15 min every hour because I dont want to get blood clots and it also helps with the stiffness.. today has been soooo much better than yesterday but I dont want to get too excited just yet because I dont know if I am done swelling. I just hope I am ready to go back to work in 10 days. My booty is super hard still but from what I read on the previous posts this is to be expected. It is a little lumpy on the booty but Dr. Hughes said this is normal and will smoothe out as I heal. I am posting my recovery because I know that reading other posts really helped me make my decision as well as kind of see what issues and pain to expect or look out for so hope this helps someone else! Also as far as medication I am taking Colace, the antibiotics, vitamin c, and tylenol. I am not taking the Norco that I was prescribed as this made me drowsy last night but the pain is so much more tolerable today.. I asked Dr Hughes if I could take Naproxen since this is what I usually take at home for pain but he said it is too early. I have no bleeding on my incisions and have not had bleeding since yesterday so I am happy the incisions healed fast.
Dr. Hughes

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