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Welp, ladies... I'm back again after contemplating...

Welp, ladies... I'm back again after contemplating a BBL for the past few years.

I've decided to trust Dr. Hazani with sculpting the body of my dreams after reading so many positive reviews about him and speaking with him via email and phone consult.

Two days ago, I made my deposit and locked my surgery date in for April 4, 2016.

! and made my deposit a couple of days ago.

My Stats: 31, no kids, 5'4, 150 lbs athletic build

Like most of you have probably done, I'm looking for Hazani ladies with similar pre-op stats to mine. Please share your pre-op and post-op photos with me if not posted on your page. I'm hoping to get an idea of what my post-op results could possibly look like.

Here's my story:
Age: 31
No children
Body type: Athletic build
Booty type: "deflated bubble butt"
Height: 5'4
Weight: 150 lbs

I've been an athlete most of my life either playing soccer or running track.

Throughout my college years my weight fluctuated between 125-135 lbs and I kept in excellent shape as I frequently trained rigorously. I've always had a very muscular body, wash board abs and a plump bubble booty (as I've been told) thanks to heavy weight training. When competing or in the weight room I felt confident about the shape of my body and embraced my muscles. Oddly, When out of the gym and in regular clothes however, I did not have the same confidence. I felt I had a boyish figure, dreaded wearing a dress or skirts and frequently avoided them. I also hated swimwear season as I didn't feel sexy in a swimsuit.

About two years ago all of that changed due to a more sedentary lifestyle. (To clarify, everything changed except my disdain of wearing dresses and skirts) Before I knew it, I weighed close to 165 lbs. Funny, I foolishly thought it would not be possible for me to ever gain so much fat and lose so much muscle. When I reached the 140 lb mark in 2013 I was pleased that my body was beginning to look less masculine as most of my muscles were beginning to disappear. I was hoping that some hips would magically grow out of my sides but nope! A year later and at 165lbs I now had a chubby face, larger boobs, a huge booty, thick legs a bulging tummy and no hips whatsoever and not a muscle in sight. GROSS!!

Fast forwarding to 6 months ago:
I decided to stop failing in life and start eating healthier again. I was tired of being disappointed when looking in the mirror. I was tired of hearing my boyfriend repeatedly ask me when I'm going to use my gym membership again. I was tired of feeling gross and having an overall feeling over unhealthiness. I found my weight slowly going back down, thanks to being more conscience of my diet. I've also started going to the gym 2x per week. Ok.. Sometimes I go to the gym 2x per week.. But oftentimes I don't go at all.
As mentioned my weight is now down to 150 lbs. I'm currently fluctuating between 147 - 150lbs with an ideal weight of 135lbs, but I've lost all the muscle I had before and I noticed that my legs and especially my booty are nothing like they used to be.

Right now I'm on a mission to get my old body back, and hope Dr. Hazani's artistry (hips included) will enhance my figure even more.

I'm trying to decide what I should do in preparation of this procedure. You'll see in my pics that I still have a bit of a gut, and undefined legs. Should I pick up the intensity in the gym now, incorporating protein shakes, etc to create lean muscle and get my weight down least to at least 140lbs or should I wait until after the procedure. Any advice and suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pre op and post op goals

More pics

Hazani Dolls: Do you recommend Air Bnb or hotel?

Hi ladies,

I need your help! I'm trying to decide on the least expensive option during my stay. I'm not talking a hole in the wall motel, or low budget hotel where my neighbors are roaches and I'm fending off bedbugs, but rather an affordable place (less than $1,000 per week) that is still fairly nice. My boyfriend will travel with me, and hopefully will do a stellar job in taking care of me post-op.

I've been hugely considering Air BnB (which I've never used before) but do have a couple of reservations regarding privacy. Have any of you used Air BnB during your recovery stay?
Also, for those of you who have traveled with your partner, do you recommend sleeping in separate beds post op?

Ideally I'm looking for a place less than 30 miles from the surgery center. Any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated.


BBL Vet's: Should you share a bed with your partner immediately after surgery?

My boyfriend will be taking care of me post op. Is it recommended that we sleep in different beds? if so, for how long?


Less than one month away from the big day = Time to have lab work done

April 4th is almost here. I'll try my best to update this page in detail as frequently as I can leading up to and following my surgery. #TeamHazani

***Readers beware: Expect grammatical errors and questionable sentence structure.
{I'm a lazy writer.....Please don't judge me}

Today I am scheduled to have my lab work done. I'm hoping for the best.

Where are Hazani BBL results 1+year post op? ADVICE NEEDED.. PLEASE HELP!

I cancelled my labs appointment for today.

I spent much of last night into early morning (4:52 am EST to be exact) reviewing many Realself Hazani dolls pages; and noticed that almost everyone who provided a review on him had their procedure done within the past year.

If you have eyes, one cannot deny that Hazani is a true master sculptor and great at what he does. Results I've seen 3 weeks - 8 months post-op look amazing -- but what about 8months - 1+ year afterwards? I'm now becoming hesitant moving forward with him, because I cannot find these results.

I stumbled upon a review on Dr. Kenneth Hughes by a patient who had surgery over a year ago by him and her results still look amazing. Her pre-op weight and body type was quite similar to where I am now. I've found many others as well that have had the same success following their sx with Dr. Hughes. Ugh. I'm torn. I definitely need to keep my sx date of April 4th, because that week is the only time that I can take off.

If any of you have had this procedure done by Hazani in early 2015 or prior I would love to hear from you. Please share feedback and/or pictures. Anything would be helpful at this point.

I need to make my decision really soon; especially considering that I've already put so much money down into my BBL w/ Hazani. Please help ladies. :-(


Surgery in 4 days

My labs were normal and I've officially paid off the balance. I can't believe the big day is on Monday. (GASP)

My boyfriend/care provider post-op seems to be coming down with a cold as of last night. Lots of coughing w/ phlegm and sniffles.
UGH--- Just my luck. :-(

I had him take some vitamin C before bed last night, and recommended he take vitamin c and Zinc today as well. Any recommendations ladies on how to prevent a full blown out cold from manifesting?!

Advice Needed: Opportunity of a lifetime Interview conflict with Post-Op

I've been in my current role for some time now and have waited two years for a promotion. My manager told me he thinks I will be ready in another year. (I disagree)

I recently applied for another position within another department of my company, which is highly coveted. I meet most of the qualifications but not all. This position could possibly lead to a 20K bump in salary.

Guess what ladies, I was invited in for an interview and was told the hiring manager would like to make a decision quickly. Interview date is scheduled for April 14th which is a little over a week from my surgery date. ???? I'm supposed to meet with 6 people in one day, with each interview lasting 1/2 hour each. The final interview with the hiring manger will last 45 minutes.

I have no idea what to do. I don't want to miss this opportunity, but I also don't want to ruin my BBL results while sitting during these interviews. Any suggestions?? ????????????

Made it to the other side #TeamHazani

I have not been able to sleep at all or get a good look at my new body yet, but I'm so grateful to have made it to the recovery side.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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