BBL with Dr. Dass Jan 6 2014 - Beverly Hills, CA

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After years of considering this procedure it's...

After years of considering this procedure it's finally going to happen and I am counting down the days now. I had gone to several consultations and I had not been satisfied with any until I saw the reviews and before and after pictures of his work on RS. I knew enough about this procedure to realize that the BBL required an MD that knew what he was doing. It is not just about lipo and re-injection. The fat needs to be purified under strict guidelines in order for good results. If the MD hasn't perfected this, it can be devastating to the long term results. I was getting outlandish answers from several plastic surgeons that were red flags and I simply didn't settle. I knew when I talked to Dr. Dass, that he has taken pride in his work and understanding that we look for long term results and he had the right answers to my questions. He has grown his practice in the heart of Rodeo Drive through word of mouth and I'm convinced he's going to be famous for his work. Yes he was more expensive than the rest but I'm more comfortable paying more with an MD who knows what he's doing than less with one that told me "I will inject back a lot more because about 40-50% of the fat will get re absorbed" Okay I'm going to give you 7500$ to um give me 50% reassurance? Dr. Dass knew that this is simply not true if the fat and technique is done properly then the result is long lasting. I am not saying other plastic surgeons will not do a great job, simply that we should search and search before settling on a doctor for your procedure.

15 days pre op Dr. Dass Jan 6 before pics

Thanks ladies for waiting patiently for the pre op pics I've been promising. I know how pictures are everything and just how they have helped me, I hope these help you make the decision that is going to be best for each of you. So just a little info, I'm 30 post 2 kids, I'm 5'3" and weigh approximately 165. I've also had a tummy tuck and you can see the scar from that. The tummy tuck is 6-7 years post op and have gained weight since but I'm still super happy with the results because for me, the TT was never about the weight. So anyway back to the pics. I'm super excited because my date is coming up but I have to admit that looking at these pics got me discouraged. They are bad and I'm sitting here thinking: how in the world can it be fixed and a part of me is hoping that it is possible! I can see how most girls have some shape to begin with but I don't, so I'm feeling less optimistic. I'm hoping hoping that Dr. DAss can pull it off!! If he does, he's the S****!

Dass makeover ! Today is my day!

It feels good to be on my way to the surgery center. If you're familiar with LA, you know traffic can be challenging and time has to be managed accordingly! My surgery time is 10 am and I was told by Dr Dass that he usually spends an average of 2-2.5 hrs on BBLs. I went out and purchased the type if dress I would have never dreamed of (for obvious reasons as you can see by the pics) but I wanted to show a before and after pic with a piece of clothing that would make the results very honest (good or bad) I have a very challenging body type and I'm not expecting model type body so my expectations are very realistic. With that said, I'm confident that if anyone can surpass my expectations, it's Dr. Dass. Sooooo here are my recently taken Before pics in a dress....I'll keep you guys posted and I am hoping to upload post surgery pics later today. (Good or bad lol) and a quick shoutout to S.R.L. Who is also having her BBL with Dr. Dass today! Wish her well!

It's done! So swollen, my ass is on fire!

Once I was out cold, I do not remember anything post op. They said Dr. Dass had a convo with me post op about details but I DO NOT remember! By the time I awakened, he had left. Leslie said he will call me later. The stiffness, and burning in my ass with every step was horrible. I am overly packed with foam and pads and the drainage still soaked through of bloody fluid. I vomited twice in the OR post op. Anesthesia makes me wanna vomit. It was just bile. I through up again during car ride. Everyone is different and I was hoping my pain would be tolerable but once I awoke, I was in horrendous burning pain to the ass and I desperate turned over off my ass. I was sooooo stuff and in pain but I had to get off my burning ass. Hours later, I'm doing better, fighting through the stiffness to walk slowly and at least go to the bathroom. I took a norco, phenergan and arnica, some Gatorade and crackers. I feel better and the burning in my ass is 6/10 from 20/10 lol. Here's some pics. I'm overly packed but I still wanted to show you guys. Also, Leslie (his receptionist) told me he took 5 litters and put in 1500? Idk for sure, I asked her to have Dr. Dass call me. So I'll confirm.

Team Dass! 1 day post op

Today has been a much better day, the severe burnig sensation like I had just completed 10k squats and lunges is gone. Now I'm just left with the soreness and stiffness but I'm walking on my own. To compensate for the stiffness, I waddle like a penguin lol but at least every step isn't extremely painful. My nausea is completely gone now and fortunately I have not had the dizziness that most girls experience. Dr. Dass called me last night to check on me and confirmed he took out 5 liters and put back in 1400 to each side. He answered all my questions and I loved that he called me to check on me. Last night, fortunately I was tired enough to have a good night sleep because sleep came easy BUT I was literally being awakened every 1-2 hours with the urge to pee. So that interrupted my sleep. In hind sight, the peeing is a blessing because I know I'm on my way to recovery and reduced swelling. He had to infuse plenty of fluids via IV because my blood pressure dropped to 76/42 post op in the recovery portion. Totally not a good blood pressure to have. So here are same day pics to add to the last ones I posted just in different angles.

Day two, shower day! Post pic

It was a better night! No peeing every hour and the norco is really helping to manage pain and be comfy. Sleep fortunately has come easy. Today I took a shower and it was a long process. I did everything in steps and breaks. To avoid dizziness and nausea and as son as I felt like I was doing too much, I Layed down for 15 minutes and started again. I want you to know that I feel sore and stuff still but I did the shower thing on my own for those who worry how post op is and what's doable day by day. For sure, the day of, you need help even with walking. I had breakfast, no mb yet about the shower made me feel like a million bucks and I can nap like a baby now. Here are a quick pre and post op look. I'm happy. I had no shape so to have something, is amazing. He gave me a narrow waist, hips and a decent normal ass. He did his thing. So for those girls that already look pretty good, like omg I can imagine!

Did my picture get cutoff?

Are all my pics getting cut off? Here's the other pic that seems to have gotten cut off

Side pics 2 days post op

I wanted to add a side view for you guys to see...hopefully once the swelling goes down to my waist and stomach, the projection will be better.

Post op 2nd day.

I'd like to compile these pics I took from my morning shower. I've been resting since my shower, sleeping and waking, eating some and getting up to go to the bathroom. I take the opportunity to walk some when I get up to pee. That's how my second day post op has been going. Worst day is over I hope.

Post op 3rd day

Hi BBlers! It's been a pretty boring day. Less and less pain, just stiffness and soreness now. I can probably do without the norco because the pain is manageable. I'm going up and down my stairs on my own and my appetite is fair. I'm getting things ready for another shower, which my husband will help me with when he gets home and I decided to re try on this body con dress I would not have worn with my new body. It's fascinating that even with the 5liters out, the dress actually fits tighter but you can see that my proportions are loveable! Not in a way where I feel like badonkadonk model but in a girlie, normal girl lol. So with the days, I have a lot to look forward to. Hoping my results only look better and better. In the days to come, I'm hoping to look slimmer and slimmer. This picture is for fun, nowhere ready for this dress but I wanted to see where my transformation stood and show you guys.

Post op 4th day. To lipo foam or not?

I had ordered lipo foam prior to my surgery since Dass told me he used it for packing into the garment post op. I knew his would get soiled so I anticipated needing more. I got them in the mail yesterday through amazon at 7-8$ a sheet. I took the old ones out when I showered the first time and was in no mood yesterday to replace them. I took a look at them this morning and they felt enticing! They feel soft and fluffy like memory foam so I'm going to give them a go again. I cut them in half a and placed them to the most sensitive areas where he lipoed the most. (Pretty much everywhere lol) so they say the foam helps with swelling so I'm giving them a go again. Aside from that, I woke up really really stuff but as I moved around, the stiffness is better. The pain is now soreness still and I'm able to waddle easier and faster but at 4 days post op, still not in any condition to be at work. Depends I guess what kind of work you do but as a floor RN, on a 12hr shift....not ready....

Good fat and a good plastic surgeon for BBL

So fellow BBLers.....her I am 5 days post op and recovering pretty I sat/Layed on my stomach actually, reading other girls' story I ran into someone who (sorry forgot who) mentioned she was on her second bbl and despite her md getting 3.8 liters out, he was only able to use 1 liter of it for transplant. Now I know why Dr. Dass was so excited when he told me that 4 liters of the 5 he took out were perfect for re transplant. He called it "pure, unbroken fat." Now I sit here feeling lucky that I had the fat I needed for the 2.8 he put back in. Lol sadly, I had no ass so that 2.8 was enough to get me a nice tush. I'm happily healing and happy that I can see a woman under these clothes lol. This is another reason I chose Dass, when I had my consultation (after reviewing other rs girl) he knew what he was talking about and he told me that his technique was so pure and perfected that he guaranteed minimal re absorption with whatever he could do. The other girl was right in saying the md won't really know what he's working with till surgery but it does matter who the surgeon is and what he/she knows. An md told me at a consultation that "30-40% would be reabsorbed" that tells me that he doesn't know what he's doing yet. Another md told me, "I don't do more than 600cc because the higher you go, the higher the reabsorption" okay really? Then another said, "I do as much fat as I can get in to compensate for the reabsorption." Well I did my homework and I was patient until I found the MD that was getting results, knew what he was doing and his results are long lasting. He didn't just give me a tush, he gave me a BODY. Did I mention that he's also a very nice guy and he gives his patients his cell phone number. He called me after surgery and encouraged me to text him if I ran into issues. Dr. Dass is prime class MD, you don't see those anymore. I'm an RN and I run into many. He listened to my unhappiness with my body and he went above and beyond to give me an A+ result and not just give me whatever and take my money. Now I'm excited for my post op visit on Monday. He put me in a 2x garment and he's hoping to put me in a large garment. Can't wait....

6 days PO

This one is for babygyrl! Thanks love for following my journey to a normal body lol! This is a picture after my shower today and no garment (I was washing it) as you can see, I got a very natural look and it's what I had asked for. I had to be realistic about my expectations as you can see by my before pics. I still have a lot of swelling and for that, I can be patient. I hope and pray that this cute booty and new silhouette to my body stays! I'm too swollen to do any pics in jeans because none of mine will go past my thighs right now. As far as how I feel....I ran out of the norco prescription but I don't need it anymore. I walk with a slight waddle from the stiffness and my endurance isn't great but also staying in one position too long can cause even more stiffness so constant activity with breaks in between is necessary. (The activity is low and slow lol) I have 2 more days off from work but tomorrow I plan to request for more.

2 weeks post op

I saw Dr. Dass for my 2 weeks post op. He said everything looked fine, just still a lot of swelling to my Lower back and mid abdomen. He put me in a smaller garment finally. It's right but I'm happy I was able to squeeze into it. I'm using it in these pics below. Im happy to have a shape now as you can see from my before pics, I had no hips. My waist was wider than my hips and I had Zero butt. I feel proportioned now. I went back to work 3 days ago and everyone praised the work Dass did. Pictures don't really do justice to how my body looks now. As you can see, the garment is right and it creases in my back but I need the compression. Dr. Dass uses the "fajate" brand of garment, which from research and reading reviews is one of the best post op garments. They're tight but comfortable. Here are my pics. For those girls who have similar shapes in body as I had, there's hope for us and this surgery is a total life changer! For those lucky girls that already have a body to start off with-lucky because you will look jaw dropping!

5 weeks post op with pics

I took these pictures at 35 days and today at 38 days. Slowly my body has taken shape and the swelling has been a slow process. A lot of it has gone away but I still have areas that are stubborn. The area that is still swollen the most is my lower back, which is where Dr. Dass did the most aggressive lipo. I had a serious muffin top to my lower back which further gave me a deformed butt. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I was on a mission to find a surgeon to correct my body and give me the best results under the circumstances. I look fabulously normal and I'm happy happy happy for that. I started with an xxl garment and at my 2 weeks post op, he gave me the xl and been wearing it since. I know i can squeeze into a large now and I'll ask him about it next week when I see him for my 6 weeks post op. For whatever reason the swelling in the legs is pretty persistent and it worsens on my busy work days. By the end if the day, my legs are fat and I have some serious kankles. Overall, I've had a non eventful recovery and I'm grateful for that. I also can't close this update without giving a shout out to Dr. Dass. I'm thankful that I found an MD that took my problem seriously and made it his goal to correct it fabulously. He's an artist with fat is what I say lol. The best way I can describe is he knew my body shape and what would work best and look best. Whatever it was, he fixed me. It's been therapeutic to my self esteem and to feel and look normal, has been priceless.

Mini round two bbl Dr. Dass

I am very excited to announce that I am going back in for a touch up! I have been so ecstatically crazy about my results that I saw more potential and I consulted with Dr. Dass. I am going to shave some more off of my lower back and this time do the bra roles. It is not going to be the overhaul we did first time around but w my already results, I am hoping that it makes a world of a difference. He is expecting that he can graft 300cc of fat for each side. He's only going to place the fat in the center of my butt cheeks where it would give most projection. He's so awesome that he worked hard to get staff and have the time on Saturday to squeeze me in. It was important for me to have it Saturday and I'm thankful that it matters to him. I have 4 days off from work and that should be enough since the lipo/transfer will be minimal. I will keep you guys posted in all the details once it's all said and done.

Dr. Dass round 2 BBL 3 days post procedure

Hi girlies! I stood up in bed and saw my reflection and I knew i had to post! I feel perfect with all my little flaws and I'm so thankful for Dr. Dass who listens and understands how important our expectations for our bodies are. I have come such a long way and for me it took two bbl rounds to get me here. I could have been satisfied with the first results. My body was normal and I had a cute little butt and I walked around super confident. I have such great confidence in what Dr. Dass could do after "fixing" me and I imagined having a BAM body and that's what round two was for me. Most of you lucky girls get there with one round. I know because I have seen it over and over again. I started at minus so he had his work cut out for him. My hips and butt went in, my waist was wider than my hips and weightloss and weight gain never made a difference. So I did it again and I'm beyond ecstatic! I can't can't can't wait to be fully recovered and not have to wear this garment. The best part is wearing the things I've always wanted to wear and couldn't. Well enough about why I went for a second one: here are the details.....
I had the procedure on Saturday may 24th so I'm 3 days post. I wanted to only do lipo from my back so he went over the Lower back again and this time went up into the bra rolls. He touched up my sides and together he was able to harvest 1000cc of good fat. He was able to use 500cc to each side and let me tell you, that was enough! He guesstimated he would get about 300cc for each side so I'm happy to get the 500. With more contouring of my back and the extra cc's to my butt, I feel golden!
Because this was a small round two he was able to do in office and awake. He gave me some sedatives, pain relievers and lidocaine and the lipo part is virtually painless. The holes or incisions for the cannula I felt. It was a quick sharp pain but doable. The painful part was the fat transfer, not only the piercing of the needle or cannula but the actual fat injecting. It's a burning pressure that you feel. On the upside, it's literally only like 5 minutes of that and then it's over.
I still had soreness and pain to my butt just as the first time but not as severe. I'm up, walking around, with the pain meds I'm fine. I feel like I had a good squat day at the gym so I'm sore and have that duck waddle but besides that, I'm good. I go back to work tomorrow so it all worked out.
So here are some pictures of this morning. Thanks for reading and sharing!

Round 2 Dr. Dass 4 days post

I wasn't going to do skin pictures this time around because only the size changed but some of the girls were requesting to see them and I thought itd be worth it to show how much swelling you will still have if you decide to do it again and to show you guys that this time he did more incisions to lipo fat higher up and from different directions. I drained only the first day btw and he doesn't use drains so it helps second time around to feel normal quicker. I only bruised under the armpit where he did the bra roll lipo. This section feels the most swollen because I feel the "fluffiness" still. I recall that at 5 weeks is when I started to see the most results of having lipo. My hope is that I'll thin out at my upper body and my booty will project more. I asked him for a heart shaped butt also so you won't see the "bubble butt" shape on me. Just in case lol but he definitely does whatever shape you would think best for you.

4 months post op bbl round 2 with Dr. Dass

One of the biggest concerns for me when I was considering doing this bbl was having these results be permanent. I didn't do as many doctor consultations for my tummy tuck as I did for the bbl. I think people who do not think the bbl was worth it, went to a doctor who did not know what he was doing and or caused the person serious injuries as I have seen some on here. The last thing I wanted was to spend the money for something that I needed and not have the results that would have made my time, health and money worth it. I was scared of getting decent results and have them all go away with time. I had heard similar stories and they freaked me out. IF you go back and look at my original body, i was badly disproportioned and i had a negative booty. All I wanted was to look normal. I think I have a pretty cute face lol and all I wanted was for my body not to be disfigured. Luckily my husband wasn't and isn't superficial but I didn't do this for him. I did it for myself. I went for round 2 not because I was unhappy with my first results. I did it again because I LOVED LOVED my results and for that I hold Dr. Dass in a special place in my heart. I can't say enough good things about him. I went back to him because I loved what it did for my body and I got excited about what more it could be. 4 months after my first procedure, he touched up the flanks and the bra roll and whatever else he can get of back fat and together he was able to harvest about 1000cc of fat. He was able to transfer 500cc to each side. Well now the swelling is all down, my butt fluffed and the back swelling is gone and I LOVE LOVE LOVE me now. This procedure has far surpassed my expectations and I thank myself everyday for being patient in finding the right doctor. My results show you that with the right doctor, your results are permanent. I also want to mention that 500 did not do much of a difference for the size but it did EVERYTHING for the shape. Im glad I did it. It's been 8 months since my original bbl (which is where most of the transformation happened) and 4 months from round 2. Who knows round 3?
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Overall, I knew he had the knowledge and experience in performing the BBL. He was very upfront in what he could accomplish and confident in delivering those expectations. I do not like when an MD answers with grey areas so that you can't really hold them accountable for your results. Just be honest! Dr. Dass was not only honest, but very confident in his work. I'm not expecting miracles but I am confident in his abilities. His receptionist Leslie also had her BBL done by him and she looks good! They've both been very nice and not your usual plastic surgery mill of an office. It's quiet, personal and Dr. Dass is caring and humble and added with his talent, he's an A+ in my eyes.

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