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I'm from Sacramento County area and am on a hunt...

I'm from Sacramento County area and am on a hunt for an experienced Dr. that performs Brazilian Butt Lifts. I've been stalking realselfers on here for about 6 months and am finally starting my own review. After reading so many reviews about Dr. William Bruno in Beverly Hills, I decided to consult with him as options in Sacramento are limited. We had a phone consultation about a week ago. He was warm and friendly and answered all my questions. He suggested I gain another 10-15 pounds which I believe is realistic and necessary as the dr. needs something to work with. He wants me to get to 150 pounds and thinks he can extract 400-500 ccs of pure fat. He only uses pure fat - meaning no liquids are incorporated in the fat transfer. He also does not uses drains which is a plus and he makes discrete incisions. He told me he performs 10 BBLS a month and has been doing this for a very long time. I feel very comfortable with him and will like choose him over the other dr's I am checking out. I have 2 more consultations with 2 doctors in Folsom, CA which is about half an hour from me. Dr. Bruno requires travel, a flight, and atleast a 4-5 day hotel stay which can add another $1,000 easily.

I will post some current pictures of myself as well as wish pictures soon. However, here is a little about me: I'm 32, mom of 2 kids, started at 135 LBS and am currently at 143 LBS, 5'6". I will post measurments soon too.

I am excited about this journey and nervous. Thank you to all of the women who have posted about their journeys. You all have been truely helpful and I hope I can help others will be going through this soon.

I am hoping to get my BBL scheduled for sometime in April 2014. Fingers crossed that timing works out. I'll know by the end of Jan. after I finish consults with the local dr.'s.

Weight gain

Have been eating like a pig and only gained 1 pound. I have 3 more months to put the rest on hopefully. I also decided to just meet with one dr in sacramento. His name is Dr. Shahriar Moubarakh. He only performs a couple of BBL's a month so not sure yet and he charges as much as dr. Bruno. Also to update my post above, Dr. Bruno said 400-500 ccs per side. Will post pics soon. No other updates at the moment.

Struggling to decide on my doctor

So, tomorrow is my consult with dr. mabourakh. I'm excited. He's in Folsom abot 10 minutes from work. Anyhow, to throw another wrench into the mix, I decided to consult with Hughes. I spoke to him over the phone and sent him my pictures. He said I don't have to gain weight and can get me 1000 ccs per side. He sounded very confident and I like that. He also responds VERY quickly which is important as I would be an out of town patient. Will post pics soon and decide on my doctor this week

Before Picture

Here is my before picture. I think Bruno is my guy!!!

Paid Deposit - Picked my doctor

Ok, so after A LOT of back and forth, I finally picked my doctor. I chose Dr. Hughes!!!! I am excited about my decision and nervous at the same time! I decided to go with hughes due to his quick responses to my emails, confidence that he can get the job done.

I paid my deposit this past week and set my surgery date for April 18!!! I can't wait. I have put on 10 pounds and can't wait to get rid of them starting 2 months after surgery.

Hotel and Flight Booked!!!

Hi Dolls! Sorry I have been MIA for so long! It's busy as work so long hours and looking after the family has been holding me back from RS! I am excited to say that I booked my hotel and flight today. My surgery is on April 18th and I am having my pre op consult on the 17th. I was thinking of making like a poster of the butts I like and don't like so Hughes could view these when he is doing my procedure but at the same time I don't want him to think I"m insulting him!

Anyhow, I am very very excited! I am 147 pounds now and Hughes told me that I don't need to gain weight. I looked into Bromelian. A few girls have commented on what a good scar cream it is. It's expensive on Amazon but if you can find a plastic surgeon in your area, they can offer the larger size for way cheaper. Also, I know that if you put vaseline on your wounds and keep them moist and clean and keep the scabs from forming, that the chances of scarring are much less.

Anyhow, back to my hotel. I looked at several hotels. I ended up choosing the Renaissance Hotel near LAX airport. It's about 15 minutes from Hughes location. It had great great reviews and the price was amazing. I bundled with hotel and flight. Be sure to use priceline.com girls because I have been doing my research and this was way cheaper than expeida/travelocity.

A few of you have asked about PS in Sacramento. I know that a few PS in Folsom do BBLs but they are not as experienced. Dr. Mabourakh (Dr. M) has done a few but when I went to see him, he had NO pictures of the BBL procedure and he has been doing them for a few years. He does about 1 every month. He seemed conservative in his approach. He was really nice and honest but I did not get the confident feeling that he could deliver what I wanted. Plus, he charged me exactly what Hughes and Bruno were charging. So, besides the extra cost of travel, I thought it was well worth it to go to Hughes because Hughes has said OVER and OVER how I will not need a revision with him, he knows what he is doing. I personally can not wait to see Hughes in person!!!

That's all from me now. I will do another post with a list of items you want to take with you to help prepare/pack for the trip. I know others that have posted, have helped me! So far, I just have Arnica gel from amazon and candelua tea (to help reduce swelling) also from amazon. Both were pretty cheap.

Biocorneum not bromelian

meant to say that on the review above for scar cream

Choosing a Doctor

Like many of you I struggled to choose my doctor. In the LA area, here is who I found to be the most popular in order: Dr. Hughes, Dr. Bruno, and Dr. Dass. What it comes down to is who can give you what you want.

Dr. Hughes:
This guy is amazing. He was by far the easiest to talk to, answered his emails around the clock, handles his own patients instead of sending them off to the patient coordinator. I have emailed him at midnight with a response at 1am! He responds in minutes if not within the hour. He is beyond charming. I was a little in love with his sarcastic remarks, sweet personality. Anytime I had questions or was unsure, he picked up the phone and called me. I was sold on HIM not his work. But his work is amazing, just not for me. He is very experienced. Performs hundreds of BBLs each year. He can take any shape, any size, and handle it. His lipo work is great. What I didn't like was the shape. I wanted a more contoured shapley butt and not just a big butt.

Dr. Bruno:
Not the quickest to respond to emails but very sweet, honest, ethical, and not over promising or fake. He does require weight gain. I was told to gain 15 pounds. Yikes! Now, Fat cells do not multiply with weight gain, they increase in size and then shrink as you loose weight. I began to gain weight and then looked at his lipo work. He is not the most aggressive with lipo because he does not want lumps and bumps which is critical. For my body shape, I would need aggressive lipo on my back and stomach. I wasn't sure he could deliver. but I wanted him to so badly. I just didn't get the vote of confidence from him. He uses pure fat. If you look at jadestone, persianprincess09, missari, and fabbooty. They have perfect butts. What i would want. He work is great. Great contouring and shape.

Dr. Dass:
He is new to me. I came across him a week ago. He doesnt have many reviws on here. But his website intrigued me. He also does pure fat transfer, great lipo and great shape - best of both worlds - little bit of dr. hughes and dr. bruno put in one. He trained with Dr. Hughes and has his own practice. He also says no weight gain. He was nice and easy to talk to.

All in all, this was a HARD decision. I wanted aggressive lip to back, flanks, bra roll, and stomach and a great shapley bubble butt with projection and volume. I think Dr. Dass can give me all of this.

I switched to Dr. Dass. I am 5 weeks from surgery.

It truely broke my heart to leave hughes. It still does. He is the most hands on with his patients and I loved it - truly loved it. In the end, It wasn't which doctor I could be "friends" with but who could do the best job on me based on my body and what I wanted.

So there you have it. It's hard. Pick who is best for you and that depends on what you are looking to get out of your bbl what are your problem areas....good luck ladies.

I say good bye to Hughes with a heavy heart and pay tribute to him, and his work.

3 weeks left!!!!

I can't believe how fast the date is approaching. The weeks crawled by at first and now I am getting nervous and excited!!! I purchased the bioCorneum at a local plastic surgeon - scar cream FDA approved. I am planning on using it for 3 months - I will post results. Anyhow, I don't have much to add, just that I am still here and will post post op pics. BTW, Dr. Dass is awesome. He responds to my emails within the day and he's always so nice!

Its done!! I got my booty!!

I had my surgery yesterday! I was really nervous but my anesthesolist and dr. Dass were very comforting. Yesterday was probably the most painful day of my life. They warned me the first 24 hours will be the hardest. Today is MUCH better. My husband had to help me go pee and walk. Today I am able to walk by myself. Be sure you have someone to help you!! I had my stomach, flanks, bra roll, and back lipo'd. He took out 5 liters and put in 1200 ccs on each side. I also got hips. I have not been able to see what I look like due to garment and all the foams. On the first day you drain aaaaloott. My husband used poise pads and changed me every 2 hours. Today it is every 4 hours. I am very swollen. I haven't been able to take good pics. I will try to take some tomorrow when I shower.

Recovery sucks

I have stopped draining since 2 days post surgery and saw dr dass for follow up yesterday after flying back. He drained me a little and said I was healing well . He took some more pictures. Them we flew home. Glad flight was only 1 hour. I still have pain in my lower belly flanks and lower back. I pretty much lay on my stomach all day but get up every 2 hours for light walking or potty break. Lying down feels best.

Dr dass can transform ya

Dr dass is truly gifted. He changed my entire shape and got all the fat out. Loving my results!

My husband rocks!!

My sweet husband bought this lounge chair at target for $75 and cut out the butt part for me. I was dying to lay on my back because my tummy is super sore from lipo and this chair works great. It "locks" any position/angle you want to recline at. I like to lay it all the way down so pressure is on my legs and upper body. I place a pillow on my lower back. Dr dass approved it. I have to give credit to "Babeshell" for this idea!

2 weeks!

So glad I hit the 2 week mark! The first week was hell - a lot of pain. I noticed the swelling has gone down but I still have kankles. I returned back to work and it was a little tough not sitting all day. Glad to be in bed and resting. I am posting my 2 week pics. My hipseasure 41 1/4. I use to be 37 inches at 135 pounds and 38.5 inches at 145 pounds. I think my hips were 42.5 right out of surgery. They have gone down with the swelling. I was looking wide and awkward. Now, I look more natural. I know I don't have the huge booty but it's more natural. I think it's great for my body type. The lipo dr dass did is a work of art. He took 5 inches of fat off my "tire". My tummy is flat now! I do have two small seromas that I am hoping will go away on thier own. My belly button itches like crazy since he went through there to do lipo. So far, week two has been good. I ordered a size large fajate from dr dass. It's tight! I had to cut the booty area a bit.

One more pic

Dr Dass

I know a lot of women struggle choosing between Bruno and Hughes. Bruno does nice butt sculpting but requires weight gAin. Hughes does good lipo and ok on shape. HOWEVER, I have found the perfect dr. Dr Dennis DasS does great lipo and greaatt booty shape and hips. I loooove him and my results. He is slightly more pricey but worth every penny. So glad I choose him .

1 more

1 month


Not Sitting on my butt this long sucks! One more week to go. I tried wearing my garment only at night but I'm not ready to let go of my security blanket. My lipo areas are tender and my feet and ankles swell up from standing all day. Other than that, I love love my booty!! It is much bigger in person. I will post updates over the coming months. Dass is AMAZING!!

4 months update

Hi ladies - still about the same size as last time. Loving it! Shopping is so much more fun now!!! Here is a quick photo. Will try to post more

Oops here is the pic

Mr. Applebottomblues

That's right this is the Husband of Mrs. Applebottomblues. My wife hasn't posted here in quite some time. So I thought I would dive in, to give my take on how the last year plus has been since my wife went through the bbl (I think that's what it's called). If that is not enough to keep you reading, note that there is a significant update to the process, but that for later. This post may be very long as I just dump a bunch of thoughts out and I’m not going to proof my writing so I apologies in advance for the many typos you are about to endure. I must start all the way back at the beginning. As I think my wife noted she struggled, mightily, with which doctor to choose to do this process. It seemed like every day she was going back and forth between the doctors. I have to admit, I was not a fan of her doing the procedure, I many times pleaded with her to reconsider doing the surgery. I didn't care for the cost and most importantly the risk. I believed we have a great life, great kids and great love life. I struggled with the idea of having her go through the surgery taken on risk of something going wrong and impacting our great life. Ultimately, I caved though, it was very clear she wanted this, badly, she always had. I got on board. As we don't live in LA we had to travel to Dr Dass. My wife took a flight to see him one day before I left. She needed to leave one day earlier to have a pre-op visit. I stayed back with our kids. I left for LA the next day (my mom then watched our kids after I left.) Due to flight options I actually arrived in LA after she went into surgery......big mistake. I was actually in the air when she went under, I would later find out that she was super scared and tried to call me. Obviously, as I was in the air I didn't get her call. Once I got to LA I rushed to facility to see her. I did get there before she woke up...just barely. When she woke up, she was disoriented. The part that took me most by surprise is the lack of time she got to spend in recovery after the procedure, 1 HR!!! I should say this is likely the same with any doctor you choose. In any case, I was not mentally prepared to take to the hotel my wife would had multiple incisions, bloody (very very bloody,) , and could barely walk due to server pain mostly around her mid section. Nonetheless, I had to take her. We had rented a small economy car and booked a hotel close to LAX (which is about 30 mins from Dass in normal traffic). Getting my wife into the car just one hour after the surgery was scary. She was in so much pain, and the car was so small she had to lie face down in the back seat with her knees bent. The drive back to the hotel was the longest drive ever, every little bump in the road caused her paid. I drove as smooth as I possibly could but nothing could keep her from the pain. While I'm on the subject, be sure to bring lots of towels to lay in the car....to catch all the BLOOD! Or buy insurance for the rental car. When we arrived at the hotel, I parked right out front, to make the walk the shortest back to our room. I had to help her get out of the car very very gingerly, once I got her standing. We proceeded to walk into the hotel. Now picture this, me walking a bloody women who is walking extremely slowly (like 85 old lady slow) into a nice hotel. EVERYBODY, I mean EVERYBODY!! was looking at us. One of the people at the hotel came up and asked if we wanted a wheel chair...I told them "My wife just had back surgery and cant sit down". I didn't want people to judge her for having this surgery. Plus it's easier to say than "she just had Kim K work and cant sit on it". We finally make it to our room, and she is exhausted from the drive and the walk and needs to lay down. But she can't lay down on her own do to the pain. Most anyway I try to help her lay down also causes pain. So we came up with a trick...which we used for at least the first week after surgery. I would have her face the bed with her knees touching the bead. I would then get on my hands and knees on the bed just in front of her, so that my ribs are just under her boobs, my feet to her left and my head to her right (hopefully I'm painting the picture well for you). She would start to lean into me, as she did I would slowly lower myself and she would in turn lower. Until which point I was nearly flat on the bead, with her on top of me. Once she got down to the bed, she would hold her self up with her arms and I would slide out so she could lay all the way down. Now only half of her (the top half) is on the bead. I would then put an ottoman under her legs......that's how she spent the first day at the hotel. Seeing my wife in this stated was hard, very hard. That first day I would have given anything to go back in time and undo the surgery. That first day I worried all the things I feared were coming true. That this surgery had destroyed our life. I the next several days at the hotel I spent everyday tending to her. Changing her pads (to soak up the blood), helping her go to the bathroom, helping her to get up and walk every few hours, getting her food, everything. After several days at the hotel, it was finally time to go home. The travel home was also a challenge. We had to drop the rental car off (went through that same struggle where every bump hurt, etc) and take a shuttle to the airport. But she couldn’t sit on the shuttle. Once we got to the airport we had to get through LAX, keep in mind she is still just taking little baby steps. So it took forever to get to our terminal (again with lots of people stopping us along the way to ask if we wanted to use a wheelchair). The airplane was also a challenge, she had to sit on the airplane but of course she’s not allowed to sit on her new a$$. So she squatted on the plane just enough to get her seat belt on and I helped her keep her butt off the seat. I put my elbow on the armrest between us and put my hand under her armpit to help keep her up. We did that until we got in air and the captain turned off the seatbelt sign. She then went to the back of the plain and stoodup until landing. Once we got home I hoped things would get better, but my wife really struggled with not being able to sit down. The day I had to return to work which was probably 7 days after surgery, she broke down. She was in tears, she was still in plenty of pain, she had been relying on me to function. But I had to go to work. That was the day I bought her the chair (I think she has a post on that chair). I remembered seeing another girl on a blog that had a chair with the butt cut out. As stupid as this sounds, that chair was the turning point. It made all the difference in the world!! Being able to sit changed her psyche and in turn helped me see that she was progressing. I would highly recommend getting a chair that you can cut the seat out of. I think I found her’s at Target. When she returned to work she still was not at a point where she was able to sit. So she had to get a sit to stand desk. As you can imagine standing all day at work was draining. We are very lucky that I work just across the street from my wife, so we could carpool and I would come to her work 2 two or three times a day so she could lay down in our car so she could get off her feet for a bit. (ok, this is turning into a long post so I’m going to fast forward). After she had fully recovered from her surgery, her confidence was very high. She loved her new body. More importantly….I LOVED HER NEW BODY ?. I will say that Dr. Dass did a great job, the before and after pictures don’t do her justice. She looks amazing. If I’m honest, I’m more attracted to my wife post surgery. Please Please don’t get me wrong I was attracted to her pre-surgery. But now it’s like whoa!! Our sex life has been even better post surgery. She loves shopping for clothes and everything looks great on her, I frequently catch myself just looking at her and thinking how stunning she is now. I can say now the surgery was the right decision. It helped her feel better about herself and in turn I believe our relationship is better. At the very beginning of this process I hated the idea of cosmetic surgery, I probably even carried some level of judgment for those who had done a procedure. But I’ve learned, the surgery can have a positive impact. It did for us. Now for the update…..as I write this post we are back in LA in that same hotel we were a year ago. My wife just had a second surgery with Dass yesterday. This was more of a touch-up, I’ll encourage her to post about this procedure. Please know however this is not a result of something Dass messed up the first time. He did a great job the first time. IMO she didn’t need the second procedure, she looked amazing before. I really didn’t want to do this second one, but she’s my life and I’m going to be here for her. She’s promised me this is it. I believe her and trust her.

4 months post op after second BBL

Here are some pics. Fat on the second BBL injected was about 250cc per side and more stayed this time - probably because less fat was injected and got better blood supply. Loving it!

The right way to do a BBL

So, I feel like after having gone through 2 BBLs I have good insight on how to do this the "right" way if I were to do it all over again. During my 2nd BBL, I kept a lot of the fat that was transfered and this was because a smaller amount was transferred and my body was able to give it blood supply much more easily....So here's how I would do this if I were do it all over again:

First BBL: Lipo my upper and lower abdomen and have fat transferred. Second BBL: Lipo full back and have fat transferred. I would do both procedures while awake because recovery is so much faster and there is no pain at all. I did my 2nd BBL under general and it was great. And it saves you about $1K. The reason why I would break up my BBL like this is because your buttock can only take so much fat and keep it alive. About 30-40% of my fat died the first time and only about 10% the second time. I had 1300 CCs transferred to each side the first time and only about 250-300 the second time. This makes me think that a lot of my fat got wasted/died the first time that I could have saved for a later procedure and I can't get that fat back. Breaking up this procedure may cost a little more but will give you the results you want. I wish I could go back and only transfer smaller chunks of fat. Yes, does cost more and more recovery time but in the end you get what you want and drool over when looking at girls on instagram. Overall, VERY happy with my results. Dass knows what he is doing. He is the best.

Picture 4/24/17

I've received some requests if I could post an updated picture. I'm still so happy with the results!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dass is beyond amazing. I needed a doctor that could contour me really well and give me a nice round heart shaped booty. Dr Dass delivered. My results are beyond my expectations. He is such a sweet, responsive dr. I am in love with my new shape. If you are looking for a Dr that can meet your goals, check him out. I loved him!!!!

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