19 Days Post-Op ♡

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So about 4 years ago I went to see Dr. Wyatt and...

So about 4 years ago I went to see Dr. Wyatt and got silicone breast implants, which, if I can remember correctly, cost me about $5,800. I LOVE THEM! I went from a B/C to DDD's! Maybe a DD depending on the bra. And Dr. Wyatt did such a good job I decided my next surgery would be liposuction. I started looking at before and after photos and started reading patient reviews...and thats when I descovered it...Real Self! I was hooked and came upon all these reviews on brazilian butt lifts and BAM it hit me! Why just get my fat sucked out? Might as well put it somewhere, right? Well....here I am. I have a surgery date scheduled for lipo to my full abdomen, full back, arms, and my pubic area with fat transfer to my behind! Yay! And I wanted to make sure the doctor would do my pubic area because I noticed that a lot of girls who get bbl and have lipo to their stomachs end up with a big ol vajayjay. I don't know if its because the doctors aren't doing lipo to that area or what I just know I don't want my hoo hoo popping out through my clothes!
So, in July, I had my first consultaion. At that time my weight was about 135 and I'm only 5' tall. He wanted me to gain another 10-15 lbs by eating a lot of protein. Right now I'm at 141 and I hate it. Nothing fits. I feel gross. I'm getting depressed. I told the doctor and he told me not to worry about it, that it's all gonna get sucked out. So that made me feel a little better.
Anyway, I'm about to reach my 1 mos pre-op. I don't exercise regularly nor do I eat healthy. Because I'm so close to my surgery date I'm gonna start hitting the treadmill for some cardio for my lungs and heart-very important! And I'm also gonna start a Healing Diet.

I need to get this done already!

So Sad!

Well, these were taken today. Sad, but this is me. 148 lbs. I haven't been this heavy since I was 14! I have always struggled with my weight and now I'm fat again! I have horrible cellulite all over my fat legs it's so disgusting! I want this fat sucked out already. I go to the doctors office tomorrow to turn in my paper work and to make a payment. I'll probably have my lab work done too and just get it over with. 23 more days till surgery. I can't wait! I'm thinking about having the fat under my chin sucked out too. I'm starting to wonder if gaining this weight was a bad idea....

....to be little again.

MY wish pics!

8 More Days!

Bad news. I have to retake my labs because my white blood cells were a tad high. The anesthesiologist wont put me under until my labs are in range and I'm completely in the clear. I'm gonna retake my labs tomorrow morning. I think they were a little high due to my allergies so we'll see. I just hope I'm not coming down with something. Wish me luck, dolls!

lipo to these areas too

Good to go!

So excited! I went to retake my labs (more money out of my pocket) but in the end it was so worth it. Angie called me from the office stating my lab results were in and I was cleared to go! I was so happy. Last surgery when I got breast implants I came down with the flu at the last minute and I had to push back my surgery date. I didn't want that to be the case this time. I'm super excited.

I made it!

Just want to post a few pics for now...

Just a few new pics....

Healing sucks! Lol! 15 days out girls.

The new pics I thought I posted yesterday...silly me.

19 days post-op ?

I'm 19 days out! ?
Dr. Lance Wyatt

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