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Will update more soon. :) in the meantime, this...

will update more soon. :) in the meantime, this is what i am seeking with this surgery: - a proportional, athletic look on my hourglass frame; mostly, a fill in of my lateral depression and slight flank reduction to head off the white female square ass i see in my future. plus, a redistribution of how my body carries fat. (i have an hourglass frame, but i carry fat like an apple in my belly before in my booty.) - side/profile view: for buttocks to have more volume than i have now, but mostly on the middle/lower half (definitely no abrupt shelf for me) - rear view: no addition of width, slightly more tapered waist - front view: a very natural looking stomach. i would prefer he leave a little fat and that this surgery was less (or not at all!) obvious. i am not aiming for a giant booty, and i already get a lot of attention for the booty i have - i just want to feel great about the shape! one very experienced surgeon i met with suggested that i would probably not need more than 600CCs per side, which sounded right to me when i looked at a breast implant of that size.

help! LA area: aftercare for out of towners?

so - i was hoping to be able to stay at serenity in santa monica but they are fully booked for my dates. :( this throws a MAJOR wrench in my plans. can anyone suggest an alternative? i know pearl is an option, but its very expensive AND has very mixed review. dr hazani mentioned that they could connect me with a nurses service which would run about $250/day (or $20/hr?) - but then i would need a hotel, and im not sure if one option is better than others.

buttock shapes

wish pics


more wish pics


two days before surgery - basic outline of plans

its saturday afternoon! i fly to LA tomorrow evening (sunday), and have surgery monday morning with dr hazani. i was scheduled to do a preop sunday night, but dr hazani decided we could just do it all at once monday morning instead. that actually kind of unnerves me ... feels like a lot to decide in a hurry, since we havent had an in-person meeting yet - just very long calls and photos. im trying to just have faith in my decision, and praying a lot for peace. after doing a lot of research, i ordered most of the whole vitamedica kit: vitamins, bromelain, their laxative, and arnica pills and cream. i also bought a ton of arnica gel from walgreens, at a much, much better price (the vitamedica arnica + vit k tube was three times the price and three times as small - heres hoping its a premium quality as well as a premium price ;) ). i started taking the vitamins as soon as i got them - about two weeks ago - and ive actually really loved how the vitamins have made me feel... and holy hell, do they push food through you. its not a problem now, it was just an unexpected result, and i expect it to help some post-surgery with all of the constipation thats incurred after surgery. :/ i will be staying at the Residence Inn Beverly Hills for 4 nights. apparently dr hazani has a group rate, but i found AAA to be a few dollars cheaper (about $200 a night). i considered a cheaper hotel or just getting an airbnb, but i was wary of damaging a persons property with draining/bleeding, and i wanted a space with a kitchenette. im also trying to get a handicap accessible room, if possible - mostly for handrails in the shower. im going to LA by myself, and will be looked after by nayely (nay-yeh-lee) from dr hazanis office. she charges $20 an hour, and will take me from the surgery center to the hotel, and stay with me for a while. we are staying open on how much time she spends with me, but i said i would like to consider her an option for two full days, and then off an on, just to minimize my anxiety since i have no idea how i will feel. im going to do my post-op thursday, and then will fly home from LAX that evening. my mom lives in a different state and has agreed to come home with me and look after me for a few days, so i booked us both first class to the bay area and put her on a flight with a layover through LAX where we will end up on the same flight to the bay. im sure she would have come to LA for the whole thing if i had asked her, but i know she is struggling with the idea of me doing any surgery (let alone to make my ass bigger!), and seeing me post-op and in tons of pain and draining did not seem like a nice mothers day gift. :) i will have more to write tomorrow night when i am in LA and bored, by myself, unable to eat or drink after 10pm. :)

things to remember for later - ie, the DONT PANIC list

dont panic, future self!

my ass already hurts when i sit on it in the car, or at work for too long. dont panic!

my stomach is already lumpy and irregular on some days. dont panic!

you already dont want to show off your belly in a bikini. dont panic!

thoughts on other peoples feelings about my surgery

so far, i have mostly been keeping this a secret. i am somewhat recently out of a long term relationship with someone i thought i would marry. when we were going through a rough patch last year and i asked him last year about this procedure - with the intent that he would be the beneficiary - his response was, "why would i want you to do something that would make you even more attractive to other men?" so ... the struggle is real with these jelly men, and i feel for you ladies who have to deal with jealous partners. :(

thats also why i am doing this right now! im not dating or sleeping with anyone, and no one sees me naked, which is helpful on a few counts. for one, abstaining from sex for a few weeks would cause a lot of upheaval in most of my past serious relationships and i dont want to deal with that. for two, i have been talked out of this by a previous boyfriend who insisted my body was great as it is and i was crazy to consider any augmentation. thats lovely, but at the end of the day - this is for ME to feel confident, and not to attract any men. people already stare at my ass (one dark-skinned friend jokingly asked if i was mixed race) and i want to feel confident about the shape they see today and as i move forward in life and age. and three, when youre in a partnership it can feel irresponsible to spend $10k on yourself when there are other things to spend and save for. im trying to look at the heartbreak of my breakup as a silver lining to focus on myself, and this is a HUGE one. <3

ive told about a half dozen people, most of whom dont know each other. only one person i have told is truly supportive, and i have worn that poor (straight guy!) friend out with pictures and doctor discussions. everyone else is technically supportive of my right to make decisions about my body (which i appreciate) but they dont agree with my decision. one of my best friends said: "i literally tell people to imagine a cartoon character female, and thats how you look. if you need surgery, what does that say about the rest of us?"

its been interesting to have to assure people that i dont hate my body (which i really dont! its lovely and its mine, and even on its worst days i respect and honor it for all it does for me) and that i dont judge their flaws just because i am looking to improve mine.

its kind of crazy how much emotional shiz this can bring up for other people.

supplies and packing

i ordered a ton of crap, and am starting to assemble my things for LA.

for surgery/four days of post-op:
- vitamedica vitamins
- bromelain with quercetin
- arnica pills
- arnica cream
- surgilax laxative
- extra strength tylenol
- jumbo puppy pads (chux)
- sterile abdominal sponges (although i hear kotex works better?)
- female urinal (container)
- female urinal (funnel)
- thigh high compression socks
- large inflatable pool donut for laying in and approximating sitting

i will also be getting an antibiotic, a narcotic pain killer, and a nausea script on monday

since i am flying in, i also intend to use instacart to order from whole foods and have them deliver me some food at the hotel.

in terms of clothes, i ordered a couple of caftans off etsy and ebay which i hope will just act like a giant sheet over my bindings, and also brining some wide leg cotton pants and a hoodie.

more stuff for recovery days at home:
- bristle brush for brushing
- handheld powered massager ($40)
- cups for cupping (for an acupuncture technique) ($5)
- cellulite cream
- two different cellulite massagers ($7 each, one for use in shower)
- i bought a massage table ($85 on amazon, free shipping) and intend to sleep on that some while i am recovering
- body pillow for later laying in regular bed
- im going to cut a hole in a camping chair for sitting in my living room

i have foams (four kinds!) but i dont know when to start using those.

any other suggestions?

legit wish pics

in terms of midsection and booty, this lady (daphne joy) is pretty much exactly what i want.

ive had a very fit stomach (as recently as two years ago) and it matters that my surgery doesnt interfere with me getting back to that. i also dont want a shelf; i do want volume but absolutely want a soft transition from mid back to mid booty.

question: what underwear to wear post surgery?

im pretty sure none of my regular underwear will fit post surgery.

what does everyone do for underwear? i read someone who suggested loose mens briefs, which sounds like a good idea to me.

i may also get my period the day of surgery. oyyyyyy.

any other suggestions?

an awesome pre-surgery writeup

this isnt from my doctor, but its consistent with what i have seen and its a nice writeup. (from == Preparing for Surgery Good general health and nutrition are integral parts of your recovery. The healing process that takes place after surgery is affected by your nutritional intake before surgery. Swelling, edema, bruising, discoloration, scar formation, redness, and the time to heal – all are influenced by your diet, especially in the weeks prior to surgery. Many of our patients who closely adhere to these dietary suggestions report that, in addition to the healing benefits they enjoyed, they experienced weight loss, higher energy levels, and increased mental clarity. In fact, many patients continue a healthful diet as part of their lifestyle postoperatively. Our suggestions are based on the Zone Diet, which seeks to achieve a metabolic state of optimal health in which your body works at peak efficiency. The diet’s biochemical underpinning is the maintenance of ideal levels of the hormone insulin through a dietary balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Here’s a summary of our recommendations based on the Zone Diet: Drink plenty of water per day. (Our bodies are 70% water, and all of that water needs to be continuously and aggressively replaced.) Drink eight ounces of water 30 minutes before each meal. Eat five times a day: three meals and two snacks. Eat smaller, more frequent meals with fewer calories. Eat small amounts of low-fat protein at every meal or snack. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less pasta, breads, grains, and cereals. Make sure most of your carbohydrates come from fruits and vegetables, and use grains, breads, and pastas sparingly, as condiments only. Do not eat any more protein than fits in the palm of your hand. Eat double the amount of favorable carbohydrates (whole grain) than protein at each meal. Never let more than five hours go by without eating a meal or snack Always eat breakfast, and do so within one hour of rising. Always have a small snack before bedtime. Always have a small snack a half hour before exercising. For more details, read The Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears, or visit Drugs to Avoid Eliminate cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke completely before and after surgery. Do not use any herbs or supplements unless cleared by Dr. Pollard’s office. And eliminate alcohol and drugs such as steroids, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines. Cigarette smoke (including secondhand smoke) affects your lungs, heart, blood vessels, and the way in which wounds heal. It changes the way an anesthetic drug works during surgery and can have a profound impact on your surgical results. While some herbs and supplements can contribute to a healthier, longer life, new evidence proves that their benefits are derived mainly by functioning as blood thinners. Using a blood thinner will complicate your anesthesia, surgery, and healing. It is imperative that you do not take any dietary supplement, vitamin, or herbal or homeopathic medicine for at least two weeks prior to surgery and that you tell Dr. Pollard about any drugs you have taken within the past month. Take Approved Supplements Two weeks before surgery, start taking 500 mg of Vitamin C once or twice a day. Vitamin C promotes healing and is a free-radical scavenger. Look for Vitamin C that is time-release and pure (that is, not mixed with any bioflavonoid or anything else). Take Arnica Montana (30c dosage) the night before your surgery. (Arnica Montana is available in health food stores. You should purchase 30c tablets. Obtaining the correct dosage is important as it reflects the dilution. A 30x dosage is ten times more concentrated.) Take two tablets, three times a day, for the first three days after surgery. Place the tablets under your tongue about 15 minutes to 30 minutes before eating. Take 500 mg (or 100 GDU) of Bromelain two times on the day before surgery and continue for five more days after surgery. This pineapple enzyme, which decreases bruising, is available in health food stores. Preoperative Checklist THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO SURGERY Stop taking all aspirin and blood thinning supplements and vitamins. Stop all anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, and any medications that contain aspirin. Stop taking Vitamin E, except as included in your multivitamin. Stop smoking and avoid all secondhand smoke. Either form of smoke can cause serious problems with the healing of wounds. Submit a list of all medications, vitamins, supplements, herbals, and over-the-counter medications for our review and recommendations. If you have any questions about medication you are taking, please call our office. Maintain a healthy diet. TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO SURGERY Stop excessive use of alcoholic beverages, as they can thin the blood and cause bleeding. Start your supplements and vitamins as recommended by Dr. Pollard. If you are having major liposuction, begin taking an iron supplement. Follow the preoperative diet outlined above. Fill your prescriptions. ONE WEEK PRIOR TO SURGERY If you desire, color or perm your hair. Make arrangements to have someone accompany you to and from surgery. Get proper nutrition and rest. Do not stay up late or work long hours. THREE DAYS PRIOR TO SURGERY If you are having facial surgery, wash your face thoroughly twice daily. Also wash behind the ears. Stop all skin creams, Obagi, and Retin-A. Use cleansers only. Stop exercising. THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY Do not eat or take anything by mouth after midnight. This includes water, black coffee, mints, gum, lozenges, or cough drops. Shower and wash and condition your hair as usual. Do not use hair spray, hair gel, or mousse. THE DAY OF SURGERY If you wish, shower in the morning and wash and condition your hair. Do not use hairspray, hair gel, or mousse. Do not wear makeup, lipstick, deodorant, hairpins, or moisturizer. Do not wear contact lenses. Bring a case for your glasses. Do not wear any jewels or valuables. Wear loose-fitting clothing, button-up shirts, elastic waist pants, and slip-on shoes. If you are having facial surgery, bring a scarf, sunglasses, or hooded sweatshirt to wear after your surgery. Brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Do not swallow any water or other liquids. Do not drive your own car or take a cab to or from surgery.

in the waiting room

did my paperwork! I'm completely freaked out. this feels like a dream, or someone else's life. this is my first surgery ever. holy shit. O_O

on the other side - nine days post

so, i made it to the other side!

surgery was intense, but i made it through. i will do another post on that since i keep starting posts and not finishing them before theyre lost. i will say that nayely is wonderful, and a total godsend.

thank you so much for all of your notes on my waiting room post. i was alone, and freaking out. <3

today, i am nine days post. im still VERY sore in my trunk, and my ass is very hard - although the skin has softened a tiny bit, which is something. yesterday or the day before i developed light versions of the golf ball dents in my booty that seem to be common post-surgery. i texted dr hazani last night to ask when i can start massaging my butt, because i have read thats the solution, but AFAIK he doesnt want us massaging our booty until 2 weeks out and he hasnt replied yet. my glute muscles and the fat are both achy, so i wish i could get in there and am dying to get started. the skin is also super itchy from being stretched, so i have been doing a regular topical regimen of arnica, clarins stretch mark lotion, clarins oil, and aloe, and then brushing with my lymphatic brush when i am itchy. i have super sensitive skin, so i am just trying to keep it from freaking out. the shower water both stirs the itch and calms it, and when i get out i feel better... so i am sticking to two showers a day for a while, after which i do the above products with enough time for them to dry and sink in between applications.

i started professional lymphatic massages this week, and they help. my bruises change/recede a lot after every appointment, and i can feel the draining in my throat as i type this. (gross, but legit.) dr hazani said theyre not necessary, but i think they are worthwhile so i am proceeding, on top of the twice daily massage i do myself in the shower and with the arnica. i found a couple of practitioners, including one who does out-calls (where they come to you), through yelp and its been good so far.

i still sleep on my stomach at night and i get an intermittent burning sensation in my belly where the pressure is, but its better than it has been. i also get a lot of swelling at night and the next day when i have more activity (walking around, grocery shopping, working, etc). ive been taking benadryl at night (or tylenol PM, same active ingredients), and am trying to wean myself off of that.

i havent been wearing my garment because it hurts so much to put on/take off, and i live alone so i dont have help. the biggest downside is that when its on it feels like its dragging the skin downwards in a way which is both creepy and very uncomfortable, so i have instead been using belly wraps and ace bandages over a fitted tank top, turned inside out to avoid seams on the bottom.

in terms of sitting, i have found that if i kneel with a very very soft fluffy pillow on my ankles, i can kind of sit down for a little while. i also squat on a yoga ball, and i bought a laptop stand for my desk which lets me stand to work at home. i find that any position gets uncomfortable after several minutes, so there is a lot of shifting and moving around.

standing is ok, except that my booty is so tight that its hard to stand erect. it takes all my effort to force my legs directly upright, and consequently my walking gait is weird as fuck because my legs dont go back beyond my hips like in a normal stride. i cant tell if i should be stretching or not, at this point... so if any of you vets have advice, please let me know! :)

(photos to come once i make it to a store, or a place that isnt identifiable as my house. xo)

when can i start massaging my booty??

my poor glutes! when can i start massaging my ass? i unconsciously (lightly) rub it all the time, but i am used to foam roller twice a day and bodywork every other week... i am 11 days post and i am dying to let my massage therapist get in there! >:0

two weeks today!

so, i hit two weeks today. whoaaaaaaaaa. i am feeling pretty good, but i havent actually gone in to my office yet - i can work from home, but i will need to put in some time there this week for sure, so i am wary of that. :/ yesterday i took my bike out of the garage and rode it around standing up, to get a little exercise. (dr h, dont kill me!) unlike your vascular system, which relies on your heart, the lymphatic system doesnt have a pump to propel its fluids through your body... this means you have to rely on muscle contraction, exercise, or massage to help your body eliminate cellular waste. i have a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen which is presenting as an upside down shelf - kind of like an overhanging ridge - and i want to help move this out. an hour or so later i started getting a lot of drainage down my throat (ew), so i believe it helped. i have also been doing professional massages, and LORD they are helping! last week i went monday, tuesday, wednesday, and friday, and one LMT who works with a local BBL surgeon said she has literally never seen anyone progress as quickly as i did from monday to friday. if youre in the bay area, feel free to PM me for some massage therapist (LMT) recommendations. my stomach is pretty hard; i cant tell if its the abdominal wall or what, but one LMT says its normal. i was laying on my belly this weekend and started to laugh so hard i was crying, and i felt like i tore something in my belly mid-laugh. :| so thats creepy and weird. in good news, my booty started to soften a bit this weekend, especially after i took a long time in the shower to scrub my booty and torso (all surgery areas) using a body scrub and a cellulite scrubber other women posted about. i try to spend five or ten minutes massaging my injured body in the shower, telling it out loud that i love and appreciate it, and thats its doing a good job and is safe now to heal and get well. i know this shit sounds crazy, but a massage therapist who specializes in post-surgery massage told me to do it, and i dont see how it could hurt (except by making the neighbors think i am crazy, but whatever). i started with just the scrub and my hands and as the pain got easier i added the tool. its hard to explain how it felt; kind of prickly, but also like the skin was dying to be opened up and worked on. after shower, i did my standard aveeno lotion, arnica gel, and then clarins stretch mark lotion. later that day, i felt a lot better! i went out for a neighborhood walk on saturday, and in a few short blocks a number of men were straight up *staring* at my front side; i didnt see what they thought of the back, but i assume they were happy with that too. yesterday i went out to a bar for part of a game, and it was a little weird to try and "own" my new booty. i still sort of feel like i need to cover it up, or that maybe i am a fraud. :O do other women get this? is this totally nuts? i also have a lot of natural hip shake and swagger when i walk, so all this stiffness is messing with my gait and makes me feel not-myself. when i was out walking, a man leaned out his window and yelled that i have a great ass, and later on someone else asked if they could follow me home and marry me in the morning. i also had a lot of attention at the bar... i got a lot before the surgery, but i feel like this was a new level of intensity. today i had another massage with my regular lady, and i let her rub into the booty lightly because my poor ass is dying for it and we agreed that it wanted the circulation help. :( afterwards i stopped to see my male friend who has known about this from the beginning. i asked him to be honest with me about whether its an unreasonable size and i should cover up for another week, and he said it looks natural-blessed and that people will stare at it because it looks awesome and not because it looks fake. he said that i shouldnt worry about coworkers noticing; that since i already had a booty, it just looks good, not massively different. he also said, "mission accomplished" when he first saw it. so i am encouraged by that! i am still sleeping on my stomach, and trying to give my body space and time to heal and not making any judgments. im also trying not to worry about the pooch at the top of my booty. its like a mini-shelf, and not at all what i wanted, but i am just trying not to have much of an opinion. i was hoping to fly back to LA and see dr hazani this week, but i am not sure i can make it happen. :/ im also still working on my surgery post. it will be long, but its coming!

tips on flying, post-surgery

this was in response to a question, but my answer was so long i thought i would make it a post! i spent the first part of my airport time alone, and my mom was on a connection so we flew home together. the flight was a bear, but i did several things: 1. book first class. even if its just a bigger seat and not a lay-flat, theyre more tolerant of creepy behavior (like wanting to stand a lot). this also gives you priority check-in access, which is important, and in some cases gives you short security access. 2. request wheelchair access beforehand from the airline! you can usually do it online, or else just call the airline reservation desk and they can arrange it. i intended to use my flight padding to sit in the wheelchair, but instead i just told the kind assistant that it would be best for me to walk, so i had him wheel my stuff very very slowly while i walked next to him (since it hurt my midsection to bear any weight in my arms). its a free service, but i gave my guy a $20 tip for being so tolerant. 3. if your ticket wont get you access to a lounge (varies by airline, but often domestic first class wont qualify), pay for it. because i ended up with so much extra time, i paid $60 to access the delta lounge at LAX for about two hours. COMPLETELY WORTH IT. i found a bench seat to lay facedown on, and nobody bothered me about anything. i even left my shit sitting around while i went to the very clean and large bathroom or when i would occasionally get up to get a complementary juice or a snack, with no fear of security problems. helpfully, they called another wheelchair for me when it was time to board my flight - which means you get on the plane extra extra early. 4. when i was stepping on the plane, i introduced myself to the pilots and flight staff. i told them that i was sitting in the first row of first class and that i had recently had surgery on my abdomen (i hate lying but its also none of their business). i said i would be attempting to stand as much as possible per my doctors orders, but that i would try to stay as far out of their way as possible. i also offered to show them a letter from my doctor, but they didnt seem concerned. 5. i chose to wear a billowy caftan dress, and to wear the binder on the outside of my clothes. dont be afraid to look like an invalid (or a crazy person)! this makes it more apparent to random people that you are in a bad way - which isnt for sympathy! you dont want random other travelers knocking in to you. at one point my sweet mom obliviously hit me in the ass with my carryon bag, and i nearly screamed. 6. in terms of your plane seat: put the pillow dr hazani gives you on the seat, near to your knees. i had my mom hold it in place while i sat, which made it easier. i used a lumbar pillow behind my back, but i saw another girl who used a backpack. (my shoulders and back were far too sore for that, but you could try it.) the whole point is to make a void where your ass can hang down. i then put my seat belt on, and braced myself against the armrests to help hold myself up. once the seatbelt sign was off, i either stood at my seat, or stood in the aisle (further back), or turned backwards and kneeled in my seat. (i had also warned the people behind me about my situation, so as to not creep them out.) in general, i found that an early heads up to people around you and a strong sense of humor about everything made it all go smoother. 7. drink a lot of water, and pee a lot. peeing is important, but its also a good excuse to get up. :) this is also why first class is important; you share a bathroom with eight to twelve people, instead of 200.

butt feeling softer and generally less stiff, but my butt feels oddly COLD today. is this normal??

day 17. feeling good enough last night and today to dance around the house a bit, and even limber enough to finally shave my legs (!!!!) - awkwardly, but still! i did it! omgggggg BUT .... my butt feels cold! not really to the touch, but kind of from the inside. what the hell is this? is this normal? :O i hope this is circulation changes and reduced swelling and not all my fat dying off. @_@

skin discoloration on fair skin

so on my sides my skin is very blotchy and discolored; not quite bruising, but it looks a little like that. this is also a very hard area - i.e., the skin feels thin and it's very ropey and hard underneath. I'm 3 weeks and 2 days. is this common? does it resolve itself?

overhang of lymphatic fluid or swelling, maybe needs draining? (4 weeks, 3 days today)

i do a lot of massage, and i also recently switched to a smaller size garment. i ALSO got very, very sick, and i think my whole system was just overloaded with trying to clear everything out of my system. often the next morning after massage i have a little ridge / overhang at the base of my abdomen, just inside of my hip bone. in the photo i included it looks like a bruise but thats a shadow for the bulge. it seems to be where swelling collects (or backs up, right above the lymph collection in the thigh fold/groin). its definitely worse on my left side. lately it burns when i put pressure on it from laying on my stomach, but thats also how my whole abdomen used to feel. my doctor says it will absorb eventually, but that if its fluid he may be able to drain it. anyone else encounter this issue?

a quick note on stitches - get them out in a timely fashion!

in case i forget to mention this - dr H uses dissolvable stitches on the back incisions. if you live near him and have access, he will take them out for you. from what i have seen, you really dont want them in longer than 7-10 days (although, obviously, defer to dr H on that). after two weeks i was going crazy because my stitches were irritated and catching on everything, so i swung by an urgent care spot to have them snipped out. unfortunately, the PA on duty was judgmental and rude, and only took one out for me. thankfully, it finally occurred to me to call my dermatologist, who got me in right away and quickly snipped my remaining stitches out for me. she said i should use the silicone tape and not to bother with biocorneum - she said tape is more effective, and she carries biocorneum for places people dont want to use tape (like your face, ha). anyhow, i was happy to hear i didnt need to drop $60 on a gel and could use a $10 roll of tape off amazon. :) so ladies, get your stitches out on time and theyll heal better! <3


bedtime the night night before surgery, may 8th (i had eaten and drank a lot of water since i had a 7AM surgery): bra line 31.5 natural waist 30 belly button 37.5 <--- lol top of hips 40 bottom of hips 42 this past saturday (almost five weeks post): bra line 29 natural waist 28 belly button 32.5 top of hips 40.5 bottom of hips 43.25 so the measurements dont show it but i do look a lot better, and the biggest thing is that i dont have to suck it in all on my belly, which is funny to get used to. i dont have recorded measurements from the first eleven days because i was wrapped up so much that it wasnt reasonable, plus i was trying not to obsess and was very distracted by trying to heal. in retrospect, thats probably foolish but is what it is. :) i do wish my booty was a little bigger and im starting to have concerns: - i still have a small, poochy top shelf which i am not sure was lipo'd (which makes sense, actually, even though i told him to; i think it would be hard to see when i was laying flat facedown on the operating table) - my lateral depression seems to be coming back on one side, but not really the other. this is made more obvious by the poochy shelf and i am afraid my ass is going to look square. :| - the little swelling overhang on the front, which i am watching but fly down to see dr H this week to get drained before he goes on vacation. in good news, my sides are looking better, but i do still have discoloration from the original pooling of bruises.

trying that measurement screenshot again...

hopefully this is easier to read

had a follow up/seroma review with another (local) surgeon

i have been stressing a bit about this little overhang i have on my lower abdomen. my major concern is that it will somehow harden and become permanent. this past week, i sent dr H a video. he called me, and said he "wasnt very impressed" with my seroma (that is: he didnt see anything to be worried about) but that he would happily see me if i wanted to fly to him, and would even make time to come in on his only off day before he left town for three weeks if that worked best. he said we could try to aspirate it, but that it may not need it. so i was going to mad-dash fly to see dr hazani before he left for his vacation, but i emailed a local surgeon i did a consult with (who it turned out i had mutual friends with) to see if he would look at me and recommend whether i get drained and/or travel to see dr H. ive heard surgeons dont like to do this, but i thought i would give it a shot. the local surgeon (dr B) called dr H just to give him a heads up that his patient was going to be seen by another doc; i guess dr H answered, and the two of them actually spoke for a while and dr B really liked and was impressed by dr Hs background. anhow, dr B looked at me, and concurred that it wasnt anything to be concerned about and said it was better to leave it as-is than to risk introducing bacteria by draining it. he also told me to just pack it with more padding, and that it would go down over time. he also said i looked really great and that i could expect my light poofy swelling on my belly and the top of my ass to keep going down. :D TL;DR: seroma is blessed as fine by two docs!

six weeks today!!

holy ish. six weeks! officially off all restrictions. dr H says it's ok to massage my butt.

still wearing my garment, plus foams when I am home. in the last week my stomach has gotten a little more swollen on the right side, which is weird, but I'm just trying to be patient.

I spent some time in bed late last night and this morning trying different sleeping positions to see how my ass feels as I move through them. it mostly is pressure and kind of burning feeling. not sure how to take that, or how to know when it's fine to sleep on my butt. :/

I'm going to keep using pillows to drive and sit, but I do want to start integrating my ass back into my body with more massage and movement. I'm dying to use my foam roller but that seems terrifying still.

seven weeks and one day

so, i am just past seven weeks. things are looking pretty good, but there are a few things to note...

1. my ass measurements are the same as the night before surgery. i am 5'3", about 150, and i had a booty before. i DONT have a lot of stretchy skin on my ass (something some PS noted as a potential issue), but apparently the dr hazani got 1040CCs into each cheek. this seems weird, though, that my ass isnt bigger than it is. the shape is definitely better -- but its about what i was at a few months ago, naturally.

2. i have two poochy spots on my stomach, both on the right side. one is under my breast crease (which is an area i asked to have liposuctioned) and another patched between that and my belly button. they dont show well in photos, but theyre definitely there.

3. the top of my butt is a high poochy shelf, and i have some flattening between that and the bottom of my butt. this was the exact thing i was trying to fix, so i am disappointed to see it... but i am also just letting it be whatever it is going to be.

4. ive started layoing on my back a bit, with padding under my back to elevate me slightly. my ass is already back almost to its original state, and im officially off restriction for everything (at six weeks), so im trying to relax my body and get it used to normal life again. i still drive with the pillow though, and havent been back at work yet so am not sitting all day.
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