BBL 38 Yr 2 Kids Prior Lipo and Tummy Tuck Done - Beverly Hills, CA

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I decided I wanted to do something crazy and life...

I decided I wanted to do something crazy and life changing before I turned 40. I'm single, never married with no boyfriend either. So I decided the BBL was it. I previously had tummy tuck and lip in my late 20's. I searched and searched on the internet and read reviews and looked at the before and after pics of drs. I think the pics say alot about the dr. I had three consultations. The first one was with Athenix Body Sculpting in Orange County. I didn't even talk to the dr. It was the patient care consultant, which didn't work there a month later I found out. Second consultation was with Dr. Sejal Patel, Beverly Hills. All his pics were amazing. I didn't like the location of the consultation because of the traffic in mid downtown LA. Other than that, he took time to speak and study your body at the consultation. He is pretty pricey but I can tell he is good! Third consultation was with Beverly Hills Physician in Pasadena. That was a joke. The Dr. said I didn't have enough fat. I think he was just lazy because I heard if you had prior lipo it's more work for the Dr. with the 2nd lipo.

I will post more photos as I heal.

two week post op update/ bbl pilllow/ foam pads/ witch hazel oil/ lymphatic drainage massage

I'm still hard as a rock around my abs and sides. I love being in my sweats, baggy sweatshirts, braless, house sleepers, no make up and ponytails. Not feeling sexy yet. Lol. I tried on some clothes two days ago just to feel excited again. I love how my flanks don't hang out anymore. They used to hang out soo bad, my clothes rolled under them every time I would sit down. One thing I stressed to Dr was that fact I had no shape. No waist at all. This surgery wasn't just about a big butt, it was about having a womanly figure. My body type was sqaure, no hips no shape what so ever. As you can see in the pictures.. I have a swoop in the back, and I can see a waist now!!! Simply beautiful...

It's been hard to sleep and get back on a regular schedule again. I had to go back to work and boy, was I uncomfortable. Today I had to go to a family dinner and be around family. Luckily I had purchased a BBL pillow that I used to sit on. It goes under your hamstrings so your not sitting on your booty. It leaves space between the chair and buttocks. I'll be using this for a long time to get the best results possible. I highly recommend purchasing one for anyone who plans on a BBL. It helped tremendously when I had to go poop for the first time after the BBL around day 4. I used it today to go to dinner and drive locally. It is a life saver.

Most of my bruising is gone, whats left is in my inner thighs and my left breast. Ironic how I didn't get lipo on those areas and bruising there the longest. I've been applying Witch Hazel oil on my bruises for a week now, supposed to increase blood flow near the skins surface. I had two lymphatic drainage massages this past week hoping it would help with the healing. Masseuse said I should drink water with freshly squeezed lemon to help rid of toxins. Also, the garment Dr gave me was too tight. It was soo tight it created an indent on my left side that has not gone away. I will have my two week visit with Dr. Monday so hope he gives me possibility that it will go away. I purchased Lipo Foam pads which just got delivered yesterday so I've been putting them between my garment and skin to help smooth it out. By the way I did purchase another garment as soon I realized what it was doing. My Dr didn't advise on any of these remedies, I found them from researching the internet. All he gave me was natural herb to take with my meds, Arnica. I hope it will come to use for those of you who plan on a BBL.

I plan on hitting the gym Monday and begin with light cardio and using light dumbells for my upper body. Not ready for anything heavy yet. Let's not forget I haven't worked out since November because I wanted to get nice and beefy for the surgery. I have to loose at least 20 lbs. I have been taking walks around the block but get tired easily. My skins feels so heavy and tight. I walk like an old lady. It's actually exhausting. I take naps at least once a day. My butt feels okay, still hard but it's mostly my lipo areas that bother me most. I don't remember it being this painful when I had lipo in my late 20's.

I just want to hurry up and heal, show off my new body, new me, new beginning!

3 week postop. my butt looks smaller

I'm still sore and swollen around my abs. I don't remember when was the last time I had a good night's rest. Dr advised I hold off on working out this week. I've noticed my butt doesn't look so perky as the first week. There's also a dimple on my left butt check that looks flattened out. Hope it smoothes out. I've avoided sitting on my bottom these last 3 weeks. I hope my waist shrinks more once my swelling goes down. Well that's what Dr said it would do. Therefore giving me more of that hourglass figure. I've been wearing my double steel corset as much as possible but it hurts with the swelling still there. I can't walk normal as it is. I can't bend over. I'm hard as a rock. I have my 3 week follow up tomorrow. I'm going out for my sisters 40th bday on Friday 13th so I'm hoping once I get all dolled up I'll feel better.

back to regular routine

My swelling has gone down. My abs are still hard. It feels like a stretched out rubber band sometimes. I've tried my best to get back to a regular routine. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I can't jog like I used to, at least not yet. I want to do crossfit again but I'm not ready with the tight hard skin on my ab area. My butt has shrinked a bit. There is a part of my butt that goes flat. Dr said it's my old butt trying to come back. He said I can do another bbl just for that small section. NO thank you! I'd rather try squatting it out and hope I can get it rounder. I need to loose 20lbs. My fear is loosing more of the fat transfer. I gained weight prior to surgery on purpose. I've tried avoiding sitting as much as possible but it's hard especially if your trying to go back to a regular routine. I sit on my BBL pillow when I'm driving and the days I work in the office. I never sit down when I'm at home. I watch TV on my knees on the couch and eat standing up. I do have to say I get stared at alot more by men. Even at the grocery store men would stare. I went to a club for my sisters bday and my butt was grabbed on twice as I walked thru the crowd to go to the restroom. Smh.

summer is around the corner

I'm almost at two months and I feel much better. I can't wait to hit the beach. I've been working out hard core for two weeks now trying to tone up again. Get my legs and arms tight. Doing 500 sit ups every other day. Trying to get sexy abs to go with the booty. I truly believe I won't see my true results for 3 months. My abs are getting softer but still feel hard. If I sit a certain way I get ugly dents and creases. Hard to explain. So can't sit for too long.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr was very personable. Always available. Responded to every email, text or call. He always listened to my concerns. I like that he was very experienced with body sculpting and BBL together.

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