bbl-30 yrs old-120lbs - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've wanted this since 2014 but, I've always been...

I've wanted this since 2014 but, I've always been scared and this year I called vanity but after a lot of issues finally decided to go with Hazani. I sent him some of my pictures and he quoted me 8900 and he said he'll do my thighs "free", so I payed my deposit to lock the date and price. I wanted to get the bbl on Diciembre but they said they are too busy around that time so they gave me January 6. Here are my actual and wish pictures.

Wish pictures

Supplies needed

Hello girls I'm buying the things I will need for surgery, I already bought the lipo foams, but I only got 3, for the girls who already went through this what supplies you guys REALLY needed, cause I seen some girls who bought I lot of stuff and some others don't. Please I need your help.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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