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I put my deposit down after seeing my friend's...

I put my deposit down after seeing my friend's results. I am nervous, but excited - still got lots of time to go though. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time, but just didn't take that step. Seeing my friend really helped to push me. I am Asian - typical Asian body, petite, short, and unfortunately now chubby. I always weighed between 100-110 lbs until I turned 28... after I turned 28 it was like WTF, I just blew up. I must admit, I do love to eat & don't work out like I should, but it was never an issue, my metabolism was always fast, but I guess with age it just slowwwwwwed down. On a positive note, at least I have enough fat now for a BBL :) Now I just have to focus on not gaining anymore weight so my skin can recoil & not be saggy after the surgery. I am always looking on realself at before & afters & following others' journeys & now I am on a journey of my own :) Hopefully you guys will follow me too :)

Changed my date

My original date was set in February of 2017, but I got it changed to Nov 14th!!!!!! It's 2 months away! I am sooooo nervous, anxious & excited all at the same time. I need to get prepared. What do I get? I want to start getting the stuff ready so I don't have to worry about it as the date gets closer. I will be flying in then flying back after a few days. I can only miss work for one week.... :( Kind of sad about that, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm thinking about losing some weight beforehand... what do you guys think? After much research, it looks as if the girls who were already fit had a nicer looking butt. My focus is really getting my stomach as flat as possible and waist as small as possible. Ahhhhhh.. so many things to think about!

Before photos & items I bought

Here are some before photos of me & a list of stuff I bought. The list doesn't include lipofoam but I did get lipofoam!

2 Days Post Op

I had my surgery Monday. Surprisingly he was able to give me 1350 CC. I was okay after surgery, and yesterday. I didn't feel much pain. My ass isn't burning or anything. Today however my lipo areas are in pain. The hardest thing is getting up out of bed and sleeping on my stomach. My neck & shoulders are super tight. I've been trying to walk around & get some blood circulation flowing. My face is a bit swollen probably from sleeping too much. My butt is super bruised. Arnica gel seems to be working. I'll post another update soon.

3rd day post op

I went outside for a 10 minute walk today to get some sun & feel somewhat alive. Bruising is going down, swelling not so much yet. Lipo areas feel like it's filled with fluid. I'm using the lipo foam but I''not sure what it's doing. The binder Hazani gave me is way too big as in it's digging into my hips & folding up a bit. I'm wondering if I should start wearing my Leonisa garment although I've read that it shouldn't be worn until the 2nd week of recovery. Can any of you help me out with this dilemma?? I took my first poop yesterday (thank goodness) & I took another one today, but I did need help wiping ????. I've been drinking as much pineapple juice as possible but it's getting to the point where I want to gag everytime I drink it. I'm hoping things will be better by Saturday the flight home is Sunday morning ???? .

Help - any recommendations

Any help on how to sleep more comfortably on my stomach would be greatly appreciated!!!

Loving my new results

9 Days post op & I'm loving it. Lipo area still hurt but I've been back at work since day 7. No pain pills no nausea just swelling & bruising. Bruising is almost gone but lipo area are still swollen. Gonna call Hazani to see if I need to get drained, but so far I feel great! Previous measurements: 36 30 37. Now I'm 36 27 43 ????

New pics

Pics from the back clothed & unclothed. :) I love my new curves!
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