BA with Fat Graft, BBL - 22.Y.O No Kids , Kenneth Hughes - Beverly Hills, CA

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I was originally not going to write a review, but...

I was originally not going to write a review, but I feel like the community answered so much of my answers that I had to give back! However, although so many of my questions were answered, I really realized through this process that everyones process is going to be different. Both physical and psychological.

I am officially one week post op. I am officially off my painkillers now, and have had the majority of my bruising healed. My stomach, inner thighs and butt are still incredibly sore and sensitive, I can't wait until I can finally feel normal again! This is such a slow process!! But wow, my results look amazing! I really hope that both my breasts and my butt do not shrink as much, because I am looking perfect right now :)!

I wish I could just speed up time and be fully healed and have my butt not be so rock hard!! I want to feel normal again already! Life feels like its going by so slowly because I am just waiting to be healed up. 6 weeks doesn't sound too long, but it honestly feels like forever, especially since it's only been 1 week. I also can't even take naps longer than 3 hours. I have to wake up a couple times in the middle of the night, and then take naps sometimes during the day. I am not working until next week, so it is completely fine for now but I hope that eventually I can get some good sleep before work!

The worst part about healing is that I have been incredibly itchy!! all over my stomach, butt, and inner thigh! I understand that when my body is healing, I will probably be super itchy because I have nerves around the damaged areas in my body, but damn! I is like constantly itchy :( Any ladies have that problem? My skin is so sensitive and itchy!! It is killing me!

Also, I use to sleep on a halo lilo mattress (mattress with a hole in it to put your butt in), but it was incredibly uncomfortable. I ended up just packing pillows underneath my stomach and my head so my breasts don't get compressed when I'm sleeping. It is honestly more comfortable that way, so don't even bother buying that mattress!

When did your stitches fall out?

Officially 11 days post op. Stitches are still in my body. When did your stitches go away? Just curious.

2 weeks post op! Such a slow recovery!!

Hi ladies! I am officially 2 weeks post op! I am slowly but surely feeling better and better each day. I am still sore all around my sides/lower back and most DEFINITELY inner thighs, but it is getting better. Bruising is 90% gone. My butt is also getting softer! I still don't get great sleep at night, but that is probably because I am sleeping on my back. I can't wait to be finally over with recovery! I wish i can speed past this part and just start my normal life again. It's been such a mental struggle and physical struggle, and it totally sucks knowing that I have so many more weeks to go. I am still itchy from the nerve regeneration, but not as bad as before. My butt appears to have gone down, but that is probably due to swelling. I do not plan on spending money on getting revision bbl and making it bigger, so I am just going to be happy with the way I am and probably work out the moment I can. Regardless, I still think my body looks looks very natural. I definitely still look like i have an ass, just a tiny perky booty. It doesn't look like I had surgery because the change is not too drastic. With squats, I'm sure I can make it look even bigger. Will post pictures soon!

I miss being able to sit so bad! I feel like I am just constantly uncomfortable because no position can make me feel comfortable if I can not lay on my back :/ you never really realize how great the little things are until they are gone haha.

Some parts of my sides and lower back feel rock hard, and there are lumps there too. Should I be worried? I feel like thats still my body swelling up because of the lipo, but it should not be fat necrosis because it is not on my butt. I have gained back a good amount of sensation in those areas though. Right after surgery, my entire lower back felt numb and part of my sides as well.

I am literally going by this week by week. I hope that next week I will be a lot better!

Photos: 16 days post op

Butt shrunk a little bit but it is getting softer. Shelf is smoothing out

3 weeks 2 days post op (23 days)

Hi ladies! I am officially 3 weeks 2 days post op! Only 5 more days until I am 1 month post op. Woo hoo!! More than halfway there! Nothing really changed about my look since the last pictures I took, so I don't think I will post any. I am starting to be a lot less sore all over too. There is still a swollen bump on the left back side of my sides, but it is going down a little bit every day. I hope that it isn't anything serious, but I am pretty sure that I am fine. My inner thighs are still a bit sore, but overall I feel 95% myself. Everything is just sore when I touch/press on it, but if I am just moving around I barely feel anything at all. I still wake up to my body kind of sore, but I have gotten use to that by now. I am also able to sleep pretty well and sound at night now too! I guess my body really just had to get use to sleeping on my stomach. Some of my stitches fell out already, I can't wait until I can start treating them with scar cream!

All of the numb parts of my body gained feeling back again, and the itching from the nerve regeneration finally stopped (THANK GOD). That was probably one of the most painful parts of the surgery, having an itch that feels underneath your skin that you honestly can't scratch out because your skin is numb. The first week is definitely the hardest part of this recovery.

My butt is also getting softer! I compared it with my sisters butt, and it feels pretty similar! Of course, mine is a bit harder, but honestly it's not too noticeable! I'm sure that after 2 months, I will feel completely natural! I can not wait until I can get back to my normal routine of working out, sitting on my butt and sleeping on my back!

A weird thing is that I am suppose to get my period around this time, but I am late. I know for sure I am not pregnant because I got my period after the last time I had sex, so this is a bit unusual? I read online that surgery supposedly makes your periods irregular, but I am not too sure. I hope that this is true.

That's all I have for now! I will keep this updated as much as I can.

1 month post op!

Hi dolls! I am officially one month post op starting today! Dr. Hughes says that I can take off my garment now and switch to spanx, but I think I will just wear the garment for the full 6 weeks. I dont normally wear spanx, so I can't find any reason to spend more money on something I won't wear if I can just use the garment given. It doesn't bother me at all wearing it now because I am use to it. I am still sore on the lilpoed areas and my butt, but it is getting a lot better. When I wake up I don't feel sore anymore. I have tried sitting on my butt, and it feels super weird. It feels sore still, but doable. I have also begun treating my scars with silicone sheets. They are so incredibly annoying, because they don't stick that well. I would wake up and they would be off :/ But I hear those are really good ways to heal your scars! Dr Hughes told me to use them too. I hope within a couple months it will really affect the look of the scars greatly. Butt still looks the same as the 3 weeks post op, and I think it is honestly here to stay. I just want the 6 weeks to be up so I can start working it out in the gym!

I went shopping at Victoria's Secret and found out that i moved up from a 34b to a 34c! Thats amazing. I actually get cleavage now, and my friends notice! They say it looks super nice! My boobs look really big. I am pretty pleased with the results of the fat grafting there, but the scar looks kind of ugly right now. I hope that it will heal nice! Oh, and I did not mention it, but my boobs softened up by the 3rd week. They basically feel the same now, completely natural. I am pretty sure they are healed up completely by now, but I am still sleeping with a couple pillows underneath my stomach to not put pressure on them yet still. Don't want to lose them!

That's my update for now! I will post pics later!
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Doctor Hughes was amazing! I was super nervous going into his office, but his staff was incredibly nice and he was really calming. He is incredibly confident in his skills, even says he is the best at it. He definitely seemed super skilled. After all, he does do multiple BBL procedures in a day. I did not spend too much time talking to him, his answers were short and concise. The moment he answered all my questions, we began the procedure. I probably spent less than an hour talking to him in total...even the follow up. He is super responsive when it comes to emails as well! Easy to reach out to. Even on weekends!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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