5'9 Slim Now I have a booty =) Thank you Dr. H

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#1. Super excited i found this site with so many...

#1. Super excited i found this site with so many people on a similar path =) grateful for all the stories shared and tips...it has made this so much easier, so thank you!!!

I have a scheduled BBL with Dr.Hazani for 2-23 I am so excite and nervous all at the same time =P
Height 5"9 1/2
Normal Weight 125lbs
Current Weight 137lbs
Let me tell you gaining weight is the part I'm struggling with...I have been trying to gain weight since about 9-15. I have been eating ALL carbs and those Ensure Plus drink, slowly but surely.
Since my body frame is on the smaller side, I'm really just looking for a booty that will fit my body...NO Kim.k or Nikki (even though they look good on some of you ladies =)) More like a Jessica Biel.
Dr.Hazani was super professional and me being a bit of a "particular" i made it clear i want something moderate. I'm very comfortable with my choice in doctor and now...we wait.
Dr. Hazani recommend i gain a little bit more weight...But he will be doing a fat transfer from the following areas: Flanks, Back, Tummy, Thigh/ inner knee .

Lost a couple pounds =((

OMG I lost 2 lbs in the past 3 days...ughh....im getting worried =(( i might not even be heavy enough now...considering to reschedule maybe another week?!?!? GRRR... But tomorrow I have blood work =)

4 days away...nerves are setting in....

i can't believe I'm 4 days away....im attaching my updated pre weight no booty pics...i think that i will get me dream behind, as i don't want a huge butt but just something that looks natural on my body, and i didn't mention this before butt I'm not getting any fat transfer to my hips.

I'm a little worried on how much he will be able to even take out because i have a small frame but I'm a tall girl. Im skinny fat so who knows.

I also of course have been stalking all hazani dolls to see the cc's they get...what i get from it i would like 900-1000 cc in each check...considering my height and frame. what do you ladies think?

Sitting in the waiting room :))

Okay I still can't believe I'm going to get a hinney but I'm super excited. Not sure exactly my weight but I'll post it after they weight me in :))

Soon... Booty hehe

Just waiting it out but a little side info for those wondering my height 5"9 1/2 normal weight 123-125 lbs.... My weight as of 30 mins ago... Drum roll (only bc this was a huge struggle) 140.5 lbs. I'll keep you posted :)


My nausea was terrible I threw up a straight 20+hours until we got an IV nurse. Not sure if I had an allergy to medcine which neither I knew of pr the doctors. But dr. Hazani was amazing he called several times spoke to my BF and they figured it out. My BF turkey appreciated the type of Doctor that dr.hazani is. "I want to practice safe medcine..."

Finally feeling better

Finally feeling better and I have to say it's not as painful as I thought it would be...the only hard part was the nausea...but as far as pain I'm just super sore like I did I zillion squats and I'm walking like a duck. Overall day by day I feel more normal :)

5days post op

I'm pretty much done draining just a little bit in my front incision but here are a couple updated pics sorry if there a bit blurry. And all the indents are from the Binder that I'm wearing over Leonisa booty shaper dr.hazani gave me.

Question for all (especially Dr.H dolls)

-how long until my butt gets softer?
-does it feel like a normal bumb?
-can I sleep on my sides I did not get fat transfer on my hips?
-when did you guys start driving?
-massaging when should I start that?
-working when can I start?

Thanks ahead of time I figured it would be easier to ask :) then look through tons of reviews :))

10 day post op

At the 10 day mark and I'm livening my results I know it will godown a bit more but I'm okay with that as I wanted a subtle big booty lol... Anyways sorry if the pics are blurry and my body is a bit twisted bc I have to take the pics myself right now but I'll follow up with more soon :)


Healing, just wanted to update with a few pics :) I'm super happy and excited.

I want to start getting the lymphatic massages buy I'm not sure when I should start...any suggestions ladies?

I also am still wearing the "wrap bandages" that are on my thighs over my garment should I keep wearing them? Any experience ladies let me know :) it's much appreciated.

17 Days Post Op

I'm 17 days post op and everything is looking good...My legs had some hardness but it is almost gone =) my tummy has hardness which i need to massage more...but i does anyone else get hardness/fluid in the area where your upper thigh and Vagina connect? how long until it goes away? FYI..i'll upload new pics soon =)

Almost 3 weeks post-new pics

Almost 3 weeks post op and I still have a little brushing but almost all gone... I know this may sound strange...but it even feels different walking (gotta learn how to walk "sexy normal" again) with a bigger butt...there is something back there now :p :))) xox
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

So far Dr.Hazani is very professional and honest about what he can do for my "shape" and looking forward to having some booty!

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