Consultation review: 5'4 150lbs Thinking of Chosing Dr Hazani in LA?!

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I'm bacccckk! I can't believe less than a year...

I'm bacccckk! I can't believe less than a year later I am back obsessed with Real Self!! It is time for a BBL! This Feb I got a breast aug with the wonderful Dr Krau in Miami @ CG Cosmetics & traveled from Cali! Although, I loved traveling for the procedure & I was blessed to have NO complications, this go around I am going to be staying local since this is a bit more complex. I have so far chosen Dr Hazani in Beverly Hills, CA. I am about 5 hours away. I love his results & he seems to do well on small/average women. I'd like to believe I am average lol. My stats are 5'4 & 150lbs which is big for me. I actually got up to 164 which is the biggest ive been in my life & with clean eating and exercise I lost 15lbs. I then thought, why am I losing all this weight when I know one day I want a BBL so I decided to stop losing & put that fat to a good cause. My husband wasnt always 100% on board with this procedure, Until he
was in the grocery store & seen the fattest, most beautiful ass! (hes sure it was a BBL) now thinks its a great idea. So, shout out to the girl in FoodCo for showing my husband that BBL is beautiful lol.

I have already sent my photos to Dr Hazani & my virtual
consult AKA phone call is set for next Thursday 10/20/2016. :)

I already have some booty so as of now I dont know how much Ill add & all that...I guess thats what the site is for. My strategy with my BA was to go in with NO wish pics because I want me, just bigger & better. I may do that this go around because searching for wish pics gave me serious anxiety because I could never find anyone that I 100% wanted to be like. Plus you never know what their before was looking like so I guess, I just dont wanna have my eyes set on a perfect insta model then come out looking different and get disappointed.

(If you'd like to check out my BA review for CG / Dr Krau I did document my whole experience from start to I think 2 months post op.)

Any advice is welcome, Ill let you all know how my consult goes! Cant wait to be Bootyful!

Had my Virtual Consult with Dr. Hazani!!

Sooo, I had my consultation with doctor Hazani last night. It was scheduled at 8PM & he called at about 8:10 or so. If I had to describe him (over the phone) very mono tone & confident. I know a lot of women are looking for a warm and fuzzy doctor but I'm the total opposite lol I love when they are straight to the point. Overly friendly strangers make me feel awkward so I feel like it is a perfect match for me.

Again, I am 5'4 150lbs

How much is the BBL? 7900 All inclusive labs will be done at your nearest quest lab & they will pay for the bill.

Based off my size & pictures do I seem to have enough fat? -He asked how big am I trying to go? & I advised I don't really want a "natural" size but I don't want it to be outrageous. He advised I do have enough, if I wanted to he would recommend gaining maybe 5lbs (not required) or he can take from the thighs.

Do I HAVE to take from my thighs to get to my goal size? He advised no, I can either gain weight and just find fat from my body. He also advised I can gain weight & still take from my thighs so that he will have more to work with.

Let me make it clear - I don't have to gain weight or take from the thighs, to have the procedure. I am a good candidate "as is" but, for the size I want he advised I can gain & or lipo the thighs.

How can I avoid a lumpy stomach? I advised I have 2 kids & some how got no stretch marks & I actually like my stomach & don't want to damage it. He said, the lumpy lipo stomachs come when the surgeon over does the lipo. He advised he likes to leave some fat behind to avoid that.

How much extra is it to take from the thighs? He advised this is based on a case by case but, BASED ON MY CASE it is $600 additional. Bringing the total price to $8500.

That's really all I asked, I pretty much knew everything else. He was not rushing me off the phone & I talked to him for a good 15-20 min.

I'm sure you all know he does not use drains, he advised he leaves 3 incisions on your front (belly button & 2 above the pelvis) he doesn't close them after the procedure so your able to drain the fluids......sounds messy lol.

It is $500 to save the date/price (not bad, for my breast Aug it was 1000)!

Overall, I liked him & pretty sure he's the guy for me. Now, I just need to figure out my date! :) Getting a little excited, will post my pre-op bod soon.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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