53yrs-Dr Hazani BBL Took off 15 Yrs - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm a very active person. At my worst, I gave...

I'm a very active person. At my worst, I gave myself one year at an intense gym that included an eating program. I followed it to the T. Although I made progress and felt fantastic, I still looked the same, really out of shape. The "menopause" shape had set in on every possible part of my body. I was looking for Lipo when I ran across Dr Hazani's special on Real Self and decided to do a consult for a BBL which included Lipo. I am SO GLAD I did. I have loved him from the very first virtual consult. He opened my eyes to what I really needed, what he could do and what he couldn't do with a BBL. He offered me better hips but I cringed with worry that they would make me look fatter. I always thought that slimmer was better. By the time surgery day came, I knew Dr Hazani knew way better than I did how to make me look Amazing. I asked for a BBL which included Lipo of my entire torso, flanks, back and bra roll) and I added inner thighs, knees and arms. He not only did all that but he fixed my uneven shape/rear and enhanced my overall look with fat transfer to my hips, making them full and round, which has turned out to be the most amazing part. I feel so much better with my new youthful looking body. I don't stress about anything anymore. Everyday I wake up I Thank God for Dr Hazani and his expertise. It's been 3 months and I'm back in the gym. This time I'm losing weight and building muscle and it's actually noticeable!! I'm going into my 2nd half of my life happy, confident and feeling fierce. Thanks to Dr Hazani.

Supplies and Recovery

My RECOVERY has gone exactly as expected except I had bruising for the first 11 days. One of my lab scores was borderline so Dr Hazani prescribed me a blood thinner to take for 12 days. Usually, the bruising is mostly gone by the 2day post-op appointment but I expected it to stay during the 12 days because of the blood thinner.
I drained a lot the first 2 days. But I was ready with my supplies. I overbought pads from Walmart because they were cheap and I didn't want my brother and his wife to have to do anything but drive me back and forth, help me if I needed it and to not worry about me. I made my list of supplies off of many reviews on RS. Thank God for RS reviews, they made it easy. My favorite supplies I used were: a shower curtain liner (dollar store) to cover the beautiful white bedding at my brothers. and a BODY PILLOW with the plastic still on. I cut a short foam body roller in half to elevate my thighs on the toilet seat when going to the bathroom and the other half in the car for under my thighs when driving in the car. I did not want to sit on my behind at all. I also purchased the Pez urinal in order to pee directly in the toilet and not all over my compression garment.
Dr Hazani text me the first night to see how I was. Honestly, besides the heavy draining from my abdomen, I was loopy from the anesthetic, but I felt great because I could tell that my big gut was gone (he took 9 inches off my waist) Lol...
Dr Hazani's office provides you with the binder and a stage 2 compression garment. I was 5.4 195 lbs before my surgery. I'm glad I chose the XL/XXL from Dr Hazani's office because I didn't have the energy to fight with it the first few days. That one was tight but manageable. I bought a Leonisa (S/M) Invisible BodySuit Shaper with Rear Lift that is a long legging type because I had inner thighs and knees done which worked perfectly. The compression was major, which is good. I also bought the Leonisa Post Surgical Arm Compression Vest because I had my arms done. Btw, Leonisa has great products but the will find a way not to give the $20 referral discount so... You come home with bandages (arms and legs, knees) the faster you put in the garments the better you feel.
My surgery was on a Tuesday. Post-op Dr appt on Friday. Home to the Desert on Saturday. Took long walks in the AM to get coffee, groceries, etc. I took 3 weeks off from work because I did not want to sit at all. I wanted the best result. Did not drive until after 2 weeks and only with the half roller under my thighs. The BBL pillow that Dr Hazani gave me did not work as a sitting device for me but came in handy under my knees when I was kneeling to eat, watch tv, etc. it was annoying at times but I did not sit for 3 weeks.
Sleeping on your stomach with a super tight binder on every night for 2 weeks was annoying at times too but it was worth it. Today, I am at 2.5 months, I have a tiny bit of swelling under my belly button and on my back but that's all.
I got lymphatic Drainage Therapy massages ( make sure they are licensed) every week since 2 weeks post op. I looked it up on YouTube so I would know if they are doing it right. I also did it myself everyday for 5 minutes each area as directed by Dr Hazani. They massages helped a lot with reducing the swelling.
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Before and After

Here is a start for pics. I need to have someone take different angles so I can show more comparisons. This is all I have for now.

Before and after pics

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr Hazani is an incredible surgeon. He turned back the clock and gave me a better body. I was looking for just Lipo when I found him on Real Self. He was having a special so I combed over ever pic he had in his gallery. Not just BBL but everything and made comparisons with every other BH surgeon. I requested a consult and sent pics. I had my virtual consult on New Years Eve 2015/2016. Only 2 days after filling out the request online. He was in SF at a conference but took time out for the consult (I was impressed) He already had my pics and so he text me pics of what he thought was close to how I would turn out. At 53, I thought the pics he sent were of someone much younger (like 23), so in my mind I adjusted for the age difference. But I was wrong, my results are even better for me because he shaped my rear to fit me perfectly. He's amazing! In addition, he fixed all my asymmetry in my rear and my hips. I had no idea how bad off I was, but he did and he fixed it. I am so grateful. To me, Dr Hazani is a soft spoken, very knowledgable surgeon who really wants you to understand what is best for you. I asked for intense Lipo on my bra roll. He explained that what was there was just aging skin and not so much fat, so to Lipo extra there would create deep dents. (Showed pics too). He assured me I would be pleased with what he was going to do. He was right. He saw way past my vision. To me, his work is perfect. Dr Hazani's office staff are all very very nice. The ladies are awesome but I have to be honest and tell you that there was a time, where I couldn't get anyone to call me back and it made me feel like maybe Dr Hazani had decided he didn't want to do my surgery. Yes, really. I got good responses from Gary so I stuck with him for my finances, labs, etc. So if this happens to you, I know it's weird but don't be discouraged. Stick with whoever gives you the best service. Enough about that. Everything went right on schedule. Sara is a pleasure at the pre-ops. I was able to add arms at the last minute. They have swipe on their phones. Super convenient. I will look to Dr Hazani first for more procedures in the future. You're results will be impressive!

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