I turned back the clock. 50 here I come!!!!

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I'm a 49 year gal that has seen a dramatic change...

I'm a 49 year gal that has seen a dramatic change in my body with the early onset of menopause, a job that has me sitting at a desk for 50 hours a week and my gym routine dropping from 5 days a week to perhaps 3 days a month, let's not forget the over eating of snack foods also.

I have never been one for plastic surgery but this surgery seems to tackle a multitude of issues in one procedure so I was immediately sold once I started reading the before and after profiles.

I did some research and came up with Dr Dass in Beverley Hills and within a month of the original consult I am scheduled in 2 days for the surgery...yikes!!

I am posting some pretty digesting pics but I felt in my research I didn't see too may before pics with huge rolls of fat around the waist and I would like to show what changes there will be in this are. I have very low expectations so I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised with my results.

No pain, no gain!!

It is now 8 hours since getting out of surgery. The 1st concern of mine prior to surgery was how I get home without sitting on my butt. Well I figure it out, not safe but it worked, I was on my knees leaning onto the seat for the 45 min trip home. My skin at the moment looks like a sharpei puppy but that should change. My butt is far too bog but DR Dass warned me I would hate it for weeks til swelling went down. So goad he told me that as right now it looks huge to me. I measured prior bust 40 now 44 (swelling as I did nothing to them) waist was 38 now 31!!!!! Butt 40 and now 46! I know it's too early to measure but it's a way of tracking progress. I'm going to take pain killer now and lie down. Pain at 8pm in now only about a 3 or 4.
Pain around 11am ( surgery was at 7am) I would say was a 9 or 10. I was saturated with blood and fluids so my boyfriend changed the pads which was agony as we had to take the garment down.

Picture right before surgery

This was taken right before and then couple of hours later.

Day 2

Miserable today, pain is back to a 9 or 10. Hoping tomorrow is better.

1 week down

I had very tough week, I gained 15lbs in 4 days with swelling and had 2 pockets of fluid drained in my lower tummy today (which has helped immensely with the pain when I was lying on my tummy). I have lost 9lbs in last 2 days so I am feeling so much better. Here are a couple of pictures.

2 weeks down and I am delighted with results

Well it's been a very hard 2 weeks with extreme swelling, 2 pockets of fluid building up in my abdomen (apparently quite a normal thing to happen), and just general pain and discomfort. I also was very scared as my butt was far too large so I spent 2 weeks covering up so nobody would notice.

So here I am at 2 weeks and 1 day and I could not be happier. The results far out way any expectation I may have had with my waist and abdomen dropping 9 inches and apparently I will continue to drop for another 4 weeks. I am in my stage 2 garment and it is so comfortable compared to the 1st stage and no more white compression belt to wear either. I am still experiencing some pain but stopped the heavy pain killers yesterday and I seem to be ok. My butt is much more in line with what I had hoped for and can't believe I have this body at almost 50 years old. Thank you Dr Dass you are amazing.

A cheap and easy BBQ cushion

This cost $14 total and took 10 mins to make. I took a $13 yoga mat from target and cut it down by 1/3rd but keeping the label on it as I cut it.
With the part I cut off I cut a piece the length of the new roll and tightly rolled it and taped it to give it more strength.
I inserted the new small roll that I had taped into the middle of the original roll which gives the roll more depth and stops it flattening.
I then wrapped material around it and stapled the material to the mat and finished by taping over the staples.
Simply to do and now looks much nicer to take out when you want to go to dinner or movies etc.

3 weeks down

Gosh I'm on day 21 and thought things were getting better but yesterday I spent the day in tears with the extreme pain in my lower back. I was back on the strong pain killers every 4 hours again. I'm starting to think it's the pain killers that make you cry?? Anyway today is considerably better but my back is still bad. Does anyone know how long before I can take a bath as that would help so much? I am posting a couple of pics as the pain is so with it when I see the results.

Some more recent pics

I am 3 wks and 1 day post Op and finally almost at my pre-Op weight I'm hoping to drop some more as my body is still hard.

More pics

3.5 weeks and delighted with results so far

I feel like I am over the hill now and totally delighted with the results. Dr Dass did a great job! Being an older lady I'm shocked that I can get away without a tummy tuck. I have bumps and wrinkles of fat but I'm almost 50 so that goes with the age.

4 weeks down only 2 to go!!!

Gosh I'm at the 4 week mark and I am starting to feel pretty good. The Dr gave me something for nerve pain and it has helped immensely. I went shopping for jeans and I fit into a size 4, I'm so excited as before even a size 10 was too tight on my waist yet baggy on my butt and legs.
I do want to say this site has helped me so much to vent, share pics and just have an outlet since loved ones don't want to constantly hear about your latest measurements etc as it can come across as being a little vain. I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks passing so I can get out of this garment and start wearing sexy underwear. Oh I'm starting to watch what I'm eating as I've been a little laid back on what I've been eating since the weight was coming off due to the swelling and now I need to start being careful as I am still just back at the start weight and I think I should be lower than that by now.

Finally back to my pre-Op weight

I started this journey being 10 lbs over my usual weight so my goal is to lose those 10 lbs very gradually over the next few months by just eating sensibly. It's hard to believe I'm the same weight in all these pictures.

Week 5 and starting week 6

I am so happy to be only 7 days away from being able to sit down and not have to wear this garment! It's been a long road that I'm glad is coming to an end. Today is actually the first day I have not taken pain killers and things are ok for right now. I did go last week and have a lymphatic drainage massage and I think that helped immensely. I go tomorrow for number 2 and Saturday for #3. I have also been doing a lot of stretches once I get out the shower as my body seems very tight. I am posting a few pics of the 5 weeks of changes. There has been no change in my hip measurements in 2 weeks but my mid section continues to get smaller which I'm loving.

Getting dressed is so much fun now!!

I'm almost at the 6 week mark and I have a few functions to get dressed up for. This is so fun!! GIRLS, THE PAIN AND DISRUPTION TO YOUR LIFE FOR 6 WKS IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!

6 weeks and counting

Well it was 6 weeks on Monday and I was so excited to finally not wear my garment, sleep on my side/back, sit on my butt & of course resume sexual relations with my man. I went a day without my garment but I felt really vulnerable without it as if I was naked. My skin pickled also and I felt like I was swelling up again. I did try sitting but that was uncomfortable too, I describe it as sitting on a balloon that is about to pop.
So I am now wearing my garment part-time and that seems to be working better and I am easing into sitting down gradually. Apparently I still have some swelling hence the weird feeling when I sit down.
I have been bad with my eating and I am regretting it. I ate some salty food, chips, bacon and fast food and I am paying for it!! Tomorrow I will go back to clean eating as it's not nice to feel swollen up again.
Overall I'm doing much better with only occasional pain killers if I leave the garment off too long. I am still delighted with results and wouldn't mind my butt losing another half inch or so but I have seen no change in measurements since week 3.

Oops pics didn't upload

Let's try photos upload again

Week 7

Well I've completed 6 lymphatic drainage massage sessions and I really think they have helped. I am finding the weird prickling feeling in my skin is getting vetted day by day and I'm finding I feel less and less like I need to wear my garment. Oh and this week I've found I can sit for more than an hour without being too uncomfortable. Last week it felt like I was sitting on a water balloon that was going to pop. This feeling is not so bad it is just the need to stretch in my tummy since I have got so used to either being standing up or lying down.
So, all in all this has been a week of positive changes. I think I am about 85% back to normal and I'm soooo ooh excited to reach 100%.

Waist training

Hello I just had a discussion on waist training and had a couple of question. I am short, 5'2.5 and short in the waist. I bought a waist trainer as recommended by someone on here. I think it is too long as my hips hurt after each time I wear it.
Can anyone look at the 2 pictures I post and tell me how many inches I should cut off it or if this is how it is supposed to look? At the front it goes down to my crotch and at back its a couple inches longer than my hips. Thanks for any advice and Merry Christmas to all.

Week 7.5

I haven't posted any pics lately since I am really not seeing any more changes at this point which is a good thing I guess. I did start the gym yesterday so that felt good as my body is stiff and really needs stretched. I have been juicing once a day as my breakfast to aid in recovery and I think it helps. Over Christmas I must have eaten something salty as I gain 4 lbs in fluid and felt really bloated, swollen and sore. I wonder how long we need to watch our salt intake? Anyway I'm still very happy with my results and do look forward to dropping a few pounds in the months to come.

I'm almost at 3 months

I haven't been on since New Year. I'm going through an expected breakup so busy packing up my home and heartbroken so this has taken a back seat. Here are a few update pictures. Not much change, discomfort is getting better and I would say I'm about 90% back to normality.

15 mths down. Butt has stayed much the same.

15 months after surgery. 1st pic is at 7.5 weeks and 2nd pic is at 15mths. Not too much difference. I have gained about 10lbs and also 3 weeKS ago I had mini tummy tuck (it was free) which removed the low down wrinkles from pregnancies.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dass certainly knows what he is doing. I showed pictures of what i wanted and told him i wanted a nice bum but certainly not a big butt that could look fake like a lot of the celebrities have. For the first 2 weeks I was so worried my butt looked huge buthe it's settled down and looks just like my wish pic. He did an amazing job removin 10 inch in my mid section going from 41" to 31" This more than exceeds my expectations of the results. Office staff are lovely and one of them has had the procedure herself by Dr Dass so is a great wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend Dr Dass and his lovely staff.

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