Fat transfer to hips/round 2

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I had a consultation with Dr Hazani, he told me i...

I had a consultation with Dr Hazani, he told me i need to gain weight. I weigh 117 and im 5 feet tall. I do have excess fat though, i was kind of shocked he said I needed to gain at least 10lbs., the more the better he said. kind of worried about gaining weight, I dont want to make my skin more saggier than it already is. I will be getting a tummy tuck too after I recover from my bbl

Bbl supplies

Can someone please tell me if I need an AB board and lipo foam? I'm getting a bbl with lipo to my stomach back and inner thighs,thanks

Before pics,117lbs. 5 kids.

My before pics

bbl supplies

ab board or binder or both? lipo foam or lipo tape?....not sure what i need...my dr (hazani) provides the garment but not sure if i need the others...im getting a bbl with lipo to my stomach,inner thighs and lower back and sides...thanks for any info!

Sx 14days away

I have only gained 1lb,i hope dr hazani can give me the butt and hips i see in his after pics.....5" 118lbs.. im hoping for at least 800 ccs ...i will need a TT for sure after this because after 5 pregnancies,skin on stomach a lil saggy. Has anyone gotten sx from dr hazani that weighs about the same as me? And did 30% of the fat get reabsorbed as i have read it does??

Sx in 11 days...

My sx is in less than 11 days,i have only gained just under 2lbs. Im thinking i maybe should have scheduled it in jan or feb so i could have gained more weight. Right now im at 118lb. Im 5ft,my measurements are 30 waist,35 hips and 38 chest.


Ok i guess i did my measurements wrong

Weight gain


Can anyone who had a bbl with dr hazani tell me if you have a garment on after surgery? Thanx :-)


My supplies im taking with me to LA: ab board,lower back triangular board,thigh high compression stockings,compression garment with no butt coverage, 3 maxi dresses,ab pads for leakage,chux absorbent pads,heating pad,hand held battery massager,arnica,arnica gel,neosporin, ginger root supplements for nausea,multi vitamins,coconut oil supplements, wheat germ oil supplements, fish oil supplements, bromelain and quercetin supplements,tumeric supplements,acai supplements, dried goji berries, depends lol (a tip on read on here),female urinal,sports bra for easy dressing after surgery (another tip i found) fiber pills,stool softener, laxative just in case, avocado oil in a mini spray pump to spray on my skin cuz rubbing lotion on my bruised, sore skin might hurt, kind brand protein and fiber nut bars,clear shower curtain for leaking(another tip) and extra towels. Then when i get to LA im getting a case of water, lemons to squeeze in the water to flush anesthesia out of body (another helpful tip i found on realself) numerous cans of pineapple,naked or odwalla protein drinks. Thanks to all the realselfers for the helpful info and tips. I might not need some of this stuff (massager,heating pad,extra garment) until later in my recovery but better take it just in case


Green tea bags to make tea at hotel


A little disappointed how my pre op went today...not what i was expecting from all the great reviews i read about from other realselfers.....feel let down a little ????????

I made it!

1200 ccs and hips too. I guess i did have enough fat. Cant post pic,phone being weird

Before pic

Results are all that matter

My results look great,more than i expected,so i do agree dr hazani is an artist

Here it is....

I will have my hubby take a better pic,this one i tryn do myself

Another. View

Swelling went waaaay down

Just peeing like crazy ,all the fluid coming out. My legs were swollen likw crazy

Another pic

I can tell my swelling has gone down a lot like I said my face and legs were so swollen but the doctor said not to worry about it. I would p it all out and he wasn't lying I get up in the middle of the night at least 5 times the lemon water helps

Dr Hazani gives excellent results

Dr Hazani is very skilled at what he does,the prices he offers for his expertise and skill is unbeatable. I am so glad chose Dr Hazani.

Better pic

8days post op

I weighed myself and weigh more after my bbl,im thinking its the fluid and swelling. Any vets had same issue?.

Healing fast

My bruising is fading fairly fast,just a lil sore,gets better each day. A lil itchy skin especially on my butt,its all part of the healing process


One butt cheek is bigger than the other,has anyone experienced this?


Lost a lot of volume and one cheek is smaller than the other,pretty bummed


Update 2wks post op

My swelling in my butt has gone down a lot. One bigger cheek is catching up to the smaller cheek. My waist looks great,big improvement. I will say though that i am a little disappointed with how much my butt has lost volume. Im. 2Wks post op tomorrow and i hope i dont lose any more volume. The smaller cheek honestly looks almost like it did before surgery,maybe just a little plumper. It is what it is i guess,all in all im glad i got the sx but didnt realize i would lose so much volume. Dr hazani still did an excellent job. Im just a little petite person and i have to accept my booty will never be big. I now know why some women go for round two,i. Just might be one of them. The good news also is that i probably wont need a tummy tuck like i thought i would. Dr hazani scuplted my waist and stomach

2Wks 1day post op

Lost a lot of volume.one cheek bigger.might go for round 2 someday...sigh..

Worth it

My swelling in my waist has gone down a lot,which makes my butt look bigger. My thighs look great. I would say the sx is def worth it. Dr Hazani did an excellent job. I dont think i would have these great results if i went to a diff dr. My volume has gone down some in my hips...maybe i will get lipo to my arms and get my hips a round 2. One butt cheek still a lil bigger than the other,i dont think this was Hazani's doing though. If i dont lose any more volume,i will be extremely happy . I saw a friend and she asked me if i got butt implants! I am not even 4wks post op yet so i am prepared to lose a lil more volume ,just hoping i am lucky and dont! Have a small lump on stomach from lipo,i am massaging my stomach as often as i can,im not too concerned about the lump,its just fluid and i am still early in my recovery



Pic with garment


6Wks post op

Liking my new figure,still paranoid about volume loss tho! One cheek still bigger than the other. Been trying to schedule a post op phone call with Dr Hazani,but not luck getting a response from his staff

7Wks post op

Im 7wks today,i have a over the phone post op appt nxt wk w/Dr Hazani,im supposed to email him pics. One cheek is still smaller than the other. My waist is 29inches,hips 39. I have seen on realself other dolls waists are smaller,hoping mine will get smaller too. Thinking of doing round 2,i still have fat that can be lipoed and put in the smaller cheek.

Post op

Dr Hazanu told me i do not have enough fat for another fat transfer,that my buttocks were asymetrical b4 surgery,which is common he said. Im still happy with my results



9 wks post op tomorrow

I feel like my smaller butt cheek is getting flatter...my hips are shrinking too,the undentations i had on my hips that dr hazani "filled" are starting to show....u dont feel this is the dr'S mistake,i think i just needed more fat than i had for the results i wanted. Im still not sitting or sleepinf on my back. Stomach a lil lumpy but not too bad. Still have some lower back fat and thigh fat,dr hazani said i dont have enough fat for a second bbl...,im thinking i do. With my arms and thighs and lower back,i think would be enough but im not the expert. I am going to see him in person in a few months maybe he will change his mind when he sees me. I see lots of realselfers with tiny waists,they weigh more than me but my waist is still 29/30. Also,i weigh like 11lbs more than b4 i had sx,idk if its water weight or cuz the fat is concentrated in one area(my butt) ? Im not worried about the 11lbs,i am actually afraid to lose any weight whatsoever. Hoping and wishin i do not lose ANY more volume,this smaller cheek is starting to almost look like my butt b4 sx,of course there is SOME improvment. The other bigger,rounder cheek im happy with

9Wks post op,

More pics


Pic of ab board for tux

Round 2

I saw dr hazani last week for a post op appt in person. I am about 4 months post op. I have gained 10lbs since my bbl done nov 2015. My volume is holding pretty well. My hips have gone down a lot,and thats what my next surgery is going to fix. I am getting lipo on my arms and the top of my thighs. I had lipo done on my inner thighs for my bbl this past nov. I asked the dr if anymore fat can be transferred to my smaller butt cheek,he said i dont have enough fat for that but i do have enough for my hips,and more fat will be put on the smaller butt cheek side/hip which will make my butt more even


2nd round

My second surgery is a little less tjan 2months away. Have gained 10-13 lbs since first surgery in nov 2015. Hoping i have enough for fat for not just another transfer to my hips but enough to make my smaller booty cheek bigger. Hoping dr. H will lipo my lower back a lil more and lipo the "bumps" i have on my stomach also. Booty still big,also i think from the weight gain,but also my waist isnt as small as it was before,probably due to weight gain too

round 2 vets

has anyone had a round 2 bbl with dr hazani? im getting a round 2 end of may but its mainly just gettinf more fat in mt hips. i weigh 13lbs more than i did when i got my bbl last nov. For my next surgery i am getting lipo to areas that werent lipoed the first time. Since i have gained weight,the areas the Were lipoed the first time,i have also gained in those areas. I was hoping the dr could lipo those areas as well and maybe make my booty a lil bigger when he does my hips the second round. i emailed him and he said that it is difficult to lipo areas that have already been lipoed and that the risk of lumps
bumps and dents increases greatly.


i am having round 2 in my hips with dr hazani in 4wks. i really would like my waist and stomach touched up,i have some areas that are still fatty ,that were lipoed this past nov by dr hazani. he is an excellent surgeon but i am still confused bcuz he said lipo in previous lipoed areas causes increased risk of lumps and uneveness. can anyone who has had a round 2 with hazani plz help me? i already have uneveness on my stomach where he lipoed during my first surgery.

round 2

i read reviews on realself about dolls getting a round 2. i have gained 14lbs for this 2nd round and am afraid that i ruined my figure. my stomach is big and bumpy. i sent pics to my dr,he said he will have to see me in person which will be my pre-op. i saw him 2months ago and he said i have enough fat for my hips but not my butt. i have gained 5lbs since then. so i sent pics asking if my stomach and waist can be touched up.

6days post op

Dr Hazani is an excellent surgeon, sarah his nurse is so sweet,. i am very satisfied with my results so far.

4 1/2 months post op from 2nd round

I havent been on real self in a while, I moved and have just been so busy but wanted to update on my results from my 2nd bbl. I am very satisfied and I think it was totally worth it. I DO NOT feel I needed a second bbl because Dr Hazani didnt do the first one right. I didnt gain enough weight the first time and sometimes it takes 2 surgeries to get the results you want, the dr can only lipo so many cc's of fat in one session. My volume has held up great and the areas I had the dr retouch (my waist,lower back) look great. I do not have a perfectly flat ,washboard stomach but I am Ok with this, I am older, have had 5 kids and would need a tummy tuck to achieve that and I dont want to go through a tummy tuck. I am so glad I chose Dr Hazani, I would recommend him, I feel he is an excellent surgeon. I will be going to see him in a year or so for a fat transfer to my face. I will post a recent pic asap.
Dr Yaron Hazani

Dr Hazani does excellent work ! No wonder he has so many great reviews,its all true,he really is an artist. Wonderful Dr,extremely skilled.

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