44 Yrs Old, 5'6", 160 Lbs BBL - Dr Ken Hughes

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Dr Hughes is amazing! I had my BBL done Sept...

Dr Hughes is amazing!

I had my BBL done Sept 30th. I didn't post before, because I guess I was worried with the outcome and didn't want to have documented disappointment if it didn't turn out as I hoped.

3 weeks has gone by since my procedure and I'm amazed at the difference already!!

I'm a very cautious person and don't jump into things without giving them a lot of thought. I initially only wanted Lipo - but when I learned about BBLs I thought it was absolutely genius. I personally don't want anything foreign in my body, and am not brave enough to be cut. I carefully researched drs, reviews, pics and decided on Dr Hughes. His results don't need words. He is fantastic at responding to email requests. Other reviewers mentioned that he was arrogant or cocky - but there's a difference between arrogance and confidence. He's very confident, but deservedly so. I found him to be very sweet.

My consultation was via email, as I travelled from out of country. I looked at 1000s of pictures, and when I met him the day before surgery i knew what I wanted - I told him I didn't want to be any wider, I wanted more projection with a nice curve to my back / butt area. He examined me, poked around a little showed me what he was going to do and said, 'ok, I've got it'.

The day of my procedure, when we got back to our accommodations I have to admit I was a little scared, not so much with the butt, but the hips - I've never we had hips. I thought they looked huge. I like a cute beach bum from the side, a small hourglass in a dress from behind, and an athletic looking butt in jeans.

So far, I'm very happy. The swelling took a little longer for me to go down than I anticipated, but I think that had to do with flying home afterwards. The garment I got from Dr Hughes was one of my biggest struggles. My hips are now 44" and my waist is 30". I felt like I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The thin metal supports in the back of the garment were rubbing on my new booty, and after a week poked through. I did end up, with his permission, getting a corset and a faja. Sometimes I wear both at the same time to make sure everything is good and tight, sometimes I only wear the corset for work (depends what clothes I'm wearing).

The attached pictures are pre / the day after surgery / and 3 weeks post.

Sleeping on my stomach is the worst part of this whole process!!!!

I cannot wait to sleep on my back, or even my side!!!!!. I guess having been in a car accident years ago is taking its toll now. I try sleeping on pillows, but I wake up throughout the night so many times with back and neck pain and then morning rolls around I'm frozen in pain and so stiff - and if my head isn't elevated enough I wake up with a swollen face. Luckily the swelling is getting better each day and it corrects itself quickly after I'm up and about. (My HR department pulled me aside last week and asked if I was ok because I didn't look myself ???? - they of course have no idea what's going on).

I've been eating superclean, to avoid any salt sneaking in. Making vegetable soups to get the veggies in, as well as some liquid.

My saving grace now that my incisions are healed - baths! Omg they feel so good!!!! and with the slanted back of my tub, my butt floats - It's like a zero gravity recliner. I wonder if they've helped with my swelling some how.... the warmth feels so good. I throw some Epsom salts in and just relax .... my little piece of heaven each night. And then it's torture time - bed lol. I'm counting down the days, like I used to when I was little before Christmas. ...18 more sleeps! I can do this.

This last week my swelling has gotten so much better, but in that I've really noticed a change in my butt size. I do have to say that Dr. Hughes is pretty good at being able to take what you want, provide for shrinkage and swelling, but land you right where you want to be. Because I live so far away he made me promise I'd sent picture updates for him so he can keep on eye on my progress. I sent pictures over the weekend and within hours he had responded and said he was very happy with my progress and said I should shrink much more beyond this point. I hope not. It's funny in the beginning I was shocked at my comical appearance (my kids laughed hysterically when they first saw me) and was worried it was wayyyyy too big, and now I'm hoping it doesn't shrink. I've always been a bit on the chesty side, so the butt I feel has balanced me out.

Ive uploaded a couple pics that my sister requested I take to update her. We bought clothes before the procedure that we thought I could lounge in, but the shorts barely made it up passed my knees. I stuck to a loose baggy skirt for the first couple days, that way I didn't need help pulling pants back up.

Pic updates

Here are the pics I forgot to attach.
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I love Dr. Hughes. He is an artist! I was confident in his work from pictures, and from what other reviewers had said I was a bit nervous to meet him. Other reviewers mentioned that he was arrogant or cocky - but there's a difference between arrogance and confidence. He's confident, but deservedly so. I found him to be very sweet, kind and soft spoken (maybe even a little shy). I only wish I had had more interactions with him, because he was so fun and calming. I travelled from out of country and he was very accommodating in terms of email consultation and follow-up questions. I had spoken to another office about a possible consultation, after I had emailed with Dr. Hughes initially, but the staff was a little rude and short with me on the phone so I followed my gut and went with Dr Hughes bc he was so attentive during our emailing - Best decision I ever made!!!

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