That Girl Thinks That She'd Be So Fine With a BBL and Arm Lipo by Dr. Kenneth Hughes - Beverly Hills, CA

I've been doing my homework for 2 years now, and...

I've been doing my homework for 2 years now, and I've finally decided to improve the dimply and flat appearance of this butt.  I have considered Miami doctors, but I've finally decided that Dr. Hughes in California is the best for me. I love the work he's done on the ladies here and on his site! Plus, I won't have to fly far, as I live in the next state.

BBL Simulator App

I got an app from Apple Store to see what I may look like after surgery. Modest gains is all I want.

More Before Photos

As you can see my body would benefit from a shapelier butt.

I've got legs that will set that new thick butt off

Buying Fajas Without Trying Them On?

Ladies, this bbl is so expensive! I want to do it right, do it once, and I know that wearing the proper compression garment is key to wicking off the fluid accumulation from swelling, and making the skin contract and conform close to your new slimmer form. Wearing a faja most hours of the day for weeks on end is key to making everything pay off and turn out optimally. But how did y'all choose Fajas that fit just right? Do the website measurements really help you choose something that fits a new body that you don't even know the dimensions for? I know Dr. Hughes provides garments, but from what firmer patients have written, a faja is going to stay in place far better than the binder he provides for the waist area. I've looked at 2 websites - Design Veronique and one other that specialize in post surgical compression garments. Can you share your faja shopping experience?

Posing vs. Being Real

Ladies, here's an example of how posing your body at the right angles can make your butt look better. Before surgery, I've been a poser. Looking forward to not having to pose to make my butt look awesome.

How to Make The Most of Your Pre and Post BBL Booty

I just wanna share ways to make that butt pop out as much as possible both before BBL and After BBL

New Boobs Needed

I miss my double d boobs ladies. I'm gonna fix this with a breast augmentation.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I emailed Dr. Hughes my photos and wish pics, and he was so prompt! He responded that same day within a couple of hours. We emailed back and forth about 15 times that Saturday, and then Sunday morning, as he promptly answered my questions. Dr. Hughes is truly golden. He told me my wish pics were achievable. I simply want to look better, more rounded, and totally natural. I love the ladies here who've gone in the bombshell direction, and have nothing but admiration for them going for what they want. Update: I've been in constant contact with Dr. Hughes via additional emails, which he still responds to promptly same day and often within minutes. He is truly committed to answering all my questions and keeping it real about what's possible. Fortunately the look I want is attainable. I've sent him additional wish pics fine tuning my goal, and he's told me with a couple of exceptions, he can get me there. He's got me feeling confident in choosing him, and at ease about following through with my decision.

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