That Girl Thinks She Needs a BBL

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I've been doing my homework for 2 years now, and...

I've been doing my homework for 2 years now, and I've finally decided to improve the dimply and flat appearance of this butt.  I have considered Miami doctors, but I've finally decided that Dr. Hughes in California is the best for me. I love the work he's done on the ladies here and on his site! Plus, I won't have to fly far, as I live in the next state.

BBL Simulator App

I got an app from Apple Store to see what I may look like after surgery. Modest gains is all I want.

More Before Photos

As you can see my body would benefit from a shapelier butt.

I've got legs that will set that new thick butt off

Buying Fajas Without Trying Them On?

Ladies, this bbl is so expensive! I want to do it right, do it once, and I know that wearing the proper compression garment is key to wicking off the fluid accumulation from swelling, and making the skin contract and conform close to your new slimmer form. Wearing a faja most hours of the day for weeks on end is key to making everything pay off and turn out optimally. But how did y'all choose Fajas that fit just right? Do the website measurements really help you choose something that fits a new body that you don't even know the dimensions for? I know Dr. Hughes provides garments, but from what firmer patients have written, a faja is going to stay in place far better than the binder he provides for the waist area. I've looked at 2 websites - Design Veronique and one other that specialize in post surgical compression garments. Can you share your faja shopping experience?

Posing vs. Being Real

Ladies, here's an example of how posing your body at the right angles can make your butt look better. Before surgery, I've been a poser. Looking forward to not having to pose to make my butt look awesome.

How to Make The Most of Your Pre and Post BBL Booty

I just wanna share ways to make that butt pop out as much as possible both before BBL and After BBL

New Boobs Needed

I miss my double d boobs ladies. I'm gonna fix this with a breast augmentation.

Lab Results

Well hello my RS friends. I'm enjoying following your journey on the path of getting that body you've always wanted. Thankfully so far, I see none of you who've gotten to OZ ended up disappointed by the wizard. You're looking amazing!

I got my labs back and they are A1 green light! I keep having these second thoughts, wondering if I'm doing the right thing. The worst is to have your teen daughter be so supportive while you're not telling her that one of your fears is... Well you all know what I'm thinking. I've only told her that I know my body is amazing just as it is and I fear I'll ruin it instead of making it better. She tells me how much I'll regret passing up the chance to change what I'm unhappy with, and to just do it. And I will.

I'm not going this to draw more attention to myself. I get plenty of that and more than I want. I'm doing this because I've always wanted a prettier rear view. I'm not going for much more in size, more than anything I'd like a shape and appearance change to round and smooth.

2 more weeks and I'll be transformed. How are your nerves? Are you close in time and biting your nails?

No More Posing

That's what I'm looking forward to! I don't wanna look at myself in the mirror and turn to see a better angle. I wanna look round from every position.

Wanted: Much A$$!

Putting some before pics up again. How big should I go RS fam?

Thank You Beautiful Body

Ladies, praise your current beautiful bodies. So thankful for mine. They've served us well.

Today Is The Day

Hi loves. I can't sleep because in just 4 hours I'll be going over to be transformed. I met with doc Hughes today and he's a nice man with a great sense of humor plus honest about what I need. I know he will deliver. I'm emotional in advance though.

I'm a new woman

Hi ladies I'm safe and fat fat and I'm very happy and feeling very little discomfort I will update you as soon as I am able to just a little sore my tummy that much and physically a bit shaky yes I was nauseous I wish I had read my girl marine life's message because I would've taken that nausea pill i'm going to take it now and go to sleep I didn't get a lot arrest last night before the surgery talk to y'all soon much love

Feeling Fine

I can't believe it's only day two since my surgery. I feel great, no more soreness anywhere. Still just taking Tylenol extra strength. My butt is huge and bit lumpy looking but I've seen other dolls get smoother after a week or so. It's already softening in top and bottom. I'm wearing the sleeve compression for the first time and the Leonisa faja for the first time. Funny how I could barely fit this faja before surgery but it's comfortable now. My waist is super slim and he gave me hips! Loving my new shape so far and I know it's gonna change a lot but at least I'll have a better booty than I started with. I love Dr Hughes and his staff. Robson one of his nurses is the best!! And so were the other two nurses. Earl his father is such a nice man. They all made me feel calm before my surgery. I haven't gone thru any emotional roller coaster wondering if I did the right thing. I've just been so happy I went thru with this! Love you my RS sisters. Your support and informative posts got me here and keep me going strong!!

How Surgery Day Went

Ok sisters, here's the details of my surgical experience. I walked to the surgery center in the dark at 5:55 am from my motel, Super 8! That was maybe 300 footsteps. I was greeted there at the back door by Earl, Doc Hughes father. Now if you watch Walking Dead you'll know what I mean when I say he reminds me of Scott Wilson who plays Hershel Greene on there. But Earle is much more youthful. He kindly sat me down and helped me imagine eating 2 glazed donuts because I said it smelled like donuts there and he'd already asked if I wanted anything. How'd he guess glazed are my fave? I then met Robson the male nurse - such a cutie and also very warm and friendly. He told me that the raggedy panties I'd brought probably wouldn't fit me after surgery! I was upset because I didn't have a raggedy bra to wear after. He laughed at me. Then I met with Doc Rodriguiz the anesthesiologist. He told me he'd put something in my IV for nausea but I might still get a little nauseas just much less so. Doc Hughes came in and took glamour shots of me. And then Robson came back and took me into the surgical room. 2 nice nurses there put compression pumps on my legs and rubbed me down with antiseptic stuff. I started getting a bit chilly and a lil afeared but then Doc Rodriguiz came in, put the needle in the side of my wrist with zero pain told me he was giving me something to make me relax and that's all I recall there. Next thing I knew my friend was saying hi I'm here I'm getting you dressed. Then I was at her car, which is an suv. I said I think I'm gonna be sick. Robson brought a vessel to catch the blessed fluid. But I was fine. I laid down in back of the suv seats folded down on some sheets and fell out for the entire 1 hour 15 min winding road drive over pacific coast hwy. Upon awakening to get out of the vehicle, I put that vomit vessel to use. My friend says she was told I might wake during the drive and need pain meds. I felt no pain, only stiffness. I went inside straight to the toilet to pee. So much blood was in the toilet that I thought my monthly started. I drank a Costco premier protein shake and took Tylenol extra strength and went to sleep. I woke up a couple times to bless the vomit vessel, then I realized I should take an anti nausea pill and an antibiotic. My arms were more sore than anything else so it was hard to push myself up off my stomach to take meds and go pee. Everytime I walked to the toilet to pee I was surprised by the blood in the bowl! My friend had given me a gown so I was going pantiless. I didn't wanna use a female urinary device because I wanted to force myself to get up and move to prevent blood clots. I got up every 1 to 2 hours for the first 24 hours. Later my friend told me that they took their time waking me for some reason. So sweet. And that I kept asking for my bra! Robson told her bout my concern it wasn't raggedy. Lol! And told her not to put the bra on me because it would get bloody and not to put the raggedy panties on me either because they likely wouldn't fit my new big butt! I've since told her I just didn't want to leave my beautiful vickies secret bra there!

Juicy Booty!

Hey Sistas! Hope you're all doing well on your road to new booty or healing and enjoying your new subtractions and added dimensions. Is anyone else finding it hard to take photos that tell the new truth - that that ass is so big it doesn't need posing anymore yet you're having to pose to make it show and prove? Lol! It's a good problem to have, looking better in la vida real than you do in photos! At last my love has come along... In posting this pic of my sorry ass the day before surgery and then 3 days after. Also my slim shapely legs before upper thigh Lipo and after so you see how they swelled up bigger for now! Hugs and love and much appreciation to my sisters!!!

Apple Bottom, Hips, Lats, Tiny Waist

Already smoothing out! Yay! Fat fat fat apple bottom.

Infection on My New Booty, BBL Mystery

I've been quiet on here, just waiting for my butt to soften and swelling to subside so I can see more realistic final results. But, butt then, on day 14 this one huge rock hard area got hot, red, and painful. I have no fever. The next day the red area was smaller but I called Doc Hughes and emailed him. He said I need antibiotics and if it doesn't improve he may need to drain it.

The area is one that I've been puzzling about because from minute 1, it's been the biggest hardest location on my butt. It's on the right cheek.

Now the opposite cheek is nearly fully softened except for the top shelf area, while the infected butt cheek is hard in the center and soft everywhere else including the shelf.

This bbl process is such a mystery. I don't think enough dolls share their less positive experiences on here. I intend to keep my RS sisters informed and thank you all for continually updating your progress ups and downs.

I've done everything by the docs instructions and cannot figure out why this is happening to me. I started the antibiotics, which is my second course because doc prescribed them post surgery for 7 days too.

I'm praying my butt heals and does not need draining (I'm not flying back to L.A. for drainage!) and that I don't lose volume or suffer fat death.

Pray for me sisters. I really wanna cry about this because there's not enough info here or on the web about this situation, but what little info I've found is not good!

Gonna Get My BBL Drained

Doc Hughes doesn't play. He says this red area might be fine if I leave it alone, or might get continually infected. I need to have a follow up visit with him anyway and he's the only one I trust with my new a$$! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers RS sisters.

My butt isn't as round in profile views as it was the first week, but it's definitely better than it was before. I just need to eat more. My appetite has been down since getting this red area. My stomach and back are healing smoothly and nicely. Inner thighs are still swollen and so are my arms. Thighs aren't as slim as usual yet and I like them thicker! Arms are slimmer than usual even though they are swollen. After surgery I was up 12 pounds of water weight. Now on day 19 I'm only 3 pounds up from normal.

I'm gonna be fine and this booty is only gonna get bigger and better after I'm done dealing with this red spot!

No Infection! BBL Mystery Solved

Well RS sisters, I was all worked up over something that was not an infection. Doc Hughes and his beautiful assistant Sandra just pulled about 50-60 cc's of pure blood outta my a$$! No puss at all!!

The Doc has never seen this before and asked me all kinds of questions bout my activities. He said all he could think would cause this trapped blood was trauma to the area. There was one other hard spot on tge other cheek that actually felt a bit painful without touching meanwhile the original red area was only painful if you touched it. Doc tapped into that other spot too and got about 20 cc of blood from it.

He asked about my supplements too, which I knew not to take vitamins E or fish oil, etc because they could cause bleeding, and on fact I never take that stuff though I know it's supposed to be good for you except before and after surgery. And I wasn't taking any herbals either, I never take any of that. I wasn't taking aspirin or ibuprofen either. Wasn't having sex, wasn't working out, was being just plain lazy, following all orders because I didn't go through this to end up with a bad bad a$$! All I want is a good bad a$$!

I did recall that during week one on about the 8th day, my friends daughter was playing with a tennis ball in he living room. The ball hit my butt and omg it hurt for about 20 mins. I don't recall which cheek, but now I bet it was the biggest bleeding one with the red area. I remember playing it off not saying a thing so as not to traumatize that beautiful 10 year old for accidentally hitting my new booty.

What about the other cheek though? It only had 20 ish cc's of blood. So Doc Hughes thinks I incurred this based on my own body at this stage. He told me if ever I plan on surgery in the future be sure and let that doc know. He said it doesn't mean it will happen again but it should be brought to attention. What else could the Doc conclude when I'm telling him I've been a model well behaved rule abiding patient?

Right now I'm feeling grand! All that poking hurt a bit, but I was in awe of Doc Hughes' and Sandra's expertise, professionalism, sense of humor, and warm personalities which put me at ease and made me confirmed again that I'm with the "A" team.

Best part besides discovering my butt ain't infected is that I didn't have to get it cut open and scarred up!

Thanks for your prayers and support sisters!! Our prayers were answered, my booyty is healthy and thriving! Im including side by side pics of day 5, day 17, and day 19. There really hasn't been much booyty shrinkage!

BBL and Melatonin Don't Go Together!!

I wish I was here to show you great pics of my new booty sisters, but that has to wait. I had another hematoma. That's the name for that injured area beneath the skin that bled and bled resulting in a painful trapped pocket of blood creating pressure within my upper butt cheek. At one point the pain was so bad it radiated up into my lower back on that side and down my leg, making my foot feel numb. Ever dibce my surgery I've only taken three of the Norco/Vicodin pills, and then just extra strength Tylenol. Well I had to get those pills out and down one, because I could barely get outta bed to pee without increasing the constant pain. It felt like a knife was plunged into my booty.

Doctor Hughes kept asking me what supplements I'm taking. I finally realized I'd left one out - melatonin. To help me sleep, I've been taking 3 of the trader joes chewable peppermint melatonin pills per night since 1 week after my surgery, and up until the day before yesterday. Before telling Hughes this, I researched the supplement and discovered it can cause increased bleeding! So whatever I had done that caused injury in those 2 areas on my butt, well instead of bleeding a little and clotting normally, they bled and bled and bled! I told the doc bout the melatonin and he said stop taking it. Amazing how the very thing I used to get good sleep ended up robbing me of sleep once I'd injured my butt.

I still believe that I injured my butt by squeezing myself into that faja! It would hurt so badly in those 2 areas after I forced the garment over them. Mind you I did cut the butt area out but that didn't matter because it didn't prevent the garment from being difficult to get past my hips and big butt.

During my research I found that melatonin is one of many supplements that surgeons put on their do not take 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after list!

So ladies, no melatonin! I actually got the idea to use it from one of the RS posts I saw here before my surgery. I don't think it's a well known fact that it can cause increased bleeding because the way it's discussed online is do not take with blood thinners or it can cause increased bleeding. Well duh! Aspirin can cause increased bleeding and that bleeding can increase even more if you use blood thinners. So annoying how the internet info isn't specific enough.

I'm now officially afraid of melatonin. Keep in mind I took 3 pills per night when the bottle said to take 1. I had read on the internet you could take up to 5. So done with supplements!

I'm feeling fine now and in no pain after flying back to L.A. and having Doctor Hughes drain a ton of blood outta my butt cheek just like he did a week ago on the opposite cheek!

My New Butt is on Doc Hughes' Instagram

Hey beautiful sisters. I've been nursing this second and recurring hematoma for the past week, but it looks like my bloody bleeding nightmare is finally over.

The Doc put me on his Instagram, and I remember thinking when I took that photo on the 3rd post surgical day that my butt was too big! Of course the booty greed is kicking in! But no worries, though I've lost some fullness and size, it's still improved over what I had and I know some if the loss is because my appetite has been terrible during this ordeal. I've lost weight and weigh only 145, but weeks before surgery I steadily weighed 148-150. I'll get some pounds back on these cakes.

Don't think I haven't been down about my situation. I have but I've kept it to myself and shared with a couple of you who've emailed or texted me. Thank you so much, all of you, even my sisters who've steadily posted and shared their ups and downs here. You get me through my darkest moments.

Not posting pics right now of the state of my cakes just yet as they are healing. The latest and biggest hematoma area is dark and hard, but the first area has lightened up and softened to nearly unnoticeable levels. I'm optimistic! Love you dolls!

Real Projection - No More Posing Needed

Hi my beautiful sisters. I hope you're all healing well, planning well, researching thoroughly, and enjoying whatever stage you are in on your journey to getting the body you want and deserve!

I'm finally healing. My butt seems stable in fat retention, shape, and size. I'm very pleased with it, even though that last hematoma left a lil dent. I may have Platelet Rich Plasma injections there, depending on what Hughes says. I've read that can rejuvenate the area and bring it new life.

I'm so happy that I don't have to pose anymore to get my butt to look shapely. Hughes is the man!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Doc Hughes and his staff are the "A" team. I can't express to you how choosy and particular and detail oriented I am. I am a friendly but tough customer and I joined and studied this RS site intending to find the West Coast doctor who could fulfill my expectations. Dr. Hughes is that expert this community and my research made me choose. He proved himself worthy of consideration from the start when I first emailed my photos and wish pics. He responded that same day within a couple of hours. We emailed back and forth about 15 times that Saturday, and then Sunday morning, as he promptly answered my questions. He told me my wish pics were achievable. I simply wanted to look better, more rounded, and totally natural. I love the ladies here who've gone in the bombshell direction, and have nothing but admiration for them going for what they want. Before my surgery I was in constant contact with Dr. Hughes via additional emails, which he still responded to promptly same day and often within minutes. He was truly committed to answering all my questions and keeping it real about what's possible. Fortunately the look I wanted was attainable. He told me that and set out to deliver, giving me the body I wanted but even better than I imagined it would be. All along this journey to my transformation, he made me confident in choosing him, and at ease about following through with my decision. I felt safe, cared for, and I knew that the doctor was excited to work on me, to give me what I wanted. After surgery care and attention is consistent with what I received before he was ever paid proving to me that he never stops working for his patient even after surgery day.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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