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I first started researching BBL about a year ago....

I first started researching BBL about a year ago. I have gone up and down in weight quite a bit and have always had a bigger than normal butt. Now that I am getting older, it's just starting to sag and not be as full as before.
Of course, like many of you out there I started my search on Google.. I typed in "West Coast Butt King" "Best Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon" after filtering through all the porn sites (that was a joke ladies) one name kept popping up over and over and over again. Dr Kenneth Hughes
So I did what any woman would do, I stalked him... Well, not him exactly. But I searched every possible site out there that would bring his name up. I even tried searching for terrible reviews, because I am the type of person that if something can go wrong for me, it most likely will.
Yes, I have read some bad reviews about Dr Hughes. I can tell you though, I've had plastic surgery before and have dealt with many different doctors over the years, there's no Doctor, let alone BEVERLY HILLS PLASTIC SURGEON that is as attentive and caring about his patients as he is.
From the 1st email I sent to his office requesting an online consultation, expecting an AUTOMATED response and he, himself, responded back to me within a few hours. I was impressed. He answered every single, silly, crazy question I had. BEFORE I ever even paid him any money. He responds back on weekends!
These "bad reviews" that he has are most likely from people who NEVER have anything good to say, they're probably the people that are never happy with food they get served at restaurants or any kind of customer service.
I have even seen ratings on here that say he's arrogant, which I find to be untrue as well.
He's very down to earth, very personable, very approachable, very available and cares very much about the work he performs.
Now, me like most women, thought I was a little fatter than what I actually was. Reading from his reviews and responses back to patients, I expected to get 5 liters of fat removed and be able to put in at least 1200-1500 cc into each buttock. I asked in my first face to face consult the day prior to surgery if I would be able to get a lot of projection and he said he would give me the best results he could. Never promised me a booty you could put a beer can on, never suggested removing fat from more areas to squeeze more money out of me. He told me he would work the hardest to give me the best results with the most natural appearance. He did just that.
I am currently 4 days post op and he was able to get about 800 cc into each butt cheek. I was a little afraid pre-surgery that he would put in too much and it would look bad or really fake. When he told me the amount of cc's that he did get in, it made me a little sad. Because the images that I've seen online are AVERAGE 1200-1500 cc. But here's the thing ladies, I told you I already had a pretty good sized butt before. I am trusting his process. Right now I am really happy with the way it looks. I am hoping that it doesn't shrink too much, but we are all a little greedy when it comes to our booties!!

Dr Hughes is a master at his craft. I am deeply appreciative that not only is he a TOP RATED surgeon, but truly someone who cares as well.

I will periodically post some updates as I heal, but I cannot post pics because I have a lot of tattoos that will identify me. Maybe some in clothes that I can crop or something.

Back pains!! 8 days post op

Omg! Sleeping on my stomach has never been extremely comfortable for me, but I am experiencing severe lower back pain from it. I am not sure at this point how to fix it.

I can tell you though, that every single problem or concern or issue that I have had since my procedure has been addressed/answered within a few hours. I am an out of state patient and had a 10 hour drive back to my home state. My brother went with me and drove me back as I lay face down in his back seat. The ride was not fun at all. I have had a bit more pain than most ladies on here have reported. So for the first few days I was taking the pain pills every two hours. Now I am just taking them at night to help me sleep, otherwise the pain is too intense in my back. But I am not sure that's from the surgery at all.

From the sheer amount of pain pills I was extremely constipated and tried drinking prune juice for the first three days after I came back home, which really only resulted in painful bloating and gas. I finally took a stool softener and a mild laxative and had my first bowel movement yesterday, afterward I am telling you at this point felt better than sex! ha!

I have tried laying on the couch, in bed, on the floor, with pillows stacked in all kinds of crazy configurations to no avail. I am desperate at this point to get this pain in my lower back to stop. During the day I stand as much as possible, I am off work for a while so there is no need for me to be doing too much. If I am not standing I am laying on my stomach on the floor on top of a few pillows. I talked with Lorena about the sleeping problems and she told me about the Holo-lilo mattress. It's an inflatable mattress for pregnant women with a hole to put their bellies in. I am gonna put my butt in there!!! Well, today I ordered one from Amazon next day delivery and I will let you ladies know how that goes.

I have been wearing my binder as tight as possible as instructed. I keep reading on here about people ordering fajas and waist trainers, and then I see them complaining about results. I don't understand people in that aspect. I really don't. If you are not following your Doctors orders 100%, then you complain when the results aren't what you hoped for???? How is that logical.
Yes, the binder is uncomfortable. Yes, it rides up all the time. Yes, it bunches up. But I am following 100% Doctors orders. I wear it low and tight. I fix it when it rides up. I flatten it when it bunches.

I also did not bring in "wish pics". Every single body is different. Plastic surgeons are not magicians, nor is photoshop a real life possibility. They are not able to completely reconstruct your shape, smooth out all your dimples, make you completely curved with NO flaws. They take what you have and try to mold a better you out of it. I have cellulite and dimples in my butt, I did not expect that I would have a smooth and completely flawless butt after the surgery. What I have is a bigger me. I am not taking measurements and weighing myself 400 times a day. I weighed myself the morning of the surgery, because I had to at the Doctors office and I weighed myself at my post op appointment. That's the last time I will weigh myself until I am at least 2 months post. I took my measurements about a month before the procedure, because I stay pretty stable in my measurements. I will not measure myself again until 2 months post. Why? Because I don't want to drive myself insane with the loss of volume, which is really just swelling going up and down.

I am exactly like a lot of you. I want the "perfect" body. I want to lose a minimal amount of projection and circumference. But I am not going to give into the impulses and urges to constantly monitor my progress.
My results will show themselves in a few months, I will follow my Doctors orders to stay off my butt, eat a lot of protein, take my vitamins, and not overdo it.

I wish you all the best in your recovery!!!! I will post more updates as time progresses. I am also working on some pics to post as well.

10 days post - holo-lilo, pain, pics

So my Holo-lilo mattress came in yesterday!!! But my junk is a little too much for that trunk to fit. No complaints here though! I just thought the hole that's supposed to fit a pregnant mothers belly would surely fit my butt. Alas ladies, I was wrong.

My pain is horrible in the mornings. My lower back is just killing me. This morning I woke up and my face was so swollen that my eyes were almost shut. I ended up crying because I have read hundreds of his reviews and most of the women talk about how they stopped the pain pills after 2 days or that they didn't take them at all. Granted, I am only taking them at night and when I first wake up but it's starting to wear on me. I sit here and wonder if there's something wrong with me, can I just not take pain anymore (I am covered in tattoos, so I can take some pain). Is it because he didn't have very much fat to work with and had to be a little more aggressive? Is there something wrong?
So here I am, just waiting it out. I have literally emailed his office 8 of the 10 days post op. He or Lorena ALWAYS responds within a few hours. They are both extremely helpful, listen, and care. I couldn't have asked for a better team to take care of me.

Post op pics- ok ladies, I really want to post some pics but I am sorely uneducated in photoshop and stuff like that. Is there an app out there that I can just smear the tattoo with? When I say I have tattoos, I mean I have tattoos... Like almost my whole body. My entire back and left butt cheek, my entire left arm, half my right arm, chest, and some on my legs. There is no way to just put a "sticker" over them. Also, photoshop (tried using a free app that they have) just distorts my back and butt so bad that it wouldn't be worth showing the pics.
So if you smart ladies out there have any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it. Because it's an AMAZING result so far, and I know I hate reading reviews that don't have pics.

Thanks for your help ladies and happy healing! Also, I replied to a question up above about fajas/compression garments if you're interested in my opinion on that..

The way I come across

Ladies, I have been told many times that I can come across as very abrasive and cold. I hope that when you read my reviews you see the content and not the way I tell the story.

My opinions are just that. Mine, and, an opinion.

Happy healing!!!


Ladies, I finally figured out how to blur. So here they are.

I am 11 days post op and the difference between today and yesterday are more than just literally night and day. Yesterday was bad, today... I haven't taken any painkillers except tylenol!!! I actually got a good night sleep and I feel like a million bucks today. Hopefully this lasts!

More photos

Today I am officially two weeks post op. Of course I feel like I've lost some volume and projection, but it's just the swelling going down.

Still going through hell at night trying to sleep. I am now officially out of pain pills, so I am a little scared to see what tonight brings.

Butt is feeling softer every day. Wish I could do something about that damn cellulite...but hey, I'll manage with my big ol butt! ????

Still numb in places on my back and hips and still feels lumpy. I have a really hard lump on my left hip and am hoping that will resolve itself soon.

My bruising is almost gone. I'm sure if I would have had more Arnica pills it would've been gone by now. But I ran out about a week after my surgery and never ordered anymore. I highly recommend the Arnica pills ladies. I took two every six hours for a week and barely bruised at all.

Not feeling it today

Plastic surgery is an emotional roller coaster. Today has been pretty bad. Since running out of pain pills, it's hell at night. I feel extremely bitchy and on the verge of tears all day today because of the lack of sleep.

I keep sitting here wondering if this was all worth it. Am I going to blame Dr Hughes because of this?? Not at all... Recovery is the worst.
I'm used to being active. I lift weights 6 days a week. I'm always doing something... For the last two weeks and 4 days, I haven't done a thing. Sometimes I walk, but not too far because I pay for it later... I feel bound to my suffering. Working out is the only thing that helps me fight my depression... And I feel like I've lost everything for minimal results.

It's not Dr Hughes fault that I didn't have much fat to work with... Right now I've got booty greed... Add depression and sleepless nights to the mix and I'm a mess.
I just want the next 6 weeks to fly by so I can lay on my back and sit... So I can feel normal again...

Sorry for complaining... This is part of my journey and I wanted to share.

Do I still think this was worth it? I sincerely hope it is. I'll let you know when I'm done being a baby. :)

Feeling more positive today

So ladies... I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do..and I took measurements. But only on my butt... I'm looking at 42" at the largest part. That's a 4" increase from my pre-surgery measurement.

I've been feeling really down lately, but today I'm feeling a lot better. I keep in daily contact with my fellow bbl inspiration, @valdezg1214. Her positivity and thoughtful words have kept me going and helped to change my outlook! I can only hope you ladies find someone as special as she is during your recovery.

I've been doing some driving and getting my hair done. I bought a bbl pillow (if you type just that, you'll see the site it bought it from) it's basically some padded type of styrofoam and in my opinion a waste of $99. It hurts my legs and just flat out isn't comfortable. It raises you up high enough (well for me it did, those with a little more junk might have trouble) but it's hard and the edges really dig into sensitive parts that may have been lipo'd. I ended up rolling up a king size pillow and wrapping an ace bandage around it. Works just the same and isn't expensive.

I'm going to purchase some compression wear today. Hopefully I can find something with no butt compression... If not, I'll end up cutting the butt out of the garments.
I thought about ordering a faja, but Dr Hughes said spanx is just fine. So I'm going with that. He hasn't let me down thus far.

I've also started using vitamin E oil on my inscision areas. My tend to turn really purple initially... One thing I didn't mention is that I am in a long distance relationship...and I don't plan on telling him about my procedure. He will be here in three weeks to see me so I'm doing what I can to minimize the appearance of the scars. I bought Mederma initially, but I didn't really like it. I think I've seen faster results with the vitamin E oil. I also bought some Argon oil yesterday and am going to add that to the mix.

I'll take more photos later today ladies.


Here it is ladies. A few days late but three weeks post. The more the swelling goes down the more cellulite shows back up!!! Why can't they figure out how to photoshop that in real life!!!! Lol

5 weeks

Just hit 5 weeks post op yesterday. I've lost quite a bit of my initial size, but I'm sure it was all swelling. I asked Dr Hughes the other day how much was injected into my buttocks and hips, thinking 800cc were injected into my butt. I found out the total amount was 800... So I'm really feeling like I wasted my money. I've been looking at all these before and after pics of his and other doctors patients... and I feel like I could have accomplished this in the gym on my own.

I've been extremely depressed lately. Mostly because I had high expectations of what my after results were going to be, especially because I had a larger butt pre-op. I wanted so much more... But really, Dr Hughes didn't have much to work with initially. My cellulite seems much worse now, but I think it's because I haven't been to the gym in 5 weeks.

I have burning pains in my lower back. I've literally spent the last 5 weeks in sweats and on my stomach. I did wake up on my back last night, and I honestly didn't even care. I figured with my results being so minimal anyway, it didn't matter anymore. I've done everything to the letter that Dr Hughes told me to do. I have breast implants as well, which are 550 cc. So I figure that my implant size is approximately what remains in my butt... Which is a little more than a handful.

I'm trying to stay positive, I have a week left to resume normal activities...

I still don't blame Dr Hughes. He did an amazing job with what he had to work with. I just wish I would have realized exactly how much fat I didn't have BEFORE I decided to drop $11k.

I don't think I discussed very thoroughly my ideal size with him prior to surgery like I should have. He never promised me huge results, but honestly that's what I wanted.

I'll post pics next week, when I'm at 6 weeks. My butt has gotten softer, but still doesn't jiggle like my old butt did... I hope at least that returns. It was my favorite part of my butt...

An amazingly gifted surgeon. Anyone that schedules with him will be truly happy to have been so lucky! Try to focus on his skill and not interpersonal relationships. I do not have a single bad thing to say about the Doctor, his staff, or the way I have been treated. Everyone was completely professional and helpful. You couldn't ask for someone to be more responsive than Dr Hughes.

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