37 YO Female 5 Children. Future Hazani Doll - Beverly Hills, CA

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I did a consultant with him in December 2015. He...

I did a consultant with him in December 2015. He answered all the questions my husband and I had. I've done about 5 consultant with other Dr before him. He said he would give me Hips and a round butt. He also showed be pictures.
I am now waiting on his staff to let me know my next step. I'm waiting to do blood work. I'm unsure what I will need for this surgery. I think I'm finally getting excited.

More wish pictures. And pictures of me. Old and older

I really hoping for a very round butt

Me .....pictures

Pictures to show my before shape. Hoping for an amazing after

More pictures

I plan to show him all my wish pictures on here on the day of my surgery

What do i need for fat transfer surgery

I have my surgery coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm still lost about what I need before and after. I emailed Debbie to ask but haven't received one back. I did the blood work but haven't heard anything so I'm guessing that is a good thing.

Paid up

I have now paid off the surgery. Blood work done. I was nervous so I had my Dr do me a physical even an ekg. Lol. Everything was good. She told me I'm good enough to do surgery.

Surgery tomorrow

I'm excited about my surgery tomorrow. I can't believe it's finally here.
I did my last consult with Dr Hazani and Debbie today. Everything went well. I wasn't rushed. They were still patient and nice. They let me know they have gotten very busy. But still very courteous.
But I'm curious about the faja. How did people order theirs in advanced? How do you know your size?


I've had many children lol. And haven't experienced pain like this. I haven't even looked at my body yet. As soon as I'm better I'll give an update.

Surgery and follow up

I had my surgery March 22. I got there and 645 it started about 9 morning. I had a ton of paperwork. Everyone was really nice. I meet with Dr Hazani the day before just to go over everything that had already been discussed and how to wear my aftercare garment.
We discussed with my weight I'd have to do it in two rounds because of United States standards. And that I needed a tummy tuck.
Once he marked me up and took me to the back . I was there about 3 minutes before I was asleep. I woke up in so much pain. I've never experienced anything like it. They got me dressed and to my husband car where I rode in the back seat on my stomach until I got him.
I forgot to get the thing that you pee in standing up. So I used a McDonald's cup. It has helped me survive. They have me narco for pain.
The first night in I needed to change the bandages and I fainted.
After the first two days everything is great. My butt feels heavy. I can't sit on it. But he said it looks good. I hope it stays far but he said it's really swollen. He gave me two garments and the bbl pillow.
Overall I'm happy. I'll know for sure once the swelling is down

Bored and always tired

I'm so over laying on my stomach. I'm so bored. The only things stopping me from taking a run is my butt is heavy and I don't want to lose fat. I get up and walk slowly around my building. I'm drinking water and smoothies. My pee is still very dark. My hips and back have moments when they're on fire. I'm still downstairs in my house on the air matters. When I walk up stairs my butt gets really tight. I'm in a spanks like garment and and the top black waist trainer.
I want the fat in my butt to last is there anything extra I can do? He told me don't sit for two weeks. The swelling went down a little. I'm afraid to lose my butts. I want it as big as it was.

Maca root

Since maca root helps grow fat should I take it after the fat transfer? I took it once before and my butt got fatter but so did my stomach.

losing fat

I'm noticing my butt get smaller and smaller and I'm sad about it. He told me I could sit for 20 minutes at a time. I wonder if I'm sitting too early. I'm already thinking of my second round. Maybe in D.R. someone in the D.R. room said there are vitamin C shots that's injected into the butt for the plumping of the fat. So I guess I'll look into that. My stitches still haven't completely gone away. I had a massage and I have a few knots. I'm hoping everything gets better


If you look you'll see in an upper I have on the same dress in the same bathroom and

2nd round

So I'm ready for my second round. I need a flat stomach. I'm trying to decide between Dr Hazani and the D.R.
I'm satisfied with my first round. But I want more. I want hips and a little more projection. I'm wondering

Bbl and hard lumps

I'm happy with my bbl. I really like the look. Its a little square. But I'm still content with the results. So I'm almost a year post op and my butt is still sore. I have a very hard lump in the right cheek and around the edges of my butt is hard and sore
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He was very nice. Very well spoken . and very informative. He answered EVERY question. After meeting him I knew I wanted him to be my Dr. He seems very trustworthy. And that price is AMAZING in Los Angeles for his work. In LA for decent work you'll pay about 15k.

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