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So I've been stalking like everyone else for about...

So I've been stalking like everyone else for about a year. I'm 36, have 3 girls they are 5 and 4 year old twins. The twins were definitely a surprise and the back to back pregnancies did a number on my body. I worked out and lost 20 pounds and realized my body will never snap back without help. I'm currently 5'6" and 155. I am looking to get a BBL first, followed by a TT and BL/BA. I saved up enough for the BBL and I'm going to get that done first. And then save for the rest. Hopefully I can combine the TT/BA-BL but my coins are funny lol. Here are some wish pics and before pics of me. I can't believe I'm posting my butt naked pics but we are all in this journey together and it's time for me to pay it forward.

Went to Atlanta to see Dr. "Curves" Andrew Jimerson

At the end of June, I went to visit my mom who lives in Atlanta. Prior to my visit, she recommended I look into Dr. Curves as he was really popular in Atlanta. She's one of the few people I've discussed my decision to have surgery with. I did some research on him and thought it would be a good idea as I could recover at my mom's house (I live in Las Vegas) and have someone to take care of me. So I call his office and they charge $100 to even have a consultation! I understood there may be people that waste his time but it is applied to the surgery. Prior to going to the consult, they tell you there is a mandatory video you have to watch. This is basically answering I guess the most commonly asked questions so you probably won't "bother" him with the same questions everyone asks. When I got to the office, it was really nice, large and modern. I was walked back to a consultation room and disrobed. I sat there for almost an hour while his assistant was in and out answering more questions about the surgery. By this time most of my questions were answered by the video or the assistant so what was I paying $100 for? Dr. Curves finally came in, looked at me for about 2-3 minutes without my robe on then robot like told me what was needed, BBL, fat transfer to hips, gain 10 pounds, extra charge to lipo the upper bra roll and front bra roll and a tunny tuck. My grand total was $18,500! He answered a few more questions and was OUT! He lacked any bedside manner and seemed very cocky in his demeanor even talked about getting a reality show SMH. Even though I was impressed by his work online, his personality and the feeling of being rushed made me feel like just another number. I was thinking "Is he this rushed when doing surgery too?" So I will not be going with Dr. Curves. I'm not considering Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills as I also like his work and it's only a 4 hour drive/45 minute flight from me.

Dr. Hazani it is!!

After my horrible experience with Dr. Curves, I continued my search. I liked Dr. Miami's work but his one year waiting list seemed waaaay to long for me to wait for surgery. I went back and forth wondering if it was worth the wait. Meanwhile I was hoping to find someone close to home. I found soli25 's review and fell in love with her results. I started researching her doctor, Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills and his work here on real self seemed consistent with my desired results.

I gave their office a call and spoke with Michelle at the end of June. She told me I could do an online consult. I sent the attached before pics and wish pics up Dr. Hazani and he said my goals were attainable. He said I had enough fat that I wouldn't need to gain any more weight.

Since the online consult, I've had multiple phone/email conversations with Michelle and the doctor. Everytime my answers were answered by email within hours and the doctor even called me right at our scheduled time on a Sunday. Although I haven't met the doctor yet, the fact that he takes time whenever I need a question asked makes me know he's the one for me. I never felt rushed or referred to a video to watch like the other doctor.

It looks like my surgery will be on October 1st. So that gives me a little over two months to get my ish together ????.

I'm so bad I don't take any vitamins SMH so I'm trying to get my body ready and cleansed as much as possible to have the best possible recovery. I found one member lolyjames who has a really thorough review. She recommended the following vitamin regimen (see photos) but the doctor said to stop all vitamins and supplements one week prior to surgery. My BF thinks I'm doing too much and over thinking it. He says just take a daily vitamin and call it a day. Anyone else who has been through this, help me pleeaaasseeeee ????????. I am overwhelmed on what to buy. What are the must haves???!!!

Daily, Pre and Post Op Vitamin list

I ordered the daily vitamin list from Amazon for less than $35 for an approximately 90 day supply

OMG surgery date moved up a month

Got a call today from Michelle and my original surgery date of October 1st isn't available so the only date I had off of work, my daughters with their dad, when my friend could go AND when Dr. Hazani is available is Sept 4th!!!! That's I'm 6 weeks! So ish just got real. I'm having anxiety now. My over planning OCD needs are in overdrive lol. Luckily my BF is totally opposite and has the most calming energy and keeping me focused on the goal...my new body ????. If anyone can recommend must haves or a really good review that breaks down the necessities, I'd really appreciate it...as my coins are funny lol. And don't want to waste money on unnecessary things.

Officially One Month Out

My surgery is officially one month away. I can't believe it is happening so fast. I've been so stressed lately and just trying to stay positive. This past weekend I saw a text from a guy in my BF's phone that said "I miss hearing your voice". I've never had thoughts of snooping in his phone but you know a woman's intuition is never wrong. So I checked his phone and yup you guessed it, it was his ex girlfriend texting him all types of inappropriate messages to include a va-jay-jay pic!!! He was being sneaky trying to save her name as a guy's name SMH.

So now he is doing the please baby please routine. And I don't have the energy to deal with this right now. This couldn't come at a worse time. But I'm not going to let his issues and drama keep me from being my best self. It always seems like right at the moment something good is coming to you, there is something to test how bad you want it.

On the funny side, of course he is EXTRA concerned about breaking up now that I'm about to have a BANGING BODY! Funny how karma works LOLOLOL

I ordered so much stuff on Amazon, I'll do an update once things start arriving. Hope all is well with my BBL crew TTYL

24 days out!

I'm currently on vacation taking some much needed r&r before my surgery. My date is approaching soooo fast. I put my cheating man drama on the back burner and just focusing on me. I have everything ordered and started my preop vitamin regime. Last thing I need is my stage 1 garment. There are so many to choose from. Any suggestions BBL divas?

Anyone use Dr. Hazani's Groupon

So I was online bored at work and decided to google Dr. Hazani's name just to read reviews etc online. (This is my life SMH),So whhhyyyyyyy did I find a groupon that was for $999 to get $4000 credit in his office! And whhhyyyyyy did it expire 8/5/15! DAMN GINA! This would have saved me $3000! Did anyone take advantage of this special. If so, I am hating right now lol.

Received my Vedette 944 garment 15 days out

I'm almost done getting everything I need. I ordered a black medium from Amazon for $65. Then I saw a new large nudes color one on eBay for $23. So I ordered that one too thinking they ran small. Wrong! They run true to size. So now I'm stuck with the large one because there are no returns. For reference I am 5'6" 155 and 29.5 inch waist and the medium fits perfect. It was weird putting this on as I've never worn shape wear, spanx etc. before. My coochie is hanging out of the bottom singing fetty wrap "hey what's up hello!" Lmao. And it REALLY smashes your boobies down. I'm a 34DD and I look like an A cup. Now I see why they have the bra out option. But other than that it's the price of beauty!

7 days out. My final wish pics.

Hey ladies. I'm officially one week out. I go from feeling excited to nervous depending on the day! I've been working a crap load of overtime to make this final payment today. Down to the last minute lol. I had my lab work done here in Vegas about two weeks ago at Quest Diagnostics. Everything came back normal. I've been trolling for booties for months. It's an addiction!! But here are my final wish pics that I will be showing Dr. Hazani. What do you ladies think? Too big? Too small? I'm 5'6" 155 wear size 8 currently. Which one is the best in your opinion?

One Last Side Pic

Some more Pre Op Pics

I ordered some maxi dresses of of EBay they were $7 each. They came from China but only took 10 days so that wasn't too bad. I ordered an XL but it fits like a medium. They are super stretchy but there's no way I could wear these in public without my garment showing through. They are not see through, but are clingy but still comfortable. I ordered brown, black and burgandy. I figured I would wear these the first days laid up so if they get fluid etc on them I wouldn't care. I went to Walmart and got a measuring tape to get my last pre op measurements and to track my post op measurements. It was only $1.50 in the sewing section. I'm going to use a measuring guide I found online to track. I'll post some more of my supplies this weekend. I think I'm finally done with everything I need!

Threw some hair in!

On Tuesday I put a weave (extensions) in to keep my hair as maintenance free as possible. I'm sure I'm barely going to want to put makeup on so at least this way I won't look too cray cray lol. My BFF teased me saying I'm getting the THOT starter kit (fake hair and a big ass) LMAO! I left my bangs out and the rest is extensions with my natural hair braided underneath. It makes getting ready soo much easier. I'm going to keep it in 4-6 weeks and by that time I should be able to sit in a salon but I'm planning on still using my pillow for as long as possible. I don't want to lose any of this ass. Oh I also forgot to post the measuring pic so I added it also.

Today is the big day!

Drove in from Vegas yesterday afternoon. Got in town early enough to get some Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles yaaaassss!!! Afterwards went to my pre op with Dr. Hazani. This was my first time meeting him which I thought was crazy meeting the day before surgery but I felt comfortable because I've done so much research. My pre op was at his office on Robertson and he was right on time. We went back and he looked at my body, wish pics, and answered all my questions. I felt his energy was calm and he was knowledgeable about the process. The only shocker to me was that I did not have enough fat! For my desired results I need more fat. I'm 5'6" 157 (I weighed myself yesterday) I thought I had more than enough since I'm not trying to get a huge stripper ass but because I want hips that's what's throwing it all off. He said I need about 200cc in each hip which will leave 900 for transfer to each cheek with the fat I have available. He said since you lose 1/3 on average, that will leave me 600 after which will still be a difference but not exactly like the wish pic. So I had to choose to not do the hips and have my desired butt after the volume loss or get more fat from my inner thighs to compensate. But the lipo to the inner thighs is an additional cost. When I did my phone consult, he told me looking at my pics, I may have enough or he may have to do inner thighs at an additional cost. So it's not like this was a big surprise but I'm cheap and hate spending money lol. Long story I decided to pay the extra money because why go through all this and not get exactly what I want and have regrets.

When I went to Dr. Curves in Atlanta, he told me I needed to gain weight and I was the same size I am now so I'm sure I really don't have enough. On another note, I have EXTREME ANXIETY when it comes to surgery so at one point during the consult when he was talking about the technical aspect of the surgery, the incisions etc, I broke out into a cold sweat and damn near passes out. He didn't notice though but my BF did and was looking like WTF is wrong with you?! Lol. I got myself together and tried to focus back on the prize, my new booty!

The doctor gave me for Rxs. One antibiotic, one anti nausea, one pain medication and I asked for something for anxiety which I took and so far seems to have calmed me down but it made me very sleepy last night. I've never taken any psych meds. I feel kinda in zombie mode right now lol. I filled the Rx at Walgreens and was only $14 for everything with my insurance.

After that we checked into the condo I rented on Air b n b. It's only 2 miles from his office and really big and comfortable. We stocked up the fridge with groceries since I'll be layed up for a minute. The Dr. told me to try to poop before surgery so I drank some smooth move tea last night and that worked. I'm now on no food drink mode. My surgery is at 3pm. Please say a prayer ladies. I'll post once everything is done :) I'll also post my supplies as I use them because I bought way too much I probably won't even use lol. So far I've used: vitamins (from above post) and Dr Hazani said my labs were amazing, a measuring tape for my final pre sx measurements, and smooth move tea.

Made it to the booty side

I'm a little loopy still but here's a quick update: I got to the surgery center at 1:45 for a two pm check in. That was barely enough time to complete the paperwork. There are A LOT of papers to sign. There were syrgical assistants there at the front desk they were really cool. They said Hazani does the best BBLs they've seen. I asked if I could email them my wish pics and they printed them out for me to put in the surgery room lol.

Then Hazani came in on 3 on the dot. He's always been punctual. He takes me to the back and starts drawing me up all over my butt area and hips but nothing on my back. I give a urine sample to check for preganancy and chafe into surgical attire. I give a kiss to my BF and walk back to the surgery room. The anasthesialoigist walked back with me. He had an accent and was real cool made me laugh. He started the IV, asked me what I did for a living and I was out. No countdown nothing lol.
I woke up with them struggling to put my bra on. So a suggestion is to have a stretchy sports bra with no hooks. I just told them to forget it and I went braless in my maxi dress with the binder on. They wheeled my to my car which I have no recollection of and I laid back on the rear bench seat of my van. It was very painful getting into the car.

Once I got in the car. I passed out again. Next thing my BF is pulling me out and I'm walking like two steps a minute to the condo. During this time TONS of fluid is leaking and my maxi dress is soaked!

I get inside, lay my towels down and lay down on the bed. There's so much fluid, it soaked through the towels, and sheets down to the mattress pad. Once I realize this, I put down the towel, then puppy pad on top, this has worked great all night.

So my next recommendation to buy is a couple cheap towels($3 at Walmart) and puppy pads. I got a box of 25 and almost gone from the first night. So I would say at least 3 times that. The leaking is uncomfortable to lay on so having a dry pad makes things so much more bearable.
Also A MUST is the PEZ female urinal. I've been owing like crazy and it's a god send. The first time I had it backwards and peed ALL OVER MY SOCKS :( so if you can try before you would be smarter than me. The larger party covers your labia. It doesn't seem like it needs to be that low, but if you don't you'll be with pee socks like me lol

I've been insanely thirsty. The Dr recommended Gatorade so I've been alternating between that and water. Another must have that o didn't think of is straws. It's so hard drinking from your stomach.

So to my results. I look HUGE! there is writing 1000ccs on each cheek. The binder they put you in is like HELL! It's soooooo tight you feel like your organs are going to pop out. Since it's only in the middle, there are fluid pockets above and below which look crraaaazzzyyyy but I know it's not permanent. The dr explained the lipo disconnects the lymphatic system from the skin so the pressure is needed to reconnect everything so I know the pressure is needed. I can't wait to shower and change into my Vedette. So for now I'm just makes with the binder on and a tank top on the top and a big robe to cover up if needed.

I'm not going to lie, it is painful. The pain is the binder and lying on the incusion sites. Sleep is horrible. I can take the pain pills every 4 hours which takes the edge off for about 2 hours I can sleep then it feels like my back and incision sites are on fire so I wake up again. During this time, I've been walking slowly with assistance and drinking fluids which loosens up the back pain. It's a process. I'll post pics when I shower hopefully later tonight. Take care my RS loves!!!

Day 3

Hi ladies. Today is day 3. I'm going to try to keep you guys updated because I'm looking for day 3 posts to see if what I'm going through is normal but they are hard to find from Hazani patients so hopefully my info helps.

Last night Dr. Hazani called at 8pm. He said I can take a shower as soon as I'm up to it. I am going to take one after this post. I was too weak to do it last night. I asked when I can take this torture device of a binder off (it's white with three straps) and to my surprise he said I have to wear it for 2 weeks and that I wear it over my garment. This thing is so bulky I'm like how am I supposed to have the Vedette on plus this thing. I looked at other Hazani patients and they have the Leonisa on with a waist trainer on over it not this surgical binder? So I will clarify when I see him tomorrow. My appointment is at 10 am.

The recovery is no joke. I had 2 c sections and they were a breeze compared to this. I also have a high pain tolerance so these girls that are saying they are up and at it must be aliens. The pain is not that bad after the first day, it's the soreness that will drive you bat shit crazy. It's a never ending cycle. All you do is pee, walk a little and lay on your stomach. The laying makes you sore so you start the process all over again. The pain meds I've been taking just to sleep. I finally slept 4 hours straight after I used the arnicare cream. I forgot I even had it. You become a little stupid during this process. My BF took my binder off and massaged it underneath and put the binder back on. That allowed me to sleep the 4 hours. Prior to that I was only sleeping 2 hour intervals and only after taking the pain meds. So Arnicare is another must have.

My incision sites (2 in the bikini line/the rest are stitched closed) are still leaking. My BF went to Walgreens, CVS and medical supply places looking for abdominal pads. No one had them! He said one girl asked him what type of surgery I had and when he told her, she wanted to know the cost, who did it, how it looked etc. lol everyone secretly wants an ass. Anyway I wish I would had ordered some abdominal pads from Amazon before because now we are using a chux that we cut vertically and put under the binder. And speaking of chux, they are waaayyyy better than the puppy pads even though they are a little more money, you use less and they keep you dry longer while you are leaking on the bed.

Your arms are sore from propping yourself up. I go to the gym regularly so I suggest you get your arms ready for a workout before this surgery because I am able to support myself thanks to having a little upper body strength beforehand. Maybe do planks, push-ups, or light bicep work. Trust me your arms are much needed in this process.

Lastly for now, I had a breakdown this morning. I took my binder off and saw my body and started to cry. My stomach is lumpy, I'm bruised everywhere and my body is shaped deformed. I know it's not going to stay this way but it is hard to see yourself in a body you're not used to. Dr Hazani said I had very thick dense tissue and asked if I had lipo before. I've never had any cosmetic surgery. But he said since the tissue was so thick, he had to be very aggressive to get the fat out. He told me he got out 4500 ccs. But he had to work for it. I'm sure that's why my stomach looks crazy and the bruising. Just expect a ball of emotions ladies. They say the beginning is the hardest part. I just can't wait to be better. I'm so IMPATIENT ????

Day 4

Hey ladies. Just waking up about to check out of the condo and head to see Dr. Hazani in 2 hours. I did take a shower yesterday it felt amazing. I put on my Vedette with the binder over it and although it's still uncomfortable, it's waaaaaayyyyy better than the binder sitting directly on your skin. That was torture. After about 1/2 a day of wearing the vedette I took the tank part off and BOOM my stomach was 90% better the bumps and lumps are smoothed away. Your body really is like clay during this time and my stomach must have taken the shape of the surgical binder. So I am feeling better I am not deformed ????????. You are a ball of emotions so just prepare your body changes every day. I'm doing better I can get up and walk on my own, bathroom etc but sleep is non existent. 2-3 hours at best before your back is on fire from being in the same position. I took only two pics yesterday after my shower will have the Dr. take some more in his office.

Made it Home

Hi Ladies ???????? yesterday I went to see Dr. Hazani at his office. He took off my binder and Vedette and looked over by body. He said I was still swollen and pointed out the areas. He took some after photos but I haven't received them yet. He told me he took out 4500 ccs of fat ???????? and transferred 1000 ccs to each cheek. I forgot to ask how much he put in my hips. He asked me if I had lipo before because my tissue was thick and hard to lipo to get to the fat. I told him I've never had any cosmetic procedures so I don't know. But he explained that's why I'm so bruised and sore because he had to work to get that 4500 ccs. So hopefully you girls will have it easier than me. He gave me a Leonisa garment and said I could use it instead of the vedette it was up to me. So I tried on the leonisa in his office and I liked it sooooo much better so I basically wasted my money on the two Vedettes ???? oh well. The Leonisa is better because it is seamless and is smoothing out my skin even better. After I put the Leonisa on, Dr. Hazani put on the surgical binder. Then he strapped that bad boy EXTRA TIGHT. I was like why why why ???? he said that's how tight I need to wear it for 2 weeks if I want to get rid of the fluid and get a hour glass shape. DAMN GINA ???? I left his office and laid in the back of my van with tons of pillows and made the four hour ride home to Vegas. I stopped every hour to stretch my legs and the rise wasn't that bad. After I got home, I went to Homegoods and purchased a memory foam pillow. It works good when you are laying on your stomach to support your elbows while watching TV etc.

Hazani told me to switch to extra strength Tylenol 500mg x2 every 6 hours. So last night sleep was almost non existent because I didn't have the strong meds but I needed to get off of them anyway. This morning I woke up and felt like I had to go #2. I should have made my tea last night because those pain pills back you up. I was scared to sit on my butt, but I remember seeing on here a girl roll a towel so that's what I did and put in under my thighs on the toilet and it worked so that will be my method but it's definitely awkward.

My entire midsection is still feeling on fire. I'm sure from the aggressive lipo so I've been using a gel heating pad I got from Amazon. It feels amazing. I took one pic of me wearing it with my Leonisa on.

*singing* I'm about to lose my mind up in here up in here

Hi friends ???????? yesterday I felt really good was able to stay up all day without being tired but I must have over done it because by the night, I felt dizzy like I was about to pass out. It was so frustrating because I thought I was making a turn towards being normal again. So I've been light headed and dizzy since yesterday. Just taking it easy. Last night I put on an ab board under my Leonisa garment then put the surgical binder on top. I still have a lot of fluid in my stomach. I can feel it moving when I touch my stomach. It is still very painful to touch any of the lipo areas. I found a place to get massages after 2 weeks post per Dr. Hazani. Hopefully my then, it won't hurt that bad because I can't even imagine how I'll get through that. Can any ladies tell me how they massage the front if you can't lay face up? Do you just stand up?

Sleep is still horrid. I'm still up every two hours. I was actually in tears last night in frustration and from sleep deprivation. My BF has been getting up with me every 2 hours, massaging my back, feet etc. but he leaves to DC tomorrow, then I'll be on my own. On top of that, my girls come home from their dads (we do one week each shared custody) so nonetheless a bish is skurred! I have GFs who are coming to help for a few hours each day with the girls but I really thought I'd be more active a week post op. Wish me luck ladies. A woman's work is never done! I took some pics this AM to post. I measured my butt it is 40" before and 44" now. I was too lazy to measure anything else. TTY guys later.

One week Down

Hi Friends. Today is my one week mark and what a roller coaster week it has been. Yesterday I took my BF to the airport. He drove there and I had to drive back solo. I put my BBL pillow in the car and it was not comfortable at all but I refuse to sit on this butt. I will have to keep adjusting until I find what works best. It almost feels as though you are doing a squat on a wall. They call it a roman chair. Is was a 30 minute drive and my hamstrings were burning by the time I got home. I just blasted my music to take my mind off of it.

Last night I slept on an air mattress and was able to sleep 5 hours straight. My mattress on my bed has a memory foam top and maybe is not firm enough for stomach sleeping. So I'm going to keep sleeping on my air mattress. It has a built in pillow perfect for stomach sleeping. I got in to put in my van for the ride home but ended up not using it until now. In the day time I have it in my living room and last night, I moved it upstairs. This is a must have ladies ????????. Today was the first day I haven't felt dizzy so hopefully I'm done with that stage.

My girlfriend came by to help me for a few hours and check on me. This is the first person besides my BF to see me. She was going craaaaazzyyyy telling me how good I looked, how small my waist was and how my butt is proportional to my body frame. She said I hope you don't lose any butt so that's motivation to stay off this booty lol. Now she wants to get it done too. The only down thing she said is one butt looks bigger than the other so I looked and yes it does very slightly. I never noticed before. But I know it's still swollen and changing and I've read other girls say it changes everyday in the beginning. I'll measure tomorrow to check if I've lost volume. I took a shower while she was here and she said try on a dress so I can see what you look like. So I put on a dress I had on in one of my before photos. Take care and ttyl.

*singing* Back to life....Back to reality :( 9 days post op

Happy Sunday Ladies. Are you trolling for booties while your man is watching football lol...Well today was my first day back at work. I don't know WTF I was thinking when I originally thought 9 days after I would be okay to return to work. But somebody has to pay these bills so here I am. I only work three days a week so I just have to get through the next three days (that’s what I keep telling myself SMH). I must say the 7 day mark was the turning point for me where I no longer felt dizzy or sleepy but I am still moving slow. It feels like you did the hardest workout of your life and your muscles are dead tired the next day is what I can relate it to. Last night another girlfriend came over to check on me and help with my girls. I’ve only told my few closest friends about the surgery. She walks through the door and says “Get naked let me see” Let me tell you, if you tell anybody about this, people are noooosssseeeyyyy its like helllluurrrr I didn’t ask to see your ass WTF but anyway you know a bish got naked lol. I need feedback haha plus we’ve been friends over 20 years so she would have busted me out eventually. She told me the same as my last GF that it looks really natural, that he did an amazing job and that I don’t need to lose ANY VOLUME arrrggghhh that it only needs to drop a little which I agree it is still sitting high. She asked to touch it and we both agreed it is VERY HARD. To my BBL vets…when does it start to fluff/soften? Did you massage it or will that kill the cells? I’m so confused. For now I’m going to leave it alone until I know for sure.

So today I got up an hour earlier than normal and barely made it to work on time. So ladies give yourself that extra time because you will be moving slllloooowwwwww. I put my BBL pillow in my car and it worked soooo much better than my van. So I guess it works different depending on what settings your vehicle has. My car has more options for headrest, lumbar support, and telescopic wheel so I could set it up where it was bearable. I drove like hell to the yes I can at least get out of the house now. I was stuck like chuck scared to drive before. I wear a uniform at work and had my largest pants on deck a 34” pants. Well let me tell you, I could barely get these bad boys over this ass. Then I was swimming in the waist, which was good because it left room for the leonisa, the ab board and the surgical binder. The ass is so big, it is actually ripping my pocket seams. I’m in this joint looking like a stuffed turkey. So ladies, either take two weeks off (the amount of time you wear the surgical binder) or make sure you have the appropriate clothing to accommodate all of the garments. I did not wear the binder or ab board when driving which helped with comfort. I put it on in the bathroom when I got to work. No one at work has noticed by booty, but they did ask if I was ok and why I was walking slow. One guy even teased “where is your signature switch today” I told them I hurt my back at the gym and they all bought it. The only down side is my office chair has arm rests and my BBL pillow does not sit within the arm rests arrgggghhh. So I’ve been like a crackhead looking for a chair to steal from someone trying out chairs like goldilocks trying out beds. I’ve been doing it on the sly and got busted like “hey why are you over here need help with something” no nosey mind your bidness. So now my ass has been standing all damn day until I can find a chair so more advice set up your work area before you return because these pillows aren’t one size fits all. TYYL ladies

Before and After Pics

I received my before and after pics from Dr. Hazani's office today. My before was taken the day before surgery and the after was taken 3 days post op. I couldn't believe how flat my butt was before I was in denial SMH wow what a difference. In the side pic, you can see the circle line the Vedette left on my butt. So much happier with the Leonisa garment he provided. I already ordered my next size down waiting for it to arrive. I was really bruised and swollen here. My thighs and back have reduced a lot since these pics were taken. FYI most of the marks on my back are acne scars as I suffer from horrible back acne :( finally got it under control with Rx meds but now need the scars to fade. Didn't want you guys to think those were the incision sites. There's four incision sites in these photos. One on the top of my back. A smaller one on the small of my back above the black mole in my before pic, another small one at the top of my crack and the tiniest incision under each cheek not visable in the photos. Ladies if you had doubts, these pics from THREE DAYS LATER should sway you. I had sponge bob hips and now I have HIPS! I'm a totally satisfied patient :)

3 weeks post op

Hi ladies. Sorry I've been MIA. I finally felt back to normal about 85% at two weeks post op. Then I had to get my house in order laundry, groceries, bills etc. the more you can do ahead of time the better. Looking back I should have taken at least two weeks off. 10 days was not enough. I still have not sat on my butt AT ALL. My goal is 4 weeks. The only time I have is to drive which I use the booty buddy. I did figure out how to make driving more comfortable. I purchased the cheapest thinnest standard size pillow from Walmart. It was about $5. It closes the gap the booty buddy makes from the back of the car seat. I used my own bed pillows at first but they were too thick. This works perfect.

At two weeks, Dr. Hazani said I could take off my surgical binder. Thank gawd that thing was so ackward. Let me tell you he is an AMAZING Doctor. He returned my text right away with any questions I had. So I wore my Leonisa and a medium waist trainer over it. I'm now in a large Leonisa the doctor gave me an XL. That lasted for a week before I was on my smallest of the 3 hooks on the medium waist trainer. Then I noticed I still had a lot of swelling in my upper back as the Leonisa and the waist trainer dos not compress the upper back. Yesterday I received a small waist trainer that I ordered from Amazon. It is vest style with the bra out and has 6 hooks to give me room to tighten. I'm on the largest hook now. But I still can't believe I'm in a small wow.

Also at two weeks I went to get a professional lymphatic drainage massage let me tell you that was a joke. I found the lady on Yelp and she had good reviews. $85 later I didn't feel any difference. I told my girlfriend and she said she could do it for me. She watched a you tube tutorial and did all my lipoed areas in 30 min. The next day I urinated 16 times wow she got all that fluid out. I couldn't believe it. So know I'm using this massage roller I got from Amazon daily by myself and my friend is going to hook me up once a week.

Besides going to work I've been in hiding in the house. I feel like I'm in the booty protection program lol. I had a nosey co worker at work ask me if I got a Brazilian butt lift. I was shocked because we don't even talk other than hi and bye. She said "you didn't have all that butt before you're vacation" I lied and said I believe in squats not shots. Then my only outing was yesterday I went to my dermatologist to work on this damn back acne and a young girl mid 20s said OMG your body is amazing what did you do? Can I take a picture of you for snapchat. I felt so uncomfortable two old men were looking at us like what is snapchat. I told her I waist train and that I feel uncomfortable taking a pic but thanks for the compliment. So to my vets, how do you handle questions from strangers vs friends etc?

Last, let me tell you be ready for the HATERS. it's sad to say they are usually the ones closest to you. I shared my story and texted a few pics to my best friend of 20 years. Well come to find out she told multiple people my story and forwarded them the pictures. She even texted them to my BF best friend. I feel so violated and embarrassed that she would show my nude pics to others especially other men. All I can say is learn from my mistake. If your GFs that you trust to tell want to see you, make them come over. Because ice realized some people smile in your face but are really jealous instead of being happy you fixed something on your body that bothered you. My mom told me jealously is when someone loves you and hates you at the same time. So true. Any bets deal with this from women too? Sorry for the long update.
Oh for the booty specs I was 40" before. 44" after had 1000ccs per cheek. I'm 43" now so that's about 25% lost as expected. I don't want to lose ANYMORE please butt stay like this. Maybe I'm having booty greed.
TTY girls later :)

Quick Update

Hi ladies...just a quick update. I went to the gym for the first time since my surgery yesterday. I did no cardio as I don't want to lose any weight, do cardio until I am 3 months post op and my results are final. The doctor did not tell me this, it is my own weird thinking lol. I had shoulder surgery in June and could feel my range of motion in my arm decreasing so I knew I needed to do some upper body work. I did only 10 pounds, 4 exercises, 15 reps x4. Just something to loosen me up. Boy am I sore! 3 weeks off and I feel like I've never worked out.

When I was leaving the gym, a guy stopped me and asked if he could talk to me. I was thinking oh sh*t if he asks about my butt I'm going to go off lol. So he says..."I want to say you have an amazing body. I'm a personal trainer and I would be willing to train you for free. All you need to do it get some cuts in your legs and arms and you will go from a 10 to a 15. I noticed you when you walked in and wanted to work with you as I know you would bring me business" Let me tell you, I have always been complimented on my looks (face wise) but I am not used to being complimented on my body. I feel like an awkward teenage girl SMH I need to get it together as this has happened every time I've gone out. I'm used to being so private and just people watching in the background. Now people are watching me! And let me tell you, I didn't have on any makeup and my hair was in a bun. This butt bypasses all that! LMAO

On another note, I hate the vest garment I got the other day. It keeps riding up and does not fully cover my lower abdomen. It does work really good with a T shirt underneath as that keeps it from sliding. And I am already down three (out of 6) hooks so it is working and my back is less swollen.

Let me tell you besides not sitting, finding the right garment post surgery is the biggest struggle!! Be prepared to budget money into this struggle. I thought I did my research and had everything down but you never know how your body will respond and where you will need compression.

Last, I have not posted a pic of my stomach post surgery but I need to I think it will help us girl with stretch marks know what to expect. I was told my two doctors that I need a TT. What I liked about Dr. Hazani is that he did not automatically run off a list of all my flaws. He said, "let's start with the BBL and lipo. It will improve your stomach but it will not be perfect but it will be better than before and if you are still not happy you can always do a TT later." Well I no longer have the loose skin when I bend over (see my pre op pics) but my stomach is a little lumpy but it is getting better. I don't know if this is from my loose skin or a normal part of lipo of the stomach. So I did my research and came across a cellulite cream on Amazon. I've used it the past three days in conjunction with my hand roller when I do my daily lymphatic massages. And let me tell you ladies wow what a difference. The swelling in my thighs are almost gone and my stomach is about 30% better. The cream is reasonably priced and a little goes a long way. I'll post a pic.

So now that my thigh swelling is almost gone, I'm ready for a panty style garment with stomach and back compression and obviously no rear end compression. Anybody have any suggestions???

Oh here is a link for the cream. It is $12


2 months post op

Hey girls. I've been on MIA status. But things were the same for a long time. I'm 2 months post op now. I just started to sit. I went 2 months without sitting unless it was in my pillow. Now I sit without it but not for long periods. I still have a little swelling. Mostly in my upper back and on my sides. My skin still has a burning sensation from the lipo but it doesn't hurt just a weird feeling.

At 6 weeks post op I went to see Dr. Hazani for my update AND to bring my friend from Vegas she loved my results so much she got a BBL too. He confirmed my swelling areas and told me to continue to massage. My friend got 1200 ccs I was jealous because I got 1000ccs lol. I wish I got more but I did ask for the natural look so he gave me exactly what I asked for. I think I just have booty greed!! I was 44 inches after the surgery. I was 40 before. Now I measure between 42.5-43 depending on the day. I'm still happy with my results and can't wait for my swelling to go down it was make my ass pop even more!!

New pics from Dr. Hazani

Hi ladies. Everything is finally back to normal. This seemed like the longest recovery! But it was worth it. I am two days away from 10 weeks post op. My butt is almost done fluffing it's about 80% soft. I went to see Dr. Hazani at 6 weeks and he took some pics which he sent me I'll attach them. My butt looks exactly the same as the pics. I stopped loosing volume at around 6 weeks and now am holding between 42-42.5 inches. It's funny how my butt fluctuates but still looks the same?! I'm no longer paranoid about losing anymore since this has been the same size for a month now. I still wear my garment and I'm now down to a small I started at an XL. I can still see some fluid retention in my stomach, lower back and on one side. Dr. Hazani said to wait the entire 3 months because they did not feel like a seroma but he would drain it at 3 months if needed.

You can see I had horrible stretch marks before and this surgery will not obviously fix them but wanted to post for those mommies that want to know what your after will look like. Take care BBL divas I'll post again at 3 months with my final results :)

5 months post op

Hi ladies. Been a minute since my update. Time does fly. For those of you just getting surgery know it does get better. All of the burning sensation has left and my butt has fully fluffed. I can sit back to normal without feeling like there is a hard ball on the inside. I feel a lot more confident now. It's crazy how many heads turn now. It's not like I did it for the attention of men, but it is a side affect of the surgery so ladies be ready for that!

I still measure between 42-42.5 never went below 42. I happy with my final results. I still wish I went bigger whhhhyyy are we never satisfied. I still have swelling on one side of my waist but I started a new job so to get time off to travel to get it looked at again is difficult. Anyone have alternatives? I'll post another pic of my results. I'm working now on the incision marks. Anyone know what to use to lighten them? Take care ????

11 months post op. Lumpy lipo and left over fat.

Hi ladies. Well I did go and see Hazani to discuss my lipo. Asked why it is lumpy and why my waist area is uneven. He told me he took the max amount of fat he could and it was left over fat ????. My concern was why not take from the waist area first that is the area women want contoured and if I had so much fat leftover why was I told I didn't have enough fat and paid extra to retrieve fat from my inner thighs. I understand I had lose skin from pregnancy and will need a TT to repair that and lipo will not. I was just hoping for smooth loose skin not lumpy loose skin. I am overall happy with my butt but the surrounding liposuction SUCKS! he didn't even offer a revision or discuss fixing it for a fee. so now the hunt is on for a TT doctor any suggestions ladies. I also want to get a breast lift at the same time. Please give me honest feedback on my results. One dr I had a consult with said I need to redo my BBL ????. Don't know if he was giving an honest opinion or just looking for $$$. I don't think I can go through that again or afford it! Please let me know what you think.
-The first pic is my BBL 11 mo PO.
-2nd pic on right hand side is uneven waist area
-3rd pic is loose skin sitting down
-4th pic is lumpy lipo stomach

One year post BBL

Hi ladies this month officially marks the 1 year mark. I'm still maintaining my BBL and happy with my BBL results. Still researching a Dr. to perform breast lift and tummy tuck. I'm leaning towards Dr. Blinski in Miami. I still measure myself about once a week crazy how you become obsessed after your BBL lol. I'm currently 44".

1.5 years post BBL

Hi ladies. It's been officially 1.5 years post BBL. Here is a before and after pic in same dress. I've gained 15 lbs since my BBL. I recently promoted and now have more of a desk job. Hence the weight gain. I'm currently 5'6" and weigh 175. Good thing is you can see my stomach for the most part stays flat even with weight gain. I'm still so happy with my results from Dr. Hazani. I have a mini TT and Breast Lift scheduled for September with Dr. Blinski. I will start a new review when I get closer to the date.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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