Single mom from NorCal 36 Two Girls 15 & 7 Beverly Hills

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I am looking forward to see Dr. Hazani to get...

I am looking forward to see Dr. Hazani to get ahold of my booty I need more volume i do have nice booty just to need to add more.. I have a BBL consultation with Dr. Hazani I never had a BBL I want to reinvent myself I wasn't really happy bout myself I see how others get attention ..................

36 15& 7 single mom from NorCal

Going for a Dr. Hazani consolation I seen dr Hughes his prices didn't fix my budget so I am sold on dr hazani not only that he had good specials going on and seen other girls who got their work done by hazani he has good reviews

Venting Saving up for my sx date

I'm working and saving my money for the sx date and start buying my supplies I don't want I over buy the supplies so VETs let know what to get n not to get thanks ladies

The price went up

I am not happy dr hazani brought his price up I missed the specials now I have wait for couple months to see if he brought his prices down dam I was ready to put a deposit down this is really pissing me off ????????????????

I'm going to b dr hanzi doll

I am having my BBL surgery on March 3rd,2017!!!! Can't wait for my new mommy make over

Surgery date march 2017

I have finally set the surgery date for my surgery haven't brought any bbl supplies yet I have found me a second job so I can pay for my bbl Surgery.. I haven't told anyone yet cuz I know some are so judgemental so I am keeping this to myself I know if I tell someone they will try to stop me.. I am doing this for myself and I'm a single mom of two I need my body back lol

Hazani doll 2017...

I have been doing some OT at my job so I can paid off my surgery which is aug 2017 I already put down 3,000 it's a struggle when up have a kid but I have a good friend that do buy me food from time to time soi can feed my kid n not to worrying too much looking forward hazani to get ahold my fat booty I do have a nice butt I need it to b uplifted and more cuff ????????
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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