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So, like many of the you on here.....I've been...

So, like many of the you on here.....I've been creeping on this site for some time now. I'm not one to really document any type of personal experience on social media (don't even have a Facebook), but opted to since reading other's experiences has helped me finally make my choice to finally get a BBL.

Let me take you back a little bit.......so I've been thinking about getting a BBL for years now and have always joked with my friends about how we'd love to suck all the unwanted fat and putting in our ass. Well, as I've aged I have noticed that my body has definitely changed for the worse. I have always had a pretty full butt, but for some reason as I start hitting the gym and losing weight.....my ass slowly follows. So even though I have a nice flat stomach, I have a nice flat ass too.....so not attractive. I have been on the fence with working out to hard because I was in fear of losing my butt. My only option at this point was to finally get a BBL.

Just recently had my first consultation with Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills in November. Although his office and staff were wonderful, I just wasn't 100% convinced that I should end my search right then and there for a doctor. After looking at his before and after pics, I noticed that a lot of his patients had an funny looking stomach afterwards. Even those who had a pretty nice looking stomach to start with. I can't say for sure the reason for this, but the conclusion I came to was possible over aggressive stomach lipo. After doing some research, it seems that there is a safe zone for lipo. Anything beyond this can lead to problems such as a deformed stomach and in extreme cases possible burns. Now his butts on the other hand are awesome!! But I don't think I would want to risk the exchange of a nice ass for a funky looking stomach (I will post pics of what I am referring to). Oh, and his price tag was pretty hefty.....$11,000. I was like dang, I don't know if I can dish that much money out quite yet. Especially since I was a little iffy on what results I might or might not end up with. So based on that, I decided to continue my search....which actually led me here, RS.

After spending tireless hours on this site reading multiple reviews, I came across Dr. Hazani. What I immediately liked about Dr. Hazani is that he really gives that hourglass shape no matter what the person's size is to begin with....Big, small, short, tall. Not only that but his results were consistent, which was huge for me! All of his reviews on RS have been positive and results have been amazing. Most importantly, his stomach lipo was not overly done and looked natural. I know I keep mentioning the stomach with regards to a BBL, but I love my stomach!! That's actually one thing I do love about my body and I don't want that to get all f*cked up. Oh, and not to mention he is able to perform BBL on petite girls with minimal fat....which is pretty much me. Well, not the petite part, but minimal fat (according to Dr. Hazani).

With that said, I quickly called and made my appointment and immediately the receptionist said she could fit me in on that upcoming Sunday. Usually doctors don't have consultations on weekends, so I jumped on the opportunity and scheduled right away. Usually doctors only schedule their consultations during the week and I typically have to go right after work and deal with horrible LA traffic....so torturous I want to shoot myself. :0

So to make a long story short, which is already way longer than I had initially anticipated.....I went to my appointment and decided that Dr Hazani was the doctor I was going with for my BBL. He did say I was very thin, which surprised me cuz I seriously have sooooo much fat. I'm actually heavier than I've been in a long time, but I guess we are our worst critics. But seriously I do....most of my extra weight is in my flanks, back and love handles (not sure if thats the same as flanks). People always tell me I'm thin when I complain about needing to lose weight.....but I always tell them, it's what you look like naked. And me right now, it's not cute. I can honestly say I hide my weight very well in cloths and mostly wear lose fitting tops that mask my extra weight, especially my flank area. Any helpful input would be great.....do you think I have enough fat to get good result? I personally think I have enough back fat to create a whole new ass hahah. Not sure if I should try to gain some weight, which I really don't want to do :(

Surgery date scheduled for May 24th.....

I just paid my deposit today to lock in my surgery date for 5/24. Let me just say that I really had to keep on Nayely and Debbie to get things rolling to have them email me the final documents. I don't know if it was me just being impatient, but I know that he is booked out pretty far already and didn't want to have surgery on a date that was inconvenient for me. I have a few week break from work to recover, so if I wasn't able to lock it in I'd probably have to wait until the end of the year. I really wanted to get this surgery done early enough to recover and enjoy my summer with my new body. I think everyone is trying to book their surgery date in the next upcoming months for this reason as his office was super busy just the short time I was in there for my consultation.

At this point I have shared my decision to get a BBL with a handful of my closest friends. They are all excited for me.....and pretty much not surprised on my decision. When I set my mind to do something, I do it!! I'm an ALL talk and ALL action. So far I've gotten their support and they are excited for me and excited to see the results. A few really want to get it done too, so they have been asking a lot of questions themselves.

As far as my family, I really haven't told anyone my decision quite yet. I figured I'd wait till like a week before surgery. I feel like my family is more judgmental than my friends and really wouldn't understand my decision completely. When they hear BBL they associated that with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.....which is def not the look I'm going for. They are definitely the extreme cases of BBL that I don't find attractive. I am looking for a more natural type appearance that doesn't look overdone. I want leave people thinking that I just work my ass of in the gym and do a million squats.

I'll keep you posted as things progressively move along. At this point I am a few month out from surgery.....so I think it wont hurt to put on 5-7lbs or so. I'm not a big fast food or over eater type person so not sure how this will happen. I guess I have a few months to slowly pack on a few pounds :)

Plastic surgery app

So I've been messing with the plastic surgery app. I feel like my results are realistic.....just want a flatter stomach and plumper bum. This was me NYE, I loved the dress but felt a little uncomfortable with my weight. This is my own WISH PIC :) Surgery is coming up on the quick mode and I feel myself getting anxious.....wanting to communicate with Hazani exactly my expectation. I think they are pretty realistic compared to others review....crossing my fingers
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