35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Lipo and BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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Just like many of you, I have been stalking RS for...

Just like many of you, I have been stalking RS for about two years. I decided after my last pregnancy that I would do what I needed to get my body back. I am scheduled for Lipo and BBL in December with Dr.Hazani. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I saw a few other doctors in Beverly Hills, but decided on Dr. Hazani because of his professionalism and his work from previous ladies on RS. He told me to gain a few more pounds in order to get the best results. I gained 8 lbs. I'm glad I'm doing this in the fall/winter time because I've been hiding sweaters and sweats! LOL
Dr Hazani has been great with responding to my questions via email His staff, that's a whole different story. It get a little irritated with their response time. It doesn't change how i feel about Hazani as a Dr. I understand that he's been getting busy but customer service should never been compromised.
I'm traveling from Northern Cali to BH. It's a one hour flight. I'll be staying with family while I recover and hopefully I'll be able to fly back a few days after surgery.
I'm hoping to get the heart shaped booty! I'm sure Hazani can do it. I've seen pictures of other patients with that shape.
I'll post pictures tomorrow. I need to edit out some tattoos before then. LOL Last thing I need is some nosey co-workers in my business. :]
I would to love to hear from any ladies that have had BBLs. I'm curious as what a must have would be. I purchased chux pads and arnica gel. Dr Hazani provides garment and pillow. It's too close to christmas and I don't want to waste money on the stuff I really don't need.

Booty Buddy

Has any of you ladies used the booty buddy before? If so, would you recommend this over the boppy pillow?

Wish pics

Before pix

Not the best photos but you get the idea. Lol

Before pictures

Here's my before pictures. I love my kids but they definitely did a number to my body! Lol

I did it!

My surgery was yesterday. I finally made it to the big booty side! I know that everyone's body recovers differently. Going under the knife is nerve wrecking and scary. If anything would've happened to me, I would be leaving behind my husband and my beautiful kids.
I have to admit the recovery has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had my stomach fat, love handle fat and bra line area lipo'd. I'm pretty bruised up. I had surgery yesterday and was up and moving around that same night. I've had two csections and figured the recovery would be close, if not the same, and so I figured the sooner I started moving around, the better my recovery would be. So far so good.
My BFF had her surgery done same day 5 hours after I had mine. She's having a harder time because she had her arms lipo'd, it's hard when you are trying to get in and out of bed because you have to use your arms.
I didn't have my thighs lipo'd so that makes getting in and out of bed a little easier as well.
I've been taking meds as scheduled (You didn't want to chase the pain).
Dr. Hazani is a great Dr!! His surgical team is the best! Serijo was such a sweet heart! I told him that I was getting nervous when they laid me down on the operating table. I asked him to hold my hand until I was out. When I woke up I felt tight all over. I got home and was able to get up and go to the bathroom on my own.
I didn't bleed a whole lot. Dr hazani put in 1140cc each cheek. Yes that's a lot! Hoping the swelling goes down soon. Dr Hazani called me to check up on me last night. Goes to show you what kind of dr he is. Very professional.

I wanted to start wearing my ab board but I'm not sure when I can start wearing it. My first post op appt is Sunday, then I fly home that same day. Hopefully the flight home won't be so bad.

Finally home

I had my first post-op appt with Dr Hazani yesterday. He such a caring doctor and great at what he does. He's honest and will tell you what his professional opinion is, instead of telling you what you want to hear. I think there's a lot of dolls have unrealistic expectations (wanting a j-LO body with a body that's no where near that).
So I saw him yesterday and he gave me my stage 2 garmet and my pillow. That pillow helped so much on my flight home to NorCal (It was a one hour flight). The flight home was no bad but the ride home was so hard on my body. I had an hour half ride home.
I notice when I don't stay on top of my meds that my body it's real sore. Gotta remember to stay on top of it instead of chasing the pain.

Also keep in mind that until you have BM, you'll have stomach cramps and feel like ????. No joke! Lol

I'm a stomach sleeper but sleeping on your stomach and not being able to switch to your side is not been easy. The past few days I've had bad headaches from the way I sleep and my neck hurts. So expect that for all you soon to be new booties.
My body is badly bruised. Anyone else experiencing this?

Lymphatic massages

How soon can we start lymphatic massages?

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op today! Swelling has gone down a lot. I'm scheduled to return to work next week. I'm hoping the swelling in my front goes down more. Im happy with the work dr Hazani has one on me. I'm just praying it stays like this!

3 weeks post op

I'm 3 weeks post op. Swelling in my lower ab area still. But I'm loving the small waist. After having kids this is definitely a great feeling! There some swelling in my girlie part but I've been massaging and it's helped a lot. I still have bruising on thighs (no lipo was done there). I've been driving to and from work. I try not to sit but it's been hard because I went back to work on Tuesday. I've been using my pillow that dr Hazani gave me and using a small boppy pillow for my back when driving. I really need a lumber pillow for my office chair.

Almost 4 weeks post op

I've been massaging since week 2. It's very painful to massage myself. There's a few lumps, possibly fluid build ups there. My BFF is experiencing the same thing. She contacted Dr Hazani and he recommends that we come in to have him take a look at it. Anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do?

Shopping after BBL

Trying to find the perfect jeans or pants for my new booty is sooo hard! Now that I've got the hour glass shape, I can't find jeans that fit right. Where are all the bbl dolls buying their pants and jeans from?
I can't find any new work clothes that fit right either. It's way too cold for maxi dresses.

4 weeks post op pix

The booty greed is real! Some days in like "oh shit this looks too big" and some days I'm like "I wish I would've gone bigger" lol yes you will definitely go through this phase! Depending on what you wear, some days you will feel like your booty is huge! Lol
I notice on days that I've been on my feet a lot, my stomach and my girlie part gets swollen. Today was one of them days.

4 1/2 weeks post op pic

I happen to come across someone's review today that said she wished more RS post were honest about BBL and that pictures without the garment are more honest reviews. So I figured I'd stick to posting reviews without my garment on (though I've only posted 1 with a garment). I measured this morning (it's been over a week since my last measurement) I've lost 1/2 inch since. I think it's because of the pressure I put on it last week. I had meetings and couldn't stand in the meetings so I sat. However I sat with my bbl pillow. I hoping I don't lose anymore fat. I've started waist training. I hope this will help get the swelling down on my stomach.

6 1/2 week post op

Here's my 6 and half week post op pic. I lost a little volume. However I love my hour glass shape. I've been massaging (with a rolling pin and by hand) every evening before I shower. It has been helping rid of the lumps. I have one lump left that I've been massaging. My abs seem to be swollen still. I have stretch marks on my stomach from my last two pregnancy but my stomach is flat! I'm very happy with the way dr Hazani contoured my body. I no longer look top heavy. Lol
My butt is getting softer. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with me sitting. I don't sit directly on my butt, I only use my booty pillow that Dr Hazani gave me. Unfortunately I can't stand all day or even half day cuz I'm in and out of meetings all day.
Any dolls know when the "fluff" normal happens? I don't even care if I ever "fluff" I just don't want to lose anymore volume! Lol
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr Hazani is a great doctor. He's a very caring dr that will tell what your realistic expectations are of surgery. He calls his patients personally after surgery. Which is really reassuring. He's professional and great bedside manners. When I originally scheduled my surgery my patient contact person was Michelle. She's great! She's taken some time off recently. Hopefully she'll be back soon. Dr hazani's office definitely needs her back. His office has gotten very busy since I scheduled my surgery. And calls and emails weren't returned timely.

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