34 Years Old, Mother of 3 in Need of Bbl & Tt - Beverly Hills, CA

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I finally decided to post my review. I was super...

I finally decided to post my review. I was super embarrassed but everyone should know what a great doctor Dr. Hazani is! Better late than never :) I was looking to go to Mexico for a tt and bbl. I got a couple quotes and even put a deposit down but I just felt worried about the whole thing! So I found real self and decided to look around closer to home. Didn't see anything great but I came across Dr. Hazani, he had great reviews and no negative reviews which is even better!!! I had a consultation with Dr Hazani in November. Right when I met him I was like this is him! This is the dr who is gonna do my bbl and tt!! He answered all my questions and I can't even explain it but he made me feel at peace. So I went ahead and booked my date! I had surgery 1/7/16.

Before pics!

It took a lot for me to post these pics so please don't be too harsh. I really needed a bbl and next step is tt. I hated going shopping I couldn't buy certain fabrics because my butt was too flat or wear shorts because my butt was long. I've always had big hips but no butt.

Day of sx 1/7/16

It was finally here. I wasn't nervous at all which is really weird for me because I am always worrying and anxious. My surgery was scheduled for 6 am. We (hubby and me) arrived 20 min early. The building was not open do we had to talk to somebody through the speaker in front. The asked who I came to see but they said they couldn't find that dr. I was so upset they did not let me in. It was cold and raining. Ran back to the car and called Dr.Hazani and let him know what was going on. He said he would send someone down to get me. So Sergio ( I think that was his name lol) came and got us. He even went with my hubby to show him where to park. I filled out papers and was brought back to change. Dr. Hazani arrived and apologized for them not letting in. He is such a sweet heart. We discussed what I wanted, did his drawings and off to surgery. Waking up was horrible for me! I could not stay awake. I was in pain and felt extremely nauseous. My butt felt so tight like it was going to pop. They got me dressed put me in a wheel chair and we headed home. Once we arrived I got out the truck and my clothes were drenched! Make sure you have chux and towels in the backseat for the ride home. My mom helped me changed. I was bruised, in pain, out of it and nauseous. At this point I was miserable. The nausea pills did not help. I stopped taking pain pills the second day. I had no appetite for the next few days and whatever I ate came back up. Every time I got up I felt so lightheaded and nauseous.

Next few days after sx

Day 2-4
Definitely were the worse, I felt horrible. I couldn't walk very well I waddled like a duck. I had some depression during these days. I bruised so bad Dr. Hazani said I had the worse bruising he's seen. It didn't surprise me because I knew I bruise so easily. The swelling was crazy. There was swelling in my butt, legs, stomach, hands, and feet. The weirdest thing was my womanly part swelled up so bad it hurt lol and my face was also swollen I couldn't look in the mirror because I looked so weird lol. I didn't get my appetite back until day 4 but the nausea and vomiting did not go away until day 5 or 6. I had to go back and see Dr. Hazani on 2 different occasions. Once for the nausea and vomiting. I couldn't stand up without vomiting and once for the extreme swelling In my legs. He made sure to fit me in to check that everything was normal. I was so thankful for that! He even saw me once in between surgeries. He is amazing.

Day 5-14
Each day gets better! Nausea was gone. Swelling had gone down a little. Bruises were starting to lighten up. I definitely recommend to purchase arnica gel. It really helps and the moment you put it on it makes it feel better instantly. I had my 2 week post op he said everything looked great. I started driving but I really hate it. Maybe I'm not correctly using the pillow he gave me but it isn't very comfortable.

4 weeks post op

My butt and hips have not lost any volume. My butt just looks like it dropped a bit (not as high). Still hoping my hips and butt go down :/ my tummy, sides and back are super sore and very lumpy Ive been massaging with coconut oil and some days it looks better than others.

4 weeks post op

Pics 4 weeks post op

Trying to post my 4 week post op pics again

4 week post op before & afters

Very disappointed!

I know many of you have had great results but this is my personal experience which I think should be seen. I am now almost 6 months post op. I went to see Dr. Hazani last week for some concerns I've been having. I thought he would have been able to help me out but no luck. From before 5 weeks post op I noticed a difference in my cheeks. They were not even close to looking the same. I immediately let the dr. know and he responded how he loves the results but he does see the difference but to wait 3 months, and then we could examine my before and afters. First off he never took after pics he was always in a rush. He finally took some quick pics last week to show me that I did have a dimple before surgery. So my concerns were that my butt cheeks are not even close to looking the same. They look like they would be on two different people. One side is high and bubbly and very full. The other side has a dent and is lower and kind of deflated. Ok I understand the dent. I know of a couple other girls he did which have dents also. He explained that it was my skin that wouldn't stretch anymore in that area. Then why didn't he stop at my skins limit and make the other side to match. That does not explain why they are so different. He should have made them both smaller to match each other. I asked him what he could do and he told me nothing! That he would not touch it. :( so I asked him if he was telling me that I would have to have a flat cheek and a bubbly cheek. He responded yes. Really!? I let him know that I was unhappy he said every dr will tell me the same as he did and if I find a dr to fix to let him know. That was not what I wanted to hear. I didn't pay all this money to walk around with totally different cheeks. The other problem is on my right side of my tummy I have a huge lump which hurts. I thought it would have gone by now. I also let him know of this 5 weeks post op he told me to keep massaging. It still hurts to this day and if I do not wear a faja it gets bigger. It feels squishy. He felt it and said it was a muscle! A muscle?! He told me I needed to get a tummy tuck and then quickly changed the subject. So I have no solutions to my problems!! I don't understand how he can not do anything for me to a problem that he caused me which I did not have before surgery. I regret doing this and should have just stuck to a tummy tuck. God knows what I will have to get done to fix this :.(
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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