33 Years Old and Two Boys - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm excited and nervous at the same time it's...

I'm excited and nervous at the same time it's almost time I'm one week away from my surgery date. I just hope I get the desired results that I'm hoping for. I've already went for my two week pre op , filled my prescription need to get a couple more things. Should be ready with everything in a few days. Super nervous as it gets closer.

Three more days till surgery

I'm scheduled for this coming Monday morning. I already got my boppy pillow and yoga mat. Getting things together here at home. Gonna go grocery shopping and load up on healthy food. Going to change my diet. Gonna start to eat more healthy . To maintain my results. I want my waist super skinny and super flat stomach back to the days before I had my two little boys. So excited on to see what Dr Dass can transform my body into. Hoping for the best outcome. Going to post some before pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow the big day

I'm going in at 9am super nervous and excited getting my last minute stuff that I need . I have two little boys so I need to get there school clothes ready for the week . So it's easier for me. Going to have some help from my mom and husband. Will post pictures as soon as I'm done with surgery.

Today I'm getting surgery

Arrived at my appointment waiting to be called a lil bit nervous but im ok. However last night I never received my pre operative phone call from the office to let me know we were still on for this morning. Kind of wanted a phone call to calm my nerves down and relax . But I left an email last night reguarding the issue. Britney called me when I was five minutes away to see if I was on my way. So I'm here had to fill out a lil paper work . Waiting for them to take me back . Will keep you guys updated . Thanks dolls

2nd day after my BBL

Took some photos of the second day progress . These pain killers are working for if it wasn't for them I won't be getting through this. But I'm getting there. I have two lil boys 7 and 5 so I was able to get them dressed for school and help them with there homework . Glad I'm able to. I get up and walk for 10 to 15 minutes after I use the bathroom. Will let you know how day three goes. Thanks dolls

Day three

Still woke up in pain. Had to take the medication for my pain still. Taking the arnica pills plus the bacterium pills . Took my first shower tonight . Changed the dressing under my suit. I'm Still swollen and bruised. Other than that everything going good so far.

Day four

Today I woke up with a really bad head ache and pain still took I two pain pills in the morning and will take one before I go to bed to help me get through the night. My legs are extremely painful there weak and tired and swollen . Was cleaning my house a lil. Trying to get things back to the normal . So in a bit I'm gonna get in the shower eat dinner and keep off my Feet these legs hurt. Nothing drained today I'm still swollen and numb. Will see how tomorrow goes. Thanks dolls.

Tomorrow will be one week post bbl

As for the weekend my pain was still here I still took my pain medicine but tried cutting down a bit. Don't know when this pain is going to go away. Tomorrow I have a post up appointment and 12 noon. We will see how that goes. Getting tired of laying on my stomach. It's been really hard not sitting on my bum. But so far I haven't sat down. Nothing's really changed. Will see how tomorrow goes. Will update about my appointment follow up.

One week update

Today my visit at DR Dass office went well. Everyone is so friendly there. Dr Dass said that I'm healing very well but noticed a lil bit of fluid under my belly button and immediately drained some out. Wasn't as much as he thought there was. He added some foam pads there so some it can help with the swelling. Doctors visit was a success. I have another appointment next week he will than change me to a tighter garment. Also ran a few Arron's today since I was already out an about. Will update tomorrow thanks dolls

One week and four days

Hello dolls, was wondering if any of you experienced were your incinson sites at your lower abdomen if there's a hard lump or ball that's a lil sore when you touch it or press on it. Wanted to know if it's gonna go away soon. Still wearing my compression garment day and night with the binder over if. Please tell me it's just some swelling and it will go away soon. Thanks dolls

3 week appointment

When I went in for my appointment
Dr Dass noticed I had a lil bit of fluid still and the fluid keeps coming back. So what he did was he gave me a lidocaine shot to
Numb the areas on my lower abdomen where the incisions were at. Once they got
Numb he opened up the Incision with a a knife and open up the incision all the way inside to clear anything that could be blocking the fluid from draining out. So once he did that he put a stitch in to leave the incision drain open. So any remaining fluid could drain out with out it closing. After that he place a maxi pad over and a piece of foam to keep my tummy compressed and my garment over. My next appointment is in one week . I hope with this it resolves problem. Don't think I can handle any more of this fluid drama. I need to recovery from all of this. I'm going to be in my sisters wedding need to be bikini ready by June 13 . So I hope I'm ready by than.

4 weeks and 3 days

I went in for my four week appointment doctor visit went good. Dr Dass took out the drains he put in. He liked what he saw. He said the drains serve there purpose. Everything looks good . Stomach is nice and flat. Will post pictures this weekend.
Expecting aunt flow tomorrow. So will see how that goes. Hope it's light. Dr Dass scheduled me appointment 4 weeks from today. I've been putting mederma on the back scars. And on the front ones neosporin. Once they heal I will than proceed to put mederma on those ones. Recovery been good so far. Almost at my 6 weeks. Can't wait. Have a good night dolls.

Lower abdomen

Seems to me my lower abdomen is not getting better. It's looks like it uneven lipo.
Or scar tissue build up. I was hoping I can wear a bikini but I can't I'm not happy with the way my belly looks. Don't know what to do to get a flat stomach. I thought lipo was the way to go. Also I want my scars to get lighter. And it's taking forever.

Uneven lipo

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Dass, I went to several consultations before choosing him as my doctor to do my surgery. Trust me I did my research on choosing my doctor. Dr Dass is really nice and has a calming demeanor about him. I love that about him. He did outstanding results on me and I'm so happy I went with him. His staff is also absolutely amazing. Love them all. Everyone is so sweet to me every time me and my husband go in to the office for all my appointments. Go to Dr Dass if you want amazing results.

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