32 Year Old Single Mom W/3 Kids Getting Bbl W/Dr. Dass - Beverly Hills, CA

A couple weeks ago I booked my surgery with Dr....

A couple weeks ago I booked my surgery with Dr. Dass and am feeling excited and nervous as the time approaches. I feel that it helps me to read positive reviews on Dr. Dass so I'm taking the time to post a review of my own experience. I have chosen to get my bbl with this doctor because of his ability to sculpt the body with an hourglass figure and give women a natural looking projection. The fact that he has a lot of before and after pictures of his patients who have had bbl procedures further encouraged me to choose him. Also, based on RS reviews his patients overall or more often than not are happy with their results. My consultation with him was also very good since he took his time to respond to all my questions without rushing me. He portrayed a very calm demeanor and seemed confident in providing me with a good result. I felt he was honest and was not trying to upsell me on other procedures--he was not pushy at all. The final reason why I chose him was because I had been feeling more inclined to get my bbl with him than any other doctors I had been following. I just feel that when in doubt one must follow that gut feeling--so I have...

My hope is that he'll take care of me and do an excellent job with my body as he has done with SO MANY women already.

Wish me the best on this journey as I expect only the best from Dr. Dass!

I welcome prayers and positive vibes for my upcoming surgery...

Thank you

My stats as of Nov 25, 2016

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 154 lbs


Below the rib area: 32 inches
Waist/belly button area: 35 inches
Hip/butt area: 41.5 inches

Pics of ideal body shapes/butt projections

Kirsten's bbl-a former Dr. Dass patient

Really hoping to achieve a natural looking projection like Kirsten who is a former patient of Dr.Dass.

Wish pic

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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