32 Year Old Single Mom W/3 Kids Getting Bbl W/Dr. Dass - Beverly Hills, CA

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A couple weeks ago I booked my surgery with Dr....

A couple weeks ago I booked my surgery with Dr. Dass and am feeling excited and nervous as the time approaches. I feel that it helps me to read positive reviews on Dr. Dass so I'm taking the time to post a review of my own experience. I have chosen to get my bbl with this doctor because of his ability to sculpt the body with an hourglass figure and give women a natural looking projection. The fact that he has a lot of before and after pictures of his patients who have had bbl procedures further encouraged me to choose him. Also, based on RS reviews his patients overall or more often than not are happy with their results. My consultation with him was also very good since he took his time to respond to all my questions without rushing me. He portrayed a very calm demeanor and seemed confident in providing me with a good result. I felt he was honest and was not trying to upsell me on other procedures--he was not pushy at all. The final reason why I chose him was because I had been feeling more inclined to get my bbl with him than any other doctors I had been following. I just feel that when in doubt one must follow that gut feeling--so I have...

My hope is that he'll take care of me and do an excellent job with my body as he has done with SO MANY women already.

Wish me the best on this journey as I expect only the best from Dr. Dass!

I welcome prayers and positive vibes for my upcoming surgery...

Thank you

My stats as of Nov 25, 2016

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 154 lbs


Below the rib area: 32 inches
Waist/belly button area: 35 inches
Hip/butt area: 41.5 inches

Pics of ideal body shapes/butt projections

Kirsten's bbl-a former Dr. Dass patient

Really hoping to achieve a natural looking projection like Kirsten who is a former patient of Dr.Dass.

Wish pic

wish pic

Found this pic, I think I'm going show this one to Dr. Dass so that he knows exactly what I'd like. I know I won't look the same but perhaps a similar outcome is possible??? Either way I think it's important to have a discussion with Dr. Dass of what's desirable or acceptable to me at my pre-op appointment--we must be on the same page!...So I will speak my mind!

Any upcoming Dass patients out there???

Anyone else on here getting surgery on February 21, 2017 with Dr. Dennis Dass?

I'm alive!

I just took my pain killer again and lying down hopefully I can fall asleep. Everything went well but boy does this hurt! What made it worse is that I got my period. The pain I experienced was a strong colic pain accompanied by a high level of soreness (from below my breast to my feet). I get up often and it seems like I'm only taking naps, because of this I do the necessary walking Dr. Dass suggest to avoid blood clots. I currently have 2 pillows underneath the shower curtain and 2 disposable adult pads above it (these move around...) which is a must! I think it would be so uncomfortable without it. I unfortunately vomited and felt way better when I did. I think it was because of the pain killer and the anesthesia of course.

I've eaten lightly such as protein shakes with fruits and vegetables and crackers--I want to avoid a challenging constipation experience if any. I'm still feeling some pain and numbness as I type this.

Please have somebody to help you when you get your bbl because you are so stiff it's hard to do anything like bending and urinating in the urinal ( I got a cup like one at the pharmacy in front of Dr. Dass's office).

As for my result I can't actually see it since I have so much padding. What I do notice is an hour glass. I am hoping my figure looks natural and looks proportionate. In my pre-op I showed Dr. Dass 2 ideal body pics (shown above), one woman with the brown outfit with acceptable projection and the other one with a red bikini with acceptable shape/hip area. I didn't show the woman in pink like I stated in the past. Despite showing him those women's pictures I emphasized that I wanted my butt to be a size proportionate to my legs. Also, I told him that I already had big hips and didn't need him to make them bigger, the dips on my hips was what I didn't like -so he said he would fill those. He said that liposuctioning the flanks and back would give me the hour glass figure I wanted (by the way he also liposuctioned my stomach, bra roll, and above the bra roll by my armpits).

The lumpy stomach conversation and how to avoid it came up and what caught my attention is that he discourages one to sit even with a bbl pillow or yoga mat the first 2 weeks and if possible 3 weeks because slouching which could occur when sitting and leaning forward could cause the stomach to heal inadequately or with lumps since the stomach gets wrinkly thus increasing the chances of it healing in such way. So if you can avoid sitting (or even moving around and bending) with the bbl pillow or yoga mat do so and if you can't avoid sitting up to 3 weeks then make sure you sit with your spine erect thereafter. I hope my stomach ends up looking smoothly but for now all I can do is follow his post-op care instructions and hope that my stomach turns out well. I thought I should share this because I always wondered why I couldn't sit even with a bbl pillow or yoga mat within 2 weeks post-op as I had been reading in some reviews. So if you are curious like me, now you know. I hope to post pics on Thursday when I am allowed to take my first shower, which I'm eager to do since I'm filthy with blood (yuck)!

Lastly, if you are nervous, don't be because once you meet with Dr. Dass at your pre-op you will feel so much better-I did. I really think his calm and confident self enables one to feel relaxed and a sense of trust in him.

P.s. Took the pain killer a couple minutes ago so my pain is less severe right now but still can't sleep-walking around now.

I hope this helps future Dass patients. Will update as I am able.

Number of CC's and adult/bed pads

So today I decided to change the adult/bed pads that Dr. Dass placed underneath my garment to help control the bleeding right after surgery. The day of surgery I didn't want to replace these with my poise ultra long pads I had bought to cover the incisions because I didn't want to move anything around as I was in pain. Today I noticed that the adult pads that were placed from my back to the middle of my butt was kinda rolled on the butt area. I was afraid the rolled/crumbled pad on the middle of my butt would affect my fat graft so I rapidly asked my mom to help change the band aids and place the poise pads instead. During this time I felt dizzy and VERY nauseous. I think that as a result of leaving the rolled/crumbled pad a whole day I developed a slight indent on my right butt cheek, this is my assumption but I hope it resolves over time. I wanted to share this because if you can flatten the pads or better yet simply have pads covering the incisions do so. I don't think there is a need to have padding going all the way to the middle of the butt. Perhaps Dr. Dass placed them all the way down there because I was bleeding a lot and doing so could control my bleeding and dripping. Anyways just make sure that when you get home the adult pads are either flat and closer to your incision area or replaced with long poise pads that Dr. Dass suggest one buys.

I called Dr. Dass's office today and asked how many CC's I got and they said 1350 in each cheek which is quite a lot for me :/

My bed set up

For the person who asked for this pic..

A little over 48 hours post - op

Earlier today I felt more stiffness/soreness than anything but also felt colic pain on my stomach as a result of my period... I also started taking Tylenol instead of the pain medicine Dr. Dass prescribed which made me nauseous. I feel I'm getting better overtime and the pain that I've experienced has been bearable especially with the pain medicine. I took my shower today and am waiting for my garment that's in the drying machine right now. I'm attaching pics so y'all can see what Dr. Dass has done. Now I have to wait for the inflammation to subside so that I can see the real results. Hoping for the best!

Yoga mat/bathroom set up

You might need more protective pads than you think you need and this 10mm thick yoga mat holds your butt far away from the seat. So you might not need to spend a ton of money on a booty buddy which you'll use temporarily. This thick yoga mat cost me 15.00 bucks and it's working for me thus far. The reason I say that you'll need more protective pads is because when you sit on the yoga mat to get ready to release a bowel movement you might unwillingly urinate on the mat. However, if you have the protective pad over the mat it won't be an issue since you can simply throw it away after you've dirty it and finish your necessities.

February 28, 2017 -- 1week post-op

These are the pictures I took at my 1 week post-op at Dr. Dass's office. The slight indent on my right cheek is still there and I'm not sure it'll resolve. I really think this was a result of the excessive padding on my right cheek that I mentioned above...I am also noticing that my right butt cheek is bigger/curvier than the other and am not happy with that. As for the size overall I feel it's still big but I'm waiting for it to go down overtime.

Stage 2 garment

Today is my 2 week bbl post op and I'm suppose change into my stage 2 garment. However, this garment is tighter than the stage 1 garment. It went up to my thighs and afterwards I tried pulling it up but it is super tight so i decided to put my stage 1 garment until I talk to Dr. Dass about getting a bigger size. The stage 2 garment is the same size as the stage 1 but I'm afraid to put it on because of how tight it is...Can someone please let me know if you've had this experience and if so did you get a bigger size or not? Was your doctor okay with changing into a bigger size? My doctor is in surgery right now so I'm waiting to see what he says but would appreciate your feedback about this matter??? Thank you.

Pictures of Stage 2 garment Dr. Dass provides

Here it goes Sassymommy3....

15 day post op

Yesterday was my 2 week post-op and I took off my stage 1 garment to take a warm shower. Afterwards I measured myself and I was at 44 3/4 inches in the butt/hip area and then later on I measured again because I was curious and I was 45 1/2 inches. So it's seems like the size will be fluctuating until the swelling subsides. Anyways, I know it's only been 2 weeks since my surgery but thoughts of a revision to fix my hips have been lingering in my mind. Ah! I hate that I would have to do this again but I'm not happy with the unevenness which I don't think will resolve on it's own. I am thinking whether I should get my right hip reduce or my left hip increased. I feel like I like the left side more than the right because it looks more natural but I wonder how easy and skillfully fat could be removed from the right to resemble my left side. I question whether I should trust that decreasing one side is easier, feasible, and aesthetically pleasing than increasing another side with fat. I'm dreading going through this costly, painful, stressful, uncomfortable, and depressing process again--though I know I have to.

Has anyone had a similar experience to mine? Did you get your hips reduced or increased? Was your result aesthetically pleasing after the reduction or not? Would like to hear from you. I'm not sure what I'm going to do regarding my hips yet but hearing from experienced bbl patients might help me decide. Thank you in advance.


I'm 6 weeks 2 days post-op and I'm very happy that I am sitting and sleeping on my back already. This whole experience has been quite emotional and worrisome. I felt I had to postpone updating until I felt somewhat better emotionally and had adapted to my new body. I also wanted to give it some time to see whether my hips improved overtime.

So, with that being said. I want to start with the things that I am grateful for and the positive aspects of my experience. For one, I am ALIVE to tell my story here! THANK GOD! Secondly, I can walk perfectly without pain so no nerve damage was caused. I didn’t experience a deadly or a serious infection. I can now sit on my ASS and toss and turn on my bed! My stomach is smaller than it was before (see pics). When I sit with my spine erect I don’t see those love handles anymore (see pics). I don’t see my hip dips anymore (see pics). I have an IMPROVED shape when compared to my before pic. My butt has some projection. Thus far I have not lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of fat to feel dissatisfied or that it looks like my old butt... Dr. Dass made me feel safe and comfortable pre-operatively and the day of surgery. When I called with questions I always got a call back with a response from the receptionist and/or even the doctor. His office seemed VERY CLEAN and so did the operating room. Everyone at the office is very professional. Angela is very empathetic and approachable. Megan the nurse was informative.

Although there are a lot of positives to my experience I do feel I will need a touch up. I'm learning to accept the size of my butt but there are times when I feel like it’s still too big for my legs, particularly my right side. I also feel that my right hip from the front view looks weird. I don’t feel like my right hip smoothly transitions into my thighs. As I view my front picture, that is the first thing that captures my attention. I don't necessarily like it. And I wonder if this could be fix or if this result is just due to the way my hips are shaped??? Perhaps when things are evened out I will see it differently and accept it confidently. We shall see.

I will be traveling to see Dr. Dass for my 3 month post-op and I am VERY eager to see him! I just hope my issues are acknowledge and could be resolved.

Despite my experience I still believe Dr. Dass is an excellent surgeon and I hope that whoever is reading my profile does so with an open-mind while considering all positive aspects of my experience.

As of now that's it. Will update soon.


This video was at 5 weeks post-op.

Henna Tattoos

So I've been thinking about how in the world am I going to cover up my bbl incision scars this summer. Especially if I'm going to wear a 2 piece swim suit, which by the way I have never in my entire life worn. Crazy, right?! Then my hairstylist mentioned henna tattoos (they are temporary) ! I thought it was a great idea. So I will be doing that at least until my scars fade...

I thought I should mentioned this since you might be wondering the same thing. In the past I encounter an article about a woman who caught infection, i think it was outside of the U. S. though. Therefore make sure you research the facility and these tattoo practitioners prior to acquiring one.

Also, I am not sure if these tattoos could impair the scar healing process. So I will ask Dr. Dass about it.

9th week update

I am currently 9 weeks and 1 day post-op. Since sitting on my butt I've experienced my butt soften-it's jiggly now. So my butt now feels like it's a part of me and not foreign. My lipo'd areas are still somewhat sensitive and when I scratch I could still feel the numbness. I have also been feeling itchy more often than not which is pretty annoying. When the itchiness feels unbearable I put on an anti-itch cream I bought at Target. I think it has helped reduce the itchiness.

Another thing I've noticed after sitting and sleeping on my back is that my butt settled or drop. I started noticing that it looked smaller even though I was still measuring between 44 inches and 45 inches. However, as of today I'm 44.5 inches in the butt/hip and 30.5 inches on my stomach. It still fluctuates a bit and it hasn't significantly decrease.

The recent changes that I've noticed are subtle but noticeable to me. I'm posting pictures to show how my butt and overall body's inflammation has subsided since my 5th post-op pic and even the 6th week ones.

The latest pic is a 2 month post-op pic which I took last week....
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