32 Year Old-2 C Sections! Ready to Feel Good in my Own Skin Again! - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello ladies! My procedure is less than 2 weeks...

Hello ladies!
My procedure is less than 2 weeks away! I'm nervous and excited! Booked hotels, purchased supplies and now starting to document!
All of the reviews I've been reading so far have been incredibly helpful, detailed, and very much appreciated! Your pain is my pain and therefore, our learning!
I'm scheduled for my BBL Aug26 and then have my mommy makeover- including tummy tuck and breast augmentation in December! Hoping the two surgeries aren't to close together!

Looking forward to keeping you up to date on progress.
I've included some pics of me now.

10 days out... Looming questions

Starting to assemble all of my supplies.

I know I'm missing some stuff, so if anyone has full lists- please do share!

Also- should I buy an extra compression garment for the first few weeks?
What size should I buy?
I'm 4'11" 120lbs. Small or XS because I'm getting lipo done?
What is the 2nd garment I should be looking at purchasing?
Massages? How son should I schedule them for?

I'm Getting nervous! I've thought about cancelling a few times this week but won't! I've wanted this for too long and know that the discomfort will be short lived. HERE WE COME!

Getting ready!

Supplies are in but I'm procrastinating on getting everything together!! Feels a little surreal that I leave in two days and will be having surgery by Friday!!!
Everything has been purchased- now I just need to pack everything and get ready to make this happen!

Wish pics

Small waist and projection

Im in LA ladies!!!!

I just checked into the hotel. I have my preop tomorrow and surgery Friday! Stay tuned!!

Getting ready to head in.

Met the doctor for the first time yesterday during my preop. Nice guy. They say they just moved into this new office, so it definitely left a little to be desired. When he came into the room, he answered a few questions. He's not board certified for plastic surgery but is board eligible, which was new to me. He could t give me a specific amount of times that he's done touch ups and said that the majority of the "touch ups" he has done were for women who just wanted more and he claimed to be able to count on one hand, how many times he had to fix his work. Wasn't getting the warm and fuzzy. After I left, I went to the pharmacy to grab my prescriptions. I had a question about antibacterial body soap, so the pharmacist called Dr. Hazani's office for their recommendation. She hung up and said that they would call her back. About 2-3 minites later in walks the Doctor. He was downstairs grabbing some food but decided to swing in and answer the question in person which relieved me a ton! Not gonna lie, almost backed out of it all until that moment. Here we go!

Day of/ Day 1

Holy crap!!!! No one has described the burn you feel in your butt when you wake up!!! It was pretty intolerable until the pain meds kicked back in.
POINTER #1 - eating ice chips helped a ton.

Pointer #2- ask the nurses/doctors to show your caregiver the proper way to put the binder back on! I feel like I'm squishing my hips but the. Don't feel like I have it on right.

Pointer 3- apple sauce as meal 1 was just what the body ordered

pointer 4- Percocet was a much better pain med for me because it helped me also fall asleep

Aside from that... I haven't looked in the mirror yet but can feel the rock hard buttocks along with the drainage being pretty messy. Pics
Better pics To come after my shower in the morning.

Here we go!

Love the shape. Swelling is insane!

Day 2

Trying to ease off the Norco so I can have a bowel movement. Neck and back are on fire and I'm walking around as much as possible to stay off my butt. Not gonna lie ladies... Recovery is a beast! Bless all of you who have made it through this and all of you getting ready to!

Pic of The tummy

Once the swelling subsides, the lose skin will be more prominent.

Swelling has gone down dramatically

Much better today, especially after having a bowel movement (sorry if TMI). But the first 3 days I just couldn't get comfortable, no matter what I took, drank, laid, etc... But now, I'm feeling much much better.
Post op went well, picked up my garment and pillow. Flight back home tomorrow.

Day 5- flight back home

A lot of walking- I didn't want to sit in a wheel chair.
Bent over for so long I bruised my stomach with the binder.
Overall- not so bad. I had a 2.5 hour flight back home. Used the bbl pillow under my thighs for take off, but as soon as those wheels were up, I took off my seatbelt and assumed the prayer position in front of my seat. Walked up the aisles for a while, chatting with the flight attendants. My neck and back were killing me but good thing I took Aleve before I got on the plane.

Arrived at the airport with my friend- she grabbed the car and I just put the front seat all the way back and rode home.
Long week but glad to be back!

Every day a little bit better

Feeling stronger every day. Went to work for a full day yesterday. Standing desk and lots of walking around. Wore all black and a bigger cardigan to shield this thang! No one said anything, except the ones I had told about my upcoming procedure and their reaction was hilarious. It's pretty large, especially on my tiny frame.
Noticed 2 seromas (fluid pockets) right above my public region today. Emailed a local surgeon to see if he can drain them ASAP.

2 weeks tomorrow!

2 weeks came sooner than I thought!

3 weeks tomorrow!

My bruising is all gone with the exception of on either side of my hips. Feel great.
I've been back at work for 2 full weeks. Standing up all day is a pain in my back and feet but still going strong.

Started massages on all areas lipod last Saturday and have had 2 total with my 3rd to be this Saturday. Crazy how numb and painful that area can be at the same time, especially my oblique areas. Inner thighs are perfect! No weird bumps or deformation. Everything in the inner thigh area looks even, which is excellent because that was one area that I was worried would turn out bad. Aside from that everything looks good, I feel good, it's good!!
33- 27- 38 are my current measurements. Great part is I fit in to all of my jeans still but they're ll just filled out differently and lots of room for my new slimmed waist!????

Going on 4 weeks Post SX

Noticeably fuller but not too much

Try again

It's not much bigger but I'm ok with that. I still fit into my clothes, but with a little modification.

After to the left- before to the right

Loving it

Just the right size! Hips are awesome, inner thighs are smooth!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

So far, I had a phone consult with Dr. Hazani and he was great. Looking at my pictures and setting very realistic expectations. Said I had just about the right amount of fat but would also need to do my inner thighs. I'm ok with less thigh friction! ☺️

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