32 yrs.. 2 Kids.. much needed bbl and lipo, I've had a ba

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Scheduled my consultation yesterday!! Can't wait...

Scheduled my consultation yesterday!! Can't wait. Spoke with Nayelli (<<< I think I totally bombed the spelling of her name... sorry). She was so sweet and helpful. Called again this morning because I was reading about the variation in pricing over the past few months. Spoke with Debbie this time and she was also very helpful and sweet. Although, she did tell me she wasn't able to disclose pricing at this time and only after having my consult would they give me the price. I'm super nervous because I didn't want to have to pay more than 8k and I'm thinking it's going to be closer to 10k ????. I'm pretty heavy, size 16 in clothes and 5'4 ish, so I'm not expecting to look like JLo after my surgery but hoping Dr.Hazani can give me more of a shape. I'm somewhat curvy when I'm smaller but after I had my kids and gained weight I completely lost my shape. I'm currently in the process of losing weight and I'm hoping by my surgery date I can lose close to 40lbs ????. I believe they are currently booked till Aug, so that should be more than enough time. I'll update after my consult... for now, gotta get on that treadmill ????

Before photos

Ok so, no judgement. It's killing me to post these awful pics right now but I feel like it could def. help some other people that want to get this surgery done too. My starting weight was 230. In this picture and currently I'm 220. I had my consult with Hazani and was told I needed to lose weight (about 30lbs if not more) , which was always my plan anyway so no harm there. Although, he basically didn't want me to schedule my appt until I had lost the weight. I understand his thinking behind it but if I may say, everyone is different and some people can lose the weight with a target date in mind and others may not be able to. My weight fluctuates... alot. And I have lost 30lbs+ before. Anyway, thats what Hazani told me and the next day I still got an email from Gary with a proposal. Still not sure about what to do. I think I'm going to set my surgery date and kick up my dieting and workouts to make this work. Wish me luck!

It's OFFICIAL! I've scheduled my surgery date!

I've paid my deposit and scheduled for September 27th. Geez, I'm so nervous. Let me know if anyone is scheduled for that date as well!! I've been looking at other women getting theirs done and some people have it done with a friend or family member... how fun that must be to go through something like this with someone close by your side that understands your pain and struggle thru the recovery process. Anyway, just giving you ladies an update. Feel free to ask me any questions!!

Update & Pre-op

Hello Dolls, so it's definitely been a minute since I've given an update. Over the past few months I've lost 20lbs. Dr.Hazani asked that I try to lose close to 30 but I didn't make it. Not easy but I'm sure I could have done better... it is what it is.

Today was my pre-op, like other Hazani dolls, I've been having a whirl wind of emotions from crying, to being nervous, to excited and everything in between. I have a husband of 11 years and 2 children ages 9 & 11, I can't imagine what they would do if something happened to me, or how their Dad would have to explain my death. I sometimes think I'm being selfish for putting myself in this situation and not being content with what God has given me. I truely believe that everything happens for a reason whether you like it or not, or realize it at that time, there is always a purpose behind it.

So, my appt started off well, and I must say that Nayely is the sweetest girl ever. Gary was also very nice. We talked to Hazani and he went over some realistic expectations for my body, which I was very pleased with. He then took us into his office to show us pics of what I could expect. We went over my history and bmi and we had mentioned to him that I had a blood clot in a prior surgery. I mentioned that during my last surgery I had failed to tell my last surgeon that I was having my period during surgery and my family Dr told me I could take birth control to stop my period during my surgery, little did I know it was going to contribute to a blood clot in my arm days later. Everything kind of went downhill from there, Hazani took out a point system chart listed with 3 categories. Cat. 1 = 1 point Cat. 2 = 2 points and Cat. 3 = 3 points. 3 points and under is a low risk, 4-6 pounts is a med risk and 7+ is high. I had 1 point for my weight, 2 for the length of the surgery and 3 for my blood clot. I was basically a high risk and Hazani didn't seem to thrilled about doing it after he found that out. Due to the risk I would need my family Dr to clear me and sign a consent form. Hazani genuinely cares and he kept on reitterating to us the risk of the blood clots. With my surgery 10 days out I'm at a crossroads. I know I shouldn't move forward with it but I can't help but feel so overwhelmed with everything thats happened within the last few hours. I've litterally purchased almost everything for my surgery and I'm so confused. Is it a sign???
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