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So I have been on RS for a while now and it's true...

So I have been on RS for a while now and it's true when they say once you dabble in plastic surgery it's addictive. I recently got a BA in Aug 2015. I was a small B cup to a very full D cup. I love my breast and now I want the rest of my body to match.

Currently I'm 5"5 135 lbs. I plan on gaining weight as well for the BBL procedure I want to do. I'm thinking 10-20 lbs. I'm currently looking for doctors that can give me the best results. I have looked in Miami and Los Angeles. So far I like Dr. Hazani Dr. Hughes and in Miami Dr. Hasan.

I really want projection and I also want that Apple shape. I feel Hasan can give me that but I'm from Los Angeles and after surgery I feel like if anything doesn't go right I wouldn't be able to go back to my doctor cause it's so far. Also I'm already approved for CareCredit and only one doctor at Vanity accepts CareCredit (jariel) which I don't see too many reviews on... Hmmmm ... But yeah.

I go for a consultation on the 21st of January at Dr. Hazani office so we will see how this goes. I'm trying to get my surgery done in March 2016 (very soon) so if any of you ladies have any tips please let me know. I'm so excited!!!

Trying to gain weight with Apetamin

So a friend of mine said I can gain some weight by taking Apetamin. Is there anyone who can give me some advise on it?

My current weight

my current weight is 151..... My previous post I was just guessing. I purchased a scale and 151 is my current weight.

My surgery is on Friday

So I know I haven't updated in a while but I had my consult with Dr. Hazani and I was very impressed...his schedule was very full but to my surprise I was able to get a date on friday...I'm so excited. Can anyone of you ladies please tell new everything I need before friday...I have no idea what to buy. Please help.

Its official I have been haznified

So I have just been able to sit up and actually update my profile... yesterday I had the chance to meet with Dr hazani and when I tell you he is awesome he is awesome I told him that I wanted a nice round butt with projection I didn't show him any pictures or anything I just told him do what you do and make me beautiful. I got 1380 cc's in each cheek and my waist is so small and Tiny I know I'm still bruised and swollen but from what it looks like right now it looks amazing Dr hazani was great when I got to the surgery center all of the nurses were really nice and haven't been in too much pain I just been taking my medication and resting I was able to take some pictures yesterday when I was getting my dressing changed so I took a couple pictures so I'll post those but other than that I'm so excited and I love my results

Dr Hazani is the best

So here's a quick update I'm feeling much better I'm up I'm walking around I've taken a shower and the bruising seems like it's trying to fade away I feel really good and my butt still looks awesome and I know it's still early but I feel like it looks amazing still

Feeling better day by day

Hey ladies just wanted to give another update. I'm feeling much better than before...also some of the swelling has went down...
I went for my post op visit and Dr. Hazani says I look great.
Also I went to my sister bday party and shocked everyone...everyone says I look great and I even have hips now...Dr Hazani did his thang!!! Lol

Forgother to post pics


Most of my swelling has went down

Just having fun...
Hey ladies most of my swelling has went down my husband is actually in love with my shape I got to see dr. Hassani a couple days ago and he said that my shape and my butt looks amazing at this point I have started sitting but only for short periods of time have the pillow that Dr hazani gave me and it works great when I'm driving I'll post some pictures of my current shape and but if any of you ladies have any questions please feel free to ask


Hey ladies hope all is well with you all...I know its been a while so here is an update!!! Im still loving my results and I couldn't be happier. I am although thinking of going for round 2 I would like more hips and also that shelf booty and a smaller waist... But im still thinking on that...but let me know if you have questions..


Great results
Great results
6 months post op
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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