In My 30s Waiting to Get my Bbl This Monday - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi my RS ladies after discovering this site a...

Hi my RS ladies after discovering this site a month ago , I been looking at a lot of reviews, I am a really private person , but since you girls are so supportive I decided to make one anyway. So I've always been really uncomfortable with my booty always hiding it under clothes because I feels it's flat as u can see no projection what so ever lol and I have no shape . Well for the longest time I been wanting a bbl , to make it full and big also want an hourglass figure and now that I saved up for it , I was searching for a surgeon , & came across Dr Dass he is a nice dr and answered all my questions didn't feel rushed at all in the consultation & √Āngela the patient coordinator was awesome to , she actually had her bbl done by dr dass , which she let me touch and felt really natural looks really nice too, that was one of the reasons I was convinced right away I wanted to choose him and I decided to go with him because of the natural looking results he has . I want a nice round, big bubble butt, with enough projection,but don't want it to look all fake so I'm trusting Dr Dass to do his miracle on me. I just hope this procedure is worth my money because he isn't cheap either , but I made it clear to him I want my money's worth and don't want to be disappointed. He did promise to do the best he could with my booty , and now I'm so ready for this Monday but at the same time in nervous and kinda scared of the outcome. Wish me luck my RS ladies out there . I will keep u posted ????

2 days more till sg

So it's 2 days till sg & I'm having a bunch of mixed emotions, I'm hella scared about the whole thing , but still excited. Just want to get it over with. Praying everything goes well.

I'm alive

Hi my RS ladies, so yesterday was my sg , I had a rough day, & let me tell you that going to pee is a hassle. I felt all stiff from my butt and all my stomach. But took the meds and it really helps. I'm not having pain today but it's still hard for me to move around especially laying on my bed and getting my self up. My daughter stayed at home today to help me out around the house so it's much easier. Im supposed to take my first shower tomorrow and take off my garment to wash it, so I will post pics as soon as I can.

2 days post-op

So today I finally took my shower & garment off to wash it , i felt like I could breathe again for a moment because the garment is tight. I had a some trouble pulling it down because it got stuck on my booty. I was also a little scared to see myself on the mirror because I tend to bruise really easy so I didn't want to see that. I was able to take 2 pics for now but will be posting more as i go.

6 th day post-op

It's almost a week since surgery & I still feel real sore , I'm off the meds now and I can move around easier, this past few days have been really hard for me because I'm used to go to work & be very independent and not being able to take care of my own really brought me down. I've even thought if all this was really worth it . But I'm already here and I have to keep going . I feel much better yesterday and today just hope I can feel like my self soon, Because this journey is really hard. Thank you ladies for all your good wishes I'll keep u posted.

13 days post-op

Hi RS dolls , sorry I haven't been able to up date , I been trying to recover from this surgery, the reason I haven't really posted pics is because I'm still really bruised up. I been using the arnica gel which helps a lot. Let me tell u some days I feel great, like no pain for a while & then all of the sudden I feel so sore from my lower back and my butt which make me feel tired , at times I feel Like I'm carrying rocks on my ass lol I wish I could just feel the same way I did before the surgery because I'm getting tired of this. So any way I took a pic with all my bruising. It's going to be 2 weeks now tomorrow. I will be posting more pics as my bruises go away because I don't like the way I look right now . Hope u all have a good night ????

4 weeks post-op

Hi sisters , so today I'm 4 weeks post & still a have lil bruising. I'm glad I took my whole recovery period off work because I still get tired and swollen of being up around the house all day. My boss is so cool give me all this time off. Can't imagine how it's going to be when I get back to work, since I'm on my feet the whole shift. But mayb it's better than being seated all day , right ? So I took a pic today to show u how my butt looks like 4 weeks after. Still in my recovery process which seems to be a long one.
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