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Hello, I'm interested in getting a fuller booty I...

Hello, I'm interested in getting a fuller booty I am just so curious is 1200cc a good amount of cc on my body I'm 5'3 and my weight is 140 I don't want a tummy tuck yet lol. I'm hoping my skin on my stomach won't sag too much after my bbl but will see..My surgery is right around the corner, also wondering typically how much fat of Volume do you normally lose after the procedure, I'm so excited for a better appearance.????

Just some wish pictures

9 days and counting for my surgery,almost there wishing for a nice round pop booty lol...

Dr. Hughes Sisters

I have like a day and some change left till surgery I'm feeling ready I would love to hear from Dr.Hughes bbl sisters to see your results and journey i will update before I go in for surgery Monday????

Last pictures of this flat booty lol..

I'm so excited for tomorrow its my surgery day, My man (bby ddy) is not agreeing about what I'm doing but i told him I want to do this for myself I want to feel sexy its about that time,so here I am hoping for best results wish me luck????

First of all Thank you God I made it!

Hello girls upon waking up in severe pain I quickly took my pain meds asap after a lil while later feeling way better but pain meds should b tooken with food of course but I couldn't wait I couldn't deal with the pain,so I had really bad nausea but feel better after I put some thing in tummy now feeling okay.

5 days since my bbl surgery

Well today is Friday July 1st and I had my bbl surgery on monday which was the 27th of June I'm been doing better then I expected walking around in my home I'm still talking my pain medication since I'm still feel very sore. So last night I been feeling like my left butt cheek is smaller then the right cheek even in the mirror i can tell I know it still very soon but I hope it doesn't stay like that.(excuse my bruises)????

Today is July 2nd

Here is some pictures from today

Side by side

After bbl surgery 6/3/16

Hoping my butt evens out

I know it really soon but I feel the difference in that I lost alot of Volume in patches on each of butt cheeks hoping it will even out soon.

3 weeks post

Face down. Kneeling, standing really suck s I believe I have 3 more weeks so I can sit down but i feel good just not enough to b myself just yet I still walk weird cause my right side of waistline and butt are swollen and my butt to the( feel ) of it has dips and not even yet still waiting for that process.

One month post/ still uneven

Had my one month post appt doctor told me if I wanted I could change my garment,he also said did not have hardly any swelling left he said I could get to my normal life living after 6 weeks I told him about my right side that it's bigger he said I have more skin on the right side which I really don't feel like I did b4 but I'm gonna just see if it evens out in 2 months that when I'll be seeing him again( The circle is a dents on my left side that is very noticeable)..

5 weeks post

Hello everyone,my swelling seems gone my right waistline is very curved in and my right butt cheek is still fuller I know something isn't right here lol,but there isn't much I could do for that I hope things get better soon ....is anyone still swollen at 5 weeks post?
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