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I'm getting anxious as the day is getting closer....

I'm getting anxious as the day is getting closer. I've been stalking Hazani dolls on here and trying to get all my stuff together before the surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Hazani because of his consistent results that's I've seen here on real self. I also really like how he's good at replying to emails. Here are some of my pre op pictures. I'm 5'6 currently weighing at 131.5lbs. I used to be 118-120 and I've been packing on the weight thanks to the holidays. I'm not looking for a ghetto booty. Something on the natural side. What I am most concerned about is my love handles! At first I was hesitant to do lipo on my thighs but I think I'm going to just go through with it. I'm also getting anxieties just thinking about how I'm not allowed to be on my booty for such period of time. Luckily work is great and they'll let me take 4 weeks off. Labs done, deposit is locked, now it's waiting time.. Sighs >_

Bbl post op supplies

Alright ladies, this is what I got so far. •chux pads •abdominal pads • arnica tables and gel • yoga mat to place under the thighs •neosporin •female urinal P-ez • and bathing wipes. Is there anything else that I'm missing that you guys felt is very important as a part of the recovery? I bought my garments from leonisa so just waiting on that. I haven't got thigh compression stockings yet. How important is that if I'm also planning on thighs lipo? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I'm not taking any vitamins but I will look into fish oil because I heard its good to keep that fat for the booty afterwards.

1 day post op

First day was rough, I couldn't stand on my own and anytime I was up I was very dizzy and nauseous. I threw up a couple of times and mostly slept through out the day. Today I am doing better. I showered on my own and is up and mobile. I was able to eat a little here and there. Make sure you drink lots of fluids. It is very important to have someone with you for the first night. My sister was wonderful. She cleaned my mess because I was leaking so much. Well here are my photos 1 day post op. Dr. Hazani put 1200 cc's in! Can you believe that?? Yes, I went with inner thighs lipo. I have a ghetto booty now.. Lol. Can't wait to heal! Still super swollen.

Oh my booty lord...

This thing is humongous.. I'm praying the swelling goes down sooner than what is expected. It's so big.. I'm not used to it. I must admit, dr Hazani is really good at body contouring! I think I see my abs lol. No more love handles but damn.. This big ol booty is a no no. I need to lose 50% of it and it'll be perfect for me! I'm still in pain, I try not to take the painkillers but it's so hard not to. I'm glad I got to wear the garment. It's very comfortable! I hope I will be ok in 3 weeks when I go to Hawaii for my mini vacation! I've been taking the arnica tablets and applying the gel. My bruising is so bad. Dr Hazani say to massage in two weeks but it feels so good to massage now. Well, this is my results so far! Don't think twice! Dr Hazani is an artist.

A little too early to tell...but

I'm feeling a bit sad today. I tried on some dresses and I guess I'm not used to my body. I'm thinking my hips are too low and too wide. Maybe some girls wanted this kind of look? I regret not showing him some of my wish picture. I know he told me to let it heal because I'm still swollen and this isn't the final look but I'm thinking how much more can go down?? i also notice that the right part of my waist goes in more than my left. Not sure if that's how my body is? I'm only 7 days post op so I'm crossing fingers it will eventually be how I wanted.

Slowly.. But surely

So the swelling is going down each and everyday! I think I'm starting to like what I see. Here's a picture of me 8 days post op. I can't wait for the final look! Ladies, are you using the abdominal board by any chance? I don't know if I'm using it right. I bought one off amazon. I wonder if I could wear it underneath my garment and binder. I'm starting to get used to this new body. Boyfriend said I looked good. Feeling a little sassy today ^_^ I even have a thigh gap now lol. still not sitting on the booty. I return to LA next week for my 2 weeks post op so I'm hoping maybe I can squeeze in a lymphatic massage appointment since my area don't have any places I can go to.

Where can I find jeans for hour glass shaped body?

None of my shorts and pants fit me anymore. I shouldn't have bought a whole bunch at express for thanksgiving sale.. Now I just have to give them away. Now that my body is more curvy I think it's going to be hard to find bottoms that fits. Ladies, where are you guys shopping at now after your bbl??

Garments recommendation

So, im just doing laundry washing binder and etc while trying on the 2 garments that were recommended on soli's review. This is me at 10 days post op. Haven't measured myself or anything. I fly for LA on Wednesday to meet with Doctor Hazani for my 2 weeks post op. I gotta ask him why my inner thighs have this weird swollen lump next to my private area. Maybe it's still swollen but it's kinda hard. This bbl journey is a rollercoaster! I think I'm just going to let time do its course and embrace my new body. It's kind of hard finding clothes now. I want to still look on the thin side so maybe long sweaters will help. Anyways, what garments are you guys using now besides the one that Hazani gave us? I have uneven waist due to the binder he gave us digging in. I hope it will go away because I notice it a lot!

finally! Starting to see what I like.

I can't wait for my vacation! Loving my results in a bikini. Look at the difference... Wow! No more love handles. Got me some curves. Bf can't keep his hands off me hehe.

Here's the booty update

Hey ladies, I haven't posted much pictures of my booty.. Here's an idea of what it looks like. Swelling is going down everyday and I'm loving it! Thank you, Doctor Hazani!!!

Irregularities from liposuction

Somehow I'm 2 weeks post op now and I'm developing these weird creases.. I'm wondering if it's from the binder but I'm totally bummed! My tummy was looking great at 7-9 days post op.. Now my flanks and abdomen has these weird creases. Dr. Hazani told me I should start massaging. I went in yesterday for my 1st lymphatic massage but it didn't do anything. Any of you guys having these weird creases? I wonder if I should switch up the garment.. Ugh..!!! My biggest fear came true! I know he's saying im still swollen but I'm scared this might be permanent.

Booty too big for my liking..

My booty looks fake in pants.. It's so high. I wonder when it will drop. I get self conscious cause it's so big.. I wished I would have gotten somewhere around 7-850ccs instead.. Idk what to do. I'm probably going to try to run on the treadmill and maybe sleep on it now. Any suggestions? I've contacted dr but I'm waiting on his response. I think I'm considered lucky that I got this dramatic of a results but I just wanted a perky cute booty.. Now I got a bigggg booty. I should have told him exactly what I wanted.. Ugh.. Freaking out

Disregard my last post..

Some clothes can make you look huge! Avoid them lol. How do I delete posts??

3 weeks in!

Some days I love it.. Some days it's too big for me. I swear this bbl journey is one heck of a roller coaster.. I'm so sorry if I'm back and forth. I was actually going to delete my account lol. Here are my before and after. I never measured myself. I just know that I'm a lot smaller than the first week and thank goodness! I started off at 131.5lbs 5'6. I got 1200 cc's transferred to my booty and hips. I also lipo my thighs which I'm so glad I did! They look great.

My 2 weeks post op before and after!!

Here's a teaser of my before and after pic :) what a difference!!!! My goodness. Thank you, Doctor!

5 weeks post op

Lumps from my waist is still noticeable.. Massaging doesn't do much for me but I still have hopes. Some days the lumps are bigger than others. I notice when I wake up and my tummy is flat the bumps bulge.. But when I'm full my bumps aren't as bad. I started sitting at 3 weeks because due to my vacation I did a lot that required sitting. I'm happy with my booty size now. It's still big but wasn't crazy big as before. I went back to work at 5 weeks and I got stares everywhere. Everyone knew something was different about me lol. They said it looked good. overall, even with these bumps I'll take this body over my old one.

I started to waist train and light cardio. I'm hoping to hit the gym soon but light workouts in my backyard is better than nothing. I think my booty got a lot smaller but I'm very happy at the size right now. So glad I told dr Hazani to make me as big as my body allows because I know the fat isn't gonna retain much. Also, my hips went down!!! Thank goodness. Dr Hazani gave me the ok to enjoy life! Sleep on my back or lay on my back..anything!

9 weeks post op

Here are my updates. Booty is getting softer.. It jiggles. Lumps still there but not as big. Massage, massage, massage! I started to sit at 3.5 weeks. It went down a lot but this is the perfect size for me!! If you think it's too big at first you will love it later. I'm
Back to working out and toning.

Love my transformation so much

Ladies.. I've never felt so confident in life ever ! Love love love my transformation! It just gets better with time. My body is so nice naked! I never ever would thought I would feel this way. This was seriously the best present to myself.

Here was my before

To the ladies who haven't seen it yet.

3 months post op. My last review.

Hi ladies! Today marks my 3 months post op and it will be my last review. I'm going to rate doctor Hazani now and I am very pleased with his work. My booty is looking nice and it has been the same size since 7-8 weeks. My waist is smaller and I couldn't be any happier! This bbl journey was a rollercoaster because a lot of it is a waiting game. It's hard at first with sleeping but the pain didn't bother me too much. I was lucky I had 5 weeks off work to recover.

I don't massage as much ( I only massaged the for a few weeks and stopped) . I had lumps but they seem to went away on their own. I do waist train here and there. I've lost a good 7lbs since my surgery date but my booty is still nice and perky. I had 1200 cc's including my thigh lipo and that was the best decision! I now have a thigh gap. Overall, I am very very happy with going through dr Hazani for my

Updates on my bbl. 4 1/2 months

Hi ladies,

Some of you are getting ready for your bbl journey and I want to be as much help as I can so I will be posting some updates. This journey for me have been a rollercoaster of emotions.

It first started out with me freaking out because everything was so big and swollen. I wasn't used to my new body. I kept worrying that I was gonna have this humongous fake looking booty !! But let me tell you.. With this surgery you have to be extra patient and let time heals. Everyone heals differently. I had a few lumps I wasn't too happy with so I started to massage, massage, massage!! And then they started to go away as time went by.

My waist has gotten smaller and I don't waist train often. I hardly do. I started off as a size 26-28 but now I fit a 25-26!! I would show you guys my month to month progress pics but I'll save it for my 6 months mark.

Any concerns you have in the beginning you should speak to dr. Hazani. I had a scar that left an indentation on my left booty cheek but after my bbl it wasn't too bad because the booty was nice and round. My tummy isn't as flat but I blame that on my diet! After my swelling went down I swear I almost saw abs but I eat and drink so bad.

Overall, I'm still verrrryyy happy with my results! This has got to be the first time in life where all I do is wanna walk naked anywhere and everywhere! Shopping for bikinis is an amazing feeling. I hope you guys get the same results!!
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