28 Years Old, BBL with Dr.Dass, 5'1, 135. Beverly Hills, CA

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Hey girls! I'm getting nervous with my surgery...

Hey girls! I'm getting nervous with my surgery approaching!! It's coming up on June 13th. I'm doing it with Dr. Dennis Dass. I've already gotten a breast lift & 371cc silicone augmentation with him back on December 15, 2015, about 5 months ago. Love his work! He did great. Love my new breast, I went from a 34c to 34DD!!

Now I'm gonna have the BBL with lipo in my upper back (bra rolls), lower back, waist, stomach. I gained a few pounds. Usually weigh 126, now I'm 135. My current measure t's are:

Bust: 39
Hips: 38

Will keep you ladies updated as I go. I'm already getting scared and nervous about the pain. I'm ready to go though, bought everything I'll need. Just waiting for the day!

More pre op pics

Still at 135 pounds. I hate seeing myself this fat! I put on some weight for the procedure but almost wish I can drop back to my normal weight of 125-126. Feeling fat! Lol

Wish pic

Was playing with the plastic surgery simulator app, hope it looks close to that. I Wish!!!!

4 days post op

I had my bbl surgery on Monday. Was super nervous. Had the same nurse Cynthia and the same anesthiologist. Dr. Dass came in to mark me. Once in the surgery room I knocked out. When I woke up I was super stiff. My left leg was completely numb. My throat hurt and was dry. I could barely talk. I fell asleep on the ride back home. Day 1 wasn't bad, just felt stiff and my ass felt hard. I slept and woke up every 4 hours to walk. Day 2 I slept a lot! Had no idea that it was already 8pm of Day 2 when I woke up! I got up and walked for a while. Day 3 was the worst!! I woke up throwing up, my body felt like it was going to blow up. I was hard, stiff, sore and felt like I was dying. I couldn't even get out of bed. But once I did it hurt to also walk. I threw up again in that afternoon. Day 4 is still somewhat hard. Got a small fever and still feel super hard and stiff. I have not showered bc I'm super swollen and it would take a miracle to get back into my garment. Decided to shower after the last day of max swelling which is after day 5. I'm using a sponge to shower my arms, face, breast, legs and privates.

He took out 4.5 litters of fat! And gave me 1200cc on each butt cheek.

Will post pics soon

Day 4 post-op pics

1200cc's 4.5 litters of fat taken out.

Hope my hips shrink! Their huge!

My ass is super big and so are my hips. I know it's swollen bc I can barely walk. I am scared of having these huge hips for the rest of my life. Not exactly what I wanted. I feel like he gave me the Kim kardashian look and I wanted more normal upside down heart shape. I may just be paranoid right now. It is only day 5.

7days post op

I hope the swelling around my hips and vagina area get better.

10 days post op

Still swollen. Just beginning to like my results.

1week post op appointment

I'll keep you girls posted on my post op check up

New measurements!

Hey girls!! I have new measurements. Pre surgery I was 30" waist and 38" hips. Right after surgery I was super swollen and was a 31" waist and 43" hips. Now I'm 16 days post op and I'm a 27" waist and 41.5" hips. I'm really hoping my hips don't drop lower than 40" once all swelling is gone. I'm sure my waist will probably drop to a 26" waist since it's still swollen. Loving my results!!!

Feeling better. Still swollen by my vagina area. My stomach still feels tender to the touch and itchy. I do see that I'm flat as a board. I have no fat in my tummy. It's all skin, bones and muscle. I think he did intense lipo on my stomach but don't think he did the same amount of time when he did my back and bra rolls. I do see the difference from my before and after. It may just be swollen for all I know.

Before and afters

Side by side before and after.

Abs starting to show through

Loving my results.

26" waist and 40" hips now

I'm loving how stuff fits me now!

Before and after with same underwear

Finally 6 weeks!

I'm finally at 6 weeks! But still not sitting. I did try it for a few seconds but it did not feel good.

Dass called me and wants me to do a video and a photo shoot for him. I'm super excited!!!

Feeling bummed

I measured my waist a week ago and it was still a 26" waist. Measured myself like 3 days ago and it was a 27" waist, this morning I measured it and I'm a 27.5" waist!!!! I don't get it! I've been eating healthy. I have been eating soups that may have high sodium in them. My husband told me that I may just be retaining water bc of the sodium. But idk!! My lipo in my stomach has been hurting this past week though, it even feels warm to the touch at times, my husband said it may be inflammation as well.

My hips are still at 40". That hasn't changed. I do feel bloated. Girls, I feel so bummed! i want my 26" waist or at least a 26.5" waist!!! Has this happened to any of you?

Post op pics

Waist 27" hips 40.5"

Video of me up in YouTube!

Hey girls so the video of me is up in YouTube under Dr. Dennis Dass. It's weird looking at yourself in a video. Lol

I'm wearing a black dress in it. Have long hair. If you click on it, I used the name Isabella.

I hope he adds the one of me in the bikini soon.

2 1/2 month (10 weeks) post-op

Waist 27" hips 41"!!!!!!

Don't know if it's the butt exercises working fast or if my butt is fluffing. But it's 41".

14 inch waist to hip ratio (0.65)

Almost 5 months post op

Totally forgot I took this picture about 2 weeks ago during my vacation. Was playing dress up for my husband lol. Here's an update for those who asked for one. I'll post new pics as soon as I get back. Miss talking to all my dolls!!!!

Thinking of a Round 2 girls!! Don't know.

I've been thinking of going in for a round 2 bbl with Dass. Want him to fix the top area of my abdomen that I feel he left a little fat there specially on the left side under my boob. I also think he did a better job on my right waist side than the left. The right side curves nicely as the left side is straight. I think he could've taken out a little more fat on that side. Also, he didn't take out much fat from my upper back. He said he did, but I'm sure he barely took any out. I definitely want him to lipo these areas better on the 2nd round and of course I want him to add a little more to my bum. I'm a 41" hip and 27" waist right now. Would love it if he can add some fat to the bum and get me to like a 42" or 43" hip and a solid consistent 26" waist. I love the hips he gave me but my butt needs more projection, this is where the extra fat from round 2 would help. What do you ladies think?

Almost 8 months post op.

I do love my new body but being stubborn in wanting a second round BBL. Right now I gained 5 pounds, gonna work hard to drop them, plus more. I do want to get a second round because I don't think he left my waist symmetrical. My left side has a little more fat than the right side. The left side looks like it's straight, while my right side of the waist has a nice dip that goes perfectly down to my hips. He did a phenomenal job on my hips. I basically want him to take more fat from the left waist side, overall to give me a tinier waist than what he gave me, to take all my fat from my back fat- which I paid extra for but he barely took any off. I want him to put that fat he removes only in my butt this time. I think my hips are wide enough and I'm happy with them. I'm a 27 1/2" waist and 41" hip. Weight 134. Height 5'1"

Waist trainer I use

I bought a steel wired waist trainer in Amazon.com from Playgirl Brand. It's a "true corset". I bought a short torso waist trainer because I have a short torso myself. I am a short girl. They base their waist trainer on sizes based on your waist size. My waist size is between 26"-27", so I got the one they have under a Small(22).

Pics of my tummy

New pic

Have an appointment with Dass for possible round 2 soon!!

Hi dolls! So I'm going to see Dass for possible round 2. I want to know if it can be done and how much it is.

I'm trying to love myself everyday dolls. It's hard though at times for me. I've battled with self esteem issues all my life. After the surgeries, I feel better about myself but still struggle at times. Right now I really want to have round 2 bc my waist isn't as small as I'd like it to be and bc I'd like my butt to have more projection. I'm hoping that after round 2 I start being easier on myself, I feel that I'm constantly my biggest critique. Thank you for all the love! Your comments have always helped me feel better through this journey of 2 surgeries.
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