28 Year Old, 2 Kids, Want Pre-baby Booty Back! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I NEVER write reviews. I just had my boobs done...

I NEVER write reviews. I just had my boobs done and didn't care to write one either. But for a procedure like a BBL, I have put so much thought, energy and work (on and off researching for a couple years) into finding a Dr to give me the results I want, that I just hope my review will help someone out. I have searched long and hard for a Dr for this procedure... I swear as soon as I came across Dr. Hazani's profile, I got an instant good feeling. I had my virtual consultation with him last night (03/17/16) and am putting my deposit today! He was nice and patiently explained the procedure from beginning to end, as well as results I may achieve. He also said he suggested I do inner thigh lipo since I am a thin girl ( I have never had that compliment in my life lol).

Can't explain it but just good a good vibe from this Dr. Like he really wants his patients to be happy with their results and NOT just after their money.

Still working out the details (time off from work, areas to lipo, etc.) but so far I have 100% good feeling on choosing this Dr for my procedure.

Traveled 5 hours to meet Dr. Hazani! 5'2'' 136 pounds! Don't need thigh lipo afterall!

My "virtual consultation" with Dr Hazani on 03/17/16 went great! He was informative, knowledgeable and patient in answering all my questions. Keep in mind this was at 9PM! Based on my pictures he advised for me to get fat taken out of my inner thighs since he considered me a "thin" patient lol. I still wasn't 100% sure so I traveled over 5 hours to meet him in person. He gave me a consultation at 12pm on Sunday 04/03/16! I've never met another dr who does this?! :)

Even with my 1 year old daughter tearing up his office he remained super friendly and patient. After looking at my body in real life, he said I would be fine without the lipo of thighs! This is a good thing because lipo of thighs is extra (I believe an extra $1,200). I'm currently 5"1 1/2 and weight between 134-138 usually. I am still going to try to gain weight before surgery though! Will keep you guys updated! :)

BBL Surgery Scheduled 07/15/16!

I am officially scheduled for 07/15/16. Not sure how I am going to do this (since I haven't even asked for the time off of work lol)but I scheduled it lol. I've learned that if you put a date on something you will find a way to get it done. And if you don't, you will procrastinate! Now to figure out how I am going to get away with my work not knowing about this. I work as an admin at a management company at a mall so its really hard for me to take vacation, never mind 2 full weeks off! lol. O well, I really want to do this and I WILL find a way!

How do you hide a BBL working in a small office?

Question for you guys that have got this done before...How do you hide this from co-workers. As I mentioned before, I work in a small office, about 6 people and we are all really close. I don't want to tell them what I am doing because since we are close, they will feel a need to lecture me and tell me about how wrong it is for me to do this when I am a single mom of 2 daughters and this money can be used for other things, etc. My desk is in the reception are and I am in plain view all day. How am I going to come back from "vacation" with a big butt and not be the topic of office gossip? :(

before pic

Change of plans. New job. Getting BBL today! Lol

So I was offered a new position which I took. I had about a one-week gap between my former job and new job and called dr. Hassani and they were able to get me in for the week of may 9th.. I rescheduled for surgery for today 5/09/16! It was so last minute i didnt have a chance to gain as much weight as i wanted. Going in at. 5'2" and 139 so i think i should be fine. Im here at the surgery center. God willing surgery will go perfectly and i will have A new body! Wish me luck!

Out of surgery! Warning pain is no joke!:(

Okay so I'm officially One Day post op! I'm not sure how long surgery took I remember falling asleep sometime around 12 p.m. and wake me up till 6 p.m. in the afternoon! The surgery was a lot more invasive and painful than I had ever imagined. Not to mention my face was so swollen my eyes were almost shut. I was unrecognizable. Im not sure if maybe i just had a bad reaction to the anastasia. I have given birth to two daughters without any pain medication. Had breast augmentation surgery and none of that can compare to the pain I felt when I came out of that surgery room. First time in my life I have cried due to pain! :( And i usually have a very high pain tolerance. I was literally crying to the nurse to give me more pain meds. Dr hazani was great but maybe he should rethink his anasthesiologist. I was literally crying in pain still half sedated and he snapping at me for not getting up fast enough. Thank god i had a great nurse... As the nurse said, the most pain is the first night. And she was right. Once I got back to the hotel, took more pain medicine, and a couple hours had passed i felt alot better. Just please be prepared and have someone to help u. Its by far the most painful experience i have had.

Wondering if this was worth it. 8 Days post op still feel like crap!

Okay so I had my surgery May 9th. It has now been 8 Days post op. And though the bruising has gone down I still feel ill. I can't do much but lay on my stomach pretty much all day. I'm one of those people that's used to doing a million things at once and having a productive day so this is really starting to kill me mentally right now. To top it off, I'm not sure I even like the results. My butt doesn't look a whole lot different than before. I'm trying so hard to stay positive but after spending eight grand and being almost immobile for 2 weeks being seriously sick 24 hours a day I expected to see more results :(.Anyways I'm hoping that time will change all this once everything heals up in proper place. And I'm hoping that I'm just being a Negative Nancy when not just because I feel like crap n everything will get better soon LOL

3 month post op pics!

Ok so I think I must have been high of the meds in my last post thinking my butt was small. Apparently I didn't see what everyone else saw lol. I am gona sound like the most ridiculous and picky person in the world right now lol but now I kind of wish it was smaller ! Lmao. Please don't judge it's not until your body completely changes that you realize if you liked it or not. Overall I would say if you want a BIG KIM KARDASHIAN ass this is your man lol. I just wasn't ready for all the attention I guess! ????????????????????
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