Ready for my BBL!! ...Then my Full TT Beverly Hills, CA

Had my first consultation with Dr.Hazani today...

Had my first consultation with Dr.Hazani today 12/11/2015 everything was fine answered my questions and his assistant Deb helped as well... But I still have a few more questions I would like to ask so I'm going to set up a 2nd consult and if happy at the end give my deposit.... Ive been following Dr.'s and Hazani and his patients for reviews

Please HELP Any advice will be Helpful RS ladies

lymphatic drainage massage?
Is this needed after a Tummy Tuck, BBl, or lipo?
I asked Dr.Hazani and he just said I need it in my stomach and that he will show me...
If do needed how many do you actually need?
For what procedure?
And what would I need (supplies) for a tummy tuck and bbl?
What to do before any procedure?
Scar healing?
Thanks any advice will help....

Wish pictures for Tummy Tuck

Took Screenshots of some patients... :) love the results lots of screen shots and these are only for the TT and curves I like...

& I'm back!!!! & READY!!!

Hello RS ladies I've been M.I.A for a while!!! But I'm back!!! Had my recent consultation with Dr.Hazani on Wednesday the 19 so I'll be getting my BBL first with full back lipo, sides and stomach, then 3 months later I'll be getting my Tummy Tuck???????????????? ...
I've still been researching ....since then my weight was 215lbs but now I'm down to 154lbs yay ???? me...
I'm putting my deposit down next week so I'll keep anyone who is following updated!

Invoice PAID!! BBL/Lipo!

Just paid my deposit for BBL my surgery date April, 14 2017!!! Yay excited!!!!
I'll be giving the next deposit for my Full TT after I'm done with this first surgery!! Couple of months to go but still very excited!
Don't know if I should start gathering supplies don't know where to start!!??? Help?

Date changed! ...

Got a email from Gary, Dr couldn't do my surgery April 14, so now I'm scheduled for March 20!!!
Nervous! lol don't even know when I should start buying my supplies...
Always on real self my husband says I'm obsessed lol but I just want to be very informed!!

Booty Wish Pics????

Wish pics from other RS ladies!!

Labs done ? today.

Labs were done, 24 days and counting!

Some supplies so far....

1.Under pads
2. Over the knee compression socks & regular ones
3. Alcohol
4.Feminine wipes
5. Arnica gel
6.stool softener
7.GoGirl urine & extension
8.Grapefruit Facial wipes
9.Acetaminophen 500mg/ pm
10.Black leggings
11.Scar-guard MD

Still need a couple of more items that haven't arrived yet.....

Does anyone know a place around Los Angeles where they do drainage massages? I haven't found any... Thanks!

20 DAYS TO GOOO!!!! :)


Got a Email this morning from Gary, labs are Normal!! Yay!!

19 days to go!

Just got more supplies.

Just received my package from The Pink Room, thanks to sdmodel101 for sharing!! Appreciate it.
I got the tummy foam & back pad, and also bought some maxi dresses and arnica pills

18 More days!!!


All paid off , 12 more days for my surgery.
No nerves yet maybe when the day gets so much closer.

I did find a lymphatic massage spa in Lynwood CA so many good reviews on yelp I got their package of 12 massages for $500 their prices are very good, they've been trained in Venezuela and Colombia and they do both manual and machine massages so it's great! It was hard finding a place like the ones they have in New York and Miami FL, but I found RB Day spa.

More supplies

My before pictures weight 164 height 5'6

My surgery day was yesterday 3/20

Don't know where to start, all I know is I've fainted 3 times already,when I get up I feel very weak and tired I got 1320 ccs but I wanted more ???? I feel like i didn't get a lot I wanted 1500 ccs or more i when in to surgery at center at 10am and left at 5pm


Had my shower today, it felt good, but I got tired and had to put padding and binder back on. I don't know if it's the bruising that hurts me or the binder to tight on my ribs. I'm really bruised from under my breast it hurts to even get up off my bed. I need my garment so I can start putting pressure on my stomach it's so swollen/fluffy I know there will be some lose skin but either way I'll be having my TT with Dr.Hazani in 3 months

My massages are working

Had my 2nd massage and it felt so good, my bruising is going away. I get exhausted and tired from walking/standing since I'm not sitting yet but I'm loving my results I got 870ccs in each cheek and 450ccs on each side of my hips.

Tummy tuck deposit paid

Date set for June 20,2017 exciting!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Very nice and patient answered my questions, even though I have more questions now lol. Told me to achieve better results is better one surgery at a time so he can get as much fat a possible for my BBL

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