27 Years Old 2 Kids 5'4 154 Pounds Had TT. and BA - Beverly Hills, CA

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I hope Dr hasani can fix my booty. It has going...

I hope Dr hasani can fix my booty. It has going down dramatically since I've had kids .I love his work and I hope I can have tiny waist and big trunk lol
I had tt and ba with other dr and I loved the results but don't convince me his bbl pics.
Hopefully I'll get the results I'm imagining since I have wide hips lol

Already payed my deposit

So I went to dr Hasani and he said I had little fat and that to achieve the results I want he has gonna have to do lipo on my inner tighs which I think it's perfect because they are too fat and sice I had lost too much weight they are a little saggy so I hope I can get the gap I like lol btw he only charged me 1/2 for that area

Gaining weight

So since dos said I didn't have enough fat I been trying to gain and I'm the kinda of person who gets fat really fast lol so I've gained 3 pounds already and I feel bad lol I just don't wanna wain 20 pounds in a month lol my goal is to weight 160 at the cirgury day :(

Wish pics

Need much More fat

So yesterday i sent and updata to dr showing him my Weight gain but he still thinks i need Much moré fat to archive my wish pixs awwww i already feel like a pig :( so i guess im gonna freely eat this holidays :( i dont feel sexy at all :( im a make up artist and Gettibg done all those beautiful fit girls make me feel Huge compare to them :(

Gain 6 pounds

I feel so fat awww i want time to ho faster

2 consultation

Omg here at the office waiting for dr to see me

Day is set next Wednesday the 13 one day after my birthday I already payed it all

No best Wednesday its my day Debby is a sweetheart and Gary was a great help great staff so tomorrow labs and here we go

Labs done

2 more days

Ok so here are pre pics 2 days before and with 8 to 9 pounds heavier eww lol

Tomorrow is the big day

So tomorrow it is and these are my last pre op pixs :) wish me the best of luck and lots of prayers pls oxox

One day post

Let me tell u the pain is real !!! And I can tolerate pain . I been sleeping most of the time had some issues with my dog ear one of the wounds opened yesterday right away I came back home luckily I call dr hazani and he ran in to the hospital and gave more stiches I'm so lucky he was my doctor he's a sweetheart I can't believe he gave me more of his time and ran to hospital to help me :'f and I'm lucky I only live 15 min away.i pee a lot and a of pain even with my pain relievers . Good thing is that dr did gave me what I wished for he gave me 1680 cc in each cheek I'm so happy my waist is so tiny I haven't see it but my sister told me and my hubby I don know where he got so much fat from maybe my inner they look so nice too I have to say they treated me so good all of his nurses were so nice to me I gotta say they are amaizing

2 days post op and amazed with results

2 day

3 day post op

The pain still severe specially in lower back and butt :( I haven't been that swollen the arnica pills are doing their job plus some arnica tea in the morning .pinaple made me throug up the first day so I didn't take it since then I want the pain and pressure to go away :( not draining as much maybe dr will remove my drain tomorrow at my first check up :(

My butt is huge

Holy poop my butt is huge lol

Fainting when take off garment

I forgot to mention everytime I take off my garment to change my padding I feel like fainting even today when I took off my garment to take my first shower I did faint in the arms of my husband i don't remeber when the put the garment on I just woke up with alcohol it scared me :( has anyone experience this ??

First follow up

So today I felt much better knowing I gonna gonna get out of my room I went to the office on whilsher and u saw the dr he removed my drain .when he took out my binder he said wow look at that waist he was proud of me lol she game me my new binder and told me to wear it with the compress garment on top everything look good and he told me to go back in two weeks . Every time I talk to him I'm so thankful for choosing him

5 day post op

The pain still there I'm starting to eat better and had a BM last night thanks god that means my body is starting to work correctly I'm still swollen in my back and butt but not as much in my legs and arms and even face I'm telling you those arnica pill make the trick I been drinking lots of water and eating lentils and chicken soup I still can't sleep at night I wake up every 2 hrs to pee and to move around because sleeping on your tummy is not as comfortable as it looks my hands start to feel numb after a while and my breast implants start to hurt today is my last day taking antibiotics and the pain is more tolerable I can move around more I'll take more pictures without the binder later but here are some from this morning

Do not sit down!!

Don't sit down please girls I sat down In the chair I posted and when I got up of of my cheeks felt diferent like squareish now I been massaging it and it's starting to disappear but don't mess with ur buns pls lol walk and lay or ur tummy repit do not sit :(

7 days post op

Feeling a little better still can't sleep but the pain is not as bad

Pic day 7

One week

Thanks God I made it to one week. Not much has changed still the pain in lower back but I found out that the longest u stay in bed the worst is tha pain in the back so today I didn't lay down at all I stoped my pain medication and I'm just doing Tylenol extra every like 6 hrs I ordered de abdominal board today and another Lenoisa faja I'll keep u posted . And will give a list of what u really need for bbl no extra just what u really gonna be needing maybe u can save money for new clothes instead :)

Day 10

Day 10

Day 12

Feeling better during the day I walk as much as I can and rest on my knees when need a brake I prefer it this way I hate nights or laying down . My back is so sore the pain still doesn't let me sleep :( I only take Tylenol but still there is pain I guess there is a lot of fluid in my lower back my swell definitely has come down a lot especially in my hips and butt . One of my cheeks feel bigger than the other one ... I hope it's just swelling !! I don't wanna be deformed :( the one thing I don't really like in my right inner tight it look lumpy but it's too early to see the final results. I ordered another garment just like the one dr gave us but I ordered like legging type for my inners . The abdominal board it's too big on my waist so I won't be using it :( if someone wants it let me know it's brand new ill try to take pics tomorrow

Day 13

Feeling better during the day but still can't sleep at night I had to take a pain killer for order to sleep more than an hour and a half like a been doing for these past weeks . My new garment fited better than the one dr gave me and fee so confy on my inner thights the material is really good . For those who are getting inners lipo definitely worth to try it I'm gonna order another one today so i have enough to change . I'm so happy about my figure I can't even express it I want time to go faster and see if it even pluffs more people tell me it's big but perfect for me and that it looks like khloe kardashian butt lol which is good though . Still feel that one of my cheeks is more swollen than the other one but my mom says no oh well I'm wondering if this is all the fat that survived ?? Because a lot survived lol

Sex talk !!

So yesterday I have my first time lol in 2 weeks lol it was very awkward not doing the right position first we tried doggy style lol and didn't work that hitting in my butt hurt so I went on top and I was so sore I told in " are u done ? Are u done ?? Are u done ?? Lol and once he was I was like ok let's not try this for another week lol it hurt afterwards !! I don't know if it was the position or the pression I was having on my muscles but my butt started to hurt even more and today I feel more sore that in the past week :,( plus one of my stitches in my coochy was hurting . No wonder dr says no sex in 3 weeks :( plus I don't wanna mess up all my new fat lol

17 days pics

Still some pain when sleeping . But I can now sleep 3 hrs in a row . Today I'm gonna see dr hazani for my 2 week follow up . I wanna learn how to give me massages there is some parts in back where everything is numb and lumpy I hope he tells me I'm healing alright :( I wanna go back to my normal life I miss it so much :(

2 week follow up

So today I went to see dr and he told me I look great lol and that he loves my shape awe I blushed he's no nice !! He said I was healing right and that I didn't have any fluid yeyyyy he showed me how to massage and gave me my bbl pillow which is very comfortable :)

Bbl pillow

This is how I'm sitting down for 20 min

Fist time out

So today I had to work I had to do make up for a bride and bridesmaids it was ok my back hurt a little but I had to do it :/ I really don't know how u girls do when u have to go back to work I feel bless I do freelance :( . What I found funny is that all the bridesmaids told me that I had a very nice booty lol and a nice shape that they couldn't stop looking lol I blushed lol but I felt so good about myself I've never gotten so much attention lol

3 weeks post op

Today for the first time I put on jeans I only went up one size I defenitely not as swollen and also my butt is not as big :( I haven't sit down on my butt at all and the pain goes away during the day and only comes when I lay down for a long time so only when I'm sleeping it's more like a sore feeling I'm currently waist training and I guess has work I haven't weight myself cuz I think as long as I look good I don't care what I weight I'm dying to feel normal again and start going out like before lol driving really sucks there is no perfect position I tried to put my Bobby pillow in my back and the bbl pillow in my tights but still some of my butt touches the sit. Well now I'm 3 weeks so I hope it doesn't shrink more :( over all I like my shape and definetly look better than before so I'm just waiting for the fluffiness to occur I hope

3 week pics

Waist trainer

New way to sit lol

Between two couches

4 weeks

Hi so the pain is minimal and just while I lay down I mean compared to what I use to fee 2 weeks ago I'm in heaven lol awe these are the panties from pre op and there is a huge difference sometimes I feel like my butt is not big enough I mean I see girls that's were Injected just 1000cc and their donk is huge :( and I was 1680 ccs awe oh well I hope it fluffens out :( my dog ears are doing ok my incitions closed but I still put Vaseline on them . I been massaging my belly every day for 5 min I I did find lumps specially around belly button but now they are gone . My back its what hurts the most I think I'm still shown from lower and private parts :( but I have to give it time I guess :( I haven't sit on my butt yet I do wanna wait another week to do so but I do use my chair and bbl pillow it's so hard to find cloths that fit me :( but I guess we all have to deal with those big butty issues lol my butt drags so much attention I feel weird when going shoping lol they are not use to see this big donk on someone normal not a celebrity lol overall I feel happy but I whish it was bigger lol what do I girls think??

4 weeks skirt from pre op

Big butty problems

I havent Fong any thing that Fits!!!

How to cut ur garment

Hello girls it's been so hot here in LA that I decided to cut my Leonisa garment lol I carefully cut the two holes to let the but out and the legs part u have to do it really carefully wotgout cutting the part where ur coochy goes so u can have the support u need so it won't roll up :) also the part that u leave by ur tights will help to form the crease under ur butt cheeks making for the heart or smile effect I hope this is helpful

It's been 5 weeks

It's been 5 weeks and my butt has shrink a lot :( also there is a dent in my butt cheek :( I used to have a dimple there and yes dr said he couldn't promise to fix that but that he would try :( and I can see it more every day aww I was suppose to have my follow up today but there was no time for me since I tried to do my spot yesterday so girls do it ahead of time :( I'm gonna try to texts dr and ask him to squish me in. Other than that I almost feel normal just the fact that I'm still swollen in my lower. Back . I'm still massaging so I hope it goes away .

5 1/2 weeks very sad

Disappointed :( wanna cry!!!

Almost 6 weeks deformed butt

I been struggling with keeping my hopes high. I was suppose to have my follow up last Friday but when I tried to make it Debby said she didn't have anything available until March first almost a week and a half away I wanna think it was my fault for not making it with time but how could I know if everytime I wanted to see dr hasani he would make time to see me ( before sx:/) now it seems I'm not important anymore.
I really wanna talk about the huge!! Dent I have on my right cheek it's very noticeable specially when walking it looks like I have an implant there that gets separated from the muscle everytime I take a step . My husband says it doesn't look that much but when he felt how my skin contracts everytime I take a step he was in shock he could hide the face he made because de dent felt really deep . I don't know if u ever saw a video on YouTube about a girl with implants and theses implants would move they would flip over ?? Ok.. So it looks like I have an implant on tope of my buss and nothing on the bottom.:,( I didn't want the perfect ass but at least more projection and and even butt :( I mean girls this is plastic surgery not a freaking spa where u can expect things not to work . I paid 8100 dollars for this and I'm not happy my butt looks and even worse it feels deformed :(

Text to dr

I just texted dr ... Let's see what he responds ... Btw I sent him the pics too

He responded very fast

Ok so tomorro he will see me :) I hope he gives me a hope if not oh well it's done :/ like I said I love my shape and definetly there is an improvement a big one but that dent !!! Lol ok I guess I can't ask for perfection :(

Waiting for dr at Roxbury center

My appoinment was at 1 and its 145 but I understand he's is in sx :) I'll just be pacient :)

Finally talked to the dr

Ok so he saw me and was like " u look amazing how long is it been?? " I said 6 weeks and that I love my shape and pretty much my butt . The only thing that bothers me is the DENT!! He said he explained he could try to correct but that in most cases it comes back and that sometimes like this one it's worse when the butt is bigger :/ so he said he understands my concern and he gave me the name of a treatment which I'm gonna post a pic of the name because it's a complicated name . He said there is cases where women has more than one dimple about 10 he said and they do this treatment which are shots and it fixed the problem.he said I would only need like one or 2 shots because it's just one. That gave me some hope . He said that my curves are amazing and took pictures and that there is so many girls that mention me when they go to consultation . Thank u all !! Ok so I also asked him about my inner he said it need time too but that he couldn't do more lipo because my skin was net gonna take it and that with time will look more smooth. And that I have to stop looking for perfection because that was gonna cause me problems enjoying my new me... Which I know it's true lol but ok so at least he didn't mention another sx or revision or that my buttcheek didn't have any hope ... He said to wait 2 more months to start on the shot treatment.other than that he answe all my questions and yeah I guess he's right I seen other girls with dimples like mine and they all have it afterwards so I should've think about it before I went with it :( but I'm happy with my results and with dr . But I'm gonna try to fix the dent lol oxoxox thank u for all ur support

6 weeks

Heree are some pics

First time sitting

Today I sat down flat on my butt for the first time and it was scary n lil painful at first then it felt unconfortable and then sore when getting up I guess I'll just have to get use to it again but definetly I won sit down as much as before :)

Girls with dimples in the butt cheeks think twice before bbl

I want to be clear about this . Dr hazani is a great dr very caring and always responsive in questions , textes and emails. He tries to explain everything as much as he can . He tell u what possible in ur shape and what's not and even give u new ideas of how improve ur shape . He says bbl is not only about big butts but curves .and he tells u he can try to archive the results u want but that everybody is different the only thing that I have to say about my sx is that I love my shape and he tried to Inject as much gas as he could on my butt which was 1680 cc I'm not sure how much in my hips . The only Hong I'm not happy with is that my dimple turned out into a dent , if I knew this before I would've try to fix my cellulite in that area before my bbl because he said on my last follow up that the bigger my butt is the bigger that dent will be which he didn't mention before. Other than that I'm happy I chose me he gave nice curves and he's very professional so I just had the bad luck of having a dimple in the middle of my butt so this update is for the girls that have dimples like mine . Think twice about the sx and think if u really are prepared to see that dimple converted to a dent and when u go to any dr ask the right questions so u won't be surprised later. Also thank u for all ur nice words and say I'm ur wish pics but remeber I had a TT 3 years ago and that's a differente sx so please if u really want a flat belly think that I have a TT and if I didn't I probably wouldn't look like this btw my TT was performed by dr Ron Hazani. I'll keep posting oxox

What ull need the first week

Still waistraining


Little more than 7 weeks

Everything is feeling almost normal I'm still swollen in lower back some days worse than others . I went shoping and was so exited !! I'm loving my shape so much ( I stoped looking at the dent lol) I been buying this leggings that look like jeans and they make my butt look bigger :) and they are confy . I think my butt is changing to the better it's more soft and look alittle bigger of fluffier I hope it doesn't go away anymore I'm starting to lay on my back for a few min but I can't do for a long time . Thank u all for ur nice words I really appreciate u cheer me up when I need it oxox here are my pixs with the leggings and so waist trainer

Inner thighs update

Ok so I been trying to focus on the good things about my sx so I been trying no to think on the negative. But I also wanna help the girls out there who wants and believen in this procedure. To be having my inner lipo was not an option I had to since I didn't have a lot of fat in other parts of my body, Hazani told me to trust him and that they would look good and since I've always had big thights I agreed to it I knew even if they were lipo they would still look big lol since my husband loves thick legs lol de said they just wouldn't touch as much anymore and I loved that idea :)
Maybe it's just my case tahat came out like this idk. Since I had so much fat in my inner maybe that's why he couldn't make them look better?? Idk ....I know it's a hard part to do lipo on since the skin elasticity in not the best in that area I just think they look worse than before at least before they were even ... But I guess I can't expect perfection ...;( so u decide what's best for ur body but if if have enough in ur back and sides then I wouldn't touch ur inners :/

New pics

Not a lot has change my butt keeps dropping and sometimes I see it bigger than other days :/ it's definetly changing its more round and the dent still there but not as deep as past 2 weeks I can say it's getting better but not going away :( I like my curves actually I love them I do get more attention than before lol and curb u go grocery shoping I get free stuff without noticing lol also it's funny how even Asian guys look at me that has never ever happened to me before !! I find it funny but try not to laugh I guess dr Hazani was right about I was gonna stop traffic lol it's funny and little weird how much attention u get I even feel like it's too much but I guess I'll just have to get use to it :( I'm a very humble person when people tell me how good I look I don't know what to say :/ I just go like mm thank u :/ . By the way I haven't been waistraining like in 3 days and I've noticed I've gotten swollen so pls try to put on ur waitrainer at least a couple of hrs a day . I been also sleeping fully on my sides and they still hurt but at this point my hips still look good I guess all my fat has stayed . I still don't still on my back and try to avoid to sit down as much as I can :) taking pics it's so hard :/ sorry for the quality

Got my before and after pics

I finally got my pics from dr .defenitwly a big difference :) I'm learning to love my body and not expect perfection . I still don't know if I'm gonna fix my cellulite on my right cheek but it doesn't bother me that much anymore . I still get swollen sometimes and I try not to sit down as much . I haven't lose volume and my butt is softer and rounder . I do have a cuff but I hope it goes down at 3 month . I do massage every day for 5 min after I shower and it helps me with the soreness from lipo. I don't have lumps in my belly and back just in my inner still but not as bad I'll post more pics this week thanks loves oxoxo

Almost 3 months post op

Ok ladies let me start for saying I do not have the biggest ass of the world and I kinda wanted that when I starting thinking of this procedure :( even though i look like not swollen anymore sometimes I do get big . Most of my fat from my rear died I suppose since I don't have a huge butt I do see a difference in shape and in projection they look perky and round so everybody who sees my butt say I have a nice one but they don't ask if they are mine or not so I assume they just think I'm blessed from behind . My results look naturally big . I guess most girls that end up having what they ask have to go for round 2 or implants . Even though I don't have what I asked for ( not Drs fault) I'm still happy . I'm gonn start working out next week and try to take it to the next level . Idk if I'm gonna go for round 2 because I'm very happy with my body everything goes with my anatomy and nothing looks overdone so I just wanted to le you guys know that we can't never expect perfection and that we have to do what makes up happy and more confident about ourselfs trusting it will build our authoestime higher but without expecting the unreal like I did or u won't be able to fully enjoy the results . Not even worried about my dent lol I'll probably fix it or not it's something that doesn't worry me anymore

3 months pod op

Almost 5 months post op

Hello Barbies so this is how I look at 5 months . The fat stayed so I have been noticed the fluffing part or its maybe just the cloths lol anyway I do like my butt a lot specially since ppl think I'm naturally big from there lol I go to the gym and do squats and weights on my legs I do not do cardio and if I do it's just 15 min to warm up . It's incredible all the attention u get . Yesterday I went with hubby to the Mexico soccer game with with pants and tiny jersey and guys went crazy lol it's nice to feel this beautiful so go all of u please be sure this is what I want and do a lot of research first plz . My sister in law got the sxs last week and I took care of her I'll tell u her story in another time since I'm going to work right know thank u for all the support and comments . See u my Barbies !!!!oxoxo
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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