27 Years Old, 5'4" & 142 Lbs, with Much Needed BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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So I decided to start writing this review to share...

So I decided to start writing this review to share my experience and hopefully help out other since I found other reviews really helpful. Currently, one month before my BBL and I'm doing everything I can to get prepared. I will be flying from San Francisco (one hour flight) to LA and I already booked my flight and hotel. My mom and sister will also be coming with me. Originally, they were going to drive but we got some really good deals on flights and figured it would be worth it to fly since the drive may be really uncomfortable. Just need to get the rental car and I'm all set. I think I spent $400 (hotel for 4 nights & 1 flight) so far; I'm really trying to keep additional costs as low as possible. I finished getting all my labs requested by Dr. Hughes and even though my primary care doctor at Kaiser said they don't assist in obtaining labs outside procedures, he still ordered the requested labs since they were part of my general health so that made things easier. I faxed all my info to Lorena yesterday and my primary doctor there were no problems so hopefully no issues there. The doctors office also instructs you to start taking multivitamins and vitamin C (1000mg) daily and Iron, which I have been doing (minus the iron which I will start next week).

I've been getting really nervous as the surgery date creeps closer and closer. I think the day after I booked the procedure and saw the $1000 credit charge for the surgery date hold, I started to get cold feet already. Also, I start feeling really guilty about how much money I will be spending and the other things I could do with all that money (car, travel, invest, etc). But I've been wanting this for 2 years already, I have to constantly reassure myself that it's going to be worth it in the long run. Plus my mom is really supportive and has encouraged me to get it; we say unlike other material things, you take your body with you everywhere, all the time; so you should feel happy and confident with it all the time!

For some additional background, I found Dr. Hughes over a year ago when I first wanted a BBL and he was one of the top doctors. I actually had a list of 4 doctors who I was considering. Then I moved to SF 6 months ago and only in January, I decided to start interviewing doctors. I went to see Dr. Beck in Foster City; since he was much closer to me and was also a top doctor in the area, I figured it would more convenient to check out doctors in the Bay Area. When I saw him, the estimate was $15,00 (with lipo to abdomen, sides, back, inner/outer thigh, and arms), it seems high but it is also a full body makeover so I was still open to getting the procedure in December to save a bit more money during the year. I also checked with Dr. Miami since I've been watching him for over a year also but his first consultation was not til a year away! Then, I decided to ask Dr. Hughes for an estimate since he was one of my very first choices. I was contacted immediately and he requested pictures so I could provide me an estimate. He gave me the estimate of $11,200 (with abdomen, sides, back, and thighs). I also asked how much more to include the arms just for an idea, which he said would be an additional $1,500. I decided to book with Dr. Hughes immediately and a few days later, I had my surgery date set! So here I am. I will keep you all updated as the process continues. :)

Photo's 1.5 months pre-op.

These are just a couple of the photos I sent to Dr. Hughes for the consultation. Wanted to give you all an idea. Definitely need lipo in all the areas he suggested. Also, Nude photos are very awkward to take and once I saw myself naked in these pictures, it's what really pushed me to get the procedure. This is the heaviest I've been in years, so I may as well take that fat and put it to good use.

The time is getting closer

So I've had everything completed! Ladies, hopefully your insurance covers this because, it is not done by Dr. Hughes office and there are 10 labs to complete (CBC, PT, PTT, HEP A/B/C, HIV, BMP, HCG). I thought I had them all done, but my doctor did not order two of them (PTT and BMP). I called a Quest Labs to see how much they would cost and one was about $65 and the other $35, luckily I emailed my Dr and he ordered them for me. Little things like this just keep adding up so keep that in mind. Also got the rental car for my mom to drive us, good thing I had extra points on my chase card and I got a really good deal for 5 days and just used my reward points.

I will be visiting the office one day before surgery Thursday 3/24/16 for Pre-Op to review everything with the doctor, and the next morning Friday 3/25/16 at 9am I will be having surgery. They said the surgery itself takes about 2-2.5 hours but it takes time to recover and prep so I should be released by 2pm. My follow up appointment is Tuesday, 3/29/16 at 10am and then I will fly back to SF later that day. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Also, for those who asked, I had received an email consultation with Dr. Hazani and he actually recommended I gain 5-10lbs. I thought that was a bit funny considering how chunky I feel right now. The other doctors told me definitely not to lose any more weight, but I cant imagine how difficult it would be to gain even a few more lbs. I've been struggling to stop myself from working out at the gym..I've been feeling like a vegetable these past couple months and I think its going to be difficult to continue refraining from working out after the BBL. I do get out for some light walks when I feel the need.

The thing I did like about Dr. Hazani was his BBL special ($7800) which also includes your labs, binder, second stage garment, and a BBL pillow (valued at $250). Im sure he is a great doctor too. All these top doctors have the credentials and are board certified so I think either way you are in good hands. Plus everyone is different, so results vary by person so its hard to say you will get the same results as other people in pictures you see. I think the doctors work and results are of course still a major showcase in their work. Im feeling confident in my choice of Dr. Hughes, but there is always a shred of doubt and Im trying to remain realistically positive.

Im really excited to have my body ready by this summer. Honestly, that's why I wanted to get it done so quickly. I was gaining weight and I wanted to start my diet and working out, but I knew I wanted the surgery. So I figured I may as well get it now (since its still winter), instead of losing weight for the summer and then trying to gain it back for winter again which is the only other time I would do it. I always go on vacations during the summer, Vegas/Mexico/LA/NY, and I would feel so uncomfortable with my current belly and other bulges. I really cant wait to have the body I want..when I lose weight on my own I have very little booty. My body looks fine in clothes and I clearly do not have a big butt but its not completely flat. I'll show you all pic of just last summer when I had been working out and more toned. I lose my butt and my boobs when I lose weight and pockets of fat in my pooch and by my back never go away, even when I was 125lbs. So I really have been wanting lipo for those stubborn areas. I also have to consistently monitor my diet and work out or I immediately gain weight. I know this is because the fat cells are there and they grow larger if you don't maintain your diet. I have friends who have had lipo in their abdomen and said that the fat never came back...I just don't want to have to worry so much about those areas. Of course I do not want to let myself go and think I can eat everything and stay small...my body just is not build that way. But I want to stay healthy and not have to worry about my tummy bulge and would love for my butt to have more projection. Crossing my fingers for this surgery to help get me to where I could not get on my own!

Decisions decisions

Just wanted to show you all pics of how I looked just last summer when I was working out. Since then I have gained ~20 lbs and hoping to put this fat to good use. As you can see, I would love my waist to be smaller and my butt to be fuller, along with the tummy bulges gone.

Also I would love some input from you ladies. After seeing my body pics.. do you think I should take fat from my outer and inner thighs? I have gotten different feedback from different doctors. One said that I should remove fat from my outer thigh since there is a bulge and cellulite. However, the other doctors did not recommend that and did recommend the inner thigh.
Im mostly on the fence about the outer thighs, because I just want that cellulite gone. It would be $700 off the price above if I did not include it. Would love your opinions!

Today is the day!!

Felt like forever while anticipating surgery day and it's finally here! I met with Dr Hughes yesterday and we reviewed everything I wanted. He was very nice and made me feel comfortable with him as my choice. I showed him my wish pics which he said were pretty conservative. I said I did not want a huge butt, just more projection and shape. He said he though that would be between 800-1000ccs, which is what I was thinking. I did my payment with Lorena and I signed all the paperwork. My pre measurements are
37", 30", 40"

I'm at CVS now picking up some last minute things. I'm feeling a bit nervous but ready to get this over with! Surgery is in a few hours so I'll update depending on how I'm feeling. Wish me luck!

Out of surgery

I'm at hotel now and feeling better. I was in a lot of pain for the first couple hours and it felt like my butt was on fire! I even started crying a bit. I took one Norco and I was still in pain, took one more and the hour it took to kick it was hell. Feeling good now.

A few hours after surgery

Here are a couple pics just a few hours after surgery

Day 1 after surgery, very happy so far!!

Not feeling too bad actually. I've been walking around the room, drinking water, didn't even need to use the female urinal device..just sat facing the toilet the opposite direction. Definitely taking 2 Norco every 4 hours, otherwise I feel the pain and soreness. My face and upper body was extremely swollen in the morning, looked pretty gross lol. Had to stand up a bit and elevate my head so the fluid didn't collect and it went down in 30 min. I also took off my dressings to change them since they were pretty wet and got a bit smelly, plus I wanted to take a look and my tummy. It looks soo good!! I'm soo happy with the results, even though I'm swollen, I know it looks looks amazing already. I was soo chunky the day before and all that fat that is gone! I can't wait to continue to heal and be able to try on clothes! Dr Hughes is wonderful. I almost had my doubts because sometimes you just never know until you actually experience it yourself but I'm soo happy I chose him and he truly fulfilled his promise and lived up to my expectations.

Feeling sore and exhausted

Today I've been so exhausted. Took a shower and crashed for hours. Also have difficulty urinating, I feel the sensation but it takes a long time to come out and sometimes it won't...I read this is normal from the anesthesia. I figured out the only thing that helps is for me to pee standing in the shower while warm water runs at my feet. Thank God I have my mom and sister here helping me out, it's very difficult to do some tasks.

Day 3

Everyday has been getting better and better. I haven't had a bm yet so tonight taking some laxative tea and hopefully will be able to go tomorrow morning. I showered and feel really good. Walked around outside with my mom and sister a bit and went out to eat. It's still difficult to walk outside since I'm very slow paced and take it easy but overall it's manageable. I brought my half foam roller to the restaurant to sit down and it worked pretty good. Not the most comfortable but it gets the job done. Here's some updated pic also. Still bruised up but lots of swelling has gone down. I believe the dr said it was 1000ccs. Also, those scars on my butt were already there. I'm hoping my butt size wont go down much more. Now I'm wishing I didn't say I wanted it so conservative since I know it will go down some more and I like the size it's at now! :D

Second day back to work

So yesterday was my first day driving and it was pretty manageable. Good thing I only live 10 min away from work. I have a desk job but I am on my feet frequently also. I made myself a nice little desk set up and its pretty comfortable and I think has minimal pressure on my butt. I use a half foam roll which I place under my thighs and then I placed a very soft and fluffy pillow on top of it so it also cushions my butt just a bit. I had a meeting yesterday for an hour and I just brought the foam roll and put it on the chair. No one really noticed it or said anything. Although, with just the foam roll itself is really uncomfortable and my leg fell asleep several times. I got up once to "use the restroom" but I really just walked around my office to help my leg wake up. I survived the day and Im here in my office now writing this review. I have to shift around a lot and get up frequently. Yesterday I was exhausted by the end of the day though. I just go home to rest and sleep like 10 hours a night.

I also rub my butt a lot lol. Its still very hard and feels itchy and sore and rubbing it lightly feels good. I have to go to a bday party this weekend which Im really nervous about. Im seeing someone and he doesn't know that I just had surgery. We've been dating like 2 months now and I just didn't want to tell him. No one knows except my family. So far no one at work has noticed either. But that is because I wear scrubs which don't show my shape and Ive been wearing a sweater to cover my butt as well. I don't really want to tell people that I got surgery but if someone directly asks, I wont lie. This is another reason I didn't want my butt TOO big, because I wanted it to be more natural looking and pass for me possibly doing a lot of squats or something lol. Who knows, the guy Im dating is leaving soon for 2 weeks for a vacation, but I don't want to avoid him in the meantime.

I haven't quite decided how to tell certain people; I just want to heal first and I wont worry about it too much until the situation presents itself. Interested in other ladies who've had a BBL say. Do you tell your friends or only if they ask? What do you say when you tell them and how do they react?

The storm has passed

Well, I can say the worst has officially come and gone. Most of my swelling and bruising has gone down. And my butt is starting to soften around the edges although still quite hard in the center. Im pretty much able to do most activities by now and I don't get exhausted after 30 min of walking. It is still pretty annoying not being able to sit on my butt. Ive had no choice to sit a couple times and Im definitely very cautious about damaging my new booty. The size has gone down quite a bit, but Im still very happy with the overall plumpness and shape. I went out this weekend since it was my boyfriends bday and I looked great in my dress. I eventually told my boyfriend on Friday since he surprise showed up at my place; he was really supportive and massaged me whenever I needed. He asked why I didn't tell him sooner, but he didn't make a big deal out of it. I have to keep his hands off my butt since he is constantly tempted to grab and spank it; also he is pretty strong so I have to remind him to be gentle when he hugs me and stuff since Im still sore.

On another note, I don't think anyone has noticed my new booty! Either that or they have not pointed it out or asked. l mean that in the best way possible of how natural and plump it looks. Really I look like I lost weight in my tummy and sides, even though my weight on the scale has gone up. I already had a natural curvyness and I had a small booty in pants. My butt looks bigger and fits nicer in my jeans. Basically all my clothes just look wayy better on me! So Im really happy because I feel like Dr Hughes really just enhanced my shape and I feel like a new and improved version of myself!

What a process

So this whole healing process has been interesting. Let me tell you ladies, your body does some weird things after surgery. I had odd pains and spams, strange poop, bloating and looking gross, lumps and bumps and other sorts of annoyances. I mean sometimes I look really good and other times I feel it doesn't look that much different. Of course there is a noticeable difference, but I'm for sure noticing things I'm not that happy with. I'm not even an unrealistic person with expectations of perfections. I understand everyone heals differently so I'm still waiting and hoping that it will look good in another month or so. I mean sometimes one butt cheek was bigger than the other, my bra rolls were hanging and didn't look any different (I specifically lipoed this area instead of inner/outer thighs), and my butt got significantly smaller...I would say about 50%. I think I ended up absorbing a lot of fat and flushed it out. My weight was heavier for the first couple weeks and now, 3 weeks later it finally went back to normal. I'm no longer sore and really want to exercise but I'm afraid it's too soon. The lumps just recently started going away and there is still some very mild bruising. I have my follow up with Dr. Hughes in a couple weeks so it will be 5 weeks at that point and I think that will be a better idea of what the final outcome will be and I will discuss with him any concerns I have at that time. I just don't want to jump the gun and make assumptions yet. I will post some pics in order so you can see what I'm talking about and the changes in my body over these last few weeks. Also, I'm not going to post ones that I think I look the best, instead it will be a variety so you get a better idea of what it's really like.

Happier with it all

Wanted to just provide some updated pics since its been awhile. Overall I'm happy with my results and my butt. I was feeling unhappy for a bit but as time passed and I saw Dr Hughes again I felt better. Also, he told me I wouldn't see the final results of the lipo until about 6 months and that is probably my main concern at this point. I still have back and tummy fat that I'm not happy about. Of course, overall it looks much better compared to before. As far as my butt, I'm happy and wouldn't want it any bigger or smaller. It's perfect for me. I have had some people comment on it looking much bigger. It's funny, because of course I know it looks bigger and better, but when I look at it it doesn't look that big to me. I didn't have much of a butt so I'm sure people notice the difference in certain clothes. So I will post another update in October since I also plan to see Dr Hughes again and discuss the final results. I don't think you can tell what I'm talking about in these pics regarding my stomach and back fat so maybe I will post another picture showing the rolls and bulges I'm talking about. Lol Hopefully they disappear in the next couple months, but I'm not sure. I feel totally recovered at this point. I can exercise and do everything. There's no more pain, bumps, or numbness in my body. I definitely feel more confident and have gone to the beach and pools with my friends feeling much better about my body :)
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