27 Y/o, No Kids, Lipo with Fat Transfer to Buttocks. Help Me Choose a Doc! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had a consult with Dr. Hazani yesterday, I too...

I had a consult with Dr. Hazani yesterday, I too felt rushed but now I'm seeing a pattern here as I see it's not uncommon. Dr. Hazani was my fourth meeting in the area. I've met with Sej Patel, Kenneth Hughes and William Bruno. Dr. Bruno has been my favorite so far, he is board certified and Marisol and the rest of his staff are very accommodating. He has some nice high tech features in his office that will really sell you on getting any type of plastic surgery LOL! He took the time to meet with me and explain what was realistic and what wasn’t. I am a 27 y/o female, 5’5 averaging about 170 lbs, single with no children. I have some skin laxity after losing/gaining weight in my teens and early 20’s that wasn’t a concern until I started meeting with PS. Most explained to me to achieve the PERFECT aesthetic adding a TT could give me that flat stomach everyone longs for but they were also very understanding of the point I’m currently at in my adult life. My one turn off about Dr. Bruno was his concern for creating the perfect figure and heavily advocating for the TT, I understand that I would be a walking advertisement of his work if I chose to go with him however I am not trying to be a living Barbie. Dr. Hughes was nice but our meeting was mediocre. Dr. Patel was friendly and funny but man his prices are outrageous! Mind you, I met with him in August of 2014 almost two years ago. Now back to Dr. Hazani he is the most affordable of all. The fact that he had an office within a shared work environment suite concerned me a bit as it didn’t seem professional to me. However, there could be reasons why they are housed there for now that are beyond my knowledge so I’m trying to ignore that. He was soft-spoken and friendly barely took a look at my body and let me take lead of the convo. I don’t think he understood that I wanted lipo to be our main point of focus versus achieving a big ‘ol booty. I already naturally have a butt it just needs a little bit of tweaking to perfect or at least I’d like to think so. He did a friend’s BBL back in late December and she looks AMAZZZZINGGGG so I’m trying to not let the rushed consult deter me from him. Anybody have any words they’d like to chime in?

I've decided on going with Hazani

So I decided to proceed on selecting Dr. Hazani to do my bbl. I love the attention and customer service that Bruno and his staff provide however there are so few self reviews by prior patients that it made second guess everything. I like that he purifies the fat before re-injecting it to provide minimal bruising and swelling but I feel like he just might be TOO conservative with the lipo for my taste. I don't want to pay 10 grand to end up looking the same I do now in three years. My surgery date with Hazani is scheduled for May 19th. Eek!!! Here are some wish pics. I know most of these girls are fitness models so Im hoping for more of that look than big ol donkey booty! Totally not my style. Idk if I'm being too unrealistic lol.

Ugh. Chickening Out. Am I making the right choice??? BBL Vets did any of you have this feeling?

I woke up today asking myself if I'm making the right decision. I started feeling like perhaps getting a BBL is a very selfish decision of me. I am young and healthy and have infinite resources to work out harder and eat better at my disposable. If only I had that extra push to stop being so damn lazy. I workout at least 2-3x a week but I know I am not pushing myself to the extreme limit. Am I taking the easy way out? Yes, I realize 100% perfection will not be achieved by having surgery done, but I have a little feeling of guilt that I am cheating my way out. Has anyone ever felt like this before? I am not doing this for anybody but myself and when people ask me why I’m doing this I state exactly that. I am one week out from surgery and everything is set in place but I don’t know I guess I am feeling anxious.

12 hours post-op

This surgery is messy!!!! I didn't buy nearly as much chux pads as I should have and we're running out of towels here. God bless the girls that do this on their own! My mom is watching over me and I feel bad because I can be very demanding. I haven't bothered to even look at myself in the mirror because the drainage is grossing me out. Pain is very mild for now, just took my first pain killer. My mom said he injected 900 CC's into my behind so I'm anxious to see.

Garment, foams, binder??

BBL vets.... what order worked best for you when placing added compression? I finally finished draining so I want to make sure I get this stomach as flat as possible!!!! I'm post-op day three. Currently I'm wearing my second stage garment, tank, foams and then my binder. Am I doing this right? Any suggestions?

Post-Op Day Four

I'm feeling fine, just bored at home! My nurse, my mommy left last night so today is my first day home alone. I noticed some indentations on my stomach so I'm kinda worried about that. I'm still pretty swollen so idk if I'm just being overly worried. I had a visit with Dr. H. yesterday because my mom was freaking out about my drainage but it actually stopped the morning of haha. He told me to make a post-op appointment for sometime in two weeks when he will show me how to massage the areas. I feel like that's a ways out. Did anybody start lymphatic drainage massages earlier? Like I said I'm still pretty bruised and swollen, but as the lymphatic system has no way to detoxify itself I want to get in there and assist. Does anyone local in LA have recommendations for where I can see a professional? I e-mailed Dr. Hazani about my concern, will update as to what he responds.

Thought I'd Share Some Photos

Here are some photos I'd thought I'd share for anybody curious. I'm currently 14 days post-op.

Velashape for Cellulite???

Have any bbl vets down any type of non-invasive procedures to help with cellulite? I'm considering Velashape 3 to minimize the look of the cellulite on the back of my thighs and then in the future on my booty. I had issues with cellulite pre-surgery and have struggled with it since my late teens. I know there's really no magic cure for it but I'm wondering if anyone who's had fat grafting to the buttocks has tried anything to reduce the look of cellulite. Any advice or tips are appreciated.

Herbalife after BBL.

Is anyone an active user of Herbalife products pre/post surgery? I used to take them back in 2013 and I will say they worked. I went from my highest weight of 181 to 155 at my lowest (this was combined with exercise of course). I stopped taking them because of the GMO's that were in the ingredients and have switched to organic, vegan, certified non-GMO protein powders as meal replacements/morning breakfast shakes. I've seen that Herbalife has since improved their formula to include a non-GMO containing ingredient list. I'm not interested in drinking their shakes anymore but rather in their "bikini in a bottle"/"chupa pansas" concoction to help with water weight, bloat and digestion. I've been feeling extra bloated lately and I want to try this to help with elimination HOWEVER I don't want to harm my precious booty fat in any way. Does anybody have any experience with taking Herbalife post BBL? I'm posting the ingredients as an attached photo.
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