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27 years old, 5'8, 148lbs. Size 6 overall,...

27 years old, 5'8, 148lbs. Size 6 overall, (typically a 4-6 below, and a 6-8 up top), and a 27-28 in jeans.
I've been an athlete my whole life and finally want to look curvier. I'm top heavy, broad shoulders, no hips, long legs, short torso. Even when I was in the best shape of my life, I didn't have a flattering feminine figure. I'm hoping this surgery will change that.
Dr. Hazani will be performing a BBL on me, and taking fat from my arms, inner thighs, stomach, back, and flanks.

I am 1 week out from my surgery and starting to get nervous. Flying to LA from Dallas and my roommate, who is a nurse is going with me. However, she's now only staying with me for the first 48 hours after surgery.

-12/8 - Fly in, go to pre-op appt.
-12/9 - surgery
-12/11 - roommate leaves in the afternoon
-12/12 - post-op in the evening
-12/13 - fly home in the morning

I am renting an apartment that is half a mile away from the surgery center. And I will also have a rental car. (slightly nervous about driving to the airport 4 days after surgery, but it's a short drive.)

Here's my list of items to have for the first 5 days post op. If you have any more recommendations, please list them and where I can find them!

-Female Urinal
-Baby wipes
-Abdominal Pads
-Loose fitting clothes
-flip flops
-arnica gel & tablets
-stool softener
-scar cream (probably wont use the first couple of days though)

Already taking
-pre-surgery vitamins/ supplements

Dr. will be giving me my compression garment and pillow. I want to buy a second garment, but I don't know what size to get.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am rather nervous about being on my own the last two days that I will be in LA. With that said, I have a high pain tolerance and have been through a number of sports related surgeries. If anyone can do it, I'm sure I can.

Morning of Surgery

Sitting in the office waiting to be taken back for surgery. Feeling very nervous and hesitant.

6 Days Post Op

Thanks everyone who sent sweet comments and has asked out everything is going! This post is overdue, but I've pretty much stayed off my phone and laptop for the last 6 days (and it has been so nice!). Alright so here is the rundown:

Wed - Day of procedure - woke up post up in a lot of pain. A lot more than i was expecting or prepared for. I'm not sure I really set my mind and intent properly, I think I was still a little shocked that I was even having the procedure done, so when I woke up - it really hit me hard. They tried to make me leave sooner than I was ready so they let me lay down for a few more hours until I was ready to be taken home. That was the worst of it. The car ride wasn't too bad, and even getting from the car up to the apartment wasn't bad.

The first 48 hours were very hard. Hands and feet were swollen like a mother. Knees were swollen pretty bad too. Had no problems changing my dressing, etc. and I faced the toilet to pee and that became no problem. The hand swelling was very frustrating. I kept the fluids coming though.

Thu - Day 1 after surgery: Rough - slept most of the day. Got up 4-5 times to snack/ drink a lot of water/gatorade, change my dressings, or pee. Knees, hands, feet very swollen. Face too (ugh it was not a pretty site.)

Fri - Day 2 after surgery - Still swollen. I started to ice my knees 20 min on 40 min off, for several hours of the day. It really helped. I also started to apply arnica gel, and took my first shower. Felt great, and the arnica really works wonders. My hands were still fat as can be, but feet were better. Right knee was less swollen, but the left remained a problem. The icing did help a lot with comfort level though. I changed my dressings one more time, but that was it. Was done oozing after the first 36 hours.

Sat - Day 3 post op - was back to eating normal meals and took a walk. I got tired pretty quick and my knees weren't too pleased with the walking so I kept it short. Hands feel so much better than they did before 85% better. The arnica gel really is working wonders. Been taking my meds on schedule but switched from the pain meds (hydrocodone) to extra strength Tylenol that morning. Saw the doctor that evening for my post op. He gave me my garment (XL-2XL ! But hey it's more comfortable than the small/medium size I ordered myself, so i'm not complaining! lol. I will switch to that one in 2 weeks.) He said everything looked very good and that swelling would take a few weeks to go down, but that it was important to wear the compression garment to do so.

Sun - Day 4 post - Early morning flight from LAX - TUCSON - DALLAS. Not bad at all. Flew first class and had the first seat and the flight attendants were nice and didn't mind me standing for most of the flight. However, the second flight there was bad turbulence and I was sitting on my pillow for a solid hour. It didn't hurt though, just a little uncomfortable. By the time I made it to Dallas though I was starting to get pretty sore. The car ride home was interesting because my roommate picked me up and her car is low to the ground. Not easy to get in and out of, but the pillow the doctor gives you does help a lot. I went home, iced my knees and passed out.

Mon - Day 5 post - bruising is really starting to decrease, and my color has returned. Lots of pretty purples and greens and blues in there. lol. I look like I got hit with a baseball bat several times, but the good news is the bruises don't hurt when you touch them. Ironically the areas that don't have bruising (stomach primarily) are the most sensitive. I started to slightly massage the arnica gel into myself when I put it on, and while it is painful it helps. My stomach is by far the most sensitive area on me. My roommate (who is a nurse) snipped out all but 2 of my stitches and the incision sites look to be healing nicely. (The 10 Incision sites for me are, left elbow, right elbow, left armpit, right armpit, belly button, lower left pubic bone, lower right pubic bone, tip of the butt, midd back, upper back (bra line.) For all the work he did, it honestly seems so minimal bc the incisions are so tiny.

Tue - Day 6 - I've completely switched over to Tylenol and finish my antibiotic. Legs feel good, right knee doesn't feel much swelling, left one still hates me. (Note: I have had knee surgery on both knees so they hate me to begin with.) I'm tired of sleeping on my face, so I made a pillow fort so I could lay on my back for an hour. It was great. (Lots of pillows for the back and for the thighs, booty only lightly touches the bed.) I'm in need of a good neck massage from all this sleeping on my stomach. I did drive to get my hair done today. That was a process. Sat on my knees and pillow for most of the time I was there. Felt very much like the day at the airport. Not bad, but after a few hours the soreness really kicked in and it was time to go home. ...which leads me to now!

-Hand swelling took 3-4 days to go away. Feet swelling only took about 2. Still struggling with the swelling in my knee(s). (One worse than the other).
-Arnica is amazing to heal the looks of the bruising.
-Legs aren't sensitive to touch, just sore and it feels good to stretch them. Knee swelling is a bitch though and does bug the hell out of me.
-Booty feels like I have two beachballs attached to me. Feels very foreign. I'm ready for it to start feeling like my own butt soon! - However, it's not really sensitive to the touch, it's just sore. It really helps bending and doing some yoga poses to help stretch it out. (hurts - but a good hurt. Like you ha a really hard workout the day before sore and are stretching it out.)
-Midsection is the worst. It's very sensitive to the touch. Sometimes i will get sharp pains in my obliques. I have been trying to stretch a little, but it is painful. Sneezing is a bitch. It feels like cobblestones if you rub your stomach. I've started the lymphatic massages a bit early with the stomach just to try and ease the sensitivity and promote healing. My pubic bone area has slowly but surely swelled up over the last 6 days. I definitely have a "foopa". The doctor said it's usually the last area to heal (sigh - glad I'm single atleast lol). I have wrapped my foopa with an ace bandage though to act as extra compression. Maybe that will help, but I'm not sure.
-Arms - were the fastest to feel healed. However the garment I bought from Leonisa (or however you spell it) is pretty f*ing tight. I bought a medium, and I am definitely not a medium in the arms. I can only wear the garment for 4-5 hours then I take an hour break and put it back on. They still feel sore, and my elbow area is sensitive (I have bad tennis elbow in both.) but overall not many restrictions when it comes to the arms after the first 2-3 days.
-The overall garment is comfortable, and I only take it off if I have to shower or have a bowel movement. It has a hole so you can pee with it on just fine. (I was totally weirded out by this at first, but have since fell in love! lmao.)
-Not a big fan of the ab binder the doctor provides. It's just a bit awkward and I feel there are probably better ones out there if you are interested.

Okay folks thats it for now!! Will try and update with pictures tomorrow or Thursday for my 1 week post-op! :) XO

8 Days Post Op

Bruising is fading nicely. (Thank you Arnica!)
Thighs are feeling pretty darn sore though, and my knees (already bad from blowing them out in college) are in the most pain. I'll be happy when the swelling is all down and I can get back to feeling healthy.
I can finally sit on my booty for a few minutes without too much discomfort. Finally starting to feel like a part of my body instead of two foreign beach balls attached to me. lmao. I lay on my back for 15 minutes too when I get too tired of laying on my stomach, and it feels great!!
Back to work in a few days, and back to traveling (I travel a ton for work) in one week. Fingers crossed there is major healing in the next week as I need to start wearing nice clothes again lol.

I attached a pic of all the vitamins I take daily as well if anyone was interested!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani is quickly becoming one of the most popular BBL doctors in the country and there is no doubt in my mind as to why. Not only did he do a great job in surgery, but his bedside manner and professionalism is superb. I am thrilled that I was able to go through the process as quickly as I did with such a sought-after surgeon. He really is amazing, and I'm 100% confident in the decision I made in going with Dr . Hazani.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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