26YO 140lb BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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Scheduled my BBL today with Justin Yovino. I've...

Scheduled my BBL today with Justin Yovino. I've been a patient of his for years and really looking forward to it. We are going to do lipo on the flanks, thighs, knees and maybe abdomen and expect to transfer about 600 cc to my hips and butt.
I'm hoping to achieve a fuller buttom with rounder hips while still looking natural. I like to keep em guessing!

Live streaming surgery day!

I have my surgery at 9am PST today and my surgeon Dr. Yovino will be posting the whole procedure on his snapchat today! His snapchat username is Drjustinyovino. I'll be awake for the surgery (local with sedation) which I'm really looking forward to it because I'll recover much quicker. Also Justin says that with his bbl patients awake, they work together to position themselves from many different angles. It gives optimal results when the surgeon has 360 access to the area rather then just the patient flat on their stomach. 5 hours to go till we're live on snap! Oh also the anesthesiologist is his wife Sarah! They work so well together. It's comforting to have a team working on you that's a team outside of the OR too. Update soon!

Day 1 post op!

Wow I cannot believe I'm the booty in the after pic! I can't stop staring at it. Dr. Yovino exceeded my expectations and really put in 100% for me. I threw up when I got home but I was expecting that. I'm very sore because I got lipo in 5 areas! We ended up putting 700 cc in each cheek. I'm very pleased with that because he originally estimated 600. Now it's time to just lay on my tummy and let the healing process begin :)

Day 1 evening

Got up to use the bathroom for the first time and snapped a few pics. I have my dream body for serious you guys! Ps...I used a female urinal so I didn't have to sit down

18 hours PO

I took off my garment to change the gauze underneath and couldn't help but snap a few pics! The results are so dramatic already, can't want to see when the swelling starts to go away :)

Bbl pillow!

I got this pillow that enables you to sit down without compressing the booty. I got it from www.bblpillow.com. It's only been 1 day since surgery but I'm already going nuts just by laying on my stomach lol anyway here's some pics of how the pillow works!

PO depression ALREADY

I've had 9 surgeries that I can remember and it's a guaranteed thing for me that I always get depressed afterwards. I wasn't expecting it so soon with this surgery but I am totally immobilized. I've never had fully body surgery before so the discomfort and laying on my stomach is really bothering me. Plus I think my swelling is going up and the garment feels a little tighter then before. I'll just keep taking the meds and hope to feel better by the weekend. My doctor is in constant contact with me though which is totally helping my mood and making me feel so supported. Dr. Yovino cares so much that I get the most optimal result possible. The final results of BBL really have a lot to do with the after care. I'm taking it very seriously. He wants me to switch to a stage 2 garment already like spanx so when those arrive maybe I'll feel better. I could use some positive words of encouragement on here too so if anyone is experiencing a little post op depression feel free to vent to me!

Poster girl!

Dr Yovino is running a special right now 1k off a BBL because of the Olympics. Brazilian butt, olympics are in Brazil...cute right? I was so flattered to see he used my pics on the ad! You know your surgeon did an amazing job when he's using your procedure all over his site, yay!

Scared and embarassed!

So those pain killers really plugged me up and i was thankful so I didn't have to sit on the toilet. Well today after 5 days I administered a suppository and it worked and it worked and worked some more...I had to sit on the toilet for like 10 minutes and I'm so scared that I killed some of my fat! Then I switched to a stage two garment today by my doctors reccomendatin but it's was so tight I had a really hard time getting jt over my butt and I'm afraid that I killed more fat cells! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Trying not to freak out. Has this happened to anyone before?? I only got 700
Cc per cheek and don't have much to loose here

Calming down

I'm realizing that I'm doing everything I can to protect my investment. 700cc is a significant amount of fat to be transferred plus with lipo around the surrounding areas I'm sure to have a beautiful result. Even if I sit down for a few minutes a day. That fat is in there pretty good. I also have a friend who got bbl with this doctor and she only got 430 cc injected and it looked like 600+ and said she retained about 75% of the fat. So I'm just going to relax and think positive vibes and enjoy this new booty!

1 week PO update

Today I went in to Dr. Yovino office for my one week follow up. This week really flew by! He said I'm healing great and as swelling goes down, my shape will be even more dramatic. He recommended massages twice a week beginning next week. He also recommended keeping my compression garment on for a full month if possible. I want the best result so I will follow his instructions.
The bruising is very scary looking but to be expected. I'm taking arnica to help but the bruises are so extreme i might be beyond help at this point though. I'm still in a lot of discomfort but I can drive short distances. My energy levels are at about 40% of what they normally are but I'm getting stronger with each day :)

Red light therapy to get blood flowing

I'm a big fan of my Celluma red light therapy device. I'm using it on my hips and new booty to stimulate the blood circulation. I love the size of my new booty right now and I'm trying everything I can to get this new fat plenty of oxygen and it's own blood supply. I leave my garment on 24/7, just to shower and it goes back on. The red light takes 30 minutes per area to treat so it's time consuming...2 hours to get each cheek and each hip but while I'm resting there really isn't any reason not to do it. It also helps a great deal with the pain and swelling. I'm using the red light device over my garment, it would be more effective on bare skin but the compression is the priority

9 days PO pics

I'll say the swelling is moving around, sometimes I feel that I'm huge then sometimes I feel tiny. Just part of the healing process. My overall shape is coming along beautifully. The bruising is beginning to resolve as well.

Swelling went up

I had an emotional day yesterday and my measurements around my whole body went up an inch. Doesn't seem like much but I feel huge everywhere. I hope it goes down in the next day or two. Good news is I'm still loving my results!


I don't remember my before measurements but my current measurements are
Waist 27.5"
Hip (widest point) 41.5"

I'm not too sure what to expect for my measurements in a few months when the swelling has subsided. I'm so happy with my shape now it's hard to imagine ill be smaller. I believe the hip to waist ratio will stay the same regardless of my actual measurements. Kinda dreaming of a 25" waist and 40+" booty

New pics

A little over two weeks post op. I feel so tiny in my garment but I feel like a blob when I come out of it. I'm also having my time of the month so maybe I'm a little more swollen then I would normally be.

Otherwise I feel well. Off pain meds. Still using the red light device to heal up. I'm so happy with my new shape but of course I'm worried that I will loose a lot of the graft. I haven't sat down without my bbl pillow and I've been maintaining a good diet. No complications during the initial healing phase.

Looking forward to week 3 when my period stops and more swelling resides. I reserve final judgement until the 3 month mark but I'm extremely satisfied so far.

Just a new pic

So happy! I don't feel swollen at alll

This site is giving me a complex

BBL seems to be one of the newest and unpredictable procedures out there right now. Every doctor has his own way of doing it and our bodies all heal differently. I've read some horror stories with deformed lipo, all the fat in the bbl absorbed itself and fairy tales where major swelling is finished at 3 weeks and the booty looks the same for years post op.

I don't think any amount of research can prepare someone for this procedure emotionally. I'm so happy, I've been happy. I've lost 2.5" since surgery day my whole body looks so much better! But that's just my story. For this particular procedure looking at all the other reviews has only given me fear and anxiety. Usually it's helpful to see all the reviews.

It's been 3 weeks, I'm sitting if I have to. I don't feel guilty about it, I'm not scared about it. I trust my doctors technique and after care instructions. And to maintain a more productive healing process I need to take a break from the site. I'll update as the months go on but I won't be here for a while.

1 month

My waist is shrinking and my hips are the same. I do notice some loss of volume but nothing significant enough to change my measurements.

How it looks in clothes

I'm always naked on here so here it is in pants. Yay booty! The swelling has gone up about 1" everywhere on my body but it's because I have lupus and recently had a flare up. Nothing I can really do about that for now


I'm still at 41". My doctor thinks that I'm pretty much near my final result. I've deff gained a few lbs though since I've been recovering. I can see it in my tummy where I chose not to get lipo (that's an area I can actually control with diet and exercise) but overall my shape is exactly what I hoped for!

Booty by Dr. Yovino


I feel like it's getting bigger! My waist size is the same but idk why or how but it feels bigger then it was 2 weeks ago. Has anyone else experienced this?


10 weeks

Just comparing pics from when I was 10 days post op to today. Tried to get the same pose in a similar outfit. Today I look overall much less swollen and my body has improved contours. Butt is smaller but so is my whole body, I would say my proportions are the same. My waist is really starting to get smaller and smaller. I can't find a pair of jeans for the life of me!

Ladies beware, if your thinking about doing this procedure..you will be mobbed by men on a daily basis. I LOVE my new body but it attracts a TON of attention. Just something to think about

3 mo po

Here we are, final results.
Now I just need to get rid of that cellulite and cankles! Anyone tried anything that


Stopped working out because of my lupus and the cellulite situation is REAL. Still looks good in jeans though lol

Round 2

I think I'm going to go in for a touch up. I didn't get my stomach lipo'd and now I'm regretting it. Could probably get another 500cc out of it and just fill out my hips and those dents. I'll see what my doc says. I heard a touch up is not a big deal and very bearable.


Finally found jeans !

Size 7 at Fashion Nova. They make jeans for this body type

Need to start working out again

Okay I've been feeding this thing too good for too long lol. Just started working out again this week. I'm trying to slim down 5-7lbs. My stomach is out of control but I'm loving my results everywhere else. I've been doing red light and infrared light on my butt and thighs everyday and it's reduced my cellulite. Going to keep it up!

Quick before and after

Justin Yovino nailed it for me. Love him!!!


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Simply the best always

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