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Ive started my journey for a BBL this month! Ive...

Ive started my journey for a BBL this month! Ive always wanted to do something like this but didn't know it even existed until about a couple of years ago. Im currently 26 Years old, 5'3 , 140 lbs and athletic. I do crossfit, yoga, and hike. I just cant seem to get this fat off or get the shape I like...and I know its under there because Ive seen it! I am so so excited to finally be doing something special for myself. to say Ive been obsessively researching and looking at booty before and afters everyday is an understatement. Ive had a couple of consults already in Beverly Hills and they were very informative but none have felt exactly right yet, which is ok! I have an appointment with Dr. Ron Hazani in a week and Im MOST excited to meet him. He has a very impressive portfolio which is closest to what proportions I am looking for, great patient ratings and a very reasonable starting prices from what I have found. I love that he goes dramatic and noticeable. Thats what I want! I have very realistic expectations and know everyones body is different but Ive included my wish photos for the look/shape/ projection I hope to achieve as well as my before photos. Ill update you after my consult!

here are my "Wish Pics"

Here are my "wish pictures" or more like inspirational shapes and proportions I find attractive. they are all different but I like all of them. Hopefully we can achieve something similar! I am however being very realistic because everyones body composition and body structure is so different but I hope I can get close to the proportions in the first photo Ive added. thats my idea of perfection!

have you played with the "Plastic Surgery Simulator" App yet?

while I eagerly await my next consult with Dr. Ron Hazani, Ive been playing around with this app on my Iphone. Now I know this is all make-believe and silly but its still fun to see how your body can change. I look at tons of other peoples bootys daily but its cool to see your own as a "wish pic"!!!!


sooo as I continue on this BBL journey, I have no fear of being put-under, no fear of pain..its the SEVERE fear of nausea and vomiting. (specifically vomiting) I actually have a legitimate phobia of it since i was 6 and Ive only vomited 5 times since I was a baby. Ive been reading everyones reviews and getting worried about all of these stories of vomiting for an entire day. Have any of you NOT vomited from this procedure and recovery? What else can I do to avoid it happening so I can be ready? I found the following and was wondering if anyone had experiences with these during their BBL and if they helped:

-propofol anesthetic instead of gas
-exparol intra-op instead of narcos ( I am also sober by choice and dont want to risk narcos )
-scopalamine patch
-Zophran (have taken before)

just noticed dr. Hazani just changed his RS "special offer"

soooo a few weeks ago I contacted Dr. Hazani's office though RS by clicking on him $7500 BBL link... my consult is on Tuesday and I just saw he changed the "special offer" today on RS from $7500 bbl (with the email stating "We offer a concierge service, which includes your labs, binder, second stage garment, and a BBL pillow (valued at $250) currently for free. We can also assist you with finding a caregiver for the first night, and hotel discounted rate in proximity to the Beverly Hills Surgery Center...." to $7900 all inclusive... so I wonder what this means for me. Ill let you guys know when I see him on Tuesday. I dont mind spending more buti may have to think twice about my thighs if thats the case.

Dr. Hazani Consult and date set for 6/10/16

I'm so very excited to say That I've put a deposit down for Dr. Hazani on June 10th!!!!

My experience at the consult: went into the office which is a very comfortable waiting area . Was offered coffee, tea, water, soda, etc. the office is specious and comfortable to wait in with TVs , phone charging table, comfy chairs, etc. I recommend allowing a bit of time from your appointment as he was finishing up surgery when I arrived (a little early) and there was also about 4 other people waiting to see him after me. I filled out my paperwork and read on my iPad for a little while. I was too excited to mind waiting the extra 30 minutes. (It's good he took his time finishing up his surgery!) I also talked to two girls who were there for their Post op... They seems to have a pretty good recovery. One girl was two weeks post op and her makeup and hair were on point and she said it was easy. Another girl was done on Friday and she said she was doing pretty well but felt itchy on her bruising. She said the first two days were hard and she would never go through this again. but both girls didn't really Have any horror stories. (not getting my hopes up lol) Met Debbie the coordinator, she's so so sweet and down to earth .. Seriously felt like I made a new friend. When it was my turn to see him , Debbie came and got me and I headed into his office where he explained his process and I showed him what I was workin with(wear a dress so it's easier) . I felt safe, not rushed in the slightest and had my questions answered. He offered honest and reasonable input and expectations. He very much bases everything off of YOUR own body and not unrealistic wish pics. Also, his pricing is now all inclusive and comes with pillows, binders, garments and lab work and I may be missing a couple things.. After meeting with him I went back into Debbie's office and talked a bit more and picked a date. His big calendar was on the wall and he only does TWO surgeries a day people!!! That's so nice to see that he's not packing 3-4 in a day just to make money. I decided he was perfect for what I'm looking for so I put in my deposit and locked in my sx for June 10th! 5 days after my birthday!

I recommend if you are truly interested in a BBL to set up consults so YOU can experience it yourself. We read others opinions and experiences on RS but you need to feel it out...your gut will tell you who to go with once you meet the doctors. Just a tip to take what you read online lightly and as a tool --let it point you in the right direction but you should ultimately make this decision based on your own experience. I honestly had a totally different experience with consults so far compared to what I've read on RS and other websites. If it feels right , you will know!

Weight Gain Update, Supplies Ordered, Labs DONE!

Hey RF ! Just wanted to do a quick update... Surgery is on June 10th with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills! Im so excited (mostly)... some nights Im laying down and really am second guessing if Im strong enough to go through the recovery though...Im staying positive and have the mindset of "lets do the damn thing!" This week I got my lab order in from the coordinator and was able to get an appointment in LA for literally the next morning. labs were super easy, nothing to worry about. A 20 year old drew my blood... very impressed haha. Today I placed my order on Amazon Prime for all the supplies Ill be needing for recovery. Ill post my personal list later today... I got only the essentials for my comfort and care. Didn't really go overboard with all that. Ive been trying to gain some weight. my first photos I posted I was 136 lbs @ 5' 3 and now Im 142 lbs.... Im not trying to gain anymore really since my skin had lost some elasticity from being a stick when I was a teenager (smallest 95 lbs) to being more curvy in my 20s (biggest 146 lbs) I also stopped doing crossfit about 4 months ago too. I did that 3-4 days a week for about 2 years. I do plan on heading back to the regular gym and also starting up yoga again once I heal... just going to be a more gentle form of exercise on my body but make sure Im maintaining my results. my arms and face got chunky since Ive gained some weight and its the WORST! hahaIn order of importance for this surgery: smallest waist I can, nice hips, more projection... All are obviously important but thats what I have in mind. I feel good about my body and I think thats a really important factor in making this decision, at least for me. It took me a long time to make peace with all the changes that take place as you grow and develop. I was used to being tiny then over few years I gained about 50 lbs which was really hard to adjust to..Ive now been at the same weight range for about 4 years and I just am so ready to fine tune my body to the ascetic that I love. anyways, if you have any questions or anything, feel free to comment <3 talk soon!

Hey ladies, as I mentioned, I was going to share...

Hey ladies, as I mentioned, I was going to share my personal supply list for my BBL with Dr. Hazani on June 10th. I ordered my stuff through amazon and spend roughly $200 for everything. I know Dr. Hazani provides many of the items you need for after care as far as garments, the "BBL Pillow", and I think a few other things.here we go:-2 medium black towels, 2 black wash clothes. -black sheet set for the bed -32" X 52" water proof sheet protector bad. (It will save on tons of chux pad waste as it holds 8 cups of liquid alone and easy to wash) -Chux Pads/ pk of 25 (just to have some for the car, bed, etc. the first couple of days)-Black seamless camis, black maxi dress, black underwear, black leggings -Adidas slip on sandals -Anti Embolism socks - 2 pairs-Boppy Newborn Lounger -Lipo Board- 1 -Lipo Foam- 3-Arnica Pellets & Gel-Bromelain (Source Naturals Brand)-Soft surgical tape-Hebiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser -Sterile Abdominal Pads - 25 packI still need to get the Pee-EZ thing. If theres something crucial that Im forgetting, let me know! Also- what are good things to start doing in preparation for this surgery at this point ? (going to email my dr too...) I seriously cant believe Im 19 days away! I go through extreme excitement to extreme nerves and crazy dreams. Im not scared at all of being put under. Its the waking up in hell and the anxiety of the anticipated nausea... I really hope I dont puke. ughhh . but I need to not focus on that, I need to remember that im going through this to change my life and it will be for the better :) starting up yoga today so I can stay calm and healthy. Im also changing back to my clean eating so that I can detox from all the crap food Ive been eating haha.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY with Dr. Hazani!

Oh my gosh you guys.... Tomorrow I'm getting my BBL in Beverly Hills with Dr. Hazani! I'm scheduled for 7 am. Today I get everything ready and all of my work done so I don't need to stress. My amazing boyfriend is going to take the day off work and take care of me all weekend. I'm surprisingly not freaking out or having an anxiety attack so let's hope it stays that way.... I'll maybe do one more update in the morning before I go in but say a prayer for me that everything goes well. Talk soon!

Made it to the other side!

Hey everyone! quick update to let you know I made it safe and sound and just got home! 960 CCs in each cheek! Time to rest but I seriously cant speak more highly of Dr. Hazani and the whole staff there. They were so sweet and took amazing care of me the entire time. Be back soon with some photos!

Photos from surgery earlier today

I have been doing pretty well so far today. Drank lots of fluids, draining a lot of fluids , keeping up on my meds consistently and taking a lap around the bed every few hours. Here's what I look like night of surgery! It's going to go down a bit but this huge booty is crazy today!!!! I'll give you the run down on my surgical experience probably tomorrow! Night ladies xx

day 3 after bbl photos /// surgery & recovery update

Hey ladies- So its day 3 for me (surgery was on friday and its now monday) I wanted to share a couple of photos of how Im healing and run through the last few days so you get an idea of what to expect and what recovery was like for me! *Day of Surgery* My call time was at 8 am on Friday. I arrived with my boyfriend and filled out a big stack of paperwork and waited for a bit. Maybe about an hour from the time I got there. The nurse then called me back which is where I said goodbye to my boyfriend, as theres no one allowed in the O.R. area. The Nurses hugged me and welcomed me which was so sweet as I was really nervous. I was taken into the restroom and and given a gown, disposable undies, a hair cap and socks. I gave a urine sample and dressed myself and headed into the next room which was a pro-op area. The nurses then got me cozy in a bed that had warm air shooting into the bottom and started my IV. I was in that room for maybe another 45min- 1 hour watching TV until Dr. Hazani came in. We took before photos and he then marked me. I told him what look I was draw to : basically as small of a waist he can and I wanted to add to my hips and butt as much as possible. He showed me some images of girls he had done and pointed out what I can expect. He explained the how its important to not be super aggressive on me with the lipo to avoid that bumpiness on the tummy. I agreed that Id rather have a bit of fat there then a lumpy belly. The anesthesiologist was the sweetest lady ever and made sure I didnt get nauseous or vomit after explaining my extreme fear of that happening. We walked into the O.R. which felt scary seeing everything laid out but I just got on the table and focused on my breathing and before I knew it I was knocked out while the nurses held my hand. I woke up in the Recovery Room and was a little shaken up for literally one minute when I woke up and then just slowly woke up. Over about 30 minutes, The pain got pretty extreme and went from about a 7 to a 9 and I called the nurse over about the pain. I also was unable to have Morphine or Toridol during the surgery as I am allergic so I think It may not be that painful at first for everyone. Dr Hazani came in and seemed super happy with the results and told me I got 960 CCs in each cheek. I was given two of the Norcos that I brought from my prescription which helped SO MUCH. I then was told it was time to go so the nurse helped me into a wheelchair..it was almost 4 PM at that point. I got so sweaty like I was going to pass out so have someone blast the air in the car when you are coming out. By the way, theres a loading zone right out the front door so that was easy to get into the car. I didnt feel super drugged up and at this point I wasnt in a ton of pain or nauseous , which was nice. Dont get me wrong...Its PAINFUL but tolerable.... When I got home I had to take a long walk from my car because I live in a loft building. my boyfriend walked in front of me very slow and helped me.. by the time I got home I was completely wet from the draining... I got inside and laid right down then had my bf change my bandages. I slept for the most part of the day and made sure to drink a lot of fluids and low sodium broth and peed a lot. I found it easier to to face the back of the toilet and support my body with my arms on the back of the toilet instead of using the Female Pee Funnel thing...oh, and I got my period. yay....not. my lower back got super sore already from laying face down. I recommend wrapping a soft pillow in chux and laying it under your belly/ pelvis. when Night time came, I got super sore but make sure you keep up on the Norcos every 4 hours, even if you arent in pain yet because when the pain hits- it hits hard..especially during the night. *Day after Surgery* Woke up super stiff and sore. my arms, my neck, my throat....even my teeth. Took a couple of norcos before I could pick myself up and walk around. Felt slightly nauseous but after taking the Zofran, it went away.. I was overly cautious and took it everytime I took norcos. Once you get up and move a bit, you feel MUCH better. Its just hard to want to move. In the morning I adjusted my thigh bandages and changed my ab pads to find that my draining was coming to an end. it stopped completely by mid day. Rested a lot this day and Found it was the most painful one but still tolerable while staying still. I ate some solid food in small quantities. Night time was pretty hard but kept up on the meds schedule. * Two Days After Surgery* Woke up feeling better then the previous day. Had a friend and my sister come over to hangout and watch movies with me all day which was nice. It was the first day that I felt well enough to stay awake for most of the day. Ate a couple of small clean meals and solid snacks and also put pants on for the first time LOL not as much space as before! felt well enough to not have to take many norcos.. I cut down to one Norco and one Extra Strength Tylenol. every 4-6 hours. when night came I started feeling a bit worn out but still way better then before. overnight I was in a lot of pain probably because Ive been cutting back on meds. *Three Days After Surgery* Today I woke up early , took all my meds at 6 am and watched a couple of movies. my bf had to go back to work so I made myself some eggs and a smoothie for breakfast. I cleaned up the bedroom and bathroom and checked out my body. Im super swollen but I can tell once it all goes down, its going to be great! I finally had a bowel movement...omg so painful..... not going to lie. I should of just took a stool softener... overall though, I feel really good today. Havent taken any pain meds in 7 hours. almost ready to go get out of the apartment!!!! tomorrow is my Post Op appointment with Dr. Hazani to check in on how everything is going. Will update more soon...sorry if I ramble! Let me know if you have any questions for me and Id be happy to answer! <3

Question for you guys! 1 week post op.

Hey dolls. Im one week post op today! I just spend an hour writing a review of the last 3 days and it was erased!!!! Im so pissed!!! so when I have the patience, Ill write something up again with my one week photos..I do have a couple of questions for vets- When does the swelling noticeably start going down in your waist/ lipo areas in general? I feel like mine got worse starting on day 4 and I look "thick" evewhere.. just curious when I will notice a change! I am doing my arnica and bromelian 3 times a day and wearing my compression.

made through the first week post op!

hey dolls- So its the 8th day since my surgery! And boy, what a week...wanted to tell you guys about the last few days quick and also share some progress photos. days 4, 5 & 6 were kind of a plateau period. I was feeling super swollen (the most I had been so far) to the point that I felt like you couldnt notice that that any fat was taken from me. ***Day 4*** I cut the top strap off of my binder because It was way too big on my short torso. also the itchy skin has begun and I bought a wooden bristle brush to practice dry brushing. theres tons of youtube videos and it feels SO GOOD. I do that then add Tiger Balm on my skin and its heaven. I had my post op with Dr. Hazani and It was my first time riding in the car. I reclined the passenger seat all the way back and had a big feather pillow under my pelvis and laid on my tummy. Dr. H seemed really pleased so far which made me super excited.. he also gave me a Size M Leonisa seam-less second stage garment to start wearing under my binder and thigh bandages. I had to remove my thigh compression wraps though because it was making my pubic mount SO dark purple and swollen. It worried me so Ive just been wearing my stage 2 garment and my binder. ***Day 5 & 6*** I just felt pretty sore, really swollen and generally a little yucky so I rested and took it easy for most of the day. I finally had a bowel movement.....OUCH. take Dulcolax Stool Softener or you will be sorry. The boredom and limitations made me a little emotional and I was like "how the hell am I going to do this" I was experiencing so much pain in my head, face, jaw and teeth from my face being flat on a pillow. I decided to buy a "Micro bead Pillow" and has been a life saver .... ***Day 7*** Im completely off of the pain pills and I woke up feeling a lot better. The swelling also went down a ton and bruising is subsiding. I ended up going out with my boyfriend in the evening to meet his friends and stood up for about 4 hours and had a glass of wine and was ok..(no more drinks though...my poor liver has been through so much.) ***Day 8*** dressed up cute and I went to visit my friend who also just got a BBL yesterday so it was nice to spend some time with someone who understands! I tried to use my BBL pillow in the car but it was too difficult so I laid the same way as I have been. My binder is now as tight as it can go and the compression is helping keep the swelling down. I purchased the Vedette 902 waist cincher that I will switch to as soon as week 2 hits and Im cleared by Dr. Hazani after my 2 week check up! my butt is softer around the edges and also seems that its dropping a little and looking more natural. If you ladies have any questions- please let me know! <3<3

two weeks post op and lets talk about the thigh lipo...

Two weeks post op tomorrow! everything has been pretty good but I starting to get that hardness in my belly at the one week mark... so ready to get a massage this weekend! finally can start using my bbl pillow and can keep my binder off and just wear my second stage garment. I got a waist cincher from Vedette (style 902) which I will wear over my garment for added support. The bruising is almost all gone but the swelling comes and goes.. I need to be sure Im eating good detox foods and drinking more water. I got a few questions about my thighs and have seen a lot of concern about doing it. Im actually really really happy I did. Mine are pretty smooth and even with no sagging skin at all. My legs also dont look like tooth picks and its only a subtle change. I also felt the least amount of pain in them post op.. actually really none at all honestly. I was also kind of worried before I did them but Dr. Hazani did an awesome job. The only thing is there is a lot of hardness in my groin/ upper inner thigh area right now because theres quite a few lymph nodes in that area and my body is trying to clean house. The hardness in my thighs and abdomen create a ton of tightness so a massage needs to happen asap. Ill let you know if it does help alot after. anyways- heres some photos of my progress!

Super Hard, TIGHT and Swollen Abdomen 2.5 weeks post op...

Hey dolls I need advice. ugh I am soooo uncomfortable this week. My abdomen is SO hard and SO swollen ( I hope....) and SOOOOO TIGHT. did this happen to anyone else? am I healing slow? If I am seated on my bbl pillow or in one position for too long I can barely stand up because it feels like my skin is going to like rip, its so tight..my flexibility is 100% GONE.. also, if im in a seated position for too long I get a crease in my stomach that eventually goes away. Since I hit the two week mark Ive taken off my binder and am wearing my stage 2 garment only, as instructed. (some nights Ill wear the binder if Im really swollen...i.e. right now..but when I go out of the house I use a waist trainer over my garment) I literally look as I did before surgery the past four days... I have done things every day and have been driving, swimming, spending time with friends and have been working daily using my BBL pillow...maybe Ive been doing to much? I also stopped arnica and bromelain... maybe I should continue those like right after post op? I went back to life as usual after a week post op... Now - Dr. Hazani has been gone for a week and will be for two more and I cant get my "two week" appointment to even learn how to properly massage until July 10th (exactly a month post op) can anyone link me to some good Youtube videos or something??? Im doing what I think is correct but clearly not if I am this uncomfortable. I have my first session for a professional lymphatic massage tomorrow and am booking two-three a week until I see Dr. Hazani again. (girls - heads up... this surgery is way more expensive then just what you pay the doctor by the way) I looked so good one week post op. not swollen at all. I hope this is actually swelling and I dont stay like this. Man... this recovery is an emotional and physical rollercoaster... any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. : (

first professional massage today

Today I had the best lymphatic massage for an hour. I found a wonderful lady in Downtown LA.. (if anyone needs her info let me know...shes $60 a session or 3 for $135) it felt so good and gave me immediate relief after how I was feeling last night. She was a pro and also taught me exactly how to do it at home since Dr. Hazani is out of town and he wasnt able to show me. I have another booked for Friday too.. she told me a recipe for smoothies to have twice a day to help with the swelling ... Pineapple, Cinnamon, Ginger and Lemon. Im going to try those. just wanted to let you guys know I was feeling better today and Ill keep you updated with any changes
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