26 with 3 Kids and a Much Need A$$ - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello let me introduce my self my name is Anali am...

Hello let me introduce my self my name is Anali am 26 years old and a mother of 3 beautiful kids ages 8,6 and 2 and after having my kids my body is ruin I mean I never had an ass lol but now I have no ass and a belly am looking forward to get my bbl October 14 with Doctor hazani deposit is done and surgery date is set ????????????????

Some before pictures

Here are some before pic I was doubting about putting them up but here I go lol ???????????? as u could see I don't have a butt am in need of one asap

What Vitamins are good for healing

Hello lady's can any body tell me what vitamins are good for healing I want to get ready for this journey I know a lot of u girls take vitamins before surgery and after but can u guys tell me witch ones and how to take them thank u I will appreciate ur help

What supply's to buy

Girls please help i don't really know what are the supply's I really need for my surgery I want to buy what is really needed please let me know I really appreciate it

Are Victoria secret to small panties

Hey girls today I got my order of a lot of panties I order and I got them M size now am scared I won't fit in them lol can you girls tell me if they run to small or do u girls think I will fit in L am scared I know I should of waited but I could it help it has any one bought vs panties after surgery and what size fits good

OMG lady's I woke up to this another vanity victim

A Doral woman died Wednesday after undergoing surgery at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Westchester.
Maria Christian, 32, was rushed to Kendall Regional Hospital after she went into cardiac arrest toward the end of a tummy tuck procedure, according to the clinic.
Doctors were unable to revive the woman.
"Always trying to help people, doing her best, she was amazing," sister Carolina Flor said Thursday, fighting back tears. "Now she just leaves her kids, her husband, they had a great family." Vanity Cosmetic Surgery released a statement Thursday, sending its deepest condolences to the patient's family.
Doctors said Christian had previously undergone two cosmetic procedures at the clinic, the most recent one was a Brazilian Butt Lift back in January. According to Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, the patient was deemed in good health at the time of the operation, which was performed by Dr. Camille Chavez.
"They were trying to tell her 'just do it with her, she's really good, she's really good and you're going to be fine,'" Flor said. The Miami-Dade Police Department investigated Vanity's facilities and surgical rooms during an initial investigation The cause of death is being investigated and it could be days before the medical examiner releases the exact cause of death.
"We don't know what happened, the doctors just said that her heart stopped," Flor said. "If there is no need to do something, just, there's no reason, because she was just beautiful the way she was." This is not the first time Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has made headlines.
In January, The Consumer Protection Division of the Florida Attorney General's Office was investigating the center after customer complaints over its refund procedures.

Supplies so far

Hey lady's today I started to look for my supplies and this is what I have so far am I doing good of so I need something else please let me know

Lab work today

Hey lady's I went to get my lab work today hoping everything is good praying for the best please ladies pray for me

More pic

Hey lady's here are more pictures of my before can wait time is flying and am getting nervous

My lab ???? work

So yesterday I had to email Gary because I need it to know what was going on with my results and thank good everything is good ???? normal

Am all payed off

Hey ladies today I made my last payment am ready to go just waiting for time to come am so nervous
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Doctor hazani is a very professional in what he knows best answered all my questions and he is really realistic with what I wanted

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