25 Yrs Old - Asian & Petite BBL W/ Dr. Dass! Beverly Hills, CA

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Starting a RealSelf diary to record my experiences...

Starting a RealSelf diary to record my experiences with BBL. Just put down the final payment and confirmed my surgery date! Will be traveling for my surgery, and a bit nervous about the experience, the recovery, the result (I'd like an AMAZING result! I'm hopeful that Dr. Dass can give me the results that I'm looking for based on his previous work!) and risk of re-absorption, but have chosen Dr. Dass specifically because he has excellent reviews re - follow-up care, skill and love the results that he has been able to achieve with past patients!

Bit of personal background - I'm a petite Asian girl, used to be very athletic (and still go to the gym regularly), but have put on a bit of weight over the past few years that I haven't been able to lose (have even been on intensive 12 week body cutting/building regimes w/ low-carb/low-fat diet and haven't been able to achieve much of a result, which has been very discouraging). What I'm hoping to achieve through this surgery is to remove the stubborn extra fat, get back some tone, and have my body shaped in to a perfect hourglass/doll-like figure. Basically, I'd like to try to achieve through BBL a beautiful hourglass shape that's pretty much impossible to achieve through nature/genetics! With a perky, bubble-butt and a teeny-tiny waist! :)

The total cost of my surgery will include the BBL (taking fat from my abdomen, my back and my bra-line), as well as some additional areas - my inner thighs and knees, my upper arms and my jawline/chin. I figured that since I'm already going under for the BBL, I might as well treat all of my problem areas. And if I'm going to be attaining the body of my dreams, I might as well get a little extra help for my chin/jawline so that everything is in proportion!

Will continue to update as I purchase supplies, and with pre/post-op pics. Would welcome advice from veterans and feedback from anyone that has had experience with Dr. Dass, or who can share their results with me! :)

5 Days Post-Op!!!

I am now 6 days post-op! I'll just recount some of the recovery of the course of the past few days.

Day 0: The day of the surgery, my surgery was scheduled for 7:30AM, but I was asked to come in at 6:30AM to the surgery center, so that I could complete some paperwork, and get prepped for surgery. When I got there, a very friendly nurse helped me to complete my paperwork, and to help prep me for my surgery. After I had signed my consent forms, they took me in to the back, where I disrobed, provided a urine sample (for pregnancy), and was put in to a bed with an IV. The nurse was absolutely lovely and helped me to feel at ease! A few minutes following, the anesthesiologist arrived, and asked me a few basic questions, and then went to prepare for the operations. Dr. Dass then came in and he drew over all of the areas to be lipo'd: chin/jaw, upper arms, abdomen, bra roll/upper back, lower back, inner thighs and inner knees, with fat transfer to my butt. I was then ushered in to the operating room, and I don't remember going under, which I normally would - so I believe the anesthesiologist was quite skilled! :)

I woke up with a sore throat, VERY nauseous and groggy. Eventually I got in to the back-seat of the car, face-down, and got back to the apartment. I don't remember much of Day 0, apart from pre-surgery, and the terrible nausea, sore throat and grogginess all day. TBH I didn't have the motivation to get up and slept through the day. I took some of the pain medicine that Dr. Dass prescribed for me that day, but by later that night, I didn't have any severe pain, so I went on to Tylenol Extra Strength.

Day 1: Again, very uncomfortable, but because the anesthesia had worked itself out of my system, I was no longer nauseated, which was a blessing. I did have a very sore throat, and I had lost my voice, but was able to eat some yogurt and drink water. I got up every few hours for a quick shuffle around the room, or to the bathroom, but didn't get much farther. I was VERY swollen all over my body! Before the surgery, I purchased a Freshette urination device on Amazon for $21.98 - seriously a life saver! Highly recommend!!! Again, felt sore and stiff, but nothing that warranted prescription pain meds, so moved permanently on to Tylenol Extra Strength.

Day 2: Not much of a change. Sore throat was gone this day. Was very sore through my upper back/shoulder/neck from my awkward sleeping position, but unfortunately, there's very little that you can do to improve that while you're healing!!! I did find that I have a bit of a numb spot on the back of my head, and wasn't sure whether it was from the garment I had to wear around my head, or was a pinched nerve from my awkward/uncomfortable sleeping/resting position, or something else? This was also the day that I was able to take a shower! Although it wasn't much of a shower...once I was out of my garment I started to feel light headed, so all I could really do was rinse off, and wash my garment (which by this time was filthy with discharge).

Day 3: The antibiotics started to really kick my butt...and the sleeping on my stomach position and I was feeling quite nauseated, but was able to eat some yogurt. I had my first post-op with Dr. Dass. We took off the garments, and he said that I was healing quite well, although I am still (hopefully) considerably swollen. My stomach also feels very weird and numb and has a lot of movement when I touch it. I also think that a bit of fluid had collected, as when I lie down, I can feel fluid moving around inside (again - uncomfortable). Dr. Dass drained a small seroma - he's very aggressive with any kind of fluid build-up, because he believes that if properly drained, the healing will be expedited and the outcomes will be better - which I'm thankful for! :) He also provides you with all of your garments and foam, so I woke up in a garment and foam, and he provided me with a smaller size garment and some new foam to tide me over until my next post-op appointment. :)

Day 4: Nothing too exciting. I haven't needed any prescription pain medication - just the Tylenol, but do feel quite sore, but it feels almost like muscle soreness. I am also still swollen, and still hating my antibiotics.

Day 5: Finally took my first real shower and it felt great to be clean!!! :) I only felt slightly light-headed when I removed the garment from my head. I do still have a bit of a numb spot on the back of my head, which I'm a little concerned about, but Dr. Dass said that it would be caused by so many different factors, and should resolve itself. I'm trying to spend less time lying down, which causes my neck and shoulders to get really tight, and more time shuffling around the house, or sitting on my knees up against the bed with my butt elevated. The movement really does help with the swelling! I am still considerably swollen... Dr. Dass said that I would loose approx. 50% of the swelling by week 2, but I am only on Day 5, so have quite a bit longer to go. And it is difficult to see the results, but my butt is very high and has a lot of projection right now. It feels quite hard, and like I'm smuggling melons in my butt, which is a strange feeling, but I trust Dr. Dass has given me the results that I wanted! :) I've also followed his post-op instructions to the 'T'! And have been wearing my garment 24/7, only taking it off to wash it, or when I take a shower. I also still have my compression socks on, which I will leave on for another few days, and have not been out and about, and have tried to take it easy. I also haven't complicated my medication, as Dr. Dass only recommended Arnica Montana for OTC medication, so have been taking that orally (which he provided).

3 Weeks Post Op!!!

Sorry I haven't been updating...things have been kind of hectic!

I am now 3 weeks post op and my body is looking AMAZING!!! Dr. Dass has done such an amazing job!!! He is so incredibly skilled! Following the surgery, I had VERY minor bruising, which says a lot for his skill and technique. I have been progressively healing, and the swelling gets better every day! I have been to see Dr. Dass on 3 occasions post-op to remove liquid that has built up as part of the healing process. He is very aggressive with treating seromas to ensure that you get the best outcome from your surgery and allow you to heal as quickly as possible! He has been so kind and generous with his time! And so incredibly flexible! Even though he is SUCH a busy doctor! I am so so so happy that I chose Dr. Dass as my surgeon...best choice ever!!! And now the swelling has gone done, I am starting to see the final shape, and my butt is settling, it looks amazing! Exactly as I pictured it! I have a few more weeks to go until I hit my 6 week mark, so let's hope I don't lose too much more volume! I will post before-and-after shots at the 6 week mark! :)

7 Weeks Post-Op!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I should have been! Life has been very busy these past few weeks, and I just haven't had an opportunity! ANYWAY, I am now 7 weeks post op, and I couldn't be happier! I just had my 6 week check-up with Dr. Dass, and we took after shots, which we then compared to my before shots...WOW...what a difference! Where I didn't have any natural curve to my body or butt before, I now have a beautiful hourglass shape! I asked Dr. Dass, and he told me that following my liposuction, he had 3.6L of usable ft, and that he injected 1200cc in to each cheek!!! Now that the swelling has gone down (and my 6 weeks is up! yay! I can sit again!), I'm starting to see what it will look like, and I am LOVING it! I am so impressed with Dr. Dass! He is so incredibly talented, and knowledgeable! I feel so lucky to have selected him as my surgeon, and am definitely considering future surgeries with him! Once all of my swelling has gone down, I'm planning on a rigorous diet and exercise regimen, and then within the next 2 years, I think that I'd like to go in for a second round of lipo - but no BBL this time! I'm done with BBL! I am SOOO please with my outcome, I don't see any need to go in for a second round BBL. :) Will post pics soon! Just need to take some pics of my own! :p
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor, and an incredibly skilled surgeon! I am so happy that I decided to choose Dr. Dass for my surgery. He was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but also very personable and made me feel as if I were his top priority! His post-op care is second to none, and he really makes an effort to be accommodating and available. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn't be happier! My body looks amazing, and he will definitely be my surgeon of choice for any future procedures! It speaks to his AMAZING skill that I had minimal bruising and swelling, and I was able to switch to Tylenol on the second day following my surgery! So happy!!! Thank you Dr. Dass!!!

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